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An Unknown Journey

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A stranger appears in the Halliwell Manor with a special plan in his mind. Piper, Leo and Wyatt feel that they should know him in a way. Unbeknownst to all of them, a paragon of Good is already plotting against them. Will there be any sacrifices?

1. The Truth behind Myths

A demon appeared in the arctic, looking around for something special. Soon he found what he was looking for and with potions he'd created, he freed the two Titans. "Oh dear God, it worked," he exclaimed proudly.

"Who are you? Why did you do this?" the male demanded angrily.

"I'm the one who freed you and I want you to obey me," the demon said in the same way.

"You are nothing!" the female declared and with a wave of her hand, she killed him. "Finally alone," she said and leaned onto him.

"Meta, you know we have to find Cronus. We need his powers if we wanna fight the ones who prisoned us," the man explained seriously.

Meta sighed. "Do we really need him? He'd be furious if we free him or forget him. Besides, he doesn't like me, Demetrius."

"I know." He kissed her briefly on the head. "You should go and find us orbing powers. It's time for our revenge." She nodded and swirled away while Demetrius went up to the sky, hoping to find their leader.


It was unusually hot in the city but at the Manor, all was good. Except for Paige who was having nightmares. She didn't know what it was but it was not good. Definitely.

"Hi. You two seem happy. What did I miss?" Paige asked groaning.

"Are you okay?" Phoebe asked concerned. She turned to her older sister. "And what makes you so happy, despite the whole situation?"

"Well," Piper said smiling. "My hormonal body is back on track and my husband and I are active in the night, again."

"Oh. That's good news," Phoebe squealed. "Still, we have a high cost of phoning? Are you mad?"

"No, all good. I understand that you need to find out if Jason is the right guy. Paige, what about you?"

"I don't know." The youngest sister sighed. "I have dreams about ancient Gods, battles, Titans and many other stuff. I just don't know. Should I contact a psychic or Leo?"

"Are you sure?" Piper asked worried and her sister nodded. "You should tell Leo first and he could ask the almighty Elders if they know something about your dreams. We'll call him, by the way."

"Leo!" Phoebe immediately reacted. "Leo!"

A set of blue orbs formed in their midst. "What's going on?" He turned to his wife. "Piper, we still need to go to the counselor today."

"I know. You should speak with Paige. She has weird dreams."

Leo turned to her in expectations. "What's wrong, Paige? What should I know about?"

"I have dreams," Paige started nervously. "Weird dreams and all is connected somehow. The heat here, ancient battles, Titans and the Elders as well. I don't know. What do you think?" She stopped a bit but then added, "The Elders should establish an anti orbing law. To be sure, you know."

Leo laid a hand on her shoulder. "I'm going to talk to the Elders and see what I can do." He turned to his wife. "See you then." He orbed away.

"Alright, you two," Piper began standing up. "You could find out what's out there but be careful! I'm going to check on my son and then, we'll see." She went upstairs.

"Great," Phoebe stated sighing. "You know you're a magnet for trouble. What if anything happens to you?"

"You'll save me." Paige smiled and both sisters orbed up to the attic. Nothing would happen, would it?


Leo orbed in and saw how upset the Elders were about something. He didn't understand it. "What's going on? What are you afraid of?"

Roland snorted. "It doesn't concern you. You're only a whitelighter. This is Elder business."

"Roland," Cecil warned friendly. "Even we can't change what result we'll have at the end of the day. Leo, what brings you here?"

"Paige has weird dreams. About ancient battles and gods. She thinks this is connected to the heat on Earth. Is she right?"

"It isn't one of her powers, is it?" Cecil wanted to know curiously and calmed his partner down.

"I'd call it instinct and she's right, most of the time. So is there more?" Leo asked concerned.

"Maybe. Any suggestions?"

"Paige suggested to put an anti orbing law out. To secure any damages." Leo watched the two Elders closely.

Cecil and Roland exchanged a look. The older one spoke, "We do as suggested after you orbed down. Just remember: We can't change the outcome of the day."

Leo didn't know what to say but he orbed down, anyway. After all, he had a family to take care of.

