(Chapter 10: Tryouts)

A little over a week as Quidditch tryouts were coming up meaning that he'd get a chance to prove how good he was on the Quidditch field and soon enough beat Bradley at one of the things in Hogwarts he was good as it. With the prospect of beating his twin who was the equivalent to a high school football quarterback at his own game made him feel just all kinds of wonderful inside that he'd be able to deliver to him a crushing defeat.

Speaking of his brother he'd lent him control of his spy network which had been quite expansive throughout the school which allowed him to find some really great stuff to blackmail some of the 6th and 7th year students with throughout the houses along with some of the teachers. As he thanked his brother for doing this for him considering that he had some silver bullets he could use to manipulate some of the student body with.

(Quidditch Pitch, Hogwarts, October 2nd 2015, 3:45 Pm)

It was now the day of Quidditch tryouts as Adam was waiting excitedly since he was the first one up and ready to prove just how good he was as he picked up the Firebolt that Draco had brought for the whole team.

"Alright let's see what you got Belladonna but just so you know I'm the team's best keeper." Miles Bletchley a fellow Slytherin told Adam as he took his place

"Oh trust me you haven't even seen what I can do." Adam spoke as he hefted up the bludger

"Please like you can get a bludger past me as I know you think you're the best and all but I suggest you stay in your lane." Miles spoke before a bludger that was aided by Adam's telekinesis slammed into his face and through the goal knocking out a few of his teeth

"What were you saying about me staying in my lane because I'm pretty sure that I'm better than you." Adam retorted cheekily as he used his telekinesis to levitate the 3 remaining bludgers and the one that struck Miles with that floated behind him in a circular formation

"Lucky shot as I wasn't ready is all." Miles responded as Adam had a bludger in front of him starting to spin rapidly

"Well then I hope you're ready because these next one's coming in hot." Adam told the Slytherin keeper as the bludger came at him at rapid speeds due to Adam swinging it as hard as he could with his beater's bat

The result was the first one that had been spinning so hard and was coming so fast that it took on a slightly conical shape as it impacted Miles hard enough that when he tried to catch it he felt the leather on his glove be grinded away as his hand was bent back with a sickening crack as it continued to go through the goal post. As the two that followed it had struck him hard enough that it caused him to fold over like a sack of flour and the 3rd knocked him the face hard enough that he was hanging onto his broom with his good arm as 3 out of the 4 bludgers had made it through the goal post as Adam still had a wide grin on his face.

"So then you want to give up and admit that I'm better than you because let's face I'm pretty sure that I've proven it?" Adam asked in a smug tone of voice as the Slytherin keeper struggled to get back onto his broom

"Like I'll ever admit that." Miles shot back as he got back onto his broom

"Fine have it your way then just so you know you asked for it." Adam told the keeper as he hit the bludger square in his nutsack

"Guess that proves I'm good enough beater." Adam thought as he just swung the beaters into goalpost before steering the broom downwards

"So then I guess I'm a shoe in for being a beater aren't I?" Adam asked sure of himself of getting the position

"Well we still have other applicants however, I'm sure that you'll get it since we need beaters like that." Blaise the team captain said knowing that they need a beater that wasn't afraid to get a little violent in Quidditch matches

"So in other words I'm getting the position." Adam surmised thinking that his being a beater was safely secured

"I wouldn't get a big head about it as we've got about 14 more to go so it's anyone's game to be a beater besides you'll still have to deal with me since there are two beaters to a team." Blaise responded since he was the other beater on the Slytherin team

"Yeah whatever as I'll just be waiting when for when I get what's mine." Adam responded as he went to take a seat on the bleachers

With that it would be a little over 2 hours before all of the beaters had tried out with them either not being able to keep up with Adam's natural talent or Adam using telekinesis to subtly sabotage them into sucking majorly. With soon enough Blaise accompanied by a grinning Malfoy walked up to him as Adam had no doubt in his mind that he got the position of Beater on the Slytherin quidditch team since he could manipulate and control a lot more people in Hogwarts to doing what he wanted once he was on the team.

