Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas,

and all through the ship,

a blonde elf was stirring -

let's call him Trip.

No stockings, just socks

he'd stolen away

from the main laundry

a couple each day.

The crew were all snuggled

in their bunks fast asleep.

With T'Pol on the Bridge

the night's watch to keep.

Captain Archer gave Porthos

a scratch on the ears

and yawned, "I feel like I

could sleep for twenty years!"

T'Pol's sharp Vulcan ears

caught a strange sound

The unexpected noises

Of someone moving around.

She hurried to the Situation Room

and turned on the display

that would show any threat

that might be headed her way.

The ship was all quiet

just as it should be

except for one blonde human

in Cargo Bay Three.

With wondering eyes

she took in the strange sight

of Commander Tucker buried

Nearly up to waist height

in a tangled assortment

of mismatched socks

And small colorful bundles

he held one labeled "Phlox".

He took up a long striped garment

"He must wear 'em up to the knee,"

the Chief Engineer muttered

to himself most illogically.

I've got one for Phlox, and Hoshi,

Travis Mayweather, Malcolm Reed,

The Cap'n and Porthos -

T'Pol's is all I still need."

She'd lived among humans

so was less than surprised.

Still she wondered of what this

curious mission was comprised.

The pile shrank until he said,

"Well, that's about all.

Now to figure out how to charm

the socks off T'Pol."

From her perch on the Bridge

T'Pol watched him below

And wondered what gifts

To her sock he'd bestow.

Trip thought and he thought

while stringing lines of twinkling light

and eighty-two makeshift stockings

on this Christmas Eve night.

T'Pol considered as she watched

this human Christmas elf

who gave so much to others

asking nothing for himself.

He shouldn't be alone when

the appointed time came

the only one aboard

with no gift to claim.

She went to her console

a bright gleam in her eyes

intent on learning how to create

her own Christmas surprise.

Trip surveyed the cargo bay

his elfish work nearly done

Pretty lights and stuffed stockings

All hung up - except one.

Would a Vulcan even care?

Could she even understand?

For sure there wasn't much logic

in a starship Christmas wonderland.

She was unsure she saw the point

But then, that was often true.

It didn't really matter because now

she knew just what she would do.

Trip hid his grin as he saw her

with her pretty bare feet

she said she had a headache

only neuropressure could treat.

T'Pol helped him search for his lost sock

while her own feet were still bare.

They searched the Ready Room

but didn't find it anywhere.

His foot felt kind of funny;

he'd stuck it bare into his boot.

He'd lost a sock but he had hers

so any discomfort was moot.

T'Pol set about her mission.

There was much that she must do

to be certain that when the time came

There'd be presents for him too.

The next day the Cap'n gathered

the whole crew in Cargo Bay Three

they had carols and eggnog and stockings

No one seemed to miss the tree.

T'Pol never looked so pretty

than with his star barrettes in her hair.

He played his new harmonica

still wondering how his sock got there.

He came home later whistling

To find the best gift of all.

A hanging bunch of mistletoe,

And beneath it, a nude T'Pol.

For a second he just stared,

"How'd you know to do this?"
But she only tipped her head.
"I believe you owe me a kiss."

Trip grinned as she stood there.

"You know, I think you're right.

But then, there isn't any hurry

Pepperpot, we've got all night!"