(Chapter 1: Where it Begins)

It's been nine long years since the defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort with the Potter brothers surviving, but at the cost of the eldest brother Harry becoming all but a squib in magical ability while his brother was hailed as the boy who lived. As it wasn't long before he was cast aside and sent to his Aunt and Uncle for this lack of magic at the behest of Dumbledore someone that Harry would come to hate for this as ever since then instead of the love and affection of parents he would only know the hate and scorn of being a freak

As he would be forced to do chores and labors while they got to relax and it didn't help that every single time that he excelled in something that Dudley didn't they would punish him for it often time beating him physically and emotionally as they'd demean him about being a freak of nature. Yet this didn't discourage him as it only served to fuel him more and more as he hated them and wanted to make them hurt and it was soon thanks to a gift he managed to discover at an early age that would make his plans come to fruition

(St. Anne's Elementary School, 4:20 Pm, October 9th 2009)

It was 20 minutes after 4 in the afternoon as a young Harry Potter soon was in the classroom that had been let out as he sat at a desk reading one of his favorite books that had been a constant comfort to him in his harsh childhood under the Dursley's that being Dante's Inferno and was on one of his favorite parts as he read over the sins of those guilty of Wrath. As he waited for Dudley and his cronies to beat him up like they always did however, this time Harry would be ready for them as he was going to give them a day they'd never forget

"Right on schedule." Harry thought as he saw the Dudley and his trio of cronies

"Hello cousin nice of you to stop and see me." Harry said with barely contained spite

"You already know what happens know as there isn't anyone here to help you out you freak." Dudley spoke with his cronies all hyping him up to beat down on Harry who they knew wouldn't fight as most of the time he'd run away or they corner him

"Oh yeah this where I'm supposed to run away and you and your infestation of maggots come and beat me up well I have bad news for you but…" Harry said before trailing off

With that he stared at them as his irises turned a deep pumpkin orange and taking on the design of a saw blade while the white of them became a harsh cloudy gray like the ones you'd see during a thunderstorm that it bordered on black as the door to the room locked itself shut around the entrance to prevent anyone from leaving

"As this time none of you are going to leave here alive." Harry told them as he made a stabbing motion as the bully to Dudley far right began to wail out in pain

As Harry pretended that a large knife was stuck in his gut as Harry twisted it around and forced to go deeper inside of the bully's stomach until it sunk its way in as he moved in an almost casual manner as the invisible knife tore apart his organs in an almost methodical manner. Until he fell over with his shirt stained a bright crimson from the fact that his internal organs had been torn to ribbons as everyone stood there in horror of what had just happened paralyzed in fear

"Now then I think you're next blondie considering you always were the one to steal my lunch money for the fat turd you call a friend." Harry spoke as he levitated a nearby pair of scissors and let them sail across the room and fly into the blonde kids throat with him falling to the ground clutching his throat in an attempt not choke on his own blood

Dudley and his remaining cohort decided to try and make a break for the door to get away from the homicidal 9 year old before them only for him to stop that as he slammed Dudley into a nearby wall by having a desk crash into his stomach hard enough that you could hear the crack of his lower ribs.

"You can go, but if you dare tell anyone of what you saw today then you'll find out how bad of a boogeyman I can be do you understand." Harry told the frightened cohort

"Y-Yes don't worry I-I won't tell n-nobody." The bully stuttered as Harry unlocked the door for him to leave as he bolted out of there like no tomorrow

Meanwhile Harry decided to drag a chair and sit at the desk his cousin was pinned to as he put down his book and stared at him with those hellish eyes of his before talking in a voice that sounded more akin to a serial killer

"Now then Dudley do you know why I'm doing all of this?" Harry asked in a innocent enough question

"Because you're a freak that we should've left at the orphanage." Dudley spat back as the desk pressed further against his stomach to where it was nearly crushing his organs

"Wrong answer, but nice try it's for something else though as to put it simply I hate you, and Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia as I hate you all far beyond for what a child is supposed to hate someone for bringing us to your current situation." Harry answered him having developed an immense hate for them

"But we've treated you exactly as you should as a freak or I guess a monster as just wait till I tell my dad and mum about this you'll be in so much trouble." Dudley told him knowing that his father and mother would punish his monster for a cousin when he heard about this yet Harry smirked upon hearing that

"Well about that he won't be giving me punishments at all considering that as I had gotten to school so late because I've already taken care of them so to speak." Harry told him his smirk widening at Dudley's frightened yet angered expression

"What did you do to them?" Dudley asked in a mix of anger, fright and curiosity

"Well it's simple as soon as Uncle Vernon left the house I went to go in and see that Aunt Petunia was cleaning your room like always so as she was coming down the stairs all I had to do was make sure she took a little trip downstairs and as you can put together she's now on the Stairway to Heaven." Harry spoke in an almost jovial manner at how easy it was to break the woman's bony neck before he continued