"So then I'm on the team aren't I?" Adam questioned with a self satisfactory smirk on his face

"What do you think Belladonna? After all compared to you all of the applicants sucked pure shit therefore welcome to the team as practices start in two weeks." Blaise told Adam as he threw him his Slytherin quidditch robes

"I told you I'd fucking make the team Draco since after all I'm literally better than everyone that tried out." Adam said to the Malfoy heir

"I never doubted you for a second at all Adam even if you are a cocky bastard." Draco replied congratulating his friend for making the team

"Just wait Draco because within our first game we're gonna crush Gryffindor and prove that Slytherin is back on top where it belongs." Adam spoke was practically giddy with anticipation as soon the snake would crush those boastful and proud lions into submission

"Agreed as I'm getting tired of those Gryffindors thinking that their shit don't stink because they've won for the past 4 years as soon their winning streak like that Weasley girls' mind is soon to be broken." Draco spoke as finally Slytherin house would shut those braggarts in Gryffindor the hell up

"Oh most definitely speaking of which I managed to have some of that Firewhiskey you wizards are so keen on loving delivered here for when I'd get the Beater position." Adam spoke having managed to get a case full of the stuff into Hogwarts for when he'd get his spot on the Quidditch team

"How'd you manage that at all?" Draco asked wondering how Adam managed to sneak liquor into Hogwarts

"Simple after Pansy told me of why we were having Filch as a client something of which made me vomit when I found out why we have him as such. I reminded the fugly dipshit that he continues to look the other way on whatever we want and or need and we keep supplying him for what he's doing with Mrs. Norris and doesn't rat him out to the other professors for being a sick fuck." Adam explained to Draco who involuntarily shuddered as to why Filch needed them

"Don't remind me of that but at least he's useful for something as now we can really celebrate." Draco told Adam as the telekinetic smiled

"Yeah finally I get to celebrate with my two friends over something pretty cool." Adam spoke as finally he had reason to celebrate

"Let's just hope that Pansy isn't an lightweight." Draco said hoping that wasn't the case for Pansy

"Come on Draco what's the worst that could happen?" Adam asked wondering what's the big deal of Pansy got a little bit drunk

"This is gonna be a great but long night ain't it." Draco sighed hoping that things didn't get too out of hand

(Slytherin Common Room, 4 and a half hours later, 10:14 Pm)

It would be 14 minutes after 10 as the triumvirate that ran Hydra was in the common room celebrating Adam's getting onto the Quidditch team and was now enjoying drinks with Pansy and Draco in the common room.

"I'll say it once again cheers to Adam getting on our Quidditch team." Draco spoke as all 3 clinked their firewhiskey bottles in commemoration of Adam getting onto the team

"I'll drink to that." Adam spoke as he took a big gulp of firewhiskey

"Man that's some good stuff." Adam spoke as he guessed he owed Proffessor Snape those 10 sickles since damn was this some good stuff

"I told you that stuff is potent Adam, but nope you didn't want to listen since you fancy yourself such a big shot." Draco snidely remarked at having effectively told him so

"Haha very funny dipshit." Adam responded as he took another drink of Firewhiskey

"Hey knock it off alright as after all this is Adam's big day after all since he made it on our fucking quidditch team." Pansy spoke up as she let out a loud belch

"Oh hush up Pansy you're just defending him because you want to jump him and have your way with him." Draco snarkily retorted as a minor blush appeared on Pansy's face

"No I don't Draco." Pansy responded with her cheeks having flushed red from both drinking 4 bottles of Firewhiskey and her blush

"Oh that's bullshit and you know it as I swear you too should just bone each other and get it over with." Draco shot back as both Pansy and Adam looked like deer caught in the headlights at that comment

"Woah, woah, woah can we back this train the fuck up for a moment since at the moment we're all just friends and I'd rather not mess that up by ploughing Pansy and having it screw things up." Adam interjected as he didn't want to have his fucking Pansy mess things up between the 3 of them

"Well then why don't you and Pansy just get it out of your system already as jeez the sexual tension with you two is getting fucking weird." Draco spoke as he finished his 3rd bottle and was now on his 4th

"Relax as there isn't any sexual tension between Pansy and I besides Draco have you met us we're just two crazy people that like to fuck with each other is all." Adam responded diffusing the situation as Draco rolled his eyes

