"Strengthening the bond is tough but breaking a bond is tougher still"

Everything went back to normal for the next following days of the Teen Titans. On the surface, everyone went about their usual businesses, however, Raven and Robin were suffering the effects of a bond that was becoming more demanding than ever.

The only way Raven could cope was not only adding two more hour's worth of meditation time to her schedule but also focusing all her energy and attention towards things that she hoped would distract her from her emotional bonds with the boy wonder. Basically, she spent more time reading books inside her room for the most part of her days.

'Maybe I should talk to Cyborg about this,' she said to herself. After all, he's not totally in the dark about all of this, certainly more approachable than Robin at this stage She felt like as if she was trapped in a birdcage, both mentally and emotionally. She decided to do things a little differently, in hopes that it would alleviate some of the pain away from her.

She got up from her bed, grabbed a few books for her to carry and decided to take one small step outside and take one gigantic breath before walking out of her room. She looked both ways from one end of the hallway to the other and saw no sign of Robin. She stepped out and began walking towards the elevator and pressed the button for her to go down. However, when the elevator was going up, Raven sensed a presence she felt nervous about. When she realised someone was inside the elevator, she tensed up and prepared for the worst.

The elevator's alarm ringed, the doors opened. The person inside the elevator was Beastboy, 'Oh, hey Raven! Yeesh, I haven't actually seen you for a while now that I think about it. Where are you heading? Hey check what I got from the Gamma Gaming Centre,' it appeared Beastboy had recently returned from shopping in the city and was now in the process of showing Raven another video game he bought in a very excited manner.

'It's the new Robotechno Wars: Legacy of the Volkor deluxe edition! You should totally play it, it has everything! New stories, new characters and apparently, you can actually use the lightswords in this game like a real Space Knight! Isn't that so cool! Last night's midnight launch was off the hook!' Beastboy's wild eccentric four year old nature of explaining things, showed that Raven's unimpressed look meant that she was totally not impressed at all, like at all.

'Move,' Raven replied with one solitary word that made Beastboy look as if he just shat his pants. Beastboy became too scared to actually move now and in response, Raven cruelly used her telekinetic powers to send the video game flying to the other side of the hallway, which made Beastboy instinctively turn into a cheetah to catch up and save his $180 video game. Raven entered the elevator afterwards and pressed the button for the lobby.

During her time in the elevator, she suddenly felt her chest tightening and a certain type of pain in her body. Nothing physical but something emotional. It was the bond again. Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Azarath Metrion Zinthos Her emotional attachments towards the boy wonder was taking its toll on Raven's mind and body. She was starting to lose some of her balance through this but she did her best to make sure she didn't blow up the elevator she was in.

Random moments of emotional pain made her feel like there was a hole in her heart. Raven thought about Robin everytime she felt this way and the first thing that always popped in her head was I should tell him now, yeah. The hole in her heart was big but not big enough.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos When the pain started fading, she looked up and realised the elevator was nearing the lobby. When she got out the elevator, she arrived outside of the tower and the sun shone down on her face like a sudden heatwave passing by. It was too hot for her to keep her hood up, so she took it down and found her usual spot behind Titans Tower.

Ever since the incidents back in the mines, Raven has grown rather fond of wanting to read outside by the seashores. It was a new calming environment for Raven to immerse herself in, and one of the most effective ways to deal with the bond.

When Raven got comfortable in her position, she finally opened up one of her books and began reading. She continued to read the book that would explain more aspects of the bond, but still wanted to know more information about how to break the bond as well. Different parts of the body offer different possible forms of communication, between both parties involved in their bond. The mind allows for a mental connection to be formed, the heart allows for an emotional connection to be formed and should the individuals exhibit special powers and abilities, one could also su … The bond can be expanded to involve all sorts of experiences that will give it strength, as intimacy is key for a stronger bond. Which can also work both ways because if bonding through love can lead to a stronger bond than bonding through hate can lead to very negative consequences. Unfortunately, there is also … Raven found herself skimming through all sorts of information about the bond but she couldn't seem to find anything about not just the experience of breaking the bond but actually breaking it. Should a bond between people of conflicting wills be made, than … Much like breaking a bone, breaking a bond Raven's eyes grew exceedingly focused, when she read those lines. She went back a few sentences to properly read the paragraph and found that:

There is no such thing as an unbreakable bond. However, one does not simply ignore the bond and the act of shattering bonds cannot be done by simply just straining it to such a degree that both participants lose their minds in the pain of doing so. After all, the victims of a strained and damaged bond, leave scars that cannot be healed by the power of time. Even if one of the participants is immortal. A bond is one of the very few things that can transcend through all dimensions of the universe and should be handled with care. As such, the act of breaking it should also be done with supreme amounts of care and consideration. Much like breaking a bone, breaking a bond can be done by looking at the bond in its physical manifestations and destroying it as a result.

It should be noted how dangerous breaking a bond is, as the process of doing so (No matter the method) is excruciatingly painful. People are different; therefore, each bond behaves differently and the methods of destroying it would differ between bonds as well. The stronger the bond, the harder it is to break and should the participants involved have such a strong bond that it exhibits symptoms of: emotional interchanges, dream sharing and random moments of telepathical communications, breaking the bond is probably a loss cause at that point. It's a two-way process that requires both participants to be willing to die for one another.

Raven stopped reading after the last two sentences. She needed some time to properly think about what to do now now that she knows all this information. Breaking the bond is probably a loss cause … both participants have to be willing to die for one another Raven found herself in a bit of a paradox, the more she kept thinking about it. Either way, if she wanted to break the bond than she has to tell Robin about it.

Suddenly another emotional surge started to pervade through Raven and yet again, she felt weak. They're getting more frequent now However, this time it was different. The pain was so powerful, Raven wasn't able to control her emotions this time. The emotional surge happened so unexpectedly for Raven, she didn't have enough time to fight it. Raven blew up the ground beneath her, leaving behind a crater.

When Raven regained control over herself, she looked around and was horrified to see the power this bond was capable of. Her usual spot was destroyed, by the bond. I'm done, it's time to tell Robin She would have taken the time to fix up her spot at that moment but it was getting too dark now. I've got plenty of time, I can do it later.

It was around dinner time, when Raven got back to the tower and what she saw was quite the scene. 'Come on Starfire, I can handle the kitchen tonight. Really, your time is not for another … 200 days remember?' said Cyborg as he was effortfully trying to pry away the ladle from Starfire, who was effortlessly holding the ladle with ease.

'But is that not what you said the last time I tried to cook Cyborg? In fact, if I recall you even said the exact same number of days as well. By my calculations, it should technically be -11 days instead,' Starfire replied. Cyborg was really trying emphasis the phrase "Starfire you really don't have to cook," to the green grass stain that was playing video games on the couch but he didn't seem to pay any attention at all. No sign of Robin though.

'Where's Robin?' Raven asked. At that, Starfire immediately let the ladle go and Cyborg was sent flying off towards a wall.

'I myself would like to know as well, usually he would also be here, helping to set up the plates and cups but I'm afraid I haven't seen him since we arrived back to the tower,' Starfire said worryingly. Did she say they she just went out on a date with him? Raven thought.

'Oh, hey Raven, I've been looking for you,' Robin said in Raven's ear. Raven yelped at not only Robin's presence but also at the sensation of feeling his breath right at her ear. He seemed to have appeared out of nowhere to scare everyone in the room (Except for Beastboy). When Raven backed away from him, Starfire went over to quickly give one of her famous bone crushing hugs. 'Eeek! Thanks Starfire,' Robin said weakly.

'Oh Robin! Where were you?' Starfire asked.

'Well, when we got back I was actually looking for Raven, I wanted to check on her and see how she was doing but couldn't seem to find her myself but then I heard an explosion outside, behind the tower,' Robin looked at Raven, when he said that last part. Out of embarrassment, Raven blushed in response. Internally, Robin felt satisfied at that; seeing how Raven didn't put her hood back up.

'An explosion? I didn't hear anything,' said Starfire, while breaking the hug apart.

'Judging from the shape and look of the crater, my guess was that it was Raven's doing. Were your powers acting up Raven?' Robin asked.