"And after that all it took for me to get rid of the fat man was after he took me to Mrs. Figg's house so that she could drop me off here at school since he doesn't want to tarnish his reputation by being seen with the evil boy who lives with the perfect family on Privet Drive. I used my gift to cut the break lines to his car and by from what I heard when I snuck into watch the news in the teacher's lounge he won't make it past tonight considering that they said he got hit by a semi truck that supposedly caved in his chest." Harry answered him matter of factly as Dudley began to weep tears of sorrow at how his parents were now dead

"Hey don't worry Dudders because after today you'll be joining them soon enough so at least take peace in that, yet the sad news is that the way you'll be getting to them isn't going to be in a peaceful manner." Harry told him standing up from his seat as he raised his hand towards Dudley

"Don't do this please I'm begging you if you don't then I'll give you all my toys, I'll never pick on you again, I'll give you all the money I take from everyone just please don't kill me I just don't want to die!" Dudley pleaded with tears streaming down his face as he begged for his life as Harry looked at him with apathy stuck on his face those hellish orange eyes staring right back at him

"I'm sorry Dudders but I don't listen to the words of the dead because where were my words heard when I asked why I was treated as an outcast or when I was forced to work as a slave in all but name or how I was tormented almost everyday…... no you don't get mercy only death." Harry told him as he used his gift to have the desk press against Dudley's stomach

It wasn't long before Dudley's cries of pain rose in tempo as Harry was glad that the teachers and students were let out early for Halloween otherwise he wouldn't be able to get away with this as it wasn't long before the sickening crunch and splattering sounds were heard. As Dudley's lower half of his body was severed and fell over in a bloody heap as he watched the life drain from his cousin's eyes as blood flowed heavily out of his mouth

"Telekinesis the best thing about it is nobody to trace back whom the murderer is." Harry thought as his eyes turned back to normal before he grabbed his book

(4 months later, March 10th 2010, London, Britain, 2:10 Pm)

It was 10 minutes after 2 as Harry was running through the streets of London as ever since the murder of the Dursley's; Harry with nowhere to go decided that it was better he'd disappear off the face of the Earth and to do this had adopted a new identity as Adam Belladonna. After the two musicians that he'd hear on the radio from bands that he remembered listening to yet instead of being famous for music like they were he quickly became famous for murder having gone through London's underground as the Ghost of London considering that in his wake he's done over a dozen murders all for the sheer thrill it gave him.

Which now brings us to his current predicament as his most recent one had brought him under the chase of some local thugs yet in his defence they started it when they decided it'd be fun to rob him of what money he's been pickpocketing to survive and in retaliation he snapped one of there necks

( From now on Harry will be referred to as Adam)

"Get back here you little bastard!" One of the gangsters who had bright red hair and dark blue eyes said rushing after the black haired 9 and a half year old with a baseball bat in hand

"Hey you started it when you mugged me you bloody dickheads so I consider us even." Adam responded as he used his powers to throw over a knock over a trash can as an obstacle

"Well gonna get it now." The gangster's counterpart who was a black haired and amber eyed man who wielded a switchblade

"Or how about all of you can kiss my ass." Adam retorted cheekily weaving through the streets he's wandered through all this time

As due to the fact that the he's had to keep constant evasion from the law getting to him he knew his way throughout much of London's various streets and areas from the high class parts to the red light districts Adam's young mind mapped it all out so as an effort for him to maximize his chances of survivability

"Damn it where did the little bastard go?" The black haired thug wondered

"He couldn't have gotten far since I just saw him run through here." The red haired thug replied having saw Adam run through this alleyway

"Well he has to come out sometime." The black haired thug spoke as unknown to them Adam was behind a nearby dumpster concentrating as he made it levitate over them

"Alright you bloody little shit come out now and we won't beat you into a bloody pulp." The black haired thug called out his switchblade ready to stab the little shit for killing off their compatriot

"Yeah, if you show yourself maybe we we'll play real nice after all we have a little present for you." The red haired thug spoke with his baseball bat hefted behind him ready to bash Adam's head in

"And now it's time for me to take out the trash." Adam muttered as he slammed his hands onto the ground

With that dumpster floating 10 feet above the thugs dropped down upon them with the black haired thug having dove out of the was in time while his red haired compatriot was crushed by hundreds and hundreds of pounds of metal and garbage crushing him to a pulp

"And that's my cue to make like Michael Jackson and beat it." Adam thought as he soon bolted away

"Like hell I'm letting you get away." The red haired thug growled as he chased after the young green eyed boy

Adam used his powers to knock over whatever he could to trip over the red haired thug as while he'd made progress in using his power he knew that he was still a child and that meant that he had to wear this guy down before anything could be done.