"Whatever just stop at least acting like you two are gonna fuck or make out at least in front of me since it's a mindfuck to deal with." Draco requested as he'd rather not have to deal with the antics of the two acting like they were about to get it on as he'd had to interrupt such things and it was getting pretty damned irritating

"Don't worry Draco it'll be fine besides let's bring it back to how with Adam here we'll finally be racking up wins in the Quidditch house tournament and knock those stupid Gryffindors down a peg." Pansy said as she couldn't wait to see those Gryffindors be smacked down a couple pegs

"Oh believe me I'll enjoy it the most since I'll not only get the satisfaction of taking down those prideful lions off of being on top of the social food chain. It'll also give me the satisfaction and great pleasure of having the Potters know that I'm better than their son in every conceivable way possible as man will it be a good day when our team decimates the Gryffindors." Adam spoke since he wouldn't deny the fact that having his parents realize even further that they fucked up incredibly by crushing the Gryffindor team was an added bonus

"I'll drink to that." Pansy spoke as all three took a big gulp

"Because I'll tell you one thing Draco together you and I are gonna have Slytherin curbstomp every Quidditch team here at the school that's something I'll guarantee for sure." Adam spoke sure of the fact that together he and Draco would be able to curbstomp the house Quidditch teams with impunity

"That's something I'll agree too most definitely because I have no doubt we'll be able to just exactly that." Draco said knowing that they'd without a doubt be able to take down every house that opposed them in a Quidditch match

"One other thing is that I gotta get my foster mom to sign off on the paperwork for me to go to Hogsmeade in a couple weeks as I about almost forgot about that." Adam remembered having emailed her the paperwork and forgot to have her send it back off to him

"Well too be fair you've been busy what with schoolwork and helping run a crime ring so cut yourself some slack." Pansy said as with all they've done so far Adam should cut himself some slack since they've got a lot on their plate

"Fair enough point as I don't want to be stuck in this stupid place all the time since that means Dumbledore is gonna try and do more of his power plays to get me onto his Greater Good. And I am not gonna be nobody's fuckboy whatsoever which is why as soon as possible I'm turning in my form to go to Hogsmeade." Adam told the two of them as he didn't want anything to do with Dumbledore whatsoever in Hogwarts

As the sooner he got his paperwork to go to Hogsmeade signed off the better because he knew that Dumbledore being the scheming and manipulative goat that he was would take advantage of the fact that Adam couldn't go to Hogsmeade. With the elderly wizard taking advantage of that and try to do his best to control and convert him to his greater good and make him into one of his sacrificial lambs in his crusade against Voldemort.

"Don't worry Adam as if he does try to pull something to keep you here despite you signing off on the paperwork to go to Hogsmeade then he'll be in some legal trouble. Since he can't keep you here against your own will if you signed off on it as it's still a legally binding document that allows you to go to Hogsmeade like the rest of us and can't hold you here as, he isn't your legal or magical guardian." Draco told him as without just cause or him being a legal or magical guardian Dumbledore couldn't hold Adam captive at Hogwarts if he signed away on the paperwork to go to Hogsmeade

"Exactly Adam therefore all that you need to do is just chill out and relax as we're here too celebrate a good thing aren't we so let's do just that." Pansy said to the two of them as she started chugging more firewhiskey

"You know what Pansy you're most certainly right as this is a good day for me and I'm not gonna worry over anything to ruin it." Adam spoke as he drank some more firewhiskey

"Now that's what I like too here." Pansy responded as she continued to drink despite hiccupping a few times as her face was flushed a bright red from the alcohol

(The next day, 3:45 Pm, Slytherin Common Room, October 3rd 2015)

It was the day after Adam celebrated with Pansy and Draco with both having hangovers since Pansy went overboard with the firewhiskey due to it being her first time drinking something so potent and Draco because of the fact that he had to wake up early to go over finances for Hydra. Which left Adam to do one thing and that was go on his laptop and find more on dark magic and sorcery so that he could gain inspiration for making new curses and hexes for Pansy and Draco to use.