'Uhhhh, yeah, sorry about that. I'll fix that place tomorrow morning, I promise,' said Raven. She tried not to look at Robin's face too much but his very presence was enough to make her chest tighten hard. To her, it seemed like every second she spent with the boy wonder made the bond stronger than ever.

'You know Raven, if there was anything I could do to help, I can always -'

'Oh my god! How can anyone beat Yoreo's final boss?! He's so freakin' OP! Hey Cyborg, what's for dinner? What?! How come dinner's not ready? What were you guys doing for the past two hours!?' Unfortunately, Beastboy's rage quit interrupted Robin before he could finish what he was saying. Cyborg immediately gave Beastboy a death glare, but didn't realise the fact that dinner was getting burnt now.

'Oh sweet Jesus!' Cyborg yelled.

After dinner, most of the titans went off to bed. Cyborg and Starfire turned in for the day but Beastboy decided to continue playing. 'Beastboy, don't tell me your planning on pulling an all nighter for this, are you?' Robin asked.

'Dude! Just let me finish a few more side quests for Dorrath ze Ingor and then I'll go to bed,' Beastboy said. Raven and Robin looked at each other in response to that, with Raven shrugging her shoulders expressing, 'I don't know.' They soon left Beastboy, with Robin turning off the lights to the operations room.

'I swear to god, he's going to gain like 20 kg from playing video games,' Raven said as both she and Robin entered the hallway. The noises from Beastboy's video game could still be heard from where they were standing but it wasn't loud enough to keep the team from sleeping.

'Hmmm, maybe I should make him do 500 laps around the gym,' Robin said.

'Make sure you make him do it in his normal form, if he transforms into a cheetah, he won't lose anything,'

'I thought animals would make him lose more, if their metabolism burnt calories faster,'

'Would that translate well, when he turns back to normal?' There was a slight pause between Raven and Robin, as Robin contemplated about what Raven just said. 'That's actually a good question,' during that time, Raven was starting to feel something she had not felt for quite some time. She emotionally felt the hole in her heart starting to fill up. She was feeling fairly happy being in Robin's company.

However, she soon started to slowly realise that she was in a moment that she had been trying to avoid, the whole day. She should take this moment to tell Robin about their bond but unfortunately, she failed to take into consideration how difficult it would be to confess something like this. Anxiety was starting take over Raven's mind. She needed to play her cards right with Robin, so as to not make things awkward between the both of them.

'Robin, I have … something, something I want to say you,' Raven was composing herself as best as she could but she just couldn't figure out what to say to Robin. I should have practised this she thought. Robin perked up at this and felt anxious and curious to hear the secrets Raven held. 'You see, we have a … and I think that,' Raven's mumbled words were hard enough to understand but now Raven was speaking to quietly for Robin to hear. 'Yes, Robin, you and I have a -'

'Shhhhhhh, when you realise what you want to say, come back to me,' Robin interrupted. Robin did not like seeing Raven being nervous like this. He could feel the anxiety that Raven felt as she was trying to confess her thoughts like this and did not want to force it out of her. He was willing to wait.

To finish, Robin hugged Raven and held her tightly in his arms. 'I can wait,' he said softly. No, nonononono stop! Please stop Robin Raven immediately closed her eyes to try and control her emotions, should something explode in the background. This kind of action would undoubtedly have very profound effects on the bond. The warmth of his embrace made Raven feel happy in ways she had never felt happiness before. Despite Raven's mind completely rejecting this; wanting nothing more than to run away again before it was too late, her heart felt joyously happy and wanted to stay in Robin's warm arms forever.

However, just as she was starting to feel comfortable in her position, she suddenly felt cold again. It was sudden and quick but when Raven opened her eyes, he was gone. She collapsed to the floor and held her hands close to her chest out of pain. All the happiness and comfort she was feeling before, immediately drifted away and from it, came pain. Robin! Where are you? Please don't go! She needed to get back to her room before she loss control of her emotions again.