They continued to run until the thug stopped knowing that he reached the gang territory of one of the most infamous gangs in London that belonged to one of the major crime syndicate this one in particular had the strongest foothold in London and were known only by what they did to punish traitors…..The Blood Eagles. Yet his anger over his two cohorts being murdered overrode his common sense as he chased Adam into the territory of one of the most powerful crime syndicates

"Come on you want to kill me dead don't you? And yet you're getting outpaced by a nine year old maybe you need to stop with all the crumpets and do some cardio you out of shape bastard." Adam taunted using his powers to increase his jumps from place to place in an effort to outrun his pursuer

"Just you wait boy once I'm through with you you're gonna be crying home to mommy!" The thug exclaimed

"I don't have mother, but then again at least she wasn't a whore like yours was." Adam shot back as he threw out a wave of telekinetic force that sent the man flying several feet

It wasn't long before Adam found himself cornered into a dead end as the red haired thug soon caught up with him as he dragged his bat threateningly across the across the ground thinking that he now had him at his mercy

"Nowhere to run now little boy, any last words before I break those legs of yours?" The red haired thug questioned as Adam eyed some chains lying around the ground around them

"Yeah however, I can't quite hear you properly since it sounds like you're choking up." Adam told him as he used his powers to have the chains slither towards the thug

With that the lengths of chain swarmed towards him wrapping around his neck like a noose as it also bound his arms and legs together to immobilize him as he squirmed and struggled as he was forced to let go of his bat from his hands being bound together as it was minutes upon minutes before he finally suffocated to death

"Oh fuck me sideways." Adam thought as he'd saw a car nearby that was opened and the man inside had watched the whole thing and decided to step out of it and come towards Adam with a Walther P38 in his hand

Adam quickly grabbed the baseball bat and held it aloft as he couldn't block bullets, but he was damned if he was going to be killed without a fight as the man got closer and closer he saw the man's full appearance. He was in his late 30's to early 40's with combed back thick auburn hair, fair skin, and bright blue eyes that stood at five foot ten with a small jagged scar on his face as he wore a wore a navy business suit with black dress shoes and a dark orange matching tie as he strode over towards Adam

"You know if you're gonna be murdering someone in broad daylight at least do a double tap." The man told him as he fired his pistol twice into the man's chest who let out to sharp gasps of pain before dying as they hit him in his lungs

"Well thank you then Mr… Adam tried to say but didn't know the man's name

"It's David Taylor mind you and all of this is my territory, but nevermind that step into my car." The now named David told Adam

And the black haired young boy decided to do as the crime lord told him and followed him into his car as David told the chauffeur to drive them away from the murder scene

"You know I never would've expected the infamous Ghost of London to be that of 9 year old boy." David spoke surprising Adam at how he knew

"How do you even know that?" Adam asked as he'd made sure to cover his tracks

"Well let's see you match the description of being pale like a specter, having hair black as the night and eyes like the devil himself who can move things without even touching them as you've built up quite the reputation for yourself." David told him as he was just as surprised to find out the person whose murdered 15 people in cold blood was a little boy

"Dang it sorry about that as I swear I forget to turn this off sometimes and also what makes you so interested in me Mr. Taylor as I'm just a some street punk who can move things with his mind what does someone like me have to interest a guy like you?" Adam questioned as his eyes turned back to their bright emeralds as for a crime lord to want someone like him had his curiosity pipqued

"Simple young man someone with what you can do is very important to people in my line of work as tell me something do you have any parents and next of kin that will have any problem with you stepping into my world. One where in all due time you can soon rule this place like a king, destroy and hurt whoever gets in your way, have the power to bend people to your will yet this doesn't come without having to crush innocent people in your way and ruin many lives in the process. Therefore are you willing and ready to step into criminal underworld very well knowing that you'll lose your soul in the process and be feared and hated by the masses are you ready to put yourself into this line of work?" David asked wanting to know if he could commit to a life of crime because if so then the Blood Eagles would be able to conquer the British underworld in no time

"Let's see I have no family left so my getting into your world is done deal because I want people to fear me and for me to have the chance to do what I've been doing and get away with it whenever I want and soon have power, fear and respect oh where do I sign." Adam answered back as though he was young he knew the benefits of getting into crime would give someone of his rather twisted mind

"That's the answer I wanted to hear now then I hope you like the high life young man as you're gonna be living it from now on." David replied as Adam extended his hand to shake the crime lord's