"What the hell?" Adam thought as he had a incoming Skype call pop up all of the sudden

"Well what's the harm in answering it." Adam spoke to himself as he accepted the Skype call

And was surprised to see Cristina in a crimson sports bra and black sweatpants hanging upside down from a pullup bar doing crunches as the last he saw of her she was wheelchair bound and now she was doing crunches like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh hey Adam how ya been." Cristina spoke as she continued doing crunches from her pullup bar

"I'm doing just great but my question is how in the fuck are you doing crunches when you should be I don't know still in a fucking wheelchair!" Adam nearly exclaimed as to how she was out of her wheelchair and continuing to do crunches

"Well apparently I heal really fast with the doctor saying that I'll be off my crutches by the 15th so suffice to say I'm feeling pretty dandy." Cristina told Adam as she soon got off her pullup bar and walked towards the computer with a noticeable wobble in her step

"So then mind telling me how things have been going at that wizard school you're at?" Cristina questioned Adam as she sat down

"Well I did manage to make some friends with one of them being a girl therefore you worrying in thinking that I would turn into some homicidal faggot can be put to rest for the most part." Adam replied since at least her and his true mother wouldn't worry that he was gonna be gay

"Oh really and what's her name?" Cristina asked interested as to who this girl was

"Her name is Pansy actually and she's really everything I could ask for in a girl." Adam spoke as Pansy if he ever wanted to be in a relationship with someone and not that ginger Weasley Dumbledore tried to set him up with then Pansy would most definitely be it

"So basically a sociopath with a disregard for human life in general and with a high sex drive to match your own." Cristina answered back since that was what could be considered Adam's ideal girl

"Pretty much so yes." Adam replied simply

"Then if you don't mind why the hell aren't you dating this girl? Since to me it sounds like you've struck gold with this one so what's stopping you from asking her out because is it you just being a giant shy pussy about it." Cristina asked as to what was preventing him from asking out this girl

"It's barely been about a month since I've known her and I'd like to at least know her more before I make that jump to try and ask her out. Because in case you haven't noticed Cristina I'm a giant ball of crazy that can destroy buildings which is why I don't want to ask her out and get rejected by the only female friend I have in this place." Adam told his redheaded friend since he wanted to get to know Pansy more before going the extra step of asking her out

"Fair enough point there Adam as I'd rather you not get rejected and go on a rampage which gets you into trouble that we'll be hard pressed to get you out of." Cristina spoke understanding where he was coming from in all of this

"Agreed." Adam responded knowing that if he went on a heartbreak induced rampage it would ruin all of his plans for Hydra and he couldn't afford that in the slightest

"Besides that I'm actually doing well in my classes and I'm even the star student in one of them." Adam told her of how he was the prodigal student in Potions

"Really you a teacher's pet in something and here I thought that I'd never see the day that you'd be good at anything that wasn't revolving around murder or Dungeons and Dragons." Cristina said with a slight chuckle considering that Adam's informal education was spotty at best however, when it came to killing or playing Dungeons and Dragons then that was something he was fucking amazing at

"Neither would I but apparently I'm really good at making potions apparently which is just the same as helping you make explosives and napalm apparently. Albeit with more weird stuff to use as ingredients but nevertheless I'm still pretty good at it." Adam responded never really thinking that he'd be a star student at anything

"Well I salute you in being an A+ student at something." Cristina spoke congratulating him in being a star student in Snape's potions class

"Thanks Cristina and then there is the fact that I managed to start my own little crime ring with the two new friends that I've made." Adam told her as he saw no harm in telling her about Hydra

"Really? And how's that working out for you." Cristina asked wondering how Adam's crime ring was going

"We're actually doing pretty well as by the end of the school year and if I comeback here once again then we'll have taken over the school with every student and professor here under our control." Adam informed as that was their end goal for when the school year was over

"Wow that's some ambitious stuff you're trying to pull of there Adam you sure you aren't in over your head with all that since it's whole other ballgame from being just a hitman and enforcer?" Cristina asked wondering if Adam could handle himself with what he had planned

"You kidding me? I'm doing fantastic considering that I'll become the kingpin of this place and not a single person will be able to stop me before it's all too late." Adam answered back as Hydra was one of his best and entertaining endeavors he ever undertook and was proud of himself for succeeding thus far