As best she could, she willed herself forward and before she knew it, she was at the entrance of her room. When Raven entered her room, she collapsed on the floor to rest her back against the entrance to her door. She couldn't get Robin out of her head now. She kept thinking about him and she could hear his concerns gnawing at her mind. I hope you're okay Raven he thought. Stop, stop, STOP! But it didn't stop there.

The pain radiated through Raven in all the worst places, worst of which being her heart. An aching breaking heart was now beating inside her and no amount of meditation could supress the feelings she held deep inside herself. Oddly enough, it was tough for Raven to consider if her heart was aching because of Robin's feelings or her own. Even if it were her own, was it because of the bond? Or something else? The more she thought about it, the bigger her headache became. Why didn't I tell him back then? Why?! She was now kicking herself mentally.

It was just too much for Raven to bear. Suffice it to say, Raven became an emotional wreck at this moment. She fell towards the ground and tried her best to calm herself down but at this stage, she just might blow up Titans Tower sky high. She turned to look up at the ceiling and wondered how much longer she can take all of this. She closed her eyes waiting for it to all to go away.

Suddenly, Raven felt warm, strong arms holding her firmly and slowly, she forgot all the problems she was thinking about. With one arm holding her by her back and the other holding her closer, she did nothing but relax herself.

'Robin?' she said.

'Hey,' Robin replied. 'Don't worry Raven, I'm here,' a statement like that would've normally made Raven flare up in annoyance but this time, she felt relieved upon hearing that. She snuggled up against his chest, while resting her head against one of his arms. After a while; in the comfort of Robin's arms, Raven slowly started to fade away into a gentle albeit brief slumber.

A moment's later, Raven woke up suddenly and immediately surveyed her surroundings to see where she was. She realised she was in the infirmary but wondered why she was here exactly. She was sleeping on the window side bed, and to her left she saw Robin sitting on a stool, next to her. 'Robin,' she said. When he saw that she seemed to be feeling better now, Robin looked at her and smiled.

'How are you Raven? You feeling better now?' he asked. Moving himself closer to rest his arms on the bed.

'I feel … a lot better, definitely a lot better,' she rested her right hand against her head and composed herself thusly. 'Robin, why did you bring me here?'

'When I found you, you were in pain, a lot of pain. I brought you here just to check on your vitals and see if there was anything in the tower that could help you,'

'And what did you find?'

'Looking at your diagnostics, I can actually identify a lot of similarities between you and my vital signs, back when I was haunted by Slade.' Raven became quite concerned after hearing that. 'However, after a while, your vitals seemed to have unexpectedly calmed down for some reason. I'm still trying to figure why that's the case though. One moment your body acts all crazy and unpredictable, then the next your perfectly fine, out of nowhere. I don't have much of a basis to make a solid conclusion for this but Raven, do you know what happened?'

'Y- Yeah, I do,' Raven fell quiet for a bit after answering that question. After looking at Raven's reaction, Robin was able to connect the dots to know that he had some role in what happened.

'Do you need anything Raven? You want some tea, a book or something?'

'I …' after a moment's worth of silence, Robin got up and headed off from his seat.

'If you ever need anything just ring up my communicator, I'll be here before you know it,' however, before Robin could make three steps from his position, Raven grabbed his hand to stop him.

Don't leave me 'I ne- I uhhhhh, I … need yu …' Raven knew what she wanted to say but actually saying it was hard for her. 'Please stay,' she said solemnly, refusing to make eye contact as she said it. Robin smiled at this and somewhere inside, he knew that was the case right now. 'Uh, until I fall asleep,' she said hurriedly, 'at least,' but somewhat mumbled that last part.

'Okay Raven, don't worry I wasn't planning on leaving you anyway. I just wanted to get up to go get you another pillow to sleep with,' Raven initially felt a little embarrassed at realising her misunderstanding but so long as Robin didn't exit the room, she was fine. When Robin did get another pillow for Raven, he sat back down beside her and resumed things the way they were.

Raven still acted nervously of course but at least it wasn't taking its toll on her mind and body. It took her a while to properly contemplate the situation she was in but maybe it was now, that she would tell Robin about the bond.