"So then when do I start?" Adam asked as a grin spread across his face

"I like your spirit already." David replied as he shook the young man's hand

(June 19th 2015, 5 years later, 6:39 Pm, London)

It's been 5 years since Adam Belladonna or the formerly known Harry Potter had made the deal to join the Blood Eagles and since then he's gotten everything he wanted as the now 15 year old was now a high ranking member and one of the top enforcers who thanks to his now controlled London's criminal underground and were now looking to expand themselves into other parts of the British underbelly to take it all over as thanks to his inclusion they'd now dominated everything from having military grade weapons, the courts on their payroll and having little to no opposition in terms of rivals

Which brings us to now as Adam along with his two most trusted friends and allies were at a London shipyard to take care the last remaining dregs of resistance that had gathered there

"Alright Max, Cristina you guys know what do right?" Adam asked his two trusted friends

As no longer was he some scrawny gutter punk, but now he was someone that looked like they've hit puberty early as instead of looking like teenager who could very well pass for someone in their early 20's.

With dark emerald colored eyes, obsidian colored shoulder length hair and rough beginnings of a beard that made him look like the twin of Richard Sunjennson of The Unguided along with him being built to where he looked like he'd been carved out of stone giving him a almost statue like appearance with broad shoulders and highly defined muscles topped off with a rigid jaw line and prominent brow. As he wore simple black jeans, absinthe colored high tops, a Warbringer t-shirt over this was a jean jacket with the sleeves torn off at the bicep showing his muscular arms

"Hey come on Adam when have we ever failed you?" Max asked his longtime friend

"Come on besides just think after this we'll be moving up to bigger fish to fry." Cristina told him as they've rarely failed a task given to them yet

Cristina was of 19 years of age with dark scarlet hair that curled around her face and went down to the nape of her neck as she had almost pale skin and unnervingly large bright blue eyes that combined with her smile that seemed innocent no matter what her mood was made her look like a serial killer. With her being on the short side of 5 foot 3 she had some modest curves to her along with looking like a professional gymnast in build with her having a high B cup bust, long almost slender legs and a nice bubble butt she would catch any man's eye. As she wore black cargo shorts, navy converse and a Tech 9 t-shirt as her hair was held back in a bandanna but the most noticeable thing was the machete strapped to her thigh along with a dozen throwing knives tied to her cargo shorts

Meanwhile Max was of 17 years of age with him having dark brown hair that frizzes out in an untamed afro and being heavily tanned and having dark almond shaped brown eyes and crooked teeth from all the times he and Adam would fist fight as he was built like a middleweight boxer. With him wearing gray jeans and a brick red sleeveless Spiderman shirt with the black suit spider logo on the front in jet black as he had a silver cross tied around his neck with a chain and strapped to his back was a Dragunov sniper rifle

"I guess you guys are right but hey a healthy dose of paranoia is great every now again." Adam responded as he hefted up what was probably his favorite weapon his Saiga shotgun that had an extended clip to fire 20 rounds, and 10 gauge shells that could switch between regular and explosive

"That's fair enough anyways we might as well get in position and Adam remember unleash God's wrath." Cristina told the black haired psychopath who had a face splitting grin as he slung the shotgun across his back

"See and that's why we get along so well." Adam responded before using his powers to fly over towards the abandoned warehouse where the last remaining dregs of resistance to the Blood Eagle's power base were

"Why do you tell him to do that as you know everytime you tell him to do that the collateral damage usually looks like a Michael Bay movie?" Max asked with a sigh wondering why she'd allow him knowing that he loved to cause pain and destruction

"He's gonna do it anyways Max no matter what we tell him besides it's awesome having him go on a rampage." Cristina replied bringing out her razor sharp machete with malevolent glee

"I swear you two are made for each other." Max swore knowing that out of their trio he was usually the voice of reason

"Hey the guy is like my little brother, so for you to even say that would be like my commiting incest you sick fuck." Cristina retorted as Max rolled his eyes at the redhead

"Whatever just be ready to do your part when Adam goes all rampage happy." Max told her knowing that there was really no arguing with the redhead

"Ok let's do this shit!" Cristina cheered in a happy go lucky tone of voice before running off

"Why I'm always the voice of reason I'll never know?" Max asked himself

As the reason to why they all worked together so well despite their love of metal music they were all fucked up with Adam being the charismatic and homicidal sociopath, Cristina being the almost constantly cheery pyromaniac which explained her high pain tolerance and then their was Max being the stoic and calmed anti socialist. Together they formed the most unlikely team and group of friends yet together they formed one of the most efficient teams in the syndicate having barely failed a mission together

"Then again when you have friends like mine nothing is rarely normal." Max thought to himself with a small grin knowing that although his friends were out of the ordinary he wouldn't trade them for a damn thing in the world

