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The Stray

Chapter 2: Dusty Dilemma in the Town of Sand

Three months had passed since Weiss had awakened from her coma due to the spider venom. During that time, Raven had pushed up her training when it concerned her daughter…and surprisingly, Sun had joined as well. At first, she was against it especially since Sun didn't need the training but over time, both Faunus children wore her down until she finally consented. However, just like she warned, she didn't go easy on the pre-teens.

"Ugh…your mom is a slave driver" the thirteen-year-old muttered as his face landed on the pillow. Nevertheless, Sun could feel the benefits as well as the pain from working out/training with Raven, causing Weiss to laugh lightly at his comment.

"You knew what you were getting into when you persuaded her," Weiss responded as she sat down on the dresser, not feeling any pity for her friend. Though during her three months training with her mother, she noticed that she had gotten faster, both in body and with her glyphs. Even now, she was starting to feel confident about drawing her glyphs while in mid-battle. "But you can't lie that it's helping you."

"True," he said before turning his head to the side so that he was looking at Weiss. "I will admit that I'm enjoying the benefits of training with her, but I still say she's a slave driver," he muttered.

"Oh, I'm slave driver am I?" Raven asked, causing the color in Sun's face to drain.

"Um...no?" he answered, though he was still uncertain about that.

"Then I guess I'll go ahead and up the weights for you tomorrow then Sun. You both are wearing them now, right?" she asked, getting a nod from the monkey and cat Faunus. "Good. And Weiss, how many times have I told you to get off the furniture? Just because you're half cat doesn't mean you have to act like one," she scolded.

"Sorry mother," Weiss replied. Though she couldn't help it; she liked being on tall places.

"Just don't get caught again," Raven said as Weiss nodded. After telling the two that dinner was almost ready, she left the room.

"Maybe I should get a laser pointer?" Sun asked. Even if her father had disowned her, she had received the Schnee Glare which she was using in full force against the boy. "Alright alright, I give." He said with a laugh, though he was now feeling better and not as sore. Hearing his father call towards them five minutes later for dinner, Sun got up off the bed while Weiss jumped off the dresser.

The Next Day

"Alright, now that we're warmed up, what should we do first? Weapon and Aura, strength or individual training?" Raven asked in a rare act of kindness. Of course this caused both children to look at her as if she was riding a Boarbatusk. "What?" she asked after seeing the looks that she was getting.

"It's just that you don't usually let us choose," Weiss commented, getting a nod from Sun in agreement.

"Well I felt like switching it up a little bit today. Unless you want me to choose?" she asked, quickly getting two shakes of the head. "I'll give you a few seconds to decide then," was all that she said before leaving the two children to discuss amongst themselves. As she watched them, a small voice from the back of her mind commented about how it could have been her own daughter that she was teaching.

'Shut up. I had my reasons.'

'Yes your…reasons. Protecting Tai and Yang from our enemies. Then what's stopping you from doing the same with Weiss?'

'I promised…'

'Yes, yes your 'promise' to Calypso. But is that the only reason? Or are you just trying to redeem yourself…' At that, she lightly growled before checking over to see that the two seemed to have come to a conclusion and turned back towards them. "Your decision?" she asked.

"Weapon and Aura training. The sooner I get a better grasp on my Aura, the sooner I can find out what my Semblance is," Sun said though it caused Weiss to sigh lightly at that. He was always trying to catch up to her in that.

"Alright then, Aura first." Raven said before leading them towards a tree that looked healthy, even in the arid weather. "Now then, you both remember what to do for this exercise, right?" she asked before getting nods from the two of them. While meditation was one of the greatest tools for strengthening one's Aura, focus was also needed. And with this exercise, they were going to work on that. And if it helped them in other aspects of life then that was just a bonus.

As the two of them jumped towards the tree and one of the higher branches, Raven commented to have them not use their tails once they got on the branch. Though she did give Weiss the order to create a platform Glyph just in case they fell; she wasn't completely heartless after all. Once they were situated, Raven watched over them, making sure that they were focusing on keeping themselves from falling.