"Well good luck with you and remember not to get fucking caught." Cristina advised him since running a crime ring in a wizard school wasn't gonna be an easy task

"Trust me I've got some of the teachers wrapped around my finger so suffice to say I'm in the clear." Adam spoke confident in the fact that he could handle himself just fine

"Looks like everything's looking up just fine for you then." Cristina spoke considering that things were going rather well for Adam

"It sure is and by the way how're things going on your end?" Adam asked Cristina wondering how things were going back home

"They're going pretty well as from what I've heard with the boss we've finally made some headway in Wales." Cristina told him having informed them of their progress in infiltrating the Welsh criminal underground

"That's fucking awesome it sucks that I'm not apart of the action though." Adam responded envious that he wasn't there with his friends causing mayhem and helping the Blood Eagles gain further territory

"Don't worry once your back with us in the summer then you can help us clear out these Welsh bastards and help us take over all of Wales like we did here." Cristina spoke as soon they would wreak all kinds of havoc on the Welsh criminal underground once Adam was back with them

"Trust me I can't wait for that day either." Adam responded as even though he started a little bit over a month ago he couldn't wait to go back to being a gangster and criminal

"Besides that Pamela and your brothers really miss you." Cristina told him as Adam felt his heart swell and warm over that

"As things have been a bit difficult to manage that's for sure since Layne is starting his freshman year of highschool and has decided to run for school president since after all he wants to take after his big brother. And John just keeps pestering me about how his big brother Adam is doing all the time and writes you letters all the time I'll tell you that much as we all miss you back home here." Cristina told him some of what's gone on back home

"Wait a minute John's been sending me letters?" Adam asked considering he hadn't been getting letters from any of his true family or Max and Cristina as of late

"Yeah we've all been sending you letters asking you about how you've been doing. Is something wrong Adam?" Cristina revealed as internally Adam was seething

"Oh I'm fine I just realizing some things recently." Adam responded as he was gonna have a word with Dumbledore later on

"Ok and another thing is that come sometime around Halloween or the first week in November I'm gonna be leading our first assault on these Death Eater fucks." Cristina told him proudly as finally she'd get to kill some wizard Nazi's

"Lucky you as I'm stuck here with their bratty children you lucky fucker." Adam said envious of how she'd get to do a raid on a Death Eater house

"You just said that as I'm drinking a bottle of sour apple pucker." Cristina responded as she drink out of the bottle

"Hey that rhymes." Adam brought up as the two chuckled

"You see it's times like this I miss you and Max." Adam sighed in memory of hanging out with his two best friends on the human side of things

"Hey we miss you too man as we need our fucking badass wizard for Dungeons and Dragons and all." Cristina said as she drank some more

"Too be fair you guys would've died without me considering I'm a lucky son of a bitch if I do say so myself." Adam responded as he knew that he had the luck of the Devil when it came to dice rolls in Dungeons and Dragons

"Yeah no shit sherlock as how you manage to abuse getting critical hits and rolling 6's I'll never fucking know." Cristina spoke wondering how in the fuck was it that Adam was able to consistently roll so good during roleplays

"Like I said I'm one lucky son of a bitch." Adam responded with a wide and smug grin on his face

"Whatever also Pamela wanted to tell me to tell you that if she finds who your real mom is then she's gonna beat the shit out of her." Cristina informed since Adam's foster mom made it clear that if she saw Lily face to face that she would beat her into a pulp

"Sure just as long as I get to record it and then put that shit on YouTube." Adam answered back as he wanted to have it up on video of his true mother beating the shit out of Lily

"Only you would think to put something like that on the internet." Cristina deadpanned knowing she should've seen coming that he'd do something like this

"Come on Cristina you should've seen something like this coming from a mile away after all I'm a 100% certified sociopath after all and the suffering of others amuses me." Adam responded since his sociopathic ways made compelled him to exploit the suffering of others as best he could and what better way to do so than to have his birth mother getting her ass kicked for all to see

"Fair enough point after all just keep kicking ass is all I can say since I'll help hold down the fort while you're gone since someone has to make sure your brothers do right while you're gone." Cristina encouraged as she wanted her surrogate brother to keep on being awesome