Meanwhile Adam was floating over the base his eyes lighting the night with a hellish glow as he had a malevolent and wide smirk stretched across his face as he held out both his hands as one thought was on his mind

"I love this part of my being a superpowered criminal." Adam thought with sinister glee

With a wave of his hand the roof and middlemost part of the warehouse glowed a burnt orange before being blown apart with the force of a small salvo of artillery shells as some of the gangsters within it were killed from the sheer force behind it, while others were staggering to get back up after being knocked flat on their asses

"You know now would be a great time to pray to you God, but just so you know I won't be listening." Adam told them with a smug grin on his face as they pointed their weapons at him

"Great it's the bloody Ghost of London himself!" A gang member exclaimed

"800 million pounds to the man or woman who kills him!" A gang leader shouted before he and his other gang leaders ran out of there like bats out of hell

With that in mind they all opened fire on him at the thought of so much much money however, Adam countered this with a telekinetic shield that was only visible by the burnt orange glow around him as he slowly descended towards them as their bullets bounced off of the shield with little to no problem and as he touched down he let a sinister grin spread across his face before he sent out a telekinetic repulse outwards. This sent them all careening a dozen feet back their bodies vibrating with pain as they landed with scrapes and cuts on their bodies as Adam merely had a malevolent smirk on his face

"Well at least you didn't start without me." Cristina spoke having now rushed in with her machete at the ready

"Hey what can I say you're combat buddy in every mission we've been on so of course I wouldn't start without you." Adam reminded her as he readied his shotgun against the gangsters that were getting back up

"I swear it feels like everytime we do it's like we're in a game of Grand Theft Auto." Adam spoke as the two had their backs against one another as they were soon began to be surrounded

"Except with more blood and guts." Cristina replied with her machete in hand

"Well let's get this show on the road!" Adam said with excitement as he launched out a powerful wave of force sending many of them on their right tumbling over

With that Cristina and Adam immediately rushed in after the fallen with Cristina using her agility and speed that was above anything to slash them apart with her machete before they could even fully get up or get their weapons ready to fire while Adam blasted their bodies with telekinetic bursts that crushed their bones and nearly pulverized their internal organs. As the two looked like they were having the time of their lives as they were killing them off left and right as soon enough bodies began to pile up

"So Adam tomorrow night you want to go get wasted with me and Max to celebrate us now having full control over London's underground?" Cristina asked as she did the full splits to avoid some gunfire before doing a front flip and embedding her machete hilt deep in one person's skull and then launching her throwing knife in another man's throat

"Sure why the hell not as it'll be nice to get drunk with my friends for a while, but just remember I'm not paying for the tab this time." Adam replied raising up a telekinetic shield to block machine gun fire before using his power to slam the shooters into a wall so hard you could hear the snap of their spines

"Oh come on it was one time I did that." Cristina spoke as she avoided a pistol whip and retaliated with her using her machete to slice off the man's jaw

"And Max and I had to pay the equivalent to 420 in U.S dollars for it." Adam retorted as he used his powers to bring one of them towards and then proceed to blow a hole through his chest via shotgun blast

"Yet I didn't hear you guys complain about it." Cristina spoke as soon enough the group of gangsters and thugs she ran into tried to beat her with crowbars and their emptied out pistols

"Well that's because you ditched us, you prick!" Adam exclaimed as he took aim and unloaded the rest of his clip into several of the men in front of him

"On the bright side the beer was really good." Cristina replied

"Alright that's it." Adam spoke abruptly as he gathered his power to the point where it felt as though the air around them was vibrating

"Crapbaskets." Cristina thought knowing of what he was going to do and soon made a run for it

With that Adam released a telekinetic repulse that was so strong that the majority of all the gangsters were turned into bloodied paste with the place looking like several sticks of dynamite as Adam was standing there in slight irritation before looking at Cristina and flying towards her

"After this you're paying for your tab this time." Adam told the redhead who sighed as the now green eyed gangster looked at her as she knew she couldn't weasel her way out of this

"Fine, but when Max finishes taking out the crime leaders I want to be able to burn em myself." Cristina conceded however, she very much wanted to just burn something into nothingness as just the mere thought sent joyous shivers down her spine

"Alright you can incinerate them, but first let me contact Max and sees if he's taken care of them yet." Adam spoke in agreement as Cristina began hopping up and down with joy at the thought of burning people to death

"Max did you get them all in place?" Adam asked over the phone

"Yeah the worthless maggots are all scrambling around as I swear just one shot to the spine or knee and they're all just a bunch pathetic whelps." Max replied as he had to admit seeing these powerful crime lords scurry around like mice was pretty hilarious