'Robin, I -'

'Raven, whatever you have to say to me can wait for a better time. Don't worry, for now I think it's best to wait until you are comfortable with telling me. That's probably a better option for now,'

Another silence brewed before Raven said, 'I, th- thanks Robin for this, I really don't know how to return my appreciation for all of this.'

'I'm sure I can come up with something by tomorrow,' Robin said. Raven immediately flustered at the wide possibilities and implications that sentiment could mean.

'I'm going to bed!' Raven turned her back towards Robin and immediately pulled the blanket over herself but not before blowing up another stool, somewhere in the room. Robin looked around and didn't really notice much space left for him to sleep in.

'Say Raven, do you think you have enough space on that bed to share it with m-'

'Good night Robin!' Raven exclaimed. Something else exploded in the background and from the sounds of it, it sounded like one of the cabinet doors, from one of the medicine cabinets. Robin smirked in response of course. After a while, both titans naturally fell asleep and slowly drifted through the night until the next day dawned.

Raven could feel the warm sensation of the sun's rays piercing her pale skin. The gentle ocean breezes that struck Raven's body, helped to neutralise the heat from the sun to make Raven feel warm and calm. It took a while for her to finally observe her surroundings, and what she saw was a beautiful tropical island with sand stretching as far as the eye can see. What is it that you want? The voice captured Raven's attention. She thought about the question deeply and tried to remember something, something important. What is it that you need? 'I need …' she said. The questions seemed to hit Raven hard and she couldn't think up any answers to give no matter what. What is it that haunts you? 'Haunts me?' Raven could not identify the source of the voice anywhere. She couldn't even sense its existence anywhere on the island, which led to Raven to assume that it must belong to a being that does not consciously exist. Love, love is what haunts me she thought.

She felt so calm and relaxed in this place that it seemed too good to be true, to think this place actually existed. 'It's beautiful,' she said as she admired the scenery of the tropical island that she found herself in.

No need to fret, the answer lies through that door the voice said. Raven turned to see a simple wooden split door with no handles to open it. Shaped like an oval split by its width, there was a beautiful silver boundary surrounding the edges of the door. To see such a beautiful door erected on sand, sent chills up her spine as she pondered on what could be on the other side of that door. The only way to know was to push through the doors and into the unknown.

Raven would have much preferred it to just stay on the island and not go through the scary door but the idea of the answer being on the other side, completely drew her in. She walked through the door and for a split second there was darkness.

The next minute there was a massive glass circle for Raven to walk on that illuminated its area, with darkness surrounding the circle. And at the centre of it, Raven saw Robin sleeping on the ground.

'Robin!' she yelled, immediately running to his side. She wanted to get close to him, she needed to get close to him but just as she was just a few inches closer to him, she was blocked by something. Raven could feel an invisible boundary wall that stretched from one side of the circle to the other. She tried to use her powers to try and do something but she couldn't actually use her powers for some reason.

Robin squirmed a little on the ground and Raven could see that he was in pain. 'What have you done to him?!' Raven said, knowing there was someone there watching all of this unfold. I haven't done anything, and so haven't you! That's the problem the voice replied. 'I can't do anything; can't you see I'm powerless to do anything?!'

Only you have the power to do anything about this Raven, don't pretend there is nothing you can do for him

Raven contemplated about her situation and seeing Robin before her, she knew what all this meant. It was painful for Raven to think that this was the case but she had to accept the situation if she had any hope in saving Robin. 'How do I save him?' she said with a few tears coming down her face and her hands making fists in anger.

You already know the answer to that. All you need to do is --

'IS THERE ANOTHER WAY!?' A silence came up and even Raven's tears came down silently now. The voice replied with a sense of disgust in response to Raven's continuous insolence. You're waking a very thin line here Raven and if you're not careful, you may find yourself falling … to pieces the voice finished, with the ground beneath Raven shattering in half. One half of the ground stayed up but the other side saw Raven falling to the darkness below. 'Robin!' she yelled as she was falling; she felt cold and scared as she was plummeting to the eternal darkness below, to a place with no hope at all.

