Bubbles carried the monkey to the top of the city's space needle tower downtown. Mojo flexed and unflexed his fingers -- his strength was definitely returning. The heavy Puff-Buster itched inside his bedclothes. I am almost there. I am almost able to...

The girl set him down and folded her arms. "Mojo. How did all those banana peels get on the floor?"

"Why, Bubbles!" He did his best to look hurt. "Why would I do something like that?"

"Because you're evil."

Good point. "Yes!" he laughed. "Oh yes, yes!"

Now it was the girl who looked hurt. "I just don't understand how you can be so mean, Mojo."

"There is nothing to understand! That is what I have been trying to tell you! I am bad because I am bad! I am wicked because I am wicked! There does not need to be a reason!"

Bubbles appeared deep in thought. "What if there was a reason to be good?"

"Such as?"

"If you were good, we wouldn't have to beat you up all the time."

Mojo rubbed his chin. Well...

"Yes!" Bubbles brightened. "Think of it, Mojo! No more laser eyes. No more ice breath. No more power-punches or kicks. No more black eyes, busted braincaps, loose teeth or jail time. And no more Buttercup calling you 'Mo-jerk' and 'Mo-joke.' Tell me you wouldn't like that!"

Mojo pursed his lips. He wondered, he pondered, he scratched his head.

Well? What about it? Peace. Quiet. No more having to look over his shoulder for those terrible tots. No more having to repair the damage they wreaked on his abode, or patch up the jagged holes they always left in his ceiling when they crashed in. And without always having to build some new weapon, or wrack his superior brain for diabolical plans -- which, he couldn't help but note, had a perfect record of failure -- he would have time for other things. More worthwhile things, like his hobby of assembling ships in bottles -- he never seemed to have enough time for that. Or much of anything else. It astounded him, now that he thought of it. How much of his time went into fighting the girls, plotting against the girls, railing against the girls? And (he winced at the thought) getting thrashed by the girls? The beatings -- the endless, unbelievable beatings, the eye-beam scorchings, and the flash-freezings of Blossom's breath. And as if all that wasn't bad enough, getting dragged off to jail yet again, after which he broke out only to start the whole cycle anew. For years this had gone on. And for what?

Was this the really the kind of life that someone with a superior brain would lead?

Should he not rethink such a life?

Bubbles was studying his face. Bubbles smiled.

And Mojo realized that -- yes -- he himself was smiling, a glowing ear-to-ear beauty!

"Bubbles!" he cried, with a voice that left no doubt that his strength had fully returned. "I have considered your words. I have pondered what you said. Yes. I confess I have never thought about it before, but now I see that the way to a harmonious, trouble-free, and violence-free existence is indeed so simple! And that is to destroy you Powerpuff Girls once and for all! Ha-ha! And here, concealed within my bedclothes, is the means to do it! Behold my newest, greatest and most brilliant invention, the Atomic Puff-Buster! See its aerodynamic shape, its cold blue steel barrel, its megaton-charged power pack! I squeeze this trigger, and it will vaporize half of Townsville along with yourself! Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha -- "


Mojo choked in mid-sentence. His hands, which had leveled his weapon so threateningly at Bubbles, now clutched air, and a heap of smouldering ashes was gathering at his feet. Oops...not laser-eyebeam resistant.

Bubbles shook her head. "You're a baaaaad monkey, Mojo."

She grabbed him and took off.

It was a short flight; the Townsville Jail was just down the street.


The ape stretched out on the cot in his jail cell, looking up at the ceiling, hands folded behind his head, smiling contentedly. Graffiti on the wall proclaimed DA GANGRENE GANG WUZ HEER!

From down the hall he heard a female voice purring: "Hey there, guard? Yes, you with all the keys...won't you come in and keep me company for a while? I'm just dying for companionship...hey, where are you going? GET BACK HERE!"

Mojo rolled his eyes -- Sedusa was at it again. But his smile never left his face.

It was worth it! Ha-ha! I do not regret it one bit, not one iota! And now he had to think. What to do when he got out? What new scheme or gadget could he think up? What evil plot to shake the world and bring it to its knees? His superior brain spun with ideas...

The cell's iron door opened and clanged shut.

"Hi Mojo!"

His eyes sprang wide. His smile vanished. He jolted upright and clutched at the wall on either side of him, as though it might somehow protect him from the blond six-year-old menace smiling as sweetly as ever at him.

"Buh -- buh -- b-b-what are you doing in my cell?!"

"Well," she said, "when I got home, I told everyone what I did. They weren't too happy. The Professor sat me down for a long talk. Buttercup called me a bonehead, and Blossom just shook her head at me."

Heh-heh-heh..."But I do not understand. Why then are you visiting me?"

"Visiting? Oh! Well, you see, the Mayor was there too, for dinner. And he said I was practicing psy-cho-ther-a-py without a license."

Slowly it sank in. Mojo started to wag his head. "So you are..."

"Your cell-mate!" She announced this as if it had been her whole life's ambition. "And since I'm already here, what difference would it make if I practiced it now?" Out came the notebook and crayon.

"No!" The chimp stomped up and down. "Do not! This cannot be! Say it is not so!"

"There's no need to yell, Mojo." She sat down cross-legged on the floor, notebook in her lap. "Now, tell me what you remember about your life -- up until the accident of course," she giggled, ignoring his ravings and shouts and bangings on the cell door.