Cecil laid a hand on the younger man's shoulder. "Fate has decided, Roland. You know that."

The Elders knew about their destiny and what lay ahead of them.


The two younger Charmed Ones were over the Book of Shadows but there was nothing, it seemed. "Okay," Phoebe said annoyed and looked up to the ceiling. "We could use a little help here!"

Out of nowhere, a book flew into Paige's hand. "Well, it's about Greece and its myths. I don't know. Thanks, Grams, but no thanks."

Leo orbed in. "Okay, the anti orbing law is done. Have you found out anything?"

Paige shook her head. "Not yet. Just a book about Greece and its myths. We don't want to read it."

"Right. Piper and I need to get going! You two do whatever you want but with some care," Leo advised before he went to his wife.

"Okay, we can scry for these people who are responsible," Paige said after the man was gone. "We really need to find out what's going on, Phoebs!"

"Wait," Phoebe cut in determined. "Leo said that the anti orbing law is intact. It's easy to catch the ones. You only orb and we see what happens."

"Good idea." Paige nodded and orbed. Both sisters waited for any reaction.

There was a loud rumble and a female Titan appeared. "About time," she said and her eyes glowed a bit.

Phoebe was thrown back and a young man orbed in, saying, "Don't look into her eyes!" and he threw several potions at the Titan.

"Damn you!" And the Titan vanished.

"Are you okay?" the young man asked concerned.

Phoebe turned in search for her younger sister. "Oh my God, Paige!" Her sister was a stone. "How did that happen?"

He took off his sunglasses. "Well, that was the Titan's work. You can see this everywhere – museums, town centers. Statues are not always statues but people like your sister here."

"Oh. Interesting," Phoebe said and touched the stone carefully. "Who are you, by the way?"

"Uh, I'm Chris. Chris Perry. I'm from the future," Chris said calmly.

"Oh." There were running footsteps and Piper appeared in the door. "We can explain," Phoebe quickly said, hoping to calm her older sister down.


"Piper, we need to get going!" Leo said as he entered their shared bedroom. "Our appointment isn't for free, remember?"

"I know," his wife answered. "But I have the feeling that's more on the edge here. With you and the world. I may lose you when I need you. And Wyatt."

"Shsh, it's going to be okay," Leo said and wrapped his arms around her. "You don't lose me for good. I'm always there for you, and Wyatt, no matter what."

"You say that now but we never know what the future brings, especially the near one," Piper said, wiping her tears away. From above, there was a loud rumble coming. "What are they doing, for God's sake?"

"You'll find out. I'll check with the Elders if there's something going on." Leo kissed her briefly before orbing away again.

Piper sighed and went up to the attic.


Leo was in shock. All and everyone was destroyed or killed but some were still alive. "Oh God, what happened here?"

"Two male Titans attacked. They must have stolen orbing powers from two whitelighters who are missing," Roland explained and held his arm carefully.

"Let me heal that," Leo replied and healed the man's arm. "Is there anything to stop them?"

Roland nodded. "Thanks. And there is. Ages ago, we stopped the Titans by giving mere mortals godly powers which are safe in an urn. Unfortunately, these mortals became the Greek gods Zeus, Athena and many more."

"What can we do now?" Leo asked a bit shyly.

"As Cecil said, it may be up to you, Leo. Anyway, the rest of us are going into hiding," Roland answered and touched the man slightly. "Good luck!" He orbed away, leaving Leo alone.

Leo looked around nervously and decided to take the urn with him, back to the Manor. Just in case.


"Ah, that was so good," Cronus said after they materialized back in the arctic. "Seeing the Elders getting killed. Thanks to Meta, we could steal the orbing powers."

"Yeah," Demetrius agreed. "Meta couldn't participate. It's not fair."

"Maybe. It was her own idea to find another one."

"I know," Meta said after her return. "I've found another one, very powerful and I intend to get her alone."

"If you say so, Meta," Cronus replied, touching her skin. "But if you fail, it's only your fault. So when do you want to attack again?"

"Soon. And you two do whatever you want to. Well, you can look for the fleeing Elders. I'm sure, they're on the run." Meta watched Cronus carefully, because he was known for his temper.