"Thanks and also try not to burn down my shit while I'm stuck here because I'm coming back after all." Adam told his pyromaniac of friend since he didn't want his stuff to wind up in flames

"I only promise try since well….this is me we're talking about and my track record of burning stuff is extremely high after all." Cristina responded considering that her pyromania tended to get out of hand a good majority of the time

"Duly noted and anyways can you tell my mom to get that Hogsmeade paperwork back to me so I won't be stuck here all the time." Adam told Cristina as she nodded

"Don't worry I will and anyways I gotta go since my last physical therapy session in about 20 minutes so I gotta cut this short sadly enough." Cristina told Adam since she'd have to drive to her last appointment soon enough

"Alright I understand and anyways it was nice talking with you Cristina and can't wait to see all you guys again." Adam said as Cristina grinned and gave him a peace sign

"Same to you anyways goodbye." Cristina said as she waved goodbye before cutting off the connection

"Now then the other thing I have to do is talk with that old goat fucker since apparently he thinks that it's real fucking cute to screw with me." Adam seethed as his powers spike causing his glass of water to explode into a spiky mass of ice

"As nobody tries to fuck with me and get away with it." Adam thought malevolently

(2 days later, Headmaster's Office, October 5th 2015, 3:45 Pm)

It was two days later as a still quite enraged Adam was going towards the Headmaster's office considering that he was still quite pissed that Dumbledore had been withholding letters from his true family. As he had a Sig Sauer P226 strapped to his side since he felt that situation called for him to make an example of why you don't really piss Adam Belladonna of all people off as he continued to storm towards it.

With him soon using his telekinetic powers to force the gargoyle statue as he continued to walk up the staircase until he forced the door open as he glared daggers at Dumbledore as to say he was angry was a gross underestimation of how he felt at the moment.

"Tell me something do you think I'm an idiot?" Adam questioned as he saw Dumbledore, James and Lily in the room

"I don't know what you're talking about Harry my boy." Dumbledore spoke innocently as Adam pulled his gun on the headmaster

"Don't you bullshit me as I know you've been keeping letters from me as you didn't think I'd find out about you trying to further sever me away from my real family." Adam said with a malevolent sneer as he walked over with his gun pointed at the headmaster

"Albus we should tell him as this was bound to happen sooner or later." Lily spoke knowing that sooner or later this was going to happen as she'd rather this have happened later

"What the hell are you talking about?" Adam asked as he was getting further angered by the moment

"We had decided it was best that since those people you were stuck with had been such a bad influence on you when you were growing up that we withheld their letters from you." James explained unrepentant in the decision

"You did what you four eyed bastard?" Adam questioned wanting to make sure he heard right

"You had heard me young man your mother and I did this as we didn't want you to be further influenced by those criminals that you had to be raised by. Therefore we decided to cut off contact with those thugs so that you could better see who your real family is." James explained the reasoning that made Adam's blood boil

"What even give you the right to do that at all." Adam growled out angrily at the gall that they had

"Harry understand that what were doing is for the best we don't want you to go down the dark path and having those people be near you and contacting you. As you have to understand we did it for your own good so you wouldn't become like He who mustn't be named." Lily added as she didn't want those bastards to make her eldest into a worse Voldemort

"In case you morons haven't noticed nothing you've done has been in my best interest for years as all you've done is just be selfish cunts that care more about what they want instead of their children." Adam spoke as he turned his gun on the Potters

"You see here we did what was necessary because we care damn it as we're doing what is best for you regardless of what you think." James shot back refusing to back down as Adam looked him dead on in the eyes

"Of course you wouldn't care what I think because if you or your red haired whore of a wife cared about what I thought at all then I wouldn't have been at the Dursley's being beaten senseless and being only thought of as a worthless maggot." Adam retorted venomously his finger itching to pull the trigger

"Adam we did what we had to at the time we didn't know; if we had we would've done something as soon as possible and we've apologized as much as we can." Lily spoke up trying to defend herself as Adam just bore into them

"You can apologize till you're blue in the face for all I care and it means nothing to me at all because the moment you listened to that old goat and betrayed me to the Dursley's you forfeited your parental rights." Adam spat venom and hate pungent in his voice as he continued

