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The 'locker room' if you could call it that, was more like a spa that happen to have benches and lockers in it. The floor was sage colored marble that was just rough enough so you wouldn't slip when it was wet. The humid air smelled faintly of eucalyptus, mint, salt, and cedar wood. It was also completely devoid of other people.

Gladio followed Noctis into the locker room adjoining the showers, noting the long scar that ran the length of the King's back. It had been there the entire time Gladio knew him. Caused by a daemon attack when he was young. Noct never liked talking about it, so Gladio didn't pry. What he did take the time to appreciate was how well Noctis had filled out over the past few years of training. Sure he'd always been fit, but after the sheer amount of hunts they did and battles they fought… Noct had kept the training up since he'd taken the throne, saying how he 'never wanted to be weak again.' He trained personally with Gladio twice a week while keeping up his own fitness regimen.

There had been many an occasion when Gladio had pinned Noctis to the matt or gotten him in a sleeper hold that he relished the athletic form against him. Thankfully he had enough self-control to not make it obvious… most of the time.

Ignis really had ruined him. Half a decade ago he was never short of ladies who wanted to occupy his bed. He'd appreciated a male from a distance in the past but had never acted on it. But ever since Ignis the menu options had certainly expanded. His palate craved a different flavor these days.

Prompto was certainly eager, although Gladio did feel a bit bad. He knew he'd been a little rougher than warranted and maybe he shouldn't have bitten him quite that hard either. Gladio would have to make it up to him later.

In the meantime…

Gladio casually gave the room a quick sweep for other patrons or employees. Finding none he quietly locked the door from the main building. Hopefully no new guests would be trying to enter in the next few minutes.

He grabbed his spit-kit and headed to the shower.

Noctis was already under the hot stream of water, rinsing the sulfur smell out of his hair. Gladio occupied the open shower head next to him. There weren't separate stalls, but each shower head had a small tiled wall about belly high with a small shelf for soap. Gladio put his bag down on it and began to lather up, acting as if Noct wasn't watching him as he washed.

He relished this part. Waiting for them to come to him.

Gladio knew Noctis wanted him, and the feeling was more than mutual. But he was the King's sworn shield. He took an oath that he would keep him from harm if at all possible. Even from himself. He would definitely have to be more careful with Noctis than he was with his blonde boyfriend.

He soaped up, letting his hands travel lower. All the while not making eye contact and intentionally pretending that there wasn't another person two feet from him. Gladio was already half hard when he walked into the locker room, and feeling Noctis' eyes roam him was not making it easy to keep his hands off himself.

Closing his eyes he put his face under the stream to rinse the soap out of his hair. When he opened his eyes again he saw a flash of blue and the stall next to him went empty. He raised an eyebrow and turned around. In another flash of blue he was being pinned to the tiled wall behind him.

Noct's eyes had the faint purple-pink glow they had when magic was flowing through him. He'd seen it many times before, but never mere inches in front of his face. They were blazing, and they were hungry.

Oh, shit.

Adrenaline seeped into Gladio's bloodstream and pooled downward when Noct crashed their lips together. Noctis may have been smaller than him, but he was certainly not weak. Gladio's hands were pinned at his sides as Noctis ground into him under the hot stream of water. The remaining soap on him added a slick effect between their skins.

Their mouths were fighting for dominance over the other, to the point where Gladio had to actually bite down on Noct's lip to get him to back off a little. Not hard enough to make him bleed, but apparently enough to make the hunger worse.

The battle became less silent when Noct let his hands go and moved to his hips. Gladio could have probably turned the tide here, but he wanted to see what his King was made of. "Glad you actually learned something from our sparring sessions," said Gladio.

In between the rough kisses Gladio felt one of Noct's hand slide around his side and down his crack. Gladio held a breath as a finger was inserted. Thank goodness for the water. "I have lube," he said when he was able to draw breath. "My bag." He'd planned on using it on Noct, but this was an interesting turn of events.

Gladio had never been topped before.

As Noctis fumbled with his bag Gladio reached in between their bodies and took the King's member in his hands, eliciting a strangled groan from his partner. Noctis wasn't going to last long if he kept this up. Being the dominant one was a flavor their King seemed to enjoy, unsurprisingly.

Lube in hand Noct returned to what he was doing. Gladio had done it to himself before, as had Ignis. So this part wasn't terribly alien to him. When they'd been at it for about a minute Noctis broke the kiss and pulled away. "Turn around," said Noct a few octaves lower than usual.