"She's right," Demetrius cut in. "We can look for them again. In the Heavens and somewhere else. They could hide in the magical world. You know that, Cronus."

Cronus was unsure but then nodded. "True. You'll find your wanted victim, Meta while Demetrius and I look for the Elders. Good luck!"

The three Titans looked at each other before swirling away in different directions.


Piper looked at the two and the statue. "Please, tell me it's only a good likeness of Paige."

"Oh, it's Paige," Phoebe admitted smiling and went over to her sister. "Long story, really."

"Yeah, but in the end, Titan turned her to stone," Chris continued and pointed to the statue.

"And you are?" Piper asked curiously.

"He's Chris from the future," Phoebe replied smugly.

"But just like twenty years or so," he went on.

"Twenty years?" The wheels turned into Piper's head, along with a familiar feeling. "Never mind. What else do you know about all this?"

Chris looked suddenly nervous. "Uh, Paige is the third victim and you need to be Gods to kill the Titans. Otherwise, we have a big problem. So …"

"… we'll need to free Paige as soon as possible," Piper said and turned to her younger sister. "You should ask our friends in the magical world. They may help us and they're Paige's friends as well."

"Good idea. I'll be back soon." Phoebe went away.

"Well, let me check the Book of Shadows if we can find out anything to free Paige here. Plus, I can give you some hints which entries you should update. And fast," Chris explained and walked to the Book which let him touch.

"Oh my. Wait, you said third victim?" He nodded and Piper yelled loudly, "Leo! Leo! It's urgent!" The man immediately appeared, holding the urn. "Great. What's this?"

"Later. Why did you call?" Leo only asked.

"Paige is stoned as the third victim. So how many are missing?" Piper asked back.

"There was an attack above – from two Titans as I was told. Why? What's going on?"

"See. I was right," Chris only offered, looking up briefly. He turned several pages. "You should update your Goblins entry, by the way."

"Who's he?"

"Chris from the future, around twenty years." The woman guided him to the statue. "That's Paige. Can you help us here?"

Leo, however, was distracted and watched the young man at the Book. "Chris," he whispered slowly and felt something familiar in him. "Christopher, my father's name." Besides, the boy looked like Piper.

"Hey!" Piper called out to get his attention. "Can you help us here with Paige and all?"

"Sorry. Yeah, but only if you free your sister soon." He held up the urn. "Then I can turn you into Gods!"

"Oh." Piper was astonished and shocked. "Phoebe!"

"What? What is it?" Phoebe stormed in and looked around. "Leo, you're here and what are you holding?"

"Forget that," Piper cut in. "Have you found anything or anyone to help us with freeing Paige? We do need it kind of fast."

Phoebe nodded eagerly. "Yeah, I got some fairy's dust, gold from the leprechauns and I made a potion. We can test it out if you want. Oh, and Leo should use an axe. If we use all at the same time, you know."

"Could this work?" Piper asked Chris who still didn't look up.

"Just try it," he simply said.

"Okay," Leo agreed and walked over to Chris. "You hold the urn while we free Paige." Chris looked at him perplexed. "Please, just do it! It's for changing the future, right?" He nodded and took the urn. "Thanks."

"All right, let's do it!" Piper ordered but looked at Chris briefly as well. He looked familiar. "Anyway, Phoebe, you start with the fairy dust, then me with the gold and you again with the potion. At the end then Leo with the axe. It should work."

The other two nodded and did as told. And to their surprise, not Chris', they could free the youngest Charmed One. She looked around nervously. "Okay, what did I miss? And who's he?" Paige asked curiously.

"Long story," Leo said and urged the sisters to stand together. "Chris, give me the urn!" The young man handed it quickly over. "Thanks." He opened the lid a bit and chanted, "Natum ter ne ekrai …" Out of it came a fog which surrounded the sisters. "It worked."

"And what and who are we?" Phoebe wanted to know, looking at herself and her sisters.

"Chris will explain all this to you, because I need to check on the Heavens again. See if the Titans had showed up once more," Leo said and orbed away.

The three Charmed Ones turned to him expectantly and the young man rolled his eyes sighing. "Fine," he began and looked directly at Paige. "You're the Goddess of War. You know all about battles and strategies, of all times. Your sign is the trident."