An hour later, Raven told them to stop and come down. Doing so, she looked them over and noticed that they were panting lightly though she wasn't sure if it was because of the sun or the extended usage of their Auras. "Alright, now that focus training is over, onto the next: I want the two of you to spar with each other, using the practice weapons but at the same time to not use your aura."

"Not use our Aura? Is that even possible?" Weiss asked, surprised. She remembered her lessons from Raven and never once had she mentioned something like this.

"It is extremely rare, but I have fought people who can cut straight through Auras. It's one of the reasons why I wear armor. But there is also ammo that can do the same thing, so even my armor isn't good enough to stop it. Once again, it's very rare to come across, but people who have money will do, or buy, just about anything," Raven answered, trying to keep her tone as neutral as possible.


Raven had just returned from a long mission, sighing lightly as she saw the mail that had piled up on the floor as she was gone for a month. She had let the landlord know she was going to be away on a mission and that she would pay any bills once she returned. However, seeing a note in-between all the bills caused her to gasp lightly in surprise. Dropping all the other letters back into the pile, she hastily opened the letter and started to read. Once she was done, a few tears were running down her face. Hastily wiping them away, she read the letter again.


If you are reading this letter, then something out of my control happened…though I have a feeling that Tom might be at fault, especially since his hatred for Faunus has only grown since the White Fang have started targeting him. If I don't make it…I want you to take care of my kitten, please.


Cal knew what Raven had gone through before coming to join her in the frigid land that was Atlas. But…this was Cal here. Raven knew without a shadow of a doubt that her friend wouldn't ask her to do something like that without good reason. And it sounded like without her there, she was worried about her daughter. Sighing lightly, she opened the door once again and headed out, creating a portal once she was outside.

Stepping out of the portal which deposited her just outside the mansion that Cal and Tom, now Thomas again, lived in, Raven made her way up to the imposing gates before pressing the buzzer. When asked, she gave her name and reason for visiting: to speak to Thomas about Cal and her passing. Assuming that she was clear for entry as the gates opened, she walked inside. As she headed towards the front door, the ravenette noticed the multiple new defense systems that Thomas had in place and let out a soft sigh. Apparently the rumors of Thomas having problems with the White Fang were true after all…

Getting to the door, Raven rang the doorbell. As a camera came out, she waited patiently as the camera focused on her for a few seconds before going back into the hole that it came from. Once that happened, several locks disengaged before the door opened. Seeing a few mechanized guards standing in the hallway with their weapons poised, Raven had to mentally sweatdrop. Apparently Thomas forgot what the term 'overkill' meant.

"Stand down," Thomas ordered as they did exactly that; however, they didn't leave the room just yet and wouldn't do so unless he gave the order.

"Thomas, you do know what overkill means, right?" Raven finally asked, getting a soft chuckle from him.

"I know, but with the White Fang out there targeting me and my company can you blame me?" he asked in response causing Raven to shrug lightly. "But enough about that, especially since I doubt you're here to hear about my business and its problems."

"You're right, I'm not. I heard about Cal…and she left me a note."

"A…note?" Thomas asked, having a feeling that he would not like where this was heading. Then again, little that happened recently was something that he enjoyed.

"Yes, you see, she asked me to look after her dear daughter, whom, if you'll remember, was yours as well. Now, do you happen to know where she is?" Raven asked before seeing Thomas staying silent, as if he was stalling and coming up with a lie. But why would he of all people have to lie? Unless…

"Thomas Schnee, what did you do?" she asked while glaring at the man in front of him.

"Nothing that you, yourself, haven't done before Raven," Thomas responded, not realizing that was the wrong thing to say.

"Nothing that I haven't…" Raven started to repeat, wondering exactly what he meant for a few seconds before quickly realizing what he was saying. Her eyes narrowing dangerously. "Thomas. My friend is dead. Please tell me you did not kick your own daughter out of this house," she said, getting her answer as the company owner stayed silent. "You did, didn't you?" she asked icily.

