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As the sun began to set beneath the overcast clouds, the merchants began to close their market stalls for the day. Warrior monks ushered folks out of the docks to ensure incoming passengers would have easier passage when they disembark the boats. A few nuns in the temple of Bevelle volunteered to tidy up the prayer hall while a few more nuns gathered ingredients for the chefs in the kitchen.

Yuna, on the other hand, didn't seem to have enough energy to get through the day, so once she barely made it through the afternoon class without making a scene, she slipped through the hallways while the other orphans scrambled for equipment so they could start their menial chores. She slipped out the back door and tiptoed through the gardens, trying to avoid running into any nuns running the orphanage.

Now that she left the temple, Yuna wandered through the streets, her eyes glued to the pavement while avoiding any leers from any bystanders. There were moments when she almost stumbled over a stray pebble, yet she kept herself from falling over. She ignored the sound of laughter from civilians that dared to make a glance at the daughter of a heathen summoner that failed to defeat Sin ten years ago and paid the price with his life.

Had the Calm come at that year, she wouldn't have to deal with this.

It was unfortunate that she had gotten used to this humiliation to the point she believed these words about herself. Yuna darted into an alleyway and traced her hand along the stone wall. It was only a short time before she found a door. She tilted her head upwards, examining the tall building looming above her. It wasn't as significant as the Palace of Saint Bevelle, but it'll do.

Yuna pushed the door open and stepped inside just as the overcast clouds started releasing raindrops from the sky. She slinked along the back hallway and ascended the staircase, passing by several floors along the climb. When she reached the top of the stairs, she pushed through another door and stepped out onto the rooftop. She ignored the raindrops as she walked across the roof and sat at the ledge, gazing down at the city below. With no one to disturb her, this allowed Yuna to contemplate her thoughts.

Part of her wanted to become a summoner so she could at least try to succeed where her father failed, but would anyone even want to be her guardian? She suspected the priesthood wouldn't even approve of someone like her going on the Pilgrimage. Echoes of hateful words rung in her head as she hugged her legs in her chest, resting her forehead on her knees. Recalling the peaceful times she spent with her parents before her father went on his Pilgrimage was difficult these days. She couldn't find herself remembering past the day she lost her mother when Yevonite zealots raided their home, resulting with Yuna being sent to live in the temple. Was she not even supposed to exist?

Yuna slowly rose to her feet and glanced down. Painful memories still swam in her head, and she suspected that it won't be long before the nuns would send guards to find her. Inside her head, she calculated the height of the building, determining if it would be far enough that jumping off the roof would result in her death. At the same time, she felt her stomach twist at the thought of dying. She doubted that anyone in Bevelle or the rest of Spira would mourn her.

No one would miss her, really.

With her mind having already made up a while ago, she stood on the edge of the roof with the intent to lean forward, not paying attention as the rain escalated into a heavy downpour with a harsh gust of wind. She was this close when she suddenly heard the temple bells ring, the noise echoing across Bevelle.

Yuna shot her eyes open and took a step back before she scanned her surroundings. The instant she laid her eyes upon the massive whale-like monstrous form everyone identified as Sin, she figured there might be another way to die. As much as she wanted to be frightened of Sin, she didn't find a point in doing so. Would she have to move through the city to get closer to this beast or could she just stay where she was? As the civilians scrambled for safety, Yevonite monks scrambled to release Evrae as Sin drifted closer to the city. For some reason, Yuna found herself wanting Sin to sink some part of Bevelle she was standing in, partially assuming she won't die alone. When it did get as close enough to Bevelle as it could, he started tilting his head sideways as if it was looking for something. Was it looking for some weakness to the city?

Yuna had little to no time to come up with questions when her mismatched eyes locked onto the massive beast's violet eyes, only to realize Sin's head was pointing in her direction. It took her a moment to realize that it was remaining idle for some reason. What caused it to hesitate? This didn't last long when the Yevonites released Evrae, the dragon diving after Sin. Seconds later, Sin enveloped itself in an energy barrier, deflecting any attacks from Bevelle's dragon.

Yuna, on the other hand, was reluctant to wait another minute as she returned her focus towards the edge of the roof. She started to lean forward, but all of a sudden, a Sinscale landed on the edge of the roof, which startled her to the point she took a few steps back. She tried taking deep breaths as the Sinscale uncurled itself and slowly crawled towards her. Its wings started glowing and it started making a series of chirps and whistles while it circled her, keeping its gaze focused on her. She slowly lowered her head and stiffened her back, expecting the Sinscale to deliver the killing blow.

"I'm sorry, father," Yuna whispered in soft sadness, "I think Spira would be better off without me."

A couple minutes passed and nothing happened, even when the rain still persisted. When Yuna glanced at the Sinscale, it was still examining her. She couldn't read its expression, so she couldn't understand why it was still hesitating. She tilted her head towards Sin, only to notice it had pushed Evrae back by a few meters. It turned its head towards the Palace of St. Bevelle before its eyes started glowing. The next thing she saw, Sin fired an energy pulse that hit the palace. It changed the energy beam's angle down the palace wall with such concentration that would baffle anyone devoted to Yevon.

