A little fanfic/attempt at characterization for William Afton to explain why he kills kids by somewhat adapting his motivation from the Silver Eyes to fit the games' canon.

From William,

There's been a great deal of misconceptions and wild speculation about me, I ask that you give me a chance to explain myself.

Above all else, know that I love children. Everything I have ever done, has been for them. They're why I built them, why I made this place. For all my adult life, I've watched the children. Watched them grow, my own and those around them, from birth to death. I see their purity, their innocence, their perfection fade with age.

I witnessed the change firsthand as my oldest son turned from a loving brother to a tormentor of his siblings. I was always watching. Even when I was in my workshop deep below ground, I still watched them, all of them.

I love children, and I can't stand to see their childhoods' fade away. I wanted them to stay perfect, to stay the way they were forever. And I found a way to do that...

It was messy, at first. I did it all by myself, a labor of love. But it was difficult work and I was nearly stopped by those who didn't understand. So I refined my operation. What I had once built to bring temporary joy to children, now would give them a more permanent gift.

My daughter, the sweetest of them all, she was the first for this new batch. It was so easy to get her alone with them. There was screaming, but only for a moment. She's with me forever now. They all are. Eternally living their Happiest Day.

There's only one thing left for me to do now. Michael, my son, come home. Be a part of our family again. Let your father show you the joy of creation.