"As hell I made it specifically clear that I wanted nothing to do with either of you in my life when I did that interview with Rita Skeeter but what do you go and do. You once again try to think you know better and that you can act like you can have a say in my life at all and control me into being your ideal son but here's the kicker. Harry James Potter died with the Dursley's and on the streets of Britain and in his place came Adam Russell Belladonna and you two are never going to be my parents because to simply put it you no longer exist in my life as such." Adam told them heatedly as the moment they gave him up like discarded garbage was the day they ceased to exist to him as his parents

"You're going to listen here young man no matter what you think we are going to be your parents even if you don't want as such because we will be in you're bloody lives whether you like it or not. Because we deserve to be in it regardless of if you disavow us as your parents as we refuse to be treated like this when we are doing what is best for you." James retorted as Adam's grip on his gun never wavered for a moment

"It's just like Professor Snape says you are a prideful dickhead because if you would put aside your pride and arrogance you'd see that for once in your life you've lost at something. But you can't at all because you have to win at everything you do that you can't even take the idea of losing as it must perpetually drive you insane to know that you are in every way possible a failure as a man and a parent." Adam responded cooly as Adam's face grew red with anger

"How dare you say that to your father young man as I don't know where you get off on that but your father is not a failure as a man at all as he and I have done all that we could to try and be good parents." Lily responded coming to her husband's defense

"This coming from the woman who's such a shit parent that she abandons her own son for years and then just up and decides to pick him back up like a long forgotten toy. Then I should be giving you a rousing applause for being the classic example of an abhorrent mother who thinks it's just downright hilarious and fun to abandon her children." Adam spoke as Lily was silenced by the harsh response from her son

"However, I digress as now what's going to happen is I'm going to get my letters all 3 of you have been withholding from me and let me receive future ones without interference. Or else something bad is going to happen that you will all come to regret. Adam demanded from them as he was not going to negotiate with them at all on this

"Adam I think you're being a bit too hasty on this as try to see where your parents are coming from on this as they're only trying to protect you from the less than savory elements that have influenced you is all." Dumbledore spoke trying to persuade Adam to see reasoning

"Maybe I need to give you guys an ultimatum of why you should give me what I want." Adam told them as he raised his gun to James

Faster than the Potter patriarch could react to raise his wand for a Protego four shots were fired into him 3 hitting minor blood vessels in his body while another nicked his aorta as he fired another into his thigh grazing his femoral artery as he fell to the ground a bloody mess as blood began to form around him.

"JAMES!" Lily shouted in fright as blood trickled out of James's mouth

"Now then here's what's going to happen you will comply with giving me all the letters withheld from me as well as ceasing interference with the ones my true family and my friends write to me." Adam said as he raised his gun towards James's neck

"Because if you don't then I'll empty my clip into neck and you'll be down to only my brother to carry on the Potter name so then what's it going to be yes or no as you only have the next 90 seconds to decide." Adam told Dumbledore with a sinister smirk on his face since he had full control over the situation

"Damn it everytime I get closer to getting him to be on the Greater Good it backfires on me everytime." Dumbledore thought before reaching into his desk and tossing onto the floor a small stack of letters

"There are the letters you've wanted and do not fret as I will have all future letters to you be received as they should've been." Dumbledore spoke trying to placate the homicidal man in front of him

"Oh and by the way you better make sure no charges are pressed against me or I won't be responsible for what happens in the future." Adam spoke picking up the letters and pocketing them

"With that being said you should probably get him to that St. Mungo's place before he bleeds out as it would be a shame if he died and remember not to press charges. Because there's no place where I won't find you and make your life absolute hell you understand me there Lily." Adam said to his birth mother who looked at him with wide and horrified eyes

"Y-Yes I understand." Lily spoke as she apparated her and her husband to St. Mungo's to get his wounds healed

"Now then Dumbledore do you really think that you can control me into being apart of your greater good so easily?" Adam asked wondering if Dumbledore thought that he could still have a chance at getting Adam onto his side

"You must see reason as you must be apart of the light if we're to prevail against Voldemort." Dumbledore spoke as he had to have Adam onto his side so that his plans for the Greater Good can be fully realized