"Why are you so pissed off Raven? Didn't you do the same thing to your own daughter and family?" He asked before finding himself held by the cuff links and being lifted off the ground. The scary thing as he was pressed to the wall behind him was that he didn't see Raven move.

"You know nothing about me, you piece of scum," Raven hissed out. "And what you did and what I did are two completely different things. You kicked Weiss out and are making her fend for herself on the streets. I left my daughter with her father, someone who loves and cares for her, something that you know nothing about!" She added in the same tone before letting him go, causing the man to fall to the ground and breathe in copious amounts of fresh air since his wind pipe was no longer being blocked. Not being able to stand being in the same room as the man in front of her, she quickly left via her semblance.

End Flashback

"Mother?" Weiss asked, worried when Raven stared into the distance for a few seconds before shaking her head. Seeing the concerned look on Weiss's face, she apologized before asking why they hadn't started sparring yet. "We were worried about you" was the response. Raven looked at the two of them before nodding lightly at that.

"Well as you can see, I'm perfectly fine. Now go spar and remember, no Aura. That also means no nun-chucks Sun."

"What? Why?"

"Because you like to be reckless with your Aura when you use them. If this was a regular spar, I'd be okay with it, but this is a lesson to fight without your Aura up. I wouldn't be surprised if you forgot about that tidbit if you were fighting with them," Raven calmly replied before watching the two get into their respective fighting stances; idly noticing how strict it was. As the two sparred, Raven noticed several small things wrong with their fighting style. While Weiss was more cautious and took time with her strikes, Sun was all over the place and even though both fought with their hands, feet and weapons…it seemed like Sun was more comfortable using his body to augment his weapon then Weiss was. However, it was a reckless style and it showed since she was able to get more strikes in while dodging Sun's strikes.

'Interesting…I'll talk to them about it later,' she thought while continuing to watch for a few more minutes. "Alright you two, that's enough!" she shouted, noticing that while Sun had more bruises on him than Weiss, the two of them were still smiling. "It seems like you both caught on quite quickly to not using your Aura during battle, which is good. And after dinner, I'll give you both my assessment, especially since I saw things that, if the fight had been real, would have caused you both to die." She said, being quite serious. "But right now, it's time for dinner. Wash up."

After dinner, Raven requested that the two of them come outside for a little bit. Having a feeling that this was more of a lecture about today's events rather than more training, both the cat and monkey Faunus did as was requested and followed her. Finishing up the last amount of the cleaning, Sun's father just watched them and smiled lightly, glad that the Huntress he had hired turned out to be such a good influence on his son. 'Still though…I'd like it if he wasn't always black and blue,' he thought before placing the towel on the back of a chair to dry out. After that was done, he retired to the study and started working on some paperwork, knowing that the two were in good hands.

Once the house was just barely on the horizon, Raven turned towards the other two. "Alright, this is far enough. Now then, while you two have an advantage of seeing in the dark and I can't, I want the both of you to come at me. I'm not going to draw my blade," she said, knowing that this wouldn't be fun for the two but it would be a better lesson; showing them their faults rather than telling them about them.

"Are you sure that's wise Raven?" Sun asked with a little amount of concern in his voice. It was two against one, and they could see in the dark after all.

"Positive. Now draw your weapons and come at me," she ordered, deathly serious. And while she wouldn't pull out her odachi, she would definitely show them the flaws in their fighting style.

First she would show Weiss that while caution was a good thing to have in battle, it wasn't always the best thing to rely on. Sometimes one had to improvise in the heat of battle… something that the cat Faunus seemed to only do when her life was on the line. However, Raven wanted to hone that into being a constant, instead of her relying on stances and forms like she did earlier in the spar with Sun. Constantly moving inside of Weiss's defense, the brunette was merciless as she rapidly attacked Weiss with several palm strikes. Sensing the wind behind her moving, she jumped backwards as Sun tried hitting her from behind. With Sun being unable to stop his momentum, he was going to hit Weiss…or would have if she didn't subconsciously push a Shield Glyph in-between the weapon and herself.