Paige looked at the trident. "Nice, I think."

"Phoebe, you're the Goddess of Love. You can seduce any men but you're not allowed to have any followers. This goes for all three of you. You should remember where you've found love so far. Any questions?"

"Yeah," the middle sister replied, bashing her eyelids. "Are you single?"

Chris laughed a bit. "Irrelevant. Anyway, Piper, you're the Goddess of Earth. You can control all elements and you balance the other two out."

"Oh, that's quite good. This costume party saves the future now how?" she asked curiously. "I know it's important to you and all, but what shall we do? Go to a costume party and invite the Titans as well?"

"No, be serious! You need to be Gods, declare yourselves to be Gods! Otherwise you may see my future," Chris explained almost calmly. How could his Dad deal with them all these years? This was going to be hard work.

"Right. You three talk while I'm going to check on Wyatt," Piper said and went up to her bedroom where her baby waited. She knew she should help her sisters but she needed some distance as well.

"So any ideas, future boy?" Paige asked in a sarcastic way.

However, Chris' eyes became huge as he pointed nervously behind the sisters. The female Titan had appeared again. "Well, here's your wanted target! I'm going to follow Piper!" And he ran away.

"Great help!" Phoebe said sighing. Now she and Paige were facing the Titan again.

Who would be the winner? ;)


As Leo appeared, he saw the two Titans walking around. Wonderful! He needed to hide the urn again and this thing was powerful.

"Can you feel this?" Cronus asked as he held his hands out.

"What?" Demetrius wanted to know. "All Elders are gone. There's no one left here! What do you want to prove here?"

"I'll see when I know it." Cronus rolled his eyes.

Leo used a golden robe to hide himself. Hoping that it worked and that he could distract them as long as needed.


Chris saw he needed help and so he went to his future mother who was taking care of his big baby brother. "I need your help," he stated desperately and walked slowly into the room.

"Since when it's allowed to walk into my bedroom?" Piper stated angrily. "Didn't you foresee this trouble, future boy?"

"Okay, I'm sorry. But your sisters need Leo and you," he retorted in the same way.

"You forgot the baby who needs his father and I need my husband. There's no bigger picture than my family."

Chris rolled his eyes. "There is, but you three need to find your powers soon. Otherwise, my future happens! I never had a chance to know my family!"

"Not my fault," the mother retorted angrily. There were noises coming from the floor below. She looked irritated to the door.

"Not yet, but that's up to you."

Piper looked nervously at him. Still, there was something familiar about him and the feeling that she should know him. Fast she walked away.

Chris, however, went closer to the crib. To his shock, and Piper's, Wyatt orbed to him and snuggled into his chest. He heard a gasp and turned around. "I can explain," he stated nervously.

"Alright, you'll get Leo and then we'll talk, got it?" He nodded gulping. "But first we should kill the Titans, I think." She quickly went to her sisters.

Chris sighed and decided to orb 'Up There', along with Wyatt. He hid behind a white marble column and praid to be invisible for once! Magic of the Elders – as if!


Leo noticed them finally and went over. "What are you doing here?" he hissed quietly. "Why is Wyatt with you? What's going on?"

"Later," he hissed back. "The sisters need your speech of confidence! They need to find their powers fast! I'll take care of those!" He pointed to the Titans.

Leo's eyes scanned the boy once again who looked more familiar with every scan. Plus, there was the name Chris – like his father. "Okay, but be careful! One hair lost …" He orbed away before he could finish the sentence in the right meaning.

Once again, Chris rolled his eyes. However, the Titans had sensed them by now. No wonder with Wyatt's powers and his added to the mix. Time to act!


Leo orbed in and only found Piper next to the door. "What's going on? Chris said you three needed me. Piper? You okay?"

"What?" The woman finally reacted and hugged him quickly. "Do you have the same familiar feeling with Chris like I do? Please, tell me. Then we're going to deal with the Titans."

He simply nodded. "Where are your sisters?"

"Down. With a female Titan, I think. Why?"

"You need to find your godly powers fast. Chris is dealing with the other two 'Up There'. He's going to need our help soon! Though Wyatt might help him."