Raven woke up slowly and quietly, with the light coming from the windows bothering Raven's vision. She moved her hand over her eyes to cover the light coming in but when she did, her hands got all wet. She immediately got up, when she started remembering bits and pieces of her dream and suddenly she thought about Robin. She looked to her left but he wasn't there or anywhere. Despite her groggy status, she forced herself out of bed and tried to walk as quickly as she could to the door and find Robin.

Unfortunately, Raven just didn't have enough energy to make it and she collapsed on her knees, with her hands on the ground. Where are you Robin? Please don't leave me She felt scared when she wasn't with Robin.

Suddenly, the doors to the infirmary opened and Robin came in with a tray of one cup of coffee and one glass of herbal tea. Seeing Raven on the floor made Robin immediately drop the drinks as he motioned himself closer to Raven out of concern. 'Raven, what's wrong? Are you okay? What happened?' he asked.

Raven could slowly feel her pains fade away, and she grabbed onto Robin for support. 'The tea,' she quietly said. She telekinetically moved the liquid back to their respective cups and moved her tea to herself. Despite its boiling nature now gone, it was still warm enough to enjoy. Robin looked at Raven as she drank it and knew that she was happy now.

Raven felt the stare of his eyes and returned the look in turn. For a brief but subtle moment, they're eyes were locked into each other's. Slowly and powerfully, Raven could feel her emotional barriers being slowly teared down by the person she shared a bond with. She would've loved for this moment to last longer than it did but Robin didn't recognise Raven's desires to stay in this moment and broke apart from her.

The departure of warmth from Robin's body left her cold but not weak, 'Come on, we got to get going soon,' Robin helped Raven get up and moved to grab his coffee cup and exit the room.

'For what?'

'We've got a date.'

'I'm not going Robin,' Raven said, while being followed by Robin in the hallways of their bedrooms.

'Come on Raven, this could be a very important lead on how Slade's mask affected me,' he said, pleading to Raven's assistance in the case.

'Robin, if this is your idea of a date, then I want no part in Starfire's misery,'

'What's that supposed to mean?' Robin twitched his eyebrow out of confusion.

'Don't worry about it, I still don't see why I have to go with you and Starfire though,'

'Because I don't want you out of my sight,' Raven turned herself to face Robin at that, 'Look, I know there's something you want to tell me and you're not ready to do that yet, I get that. But, until you are ready to tell me, you're not leaving my side until then, got that?' Raven felt very irritated by this and was about to say something to counteract that. 'After last night, we're staying in each other's company until then.'

'How does Starfire feel about this Robin? I can't imagine how happy she must've felt when you told her this this morning,' she sarcastically remarked. Robin fell a little quiet after that, which made Raven very concerned in response. 'You have told Starfire this, right?'

'Starfire will understand this, don't worry I'll expla-'

'I'm not going unless you tell Starfire Robin,' she said firmly.

This was a very big change in atmosphere, compared to what happened in the infirmary. Raven felt the need to stand firm in the face of her adversary in front of her, while Robin found it difficult on where to go from this. These instances were always dangerous because of just how unpredictable these moments can be.

'Fair enough but I'm holding your word to that,' Robin said. He admitted defeat to this and once Raven blinked, he was gone.

It was around 11 am in the morning, when Robin came back to Raven delivering his end of the bargain. 'It's done,' he said, in the operations room, with Raven sitting comfortably on a chair adjacent to the kitchen area. On the couch, Beastboy was fast asleep after having played Robotechno Wars for literally more than 24 hours.

'What?' she said in response.

'I told Starfire and she was okay with it,' he said with no change to his calm smartass demeanour.

'Really?' Raven had doubts about this and could believe that Starfire was in fact okay with saying that she was okay but did she actually feel okay about it, was the real question. 'Where is Starfire, Robin? I want to talk to her,' Robin was the protégé of The Dark Knight himself, who knows what kind of manipulative sneaky interrogative techniques he could have used on Starfire for her to be 'okay' with this.

'She's already at the lobby, waiting for us,' he said. At that Raven immediately got up for the elevator. Robin followed after her and when they got to the elevator he said, 'I suggest we don't keep her waiting.' The way Robin said that last part, immediately made Raven want to exit the elevator that both she and Robin were now occupying.