"And like I told you I don't need you and your pathetic light that is moreso sputtering and waiting to go out than shining as brightly as you think it is because as I've stated I'm gonna kill Voldemort myself." Adam replied as he knew that it was only a matter of time before Dumbledore's precious light went out

"Please be reasonable as you don't need to kill him at all as I'm sure given enough time he can be redeemed and turned over towards the side of good he just needs to given a chance." Dumbledore said thinking that somewhere deep down Tom Riddle could be redeemed towards the side of good and light

"That's funny that you think that he can be converted into being a good guy again because something like that will never ever happen and I know exactly why that is." Adam spoke as he had a mad grin across his face that looked almost serpentine in nature

"Because Voldemort and I we're alike him and I as both of us are sociopathic monsters that seek to dominate the world around us until we're the king of it all and kill and torture all those who oppose us. Which is why he will never be able to be turned over to your precious light because at our core we are evil and have grown beyond the ability to ever be good whatsoever because our malevolent will to dominate and subjugate the world around us into our own making and our lust for power will never stop. Because at the end of the day we can not be redeemed for our darkness is too strong and powerful and our will and ambitions so potent that if anything interferes at all we will crush therefore give up on Voldemort." Adam declared to Dumbledore with almost fervent passion in his voice

As no matter how much Adam wanted to deny that he was different than Voldemort, that he wasn't in someway shape or form alike to him he just couldn't and had to acknowledge it. Because both of them were sociopathic monster that have killed, maimed and tortured people and had gotten kicks out of it the difference between them was how they became what they currently were and the magnitude and their motivations for being as such.

"I must disagree with you on this as things aren't as black and white as you say they are as even monsters have some hope of being reformed if you just give them time." Dumbledore responded as Adam shook his head in disagreement

"You just don't get it do you and I don't think you ever will because once you become monsters like him and I have there is no going back and there is only going further and further down the rabbit hole." Adam told Dumbledore as he knew that he could never be good or apart of the light as he was too much of a bloodthirsty monster to do so

"Anyways I have homework to complete and must be going however, I know that you're trying to play me in some elaborate chess game of yours. But just so you know at the end of it I'm the one will have the final checkmate as my victory will see you with your whole world crumbling to dust and ash around you and once you've finally lost everything and are at your lowest point then you may have my permission to die." Adam told the wizened headmaster as he walked out of his office

"So then you seek to defeat the chestmaster do you, but you fail to realize that I've played this game far longer than you and I've yet to show all of the cards in my hand." Dumbledore uttered to himself as Adam may have won this battle but he had far from won the war

So then with Adam having officially made it onto the Slytherin team we see that the Potters had tried to be involved in Adam's life when they have no place in it and in doing so have furthered the rift between them. So then find out what happens next time in the upcoming chapters of Harry Potter: The Belladonna Chronicles

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Following that we've got Draco, Adam and Pansy celebrating Adam's making it onto the Quidditch team which I found pretty fun to write out since it was hilarious writing the two getting drunk together on firewhiskey. Since it allowed me to humanize them and show that they're more than just teenage wizards who come from some pretty messed up and shady backgrounds that run a crime ring but teenagers that still try to enjoy life as best they can albeit it getting fucked up in some regards.

Next up we've got the Skype chat that shows that Cristina has made a speedy recovery and there conversing with each other too have seen how things have gone on both sides so to speak. Which to me felt really nice to write out considering that it allowed me to show that despite being a sociopath has a heart that's buried way down deep.

Lastly we've got quite confrontation with Adam busting James's, Lily's, and Dumbledore's balls about keeping letters from him that were from his true family and those in the Blood Eagles which to me was bound to happen as part of Dumbledore's plans to manipulate him and the Potter's attempt to try and influence him into being apart of their family. Which had failed considering that Adam and rightfully so found it despicable that they'd do that since it further shows their short-sightedness in selfishly wanting Adam back into their family and that every attempt they make at doing it only makes it worse.

Also on a side note hope you liked the mini conversation that Dumbledore and Adam had as I wanted to paint the picture to further show that not only will Adam never be apart of the Light side of things. But to show that Adam acknowledges the fact that he and Voldemort are alike as both are sociopaths and homicidal monsters trying to dominate the world around them into conforming and controlling it into what they want.

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