She took his hand and guided him to the others where they saw how Paige killed the Titan. "Wow," Piper said astonished. "How did you do that?" She turned to Leo. "See, one problem solved."

Paige turned to them and played with her trident. "Could only be luck, you know." Her eyes found an unexpected guest. "Leo, you're back!" Her older sister had the same reaction.

"Yeah, I am. Anyway, you need to find your powers! Chris needs your help!" Leo said determined and stood in front of the sisters. "You are the Power of Three but now you have to dig deeper to access these powers."

The youngest sister watched her trident closely. "We have to be the Goddess who we are. I am War, Phoebe is Love and Piper Mother Nature."

Leo nodded. "Paige, you know what you'll have to do. You are prepared for it." She nodded. "Phoebe, remember, where you've found love so far, yet you always returned to the good side."

Phoebe looked a bit perplexed. "Wow, deja vu. Chris said something similar before as well. Anyway, I never looked at things this way." She noticed two grins. Ones by Piper and Leo. "What did I miss?"

"Uh, it's nothing," Leo said quickly as a distraction and cleared his throat. "Never mind. Piper, is it a wonder that I chose you to be Mother Earth. You're the beauty of all I love, you're the mother of my son. You're all I love."

"You really believe that much in us?" Piper asked in disbelief.

"Of course, I know you. And you're the most powerful witches on Earth." All of a sudden Leo began to glow from within. "What's happening?"

"Leo?" Piper panicked a bit.


Cronus turned to his partner. "Do you feel that? There's a new Elder rising!"

Demetrius nodded. "Yeah." He looked at their feet where a bloody body lay. "What about him?"

"We'll take him with." Cronus pointed to the other boy who looked at them angrily. "I'm sure, he'll follow us. All right, let's have some action!"

Both materialized away, taking the body with. And the other quickly followed.


As Wyatt orbed in, straight into Piper's arms, he cried on his mother's chest. "Wyatt?" Piper asked confused. "How did you come here? And where's Chris?"

"Oh. He's here," Cronus said as he and Demetrius materialized. "He fought so hard, but in the end he was weak. Though this other boy defended him quite a while."

Piper handed her son over to his father. "What have you done to him? Tell me!"

"Oh no. He's our leverage," Demetrius countered fast and his partner created a fire ring around him. "See, all good."

"Leo!" Piper panicked again. "Do something!"

"Alright. If it works, I'll orb up to our room," he said and shifted his son a bit. "Okay. Chris!" The body disappeared in orbs, along with Leo and Wyatt.

Piper let out a sigh of relief before turning furiously to the two Titans. "You bastards! It's not nice to piss of a mother, especially Mother Nature here!"

The other two sisters looked perplexed at each other as an earthquake started all of a sudden. "Piper? Is that you?" Phoebe only asked.

"Yeah," she agreed sniffed. "Paige! Help me with your trident!"

The eldest and youngest sister worked like a duo as they combined their powers to send both Titans into the pits of Mother Earth. Cronus and Demetrius never had a chance – with a pissed of mother.

Phoebe touched her older sister concerned. "Piper? What made you so pissed off? Besides, we should let go off our godly powers. They're too strong."

"Agreed," Paige quickly added. "Leo then can bring back the urn to the Elders."

"Right," Piper said nodding. "But I think Leo's an Elder now as well. Never mind, let's go!"

The three sisters walked together to the eldest's room.


Leo, meanwhile, had healed his possible son but still, the boy hadn't woken up. Yet. Wyatt was leaning against the body as well, crying silently. "It's going to be okay, buddy," he assured in hope. The door opened and the Charmed Ones stepped in. "Hey. All done?"

"Yup," Paige said nodding. "We came up, so that you could take off our powers, and then bring back the urn."

"Okay, but it's better you'll bring it back. I can't and won't leave Chris' side yet." He stood up and opened the urn slightly, taking in all powers of the sisters. "Done. Paige, please!"

"All right, I'll do it," she said sighing. Taking the urn, the youngest Charmed One orbed away.

"Phoebe, could you please make something to eat?" Piper pleaded nervously. "I can't leave the boys' side either."