'Interesting…that was much quicker than she normally uses her Glyphs…' Raven thought before schooling her features while inwardly laughing at how Weiss was berating her partner for almost attacking her. While the two were distracted, Raven moved like a wraith towards them in hopes of getting a strike on them…only to be surprised when a new type of Glyph made itself known. 'Good, she's learning to experiment. But that will only get her so far…' Raven thought before disappearing in a portal created by her Semblance.

"Where did she go?" Sun commented after seeing Weiss tense up for half of a second. He didn't have to wait long for an answer as a portal opened up in-between them, Raven's left fist hitting Sun in the chest while Raven's right foot connected with Weiss's stomach. The surprise attack did exactly what Raven wanted it to do as both Faunus lost the grip on their weapons. With both being stunned for a few seconds, Raven quickly headed in Sun's direction. While she knew this was also a good time to further show Weiss her own weaknesses, she was going to give Weiss a light breather.

Sun quickly gained control of his body before maneuvering his body so that would land with his feet on the ground. However, Raven had taken that into account and came at him with a right hook, wanting him to take the bait. Seeing that he did by moving to the side and preparing to strike her in the chest with his elbow, he was unprepared for the small kick to his leg causing him to go unbalanced. Now at an advantage, Raven used Sun's momentum against him as she tossed him over her shoulder and onto the ground, following it with a punch to the ground where it would have connected with Sun's shoulder. And while it wouldn't have been broken…it would have left a nasty bruise.

Luckily for Sun, he rolled out of the way of the strike and got up into his natural stance. Smirking lightly as he gave the universal motion of 'come at me', Raven did just that before using a low kick to get Sun off of his game. Once that happened, she quickly chained it to a rising side kick but Sun was able to duck underneath it and got a low kick of his own on Raven by thrusting his left leg out. Unlike earlier with Sun, Raven didn't lose her balance as she had a feeling it was coming. From there, Sun went on the offensive, using light jabs in order to try and keep Raven at a distance while adding a straight punch or right hook in at various times while also mixing in kicks as well.

"Come on Sun, you aren't even trying!" Raven taunted as her eyes caught every overthrown punch that he was making. As it was, his jabs took a second too long to come back to his body and he was also over extending himself just a tad on his straight punches and right hooks. Though surprisingly Raven could find nothing wrong with his footwork. Surprised by the flip kick Sun did, the monkey Faunus let a light smirk grace his features if only for a second.

Apparently Sun didn't like it when he was goaded like that, something that Raven made a mental note of…

Noticing him rushing towards her, Raven quickly prepared herself for the 'second round' with the monkey Faunus. Seeing him preparing to use his right leg for a thrust kick, something that if it connected, would have driven the air out of the older female's lungs. Planting his right foot down and placing most of the weight on it in order to deliver the kick, Sun was somewhat surprised when Raven caught his foot. Before he could do anything; however, Raven pulled on the trapped foot causing him to lose balance. After that, he didn't remember much until he was on his back and on the ground, feeling sore but knowing that his Aura took most of the brunt of that assault.

"And dead," the brunette commented as her fist connected with the ground next to Sun's head. Once the indication of Sun being out of the fight for now, the older female teleported away and close to her charge. As she did so, she noticed that her Semblance was starting to take a toll on her body indicating that she was almost at her limit. Luckily for her, she had overshot where she was planning to teleport to and instead of fighting Weiss like she did with Sun…she didn't have to.

Creeping silently towards the cat Faunus, Raven could feel the Aura being drawn towards her weapon and frowned lightly. 'Does she really think she needs to use that attack on me?' she thought to herself silently while noticing that she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings and frowned at that. When she got within distance, she wrapped an arm around Weiss's neck while she placed her other hand on the middle of Weiss's back. If she was an enemy to Weiss, then the white-haired Faunus would be paralyzed…or dead. Speaking of which:

"And you're dead, just like Sun." Raven said before Weiss stayed still for a few seconds before letting out a frustrated sigh. And with that, she let go of Weiss before the two children came together.

"Now then…can either of you guess what that was all about?" she asked, wanting to see if they could get the meaning behind the way she decimated the both of them.