Gods, was that what Gladio sounded like when he said that? It actually sent a shiver down his spine. He gave a little growl and love bite to Noct's pulse.

Giving Noctis another eager tug in between their bodies he shifted so he was bending partially over the dividers between the stalls. He felt Noctis grab his hips, line up, and enter him with one hard thrust. Gladio's thighs hit the tiled divider the same instant Noct hit his prostate. It wasn't gentle, and to be honest it hurt quite a bit, but he just bit his tongue and bared it. Gladio supposed he deserved as much all things considering.

It wasn't long before it started feeling good. Like really good. He began to back into Noct as hard as he was pushing forward. The sound of wet slaps emanated off the tiled walls.

Thank the gods he'd had the foresight to lock the door.

It was only a minute or two before Noct was grabbing his hips hard enough to bruise. Gladio still had a little ways to go, but smirked devilishly when he twisted his hips just so against his sparring partner. Noctis let out a moan a lot louder than he'd expected, so he did it again. It didn't take but a few more thrusts before Noctis reached up and grabbed a fist full of Gladio's hair before he descended upon him.

Gladio could swear the air crackled with electricity as Noct came.

His King was gasping hard as he pulled out and leaned against the other divider. The water was already washing away the mess as Gladio turned around and kissed him. Not quite as roughly as before. His King was flushed and still tasted like sake. He was gorgeous.

And he is mine. The voice in Gladio's mind actually growled as he thought it.

"My turn," he said. Noct's face shifted from post coitus exhaustion to mild panic as Gladio ran a hand, full of lube, down his crack. "Would you like a safety word?" asked Gladio as he rumbled into Noct's ear, biting the lobe lightly.

"Fuck you," said Noct as Gladio inserted a finger. Noct keened, but maintained the annoyed look Gladio had become accustomed to over the years.

Gladio shook his head. "That won't do, pick something you don't say to me all the time." He inserted another finger, eliciting another sharp moan. "Nope, not that either. Aw well, I'll figure it out." A third finger joined the mix. Part of Gladio's mind drifted to thoughts of Ignis and Prompto doing the same to the gasping man before him. He hid his smirk.

The hot water was still streaming over them when Gladio picked Noctis up and held him against the wall under the faucet. "I'd hang on to something if I were you," he said as he ran a lubed hand over his own length and lined up. Noctis reached up with both hands and hung on to the metal faucet, maintaining eye contact the whole time.

Gladio took the moment to appreciate the view. The King of Lucis, his King, was glistening with water and ready for him, and he was trying his best to establish dominance. It was possibly the hottest thing Gladio had ever seen.

The shield leaned forward and rested his head in the crook of Noct's neck as he slowly, slowly pushed forward. To Noct's credit he didn't cry out at all, but the shield could feel him trembling in his arms. He held his position as he lifted his head and kissed his King. He really was never this rough with Ignis, and Prompto seemed to relish it, but with Noct… Noct was another alpha. And Gladio loved a good battle.

They kissed for a moment before Noct began to shift around him, egging him on to move. Gladio slid all the way out before pushing in a little faster than before. Then again. When Noctis let out a moan into Gladio's mouth he got a better grip and really started to thrust.

Noctis let go of the faucet and wrapped his arms around his shields neck, burying his fingers into Gladio's mane as he gasped. He could feel Noct coming again, clenching around him as he did. But it wasn't until Noct leaned forward and sank his teeth into Gladio's shoulder did his own orgasm hit him like a charging behemoth. It caught him completely off guard and he almost dropped his lover as his knees went weak.

Somehow he stayed standing as the two of them panted. Gladio could see small rivulets of blood trickle down his chest from the water. Some was smeared on Noct's lip too.

He kissed him again as he put him down. Noctis slapped the fresh wound, causing Gladio to wince. "That's for Prompto," said Noct. "And I don't need a fucking safe word."

Gladio smiled to himself as he turned the water to cool and ran it over his shoulder. "Fair enough," he said looking through his spit-kit. He pulled out a high-elixer and took a small swig of it, holding the rest of it out to Noctis. "What about one of these?"

Noctis just took it and downed the rest of it. It stroked Gladio's ego to see his King a little shaky on his feet.

"I don't know about you," said Noctis, "but I worked up an appetite."

Gladio washed the blood off his healing wound. "Amen to that."


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