"Alright we'll be right there." Adam told him

"Gotcha and this time I get to choose what we're playing on the radio and I say we're listening to some Goddamn Soulfly." Max spoke before ending it off

"He really likes Soulfly doesn't he." Cristina said in sarcasm knowing how that was the young man's favorite bands of all time

"Well the lead singer is his namesake so that does make some sense." Adam spoke as for some strange reason all of their favorite bands were with their lead singer's namesake with him being 3 days Grace and Anthrax and Cristina's was Lacuna Coil

"Anyways let's go and did you leave your gear with Max like I told you to?" Adam asked the redhead

"Yes I did Adam jeez don't you trust me at all." Cristina answered back as the young telekinetic sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose

"Well considering the last few times I didn't you torched nearly several buildings." Adam reminded as the pyromaniac had a sheepish grin across her face

"In my defense it felt like heaven when I did it." Cristina admitted shamelessly as she wasn't gonna lie when she said that burning things, people included didn't give her a pleasurable rush

"Fair enough." Adam sighed knowing that he was the same way with killing and inflicting pain

With that in mind Adam grabbed Cristina by the waist and took flight to where Max was as they soared throughout the night sky until they reached Max who was sitting atop large metal crates with his sniper rifle with a duffle bag beside him

"Oh hey you two I was wondering when you'd get here." Max said with his sniper rifle laid down beside him as he watched the gang bosses struggle about the area

"Yeah and I think you forgot one." Adam pointed out as he saw one who pretended to be injured trying to half limp and half run away

"Oh thanks I thought I got them all." Max thanked him as he quickly took aim and shot the man right through the heart causing him to fall over dead as a doornail

"Nice shot there man." Adam congratulated as the two high fived each other

"Thanks now then to send them to hell." Max spoke as he reached into the duffel bag and pulled out what was to be a long range flamethrower that Cristina happily strapped to her back

"I love doing this so fucking much." Cristina muttered to herself as she finished putting on the flamethrower

As she then proceeded to set all of the trapped gang leaders ablaze as a almost face splitting smile crossed her face from the sexual thrill that burned within her body as she watched these fools burn to death as the inferno before her melt the flesh off their bones as their bodies slowly transformed into burnt carcasses. As a dark and malevolent laughter burst out of her mouth as she continued to light them ablaze as joy and happiness filled her as she watched them all burned to death as she only stopped once the incendiary weapon ran out of fuel

"Man do I feel really great about life right now." Cristina said with a massive grin on her face as pleasurable shivers ran down her spine

"And she wonders why she's not allowed to be near fireworks." Both Adam and Max thought at the giggling pyromaniac

"And I forgot to say something to you Adam." Cristina spoke as she walked up to Adam

"What would that be?" Adam wondered

"Happy fucking 15th birthday." Cristina spoke as she wrapped her arm around Adam in a one armed hug

"I almost forgot as, I will say best way to spend my birthday ever!" Adam chirped happily as what better way than to spend your birthday than just straight up murdering people really was one of his better birthday presents

"The better question is how do we keep your unofficial birthday party going?" Max asked as they all looked at each other before agreeing on one place to keep it going

"Dragon's Den." All three of them spoke in unison

(2 hours later, Dragon's Den, 8:40 Pm)

The trio were now at the Dragon's Den which was a pub that while housed some of London's average Joe would come in for a drink and or smoke also served to house as a base for the criminal underground or moreso one of many bases the Blood Eagle's had in London since they were now running the country unopposed thanks to their help. As we now find them there having a good time just hanging out in said pub just sharing some drinks over their latest victory as now their part was done in making London under their control as suffice to say that they were happy that this would earn them a promotion in the ranks was an understatement

"Man we've finally did it as, of right now the Blood Eagles control all of London!" Cristina shouted in joy as she drank her tenth going on eleventh beer

"While I'm ecstatic that we've done what few crime syndicates can do I think you should stop pounding drinks like crazy you daft pyro." Adam spoke as while he was excited to have helped amass such power he also wished that she'd cut down on the fucking alcohol

"Says the person who's barely had any as you've only had two since we've gotten here." Cristina retorted at the two empty beer mugs on Adam's side

"Well to be fair I enjoy my smokes over alcohol." Adam responded as he took out a pack of cigarettes and lit one as he proceeded to blow out a puff of smoke

"Man is there nothing better than the burn of nicotine through your lungs, I'll tell you that much." Adam spoke as he took another inhale out of his cigarette

"Whatever you lightweight that means more for me then." Cristina shot back with the smell of alcohol on her breath

"And yet I have to act like the adult between you two." Max sighed

"I'm not that bad." Cristina spoke as she got a look from him that said otherwise