"You wanted to relieve stress since it's your time of the month?" Sun asked, Weiss quickly hitting him with her tail for such a stupid comment. Raven was glad for that, especially since she could already feel her eye twitching at a comment such as that.

"No you idiot. If that was the case we'd be much more bruised than we are," the cat Faunus said as she took on a thinking pose, her tail flicking back from side to side lazily. Unbeknownst to Weiss, she looked cute while she was doing this. Before long though, it came to an end as she figured out what was going on. "You were showing us what flaws we had while in battle." She said confidently.

"Correct. Sun, while your footwork is, dare I say it, perfect, your fisticuffs need to be polished up. You're over extending yourself and any human opponent can easily counter you like how I did before 'killing' you." Raven said as Sun nodded, wondering how he could improve his punches. "That's not the only thing that you have going against you either Sun. You are far too reckless for your own good. If you go running into every battle without a plan, then you'll die quicker than a member of the White Fang against my blade."

"So…work on my punches and my recklessness?" Sun asked.

Raven nodded, knowing that would be the best for him to work on for right now. He could work on not being goaded some other time. As Sun was making notes about that, the older female looked at her charge. "You also need to work on those skills as well kitten. They aren't bad like when you first started, but you need to start using your hands and feet more than using Myrtenaster as a crutch. Also…I don't know what my friend taught you, but the Grimm are not going to wait for you to get into a favorable position to use an opening skill. Stop being so cautious and take some risks," Raven said. She needed to make sure Weiss wasn't going to get into the habit of setting something up only for it to cause her defeat…or worse, her death.

'You know…this sounds oddly suspicious like you're starting to care for her. Are you sure you aren't going soft…?' And there it was again, that mental voice in the back of her head, coming from nowhere. What exactly was it trying to do…?

"That's enough for tonight though. Go back to the house and get ready for bed. I'll be lenient enough and give you tomorrow off," she said before the two did exactly that, leaving Raven alone with her thoughts.

Sun's House

"Is everything alright with your mom Weiss? She seemed a little off today…" Sun commented while sitting on the chair in front of a plain desk while Weiss was lying down on the bed in her room.

"Yeah, she did. I think it was because she remembered something about my fa…that man from before she found me," she responded, surprising Sun with the news.

"Wait, Raven adopted you? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because it wasn't important doofus. But yeah…my biological father," Weiss started, spitting the word father out as if it was poison, "kicked me out of the house when I was four if I remember correctly. Raven looked for me for a whole year before finally finding me…"

"Well then…let's do something for her for a change! What do you say kitty cat?" he asked, dodging a thrown pillow at that. He knew that she didn't liked being called 'kitty cat' or any variation of that. The only reason Raven got away with it was because she raised the girl.

"Let's just get some sleep you buffoon. We are so going to be sore in the morning…" she commented, not realizing that events would spiral out of control. These events would sadly make them leave from one of the first places that Weiss could call home. And from the people she wouldn't mind calling brother and father…

Blushing at that thought, Weiss quickly shook her head to get rid of that thought. On that note though, Weiss did wonder what both herself and Sun could do for her adoptive mother before sleep overtook her.

The Next Day

As habit, Weiss woke up as soon as sunlight entered the room. Slowly opening her eyes, she rubbed the last amount of sleep out of them before silently wondering what to do for the day. However, she did have a feeling that Sun would know. He did live here after all…

With that thought in mind, she got out of bed and took a quick shower before getting dressed. 'Definitely lucky that my Aura healed those damages from last night, but mom was right…I need to work on my combat skills...' she thought before almost bumping into Sun. "Morning," she said though could see that his bruises were worse than hers and still slowly healing. Then again, his Aura was still developing…it was one of the first things that both Weiss and Raven worked on when it came to the monkey Faunus. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I was the pen put to the paperwork my dad does all the time…Ugh…" he muttered. Now he understood why Raven had suggested that they take the day off. "And I take it it's because your Aura Control is better than mine is why you're so chipper this morning?"

