A/N: This is the *FIRST STORY* I have ever written. I'm still new to using FanFiction, so I don't really even know how the UI even works. This story takes place after Haunted (S03E05) and before Birthmark (S04E03). This follows up on the bond that was established in Haunted, when Raven entered Robin's mind.

I would also recommend reading No Hesitation by XshadowXcullenX, as his iteration of the event that happened in Haunted (S03E05), perfectly sets up my story.

'What have I done?' Raven asked herself. She was in her room pondering on recent events that had transpired in the last few days. Worried and fearful for future days to come, she needed to come up with something or else she is going to struggle with her emotions even more. Slade's recent attack from the dead, has found Raven already regretting her actions in establishing a bond between her and Robin. Apparently entering a person's mind and seeing the most intimate moments of their life can be considered an invasion of privacy but what was she supposed to do? Robin was getting hurt because he thought he saw Slade come back and she needed to see for herself.

'What am I going to do?' She paced herself in her room thinking intensely, wondering on what to do about her bond with Robin. Already, one of the side effects of having a bond with a person has taken effect of sharing emotions, and that is already giving Raven a heart attack.

'What's done cannot be undone, I must find a way to break this thing or control it.' After a few more moments in thought, she goes on to try and find answers in one of the many books lying around her room.

She activated her powers and she whirled the books around her room. It was like a tornado of knowledge and the musty smell of old pages flipping about in the air, really settled Raven's mood. 'Claszureme's Domain and Principles, A Silent Sister's Art, King Ulfric and the Stormcloaks,' Raven searched through her books to no avail. One of the great things about her personal library was that it was the perfect representation of her own life. Messy and unorganised but filled with an abundance amount of knowledge that is totally not interesting. It was getting late and Raven felt a bit sleepy but her will was as stubborn as her emotions.

She eventually came across a book that seemed somewhat related to her problems called 'Connecting to the Astral Plane? Could this be it?'

Raven was hopeful but her pessimism said 'Its two in the morning!' She sighed but ultimately rested her back against the windows behind her bed. She opened up the contents page and actually found something interesting.

She began reading: "A bond is a connection between two beings that links them together in all forms of the conscience. This can range from being connected: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. The strength of the bond is dependent on a wide variety of situational circumstances that can determine the rate of the bond's growth in strength. The establishment of a bond is a mystery but generally revolves around the two beings having some form of affection for one another. It has been suggested that if a bond has been established than both beings involved, will have their fates joined."

Raven became very concerned with herself and was in deep thought. 'This is a very intimate thing to have with another person,' she thought to herself.

'To have a connection like that with someone is even more scarier than marriage! And I have one with Robin.' Raven contemplated but she could think of nothing more as her brain has been fried from all the late-night reading. She was definitely not done reading the book yet, so she got a book stand and placed the book on it near her bed. This signifies the book's importance and its relevance to Raven now. From there, she slept soundly on her comfy and soft bed that she loves so much. She welcomed sleep with open arms and relished herself in its rewards.

The next morning came and she found herself waking up at 11:30 AM. 'Oh shit, Robin's not going to like this.' As she got out of bed and into a new set of clothing for the day, suddenly a surge of happiness washed over her.

'What the? Why do I feel so … Robin!' She put on her cloak and rushed outside her room, curious about what Robin was doing to be so unbelievably happy. She ran through the corridor; ignoring Beastboy's plea for stankball and into the living room with Cyborg playing a video game onscreen. Of course, Robin was just talking to Starfire by the kitchen table. She should've guessed it but to be this happy?

'Real cute Robin, real cute.' She decided to walk back to her room to use the toilet.

'Raven!' Robin called out, while Beastboy entered the room.

'Robin?' Raven responded and turned.

'Don't wake up so late okay? You missed out on breakfast this morning you know.'

'Yeah sorry, I was doing a little late night reading. Bye!' Raven rushed back to her room and used the toilet. By midday, she had her complementary herbal tea drink and had a more relaxed mind to properly think things over. Now she had a more proper environment to do more research but is this bond thing really so bad? Raven thought that it might be okay if it was Robin. He was the more serious member of the group and they have a good standing friendship that could definitely support this kind of thing. It definitely could have been a lot worse. For all she knew, she could have had a bond with a villain instead or one with Beastboy even. Raven shuddered at that notion. Yeah, definitely could have been a whole lot worse for her and this bond thing. Raven just hopes Starfire won't take it the wrong way. It was hard enough for Raven to bond with Starfire as it is, if the whole bond thing screws it up between the both of them, could Raven be able to handle it? She was jumping ahead of things though. She's been through tougher situations in the past. There's no reason why a bond with a friend should be so dangerous, right?

'I guess there's nothing wrong with being optimistic. After all, the reality of everything is not even that bad until it becomes bad.' For Raven, it was really just the future that was worrying her but Raven just couldn't stop overthinking the situation.

She took a deep breath and said 'Azarath Metrion Zinthos' calmly and slowly. From there, Raven continued where she left off from last night's reading.

'Your only worried because your clueless about this Raven, just read!' she said to herself.

She found out a few more things but only a few pieces of information relating to actually breaking a bond. The best she could find were recounts on people's experience in doing so. Recounting that it was either one of the most painful experiences of their life or that it didn't even really work. A Porritra monk explains that like most things related to emotions, forcing control over it only leads to suffering. Everything else after that, were just cautionary warnings on the dangers of trying to break a bond and the difficulties in doing so.

She decided that the best course of action was to simply just meditate more and try to see if she can at least live with the bond until she knew more about it. However, there was one question that has plagued her mind ever since that night with Slade. It was a daunting question that would ultimately determine the course of events for the next few weeks. Could she even explain it? She doesn't even know a lot herself, how could she bring herself to say anything at all to begin with? Either way, she felt uncomfortable with either option anyway.

Should she tell Robin about their bond with each other?

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