"Says the person who got trigger happy and decided to burn down an apartment complex because they wouldn't let you party there." Max reminded as Cristina looked down at her beer mug like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar before he turned his attention to Adam

"And as for you don't think you're so innocent as I remember what happened two years ago when you got all pissy and made a human pretzel out of your dentist as thanks to you the man is gonna be permanently in a wheelchair thanks to you." Max reprimanded as Adam blew a cloud of smoke in the air

"So fucking what the man messed up on my fillings he had it coming." Adam scoffed as he didn't give a shit about him being in a wheelchair as the fucker shouldn't have messed up on his fillings

"That doesn't mean you shouldn't have done it numbnuts." Max scolded as Adam rolled his eyes

"You act as though I care as you do remember who you're talking to right?" Adam reminded as Max could only sigh knowing that he would very well get nowhere with him

"Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with trying to reason with you, as I swear to God it's like talking to a brick wall." Max conceded knowing that it was next to near impossible in talking with him

"Good boy." Adam spoke with a smirk as he continued to enjoy his cigarette

They continued to enjoy their night until he saw an elderly and batty old woman wearing a simple worn out gray shirt and dark grayish black jeans with her grizzled gray hair falling down to her jaw with stone cold blue eyes as he recognized her as none other than Mrs. Figg the elderly cat lady his long dead relatives would send him to

"What do you want Figg as you can see I'm busy." Adam told the old cat lady

"Harry I just wanted to come and see you as after the Dursley's died I didn't know what happened to you." Mrs. Figg spoke however, this proved to be her undoing as Adam took out of his pants pocket a Beretta pistol and pointed it straight at her head

"Never and I mean ever call me that fucking name in my presence you understand me?" Adam questioned as he hated to be called by his original name as it was one of the few things that made his blood boil

"But Harry you have to listen to me as, there is something I need to tell you." Mrs. Figg said however, this only served for him to point it near her temples as he cocked it back

"Maybe you don't get it but, my fucking name is Adam you old hag not Harry so say my fucking name." Adam snarled with rage as her form quivered

"Please listen to me it's important that you listen to me Harry as it's about your parents." Mrs. Figg spoke once more only for Adam to pistol whip her hard enough to knock her down to the ground

"I have no parents you crotchety old bitch now then you're gonna say my fucking name right or so help me I'll splatter your brains all over this floor." Adam threatened as he was ready to deliver his promise

"Hey as much as I like your company here Belladonna I'd rather not have to clean another body, so if you have a problem then take it outside." The bartender being a man in his early 40's with dark blonde hair and grayish blue eyes told Adam who luckily relented

"Fine I'll do it this once as she's not even worth the bullets anyways, but the next time I see your wrinkly old ass you better call me fucking Adam." Adam told her as he put away his pistol

"Now then get the hell out of my sight." Adam spoke as he grabbed her by the shirt and physically through her out into the streets

"Who the hell was that Adam?" Max questioned over his friend's irritated state

"Just some old bat that's pissed me off." Adam replied having to light another cigarette after his last one went out

'Do we even want to know what the hell all of that was about." Max wondered as Adam's eyes shifted from the menacing grey and burnt orange buzzsaws to his more calmed absinthe green ones

"No you don't." Adam replied curtly

"Who fucking cares let's keeping fucking drinking already." Cristina spoke now on her almost 14th beer

"I'll agree to that." Adam spoke as maybe some alcohol would help him forget about the bad part of this night

Meanwhile one Arabella Figg was headed towards a relatively well built townhouse that had the paint worn down from age as she entered it to find a relatively well lit dining room where 3 people were waiting for her

One was an elderly looking man that stood at 5 foot 10 with stark shoulder length white hair and a flowing beard of the same color that went to his upper abdomen as he had sky blue eyes that seemed to twinkle and a hooked nose as despite his seemingly advanced age that didn't detract from the fact that he seemed to radiate power. As he wore midnight blue robes making him look like the twin of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings this man was none other than the leader of the light and headmaster of the wizarding school Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore

The other was a woman in her late 30's to early 40's that stood at 5 foot 4 that put her on the short side as she flaming scarlet hair and almond shaped emerald eyes who had a slender figure with a modest C cup bust and mile long legs and wide hips combined with her fair skin and face that had rebellion written all over it made her quite the beauty. As she wore blue sweatpants and wore a short sleeve red t-shirt with her long hair worn down along with black tennis shoes on this was Lily Potter the resident charms teacher at Hogwarts

Lastly was a man who looked almost like Adam except for the fact that he wasn't as muscular and his features were less rough and menacing than his as he stood at 6 feet dead even having combed back jet black hair with hazel eyes and broad shoulders as well as him having a squared off jaw and rigid browline as wire rimmed glasses sat on his face. As he had on plaid lounge pants and a striped red and gold nightshirt with a lion on the back of it this was James Potter a veteran auror of 17 years and former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts.