"That, and I took a shower. Your dad is lucky to have one of those from what I've heard…"

"Not really. Despite being in a desert, we have an Oasis nearby that we get our water from. You'd have to ask dad about the specifics though," Sun commented before walking by Weiss. Soon after, she could hear water running before heading to the kitchen.

"Mr. Wukong?"

"Ah, good morning Weiss. Your mother is out back, training." He said with a light sigh. Before Weiss could question the sigh, the older male continued. "If you ask me, she needs something other than just training all the time. Sure she takes care of you, and is training both you and my son…but there's more to life than just training. Don't tell her I said this, but I worry about her," he admitted as he continued cooking breakfast.

"I won't sir," Weiss said.

"Thank you." He said before asking Weiss to set the table. Nodding at the simple request, Weiss set out plates and silverware before asking if there was anything else she could do. "Actually I do have something for you and Sun to do, if you're interested," he said while catching the curiosity of the cat Faunus.

"Nothing too strenuous I hope," Sun commented as he came into the kitchen, wearing a simple white T-shirt and cargo shorts.

"Not at all. Just a simple shopping trip," his father replied before finishing making breakfast for the four of them. After the two finished eating, Mr. Wukong gave Sun a moderate amount of lien notes and a list.

Two Months Later

It had been two months since the day off that Raven gave to her students and seeing how it got the two of them working together, she had allowed more of them. It seemed as if they had also worked on the flaws that she went over with the both of them; Sun wasn't as reckless as before and Weiss was getting better at her hand-to-hand fighting. However, they weren't ready for what was about to come next.

"Well well well...look what the cat dragged in," Cinder purred out as Raven heard her voice. Seeing the black-haired female making her way towards the three, Raven quickly created a portal, knowing that this woman who wore a form fitting crimson dress was nothing but trouble…even if she didn't look like it.

"Weiss, Sun, go! This will take you back to the house!" Raven commanded, knowing that this wouldn't be pretty. Not only that, but she also knew that the two children weren't ready for an opponent of her caliber. Not yet.

"What about you?" Weiss asks, concerned.

"Don't worry about me, just go!" Raven commanded once more, the tone being more urgent than before, especially since this wasn't the first time she had met with this woman. Once Weiss and Sun enter the portal, Raven turned back towards Cinder who was making her way towards the ravenette.

"What do you want Cinder?" Raven asked in a bored tone, placing a hand on her odachi, ready to use it in an instant.

"What? Can't I just come by to see an old friend? It's been so long since last we met…" the crimson themed female asked, getting a light scowl from Raven in return. "Guess not. Last time we met, I did ask you a question and let you think about it until next we met. So... what do you say? You and the cat faunus joining my merry band of misfits?"

"Hm... How about a no?" Raven quickly replies, knowing that it would be useless to try and set up any of her portals like the last time, especially since the black beauty had a feeling this femme fatale already had a counter for such a technique.

Seeing Cinder rushing towards her, Raven quickly drew her Odachi, glad that she did after she heard it clang with something. Apparently her opponent was holding back last time they fought, though now she had a small problem on her hands: Cinder had a ranged attack; she did not. Nevertheless, she wasn't going to let that deter her…slashing out once the woman was within range.

Cinder quickly summoned her two short swords to block the strike, sparks flying between the three swords. Pushing Raven's bigger sword off of her smaller blades, Cinder let out a small smirk as she got within her opponent's defense. However, she couldn't do much as she had to jump out of the way and avoid Raven's jab.

Before Cinder could do anything with the distance gained, Raven was quickly upon her. Using the flat side of her blade, Raven hit Cinder in the ribs. Normally this would have ended anyone else due to the damage, but the woman in red was thankful enough to have woven Earth-based Dust into her clothing.

'It still stings though' Cinder thought as she held onto her ribs, knowing that her Aura was quickly going to work on that. Nevertheless, she knew she was going to feel that in the morning. Channeling Aura, she activated the Fire Dust that she kept on her person at all times and sent out three fireballs towards Raven. Thinking quickly, Raven channeled Aura into Munin and let out three quick slashes, cutting each of the fireballs in half. She then had to use the blade in order to defend herself from Cinder's two short swords, thankful for the longer range that Munin provided. Quickly using that range to her advantage, Raven swiped at Cinder. Unfortunately, Cinder was able to dart out of the way, using her quickness to avoid any damage.