'Robin! Ohhh I'm so happy you are now ready!' Starfire said, while giving a bone crushing hug to Robin, 'I am most excited to venture into the park today. Raven are you okay? I hope today can make you feel better now, also you need not worry; promises must always be kept so I understand everything,' at this she winked at Raven, which made Raven exceedingly creeped out. What the fuck did you say to her Robin?!

'Yeah, I'm thrilled too Starfire, but we should probably get going now,' Robin said, breaking away from Starfire's hug in the process.

As soon as they broke apart from each other, Starfire quickly went off to the exit, while Raven quickly went up to Robin quietly saying, 'What the hell did you say to her Robin?!'

'I told her enough,' was his only reply.

When they all got to the park, they soon started walking to the crime scene Robin suspected. Being a few hundred metres away from the football fields, they soon found themselves venturing through a ditch that exhibited some curious features. 'So, what was this lead you found Robin?' Raven asked. All three of them walked along the ditch, with Robin leading the way.

'I managed to identify some familiar neurotoxins in my bloodstream, back when I was hallucinating and when I looked for some places where I could find things exhibiting the same properties, this place was brought up,' Robin explained, while leading the way.

'What do you hope to find Robin?' Starfire asked.

'Whatever my communicator finds I guess,' he says hopefully. 'At the moment, I'm just tracing the signature chemical structure of the gas compound in order to identify a source,'

'How do you know how to do all this stuff Robin?' Sherlock ain't got nothing on the boy wonder here said Raven.

'Starfire and I have been investigating this for a while, so she helped in all the chemistry,' he said back. They soon found themselves by a large pipeline that caused Robin's communicator to start ringing. 'Bingo,' Robin said. Robin examined the pipeline and once he was sure that there was something suspicious he needs to look at, he smashed a hole inside it to reveal the water inside.

'You think the water shares similar properties to the gas you inhaled from before?' asked Starfire curiously.

'If my hunch is right, then this water is going to raise more questions than it answers,' said Robin. He took out a jar from this belt and used it as a cup to scoop out some water. Next, he took out a blue poppy and scrunched up its petals with this left hand and dropped it into the cup. With this, he would look at the chemical reaction between the water and the poppy in order to identify it.

The poppy dissolved perfectly. 'Damn it!' Robin threw the cup on the ground in response to the results from the jar. 'I knew it,' he paused for a second to think about what to do, now that he knows what exactly he was drugged with.

'At least the pipe leads out into the ocean, Robin,' said Starfire. Suddenly, Robin's communicator started getting large readings of the chemical compound he was investigating, 'Raven! Create a forcefield around us now!' But it was too late, Raven found herself facing her worst fears.

While Robin quickly put on a gas mask he had on his belt, Raven dropped to the floor with chills running down her spine. She started hallucinating about her birthday and the coming of the gem. The night quickly fell dark for her, with the ground shaking and splitting to reveal the army of the darkness crawling from its depths. The gem was born of evil's fire 'No,' Raven said. She saw her friends frozen like a statue in front of her, with looks of horror on their face. The gem shall be his portal 'No,' she could feel the pain and sorrows of all that will suffer the wrath of what was to come and she wanted to stop it, she tried so hard to stop it. The end was nigh high He comes to claim Raven started using her powers in order to keep everything under control but it wasn't helping. He comes to sire There was so much destruction, so much pain. The end of all things -- Raven, Raven Suddenly, she felt a familiar sensation she missed and she no longer felt cold anymore. Raven, it's okay, I'll always be there for you She could hear his thoughts pervading through the darkness and one by one, the darkness was stripped of its power over Raven.

Before she knew it, she was back to reality. After a brief moment of groggy relief, Raven woke up to see Robin cradling her head on his legs as he sat with his knees on the ground. 'What happened?' Raven said, as she got up from her position.

'Shhh, stay down,' Robin said, as he put Raven's head back on his legs, 'You should stay lying down for at least another five minutes, especially with the amount you inhaled,'

'What are you talking about? What happened Robin? Where's Starfire?' She wanted to get up but the headache made her feel terrible. She never realised until now, how many times she had found herself lying on Robin's lap.