"Oh Arabella what have you come to tell us this late at night?" Dumbledore questioned as to why the elderly woman was out at this late an hour

"I have urgent news." Mrs. Figg announced to the 3 wizards

"Well what is it?" James wondered at what the news could be

"Yeah come on out with already." Lily told her wanting to know what it was

"It's in regards to your son Harry, I've found him." Mrs. Figg told them

With that both parents were overjoyed to hear this as Lily began asking rapid fire questions about what's happened to him asking about what had happened to him over the years and had a mixed reaction as well as her husband James. As while they felt saddened and angry that he'd been abused they were also happy to know that he was in good health and doing much better than before

"While I know the two of you are excited to hear this." Mrs Figg spoke

"Are you kidding me this is, great this means our baby boy alive after all this time." Lily spoke having feared for the worst when she heard news of her sister's family dying she assumed the worst especially when their house was burnt to the ground

"Finally we can see our boy again." James hoped as this meant that his family could be reunited

"However, your son isn't as good as you'd like to believe as he's now a criminal." Mrs Figg told them as shock was etched on their faces

"It can't be that can it?" James questioned as he didn't want to believe his eldest had gone down that path

"I've heard rumors of him beating people to death with his bare hands, killing off families, and massacring people by nearly the dozens and even torturing them and worst of all some of it he does just for the thrill of it all." Mrs. Figg informed them with a grim tone in her voice as they recoiled in shock of what they heard about their own flesh and blood son

"No that can't be possible not our Harry they have to be bloody damn lies they just have to be!" Lily exclaimed in pure shock and revulsion of what she was just told

"There is no way he could've become that as your telling us that our son as become a muggle equivalent to one of those damned Death Eaters is that what you're telling me." James near growled in anger and horror of what he was hearing

"It has to be some sick joke I just know it." Lily spoke in trying to believe it was all lies

"I'm afraid that the rumors are too numerous and have held to much evidence to be true as I only came here to tell you that much of your son if that's everything I'll be taking my leave." Mrs. Figg told them before going out of the door as she felt her heartstrings being pulled at in sympathy for having to tell the Potters of such news

"It's all our fault James I knew we shouldn't have given him up if we hadn't done it then we could've prevented all of this." Lily nearly spoke as she was on the verge of tears from the emotions swirling inside her at the moment

"But what can we do you heard her our son is most likely a criminal what is it we can do in all this." James lamented over their situation

However, all of this suddenly gave Dumbledore an idea one in which would help the greater good triumph over the Death Eaters and make sure his plans of the future would come to fruition as the Dursley's dying did set him back but this now gave him a golden opportunity to put things back on track

"I have an idea to get young Harry back to us that just might work." Dumbledore spoke with a mental smirk

"What is it Albus?" Lily questioned

"Maybe young Harry was coerced against his will into becoming a criminal, as with the death of his relatives and nowhere else to go and therefore these rumors could be true and is doing this because he believes he has no other way but to do so." Dumbledore spoke

"Therefore I suggest we retrieve young Harry from his life of crime and show him that being a wizard is a much safer alternative, as not only that but with Voldemort now on the rise I'd fear that young Harry's life is now forfeit if we do not do so as soon as possible. As better yet his safety would be further guaranteed by not only having his family and the Order to safeguard him but also with how fall term is going to be within a few months Hogwarts would be a great place for him as well and possibly get to make some new friends among the new generation of wizards." Dumbledore advised knowing to say all the right words that would reel in the heart stricken parents as a hidden almost wolfish grin crossed his face as he saw their faces light up at the idea

"By Merlin if the idea isn't risky but, I'm willing to do it if it means I get a chance to bring our family back together and maybe try and teach him how to be a duelist like his old man." James agreed to that prospect

"I'm in it as well if it means I can at least have a second chance with our son and hopefully see him grow into a wonderful wizard like we did with his brother then I'm all in." Lily spoke in agreement with her husband

"Then it's all settled I shall gather the order and convene on the best way to accomplish this." Dumbledore spoke as he heard the overjoyed parents speak about what they'd do in the event they got their son back while he thought one thing

"Soon all the pieces will be in place for me to destroy him once and for all and then my plans will be fully realized." Dumbledore thought as soon everything would go accordingly with the greater good of wizarding-kind

Now then the stage has been set for the story of the former Potter now a criminal enforcer to become entangled in the wizarding world the question is will he be shoehorned into being it's unlikely hero or become a worse threat than even Voldemort. Find out more in the new chapters of Harry Potter: The Belladonna Chronicles

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