This energy beam only reached halfway towards the base level when it suddenly dissipated. Evrae finished recuperating from Sin's attack when the millennium old beast made one last glance at Yuna before it turned to the distance and glided towards the sea, not giving Bevelle's guardian dragon another chance to attack. Seeing this as a sign that Sin was retreating, the warrior monks called over Evrae to rest another day. Its sudden and brief appearance gave Yuna enough confusing questions to the point she almost forgot her previous motive.

"There you are, heathen!" she heard a gruff voice from behind.

Yuna glanced over her shoulder to notice two warrior monks emerged from the door on the roof. One of them aimed his rifle at the Sinscale as it shifted into a defensive position while the other warrior monk stomped towards the heretic summoner's daughter. She froze in place just as he placed a tight grip on her arm and yanked her forward, eliciting a yelp of pain out of her.

"W-Wait, I-I'm sorry," she squeaked.

"Save your apologies for Sister Girva!" the warrior monk spat.

Yuna flinched the instant she heard the other warrior monk fire at the Sinscale, blasting its head off and causing it to disintegrate into pyreflies in seconds. Both soldiers dragged the heathen orphan down the stairs and through the streets. It didn't take more than a few meters before Yuna stopped struggling and allowed them to escort her down the mostly empty streets. It seemed that the citizens have yet to hear the all clear sign from the temple.

By the time they returned to the temple, the two warrior monks shoved Yuna into the administration office. She landed on her hands and knees before she tilted her head upwards, recognizing Sister Girva and Father Kolvi. When both clergy turned their heads towards her, they gave her a harsh glare.

"You were trying to escape again," Kolvi interrogated, "weren't you, Yuna?"

Yuna lowered her head and shook her head.

"Don't lie to us, girl!" Girva scolded.

Yuna slowly pushed herself to her feet, her body shivering as she attempted to hide the pain in her voice.

"I-I just w-wanted to beā€¦alone for a bit," she stammered.

Sister Girva folded her arms while Father Kolvi placed his hands on his hips.

"This is the second time you ran off this year," Kolvi lectured, "have we not raised you since you came to the temple ten years ago? Does your father's blasphemy compel you to become ungrateful to Yevon?!"

"I-I'm s-sorry, sir," Yuna whispered.

Yuna lowered her head while she hugged her arms to her chest.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Kolvi threatened in a harsh tone.

Yuna flinched as she snapped her head upwards and locked her eyes onto the priests.

"I just wasn't in a good mood today, sir," Yuna continued to confess.

Sister Girva raised an eyebrow while she tilted her head.

"Oh, really?" she scoffed, "is that your excuse for falling behind in your lessons this past year?"

Yuna slowly lowered her head.

"I swear," Yuna objected, her apologetic voice apparent, "on some days I just don't have the strength to carry through the day."

Father Kolvi and Sister Girva exchanged glances before they shook their head in disbelief.

"Yuna," Kolvi said, "you know we can't keep you here in this temple forever. Once the next year rolls by, you'll have to move out. It's also unfortunate that life as an acolyte isn't an option for you, either."

Yuna fought the urge to cry as she lifted her head towards Father Kolvi.

"I understand, Father Kolvi," she nodded.

Father Kolvi nodded at Yuna with a blank expression.

"You may leave, now," he commanded.

Yuna slowly nodded before she turned on her feet and stepped out of the administration office. As she ambled down the corridor she left behind a trail of water, considering she didn't dry herself off. It didn't matter to her that the other temple orphans interpreted this as all Al Bhed were filthy heathens, and considering that no one believed her when she said anything, part of her believed that about herself. Instead of heading to the banquet hall for supper, she entered the dormitory and slowly slipped out of her soaked uniform, stashing it into the laundry hamper. She quickly changed into her nightgown and climbed the ladder to the top of the bunk before she tucked herself underneath the covers.

As much as she wanted to fall asleep, she found it difficult to do so, since thoughts over her close encounter with a Sinscale still flooded her head. Was it possible that Sin knew about her through her father? She wasn't sure whether or not he could look into other people's memories. Still, why would Sin even take interest in her when he's already killed thousands of innocent people over the last thousand years? Without saying anything out loud, Yuna silently scolded herself for not ending her own life earlier so she wouldn't have to suffer anymore. If she couldn't go on a Pilgrimage, then maybe she would find some other risky task which she wouldn't survive. She ignored the footsteps of the other students entering the dormitory an hour or so later as she nestled her head into her pillow.

The following morning, many people lucky to have lived another day continued on with their lives, but were still a little shaken from last night. Several warrior monks set off to investigate the damaged wall of the Palace of St. Bevelle. Once they reached a circular platform facing the palace, they examined the wall, only to notice large letters engraving the wall. It took them moments to recognize it was the Common Spiran alphabet, so they didn't need to find a priest to translate for them. Many of them resorted to reading the letters vertically, starting from the top. Once they reached the last letter, they soon suspected that this was Sin's message:

Surrender Yuna.

Over the course of the entire day, rumor began spreading across Bevelle. Many were baffled that Sin would have the audacity to send a direct message to the city's temple. Many of them suspected that since Sin killed Braska in his failed attempt to bring the Calm, the ancient beast might be thirsting for his daughter's blood.

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