'She's gone,' he said, 'She went back to the tower just in case I needed her to bring the others,' after a while, Raven was able to see a little more clearly now and started surveying her surroundings as best she could. 'But that won't be necessary.'

'I did this?' she asked, turning her head towards Robin after she had enough.

This caught Robin's attention, 'Listen to me Raven, with the amount that you inhaled into your system, it's almost a miracle that this was ALL that happened,' he said with a sense of urgency to this voice. 'Besides, you actually saved me a lot of time because of this. I thought I would need to ask for a lot more money to do this but since all the hard parts are done, all I need to do is just make a call.'

For the rest of the time spent there, Raven and Robin basically just enjoyed the moments they were spending in each other's company as Raven rested herself against Robin and while Robin calmly enjoyed the peaceful nature of the moment. Raven's guilt was soon replaced by a feeling of tranquility because of that. 'I don't know what you saw in your hallucinations but I promise you Raven, whatever this "gem" is, we'll stop it. I promise.' This caused Raven to solemnly return to a more depressive state of mind.

'I think I'm good to get up now,' Raven said, while pushing herself off from her position. However, just as she was about to fly off to Titans Tower, Robin grabbed her hand. 'What?' she looked at Robin with a curious and annoyed look.

'The date's not over yet,' he said with a nice smile on his face.

It was half past five in the afternoon when Raven and Robin got back from their "date." Aside from the bond making certain moments more intimate then it needed to be and some times when Robin was teasing Raven, they both had fun, maybe too much fun though. 'Did you have to tell the vendor we were dating!' Raven said as she was entering the lobby in a rush towards the elevator.

'What? The photo was cute, wasn't it?' Robin said in his defence, trying to catch up to her. 'Plus, she even gave us a discount because she thought we looked cute together,' this sent Raven in a bit of a hissy fit.

'Stop saying that!' Suddenly, one of the pieces of furniture exploded in the background.

'Anyway, did you at least like the bracelet I got for you?' Raven silently nodded in response to that, which made Robin smitten in turn. Once Robin caught up to Raven he said, 'That's good,' and held her hand, while smiling at her.

'But isn't this bracelet meant for couples? You can't give this to me Robin,' she said while admiring the bracelet on her other hand.

'For us, I don't think that really matters,' Raven quickly turned her head towards him curiously, as they soon found themselves in the elevator and silence was what was there between the two love birds.

'Th- Thank you for today Robin, sorry you couldn't spend it with Starfire,' over the course of the date, Raven felt a little guilty for robbing Starfire of an otherwise wonderful time. Robin looked to his side at Raven and found a million possible things he could say but found all of them to be too obvious and too upfront.

'Raven, my only regret for today was not being able to win the 1st prize for that punching machine competition,' he said with a heavy heart. 'Don't worry about Starfire, what matters right now is making sure that you're alright.' Robin squeezed Raven's hand gently before he exited the elevator with her. 'You had fun, right Raven?' He said turning back to face her in the hallways.

When Raven was confronted with that question, she suddenly realised how happy she was spending time with the boy wonder. She had fun, she was happy, she was happy being with Robin and she liked being happy. She held back a few tears that were starting to form in her eyes and she shut her eyes tightly before nodding silently.

With Robin still holding her hand, he went up close to her with his hand reaching up to her left cheek. He brought her head up against his head (Forehead to forehead) and dropped his hand to hold Raven's other hand. They stayed in that position for a while. 'I -'

Robin was the first to break away as soon as he sensed Starfire's presence nearing by. Raven didn't want to let go but when he did, she opened her eyes to see him walking off to his room with Starfire by his side. Instantly her heart was aching again. When Robin was far enough away to not notice Raven anymore, a single tear rolled down her left cheek because she had realised at that moment, she had fallen in love with the boy wonder.

The day passed by and it was already the next morning, and like as if they knew this was what would happen next, Raven was standing on the rooftop waiting for Robin. The doors opened with Robin coming out of them. As he began walking up towards Raven, Raven turned her body to face him to reveal a tear rolling down her face but with a solemn smile to accompany it.

'Robin, I have something I need to tell you.'

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