"Okay, but you're hiding something from me," she stated confused but walked out still.

"Leo, why hasn't he woken up yet? And you're an Elder now, aren't you?" Piper asked and sat next to him.

"I don't know. Maybe," he answered quietly. Leo looked at her. "And maybe his body hasn't realized yet that he's healed, you know."

A soft groan distracted any further talk. As Chris opened his eyes, he thought he were in a dream. "Okay, what happened? And what am I doing here?" he wanted to know curiously.

"A Titan hit you badly in the chest. I'd say Wyatt saw it and tried to help you as good as he could. Anyway, they came to us and et voila, here you are," Leo explained calmly and heard a jingle. "Damn!"

"What is it?" Piper requested and saw how Wyatt had climbed into Chris' lap who had sit up.

"The Elders are calling but they can wait." Leo sighed. "Never mind. Do you have anything to reveal maybe?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, for one: Wyatt orbed to you, though he doesn't know you yet. And Piper and I have familiar feelings around you, more paternal feelings as well as maternal ones," Leo said smiling.

Chris blushed a bit and played with Wyatt's fingers. "How did you find out? I mean, I thought I was careful. So, tell me, please. But don't tell the aunts!"

Piper snickered. "Okay, we'll see what we can do. Anyway, you look like me but with Leo's eyes. And I take it, there's a bond between Wyatt and you, my peanut."

"Wait. How do you know my nickname? Don't answer!" he quickly said and blushed again. "Never mind. And what now?"

"Well," Leo began sighing. "I should visit the Elders soon since I'm one of them now. And they might get to know you since they may have sensed the time portal. Agreed?"

Chris nodded. "If only you introduce me as Chris Perry and not Halliwell. But all later."

Piper went with her hand over her son's cheek. "Chris, why are you here?"


"Ah Paige, so nice of you to come," an Elder greeted her as she orbed in. "My name's Roland. I see that you bring back our urn. Thanks." He quickly sent it to its original place.

"You're welcome, I think," Paige replied happily. "You may have realized by now that the Titans are gone." She swallowed a bit. "What about Leo? Is he an Elder now?"

"He is but made himself one. It's okay if he spends time with his family. To discuss the new situation but he should do the same with us as well."

"I'll tell him," the youngest Charmed One assured nodding.

"No need, I'm going to jingle him. He has duties here," another Elder cut in and did so. He was wearing black clothes and looked deeply annoyed. "Ah Paige, welcome here!"

"Do I know you?" she asked irritated.

"Not yet. My name's Gideon, I'm running Magic School and was Leo's mentor," he explained and shook her hand. "So when Leo's coming?"

"When he is ready, Gideon," Roland interjected annoyed. "Don't you have somewhere to be? The next generation needs you!"

"Okay," Gideon offered bitterly and orbed away.

"Creepy," Paige stated shaking. "Is he always that kind? I wouldn't want to be a pupil in his school."

Roland laughed. "He is, and he's hiding something from us. Unfortunately, we haven't found it out yet but we will, I promise. Anyway, Leo can come when he's done."

Paige nodded and orbed back down.

Roland sighed. A lot of work was waiting for him: Gideon's plans for the close future, Leo's new life as an Elder, the Charmed Ones and their behavior, the unknown time traveler and his mission. Yeah, the near future could be interesting. Another sigh escaped the man's lips before walking away.


Paige orbed in and to her surprise, she saw Phoebe in the kitchen. "What are you doing, Phoebs?" she asked incredulously. "Has Piper allowed this?"

Phoebe turned shocked around. "Paige! You startled me. And yes, she has. She and Leo are busy with Wyatt and … our guest Chris. I swear they know something about him."

"And what could that be? And what are you making?" Paige wanted to know curiously.

"I don't know," she answered honestly. "I'm trying to make pancakes but, as you can see, I'm no wizard in the kitchen. Damn! All burnt."

Paige laughed. "Clearly. Conjure or a spell? We don't want Chris to be hungry, now do we?"

Phoebe laughed as well but couldn't answer to any question. So the two sisters laughed until they couldn't do it anymore. Well, let's say: making food was forgotten!

TBC ...

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