'Damnit, she's faster than last time,' Raven thought to herself, resisting the urge to growl. It was the one reason that Cinder had gotten away last time…though last time that last swipe would have made contact with skin. Mentally shrugging at that, she brought her sword up at the last minute to block Cinder's strike, taking one hand off her blade to punch Cinder in the face. However, Cinder grabbed the fist and used it to bicycle kick Raven in the same spot that Raven was aiming for. Not expecting it, Raven was flung back, her body hitting the unforgiven sand. Rolling backwards, she evaded the axe kick that Cinder followed up with, causing a burst of sand to billow out around her.

Closing her eyes, Raven placed her sword back into its scabbard. She wished that she had Dust powder stored within so that she could coat Munin with it, but they had needed the money for other things at the time. Shaking the thought away, she waited until she heard something behind her. Turning her body, she quickly took her sword from its sheathe, powerfully striking Cinder while also hearing something break. Opening her eyes, she saw that Cinder was bleeding along her left arm and both of her weapons were missing.

"Damnit, I forgot you were a master of that Quickdraw style…" Cinder cursed, holding her bleeding arm, quickly using some of her Fire Dust to sear the wound shut. It wasn't the best way to heal the wound, but it would do for now. Seeing Raven speeding towards her, she focused her dwindling Aura to power her Semblance one more time to quickly craft her two swords back into existence. They wouldn't survive this strike; she knew that…but it would be more beneficial to take another wound than outright dying. 'Roman's daughter would be beneficial right about now…' Cinder thought as Raven closed in. Timing it just perfectly, the swords came into existence just as Raven swung her blade, aiming for a kill strike by swinging it horizontally at chest level. Smirking at Raven's dumbfounded look, she grabbed one of the shards, wincing lightly as it bit into her skin (though no blood came out due to her Aura), and stabbed it into Raven's shoulder, deep enough not only to draw blood, but to make Raven momentarily lose control of her weapon.

"You've…improved," Raven grunted out before grabbing the shard of glass and quickly pulling it out before throwing it to the ground where it dissolved into nothingness. A line of blood starting dripping down her arm, and Raven knew that she had to end this. Quickly. Channeling her Aura into the sheathe of Munin, it started rotating before settling on the teal-blue color in the rotating barrel. This was an untested attack, just like Weiss's Lancer Technique (as she had so dubbed it) when she was fighting those Garantulas months ago…but it would definitely be something that Cinder wouldn't see coming. 'Though it would be better if I had Dust to augment it…' she thought before placing Munin back into its sheathe, letting it work its magic by coating the blade with her Aura.

'Whatever she's planning won't end well…' Cinder thought as she saw Raven going back into her stance for that Iiaido strike from earlier. Even if it probably wouldn't be as powerful or as fast as before, it would still hurt. Rushing to make sure her opponent couldn't get whatever it was that she was planning off, Cinder didn't realize that that was exactly what Raven wanted…

A few seconds later, she was on the ground, a large amount of blood was pooling on the sand around her and she had no idea what happened. Slowly moving her hand to the wound, she placed the last of her Fire Dust onto her hand and carefully used her Aura to ignite it. Before closing the wound with her Dust, she took a piece of her dress into her mouth and bit down. At the same time that she bit down, she seared the wound shut. However, unlike the wound on her arm…this would leave a nasty straight scar right underneath her chest.

'Damn…what…was that?' she thought before slowly tilting her head up and noticing a slight distortion where she had assumingly been hit. It seemed as if the air was collapsing in on itself, but only in that straight line. A few steps away from the distortion, she could see Raven panting while on one knee. Apparently, whatever it was also took a lot out of her as well. 'Well…at least I won't be dying today,' Cinder thought to herself as she laid there, wondering just how to get away, not realizing that answer was about to make itself known.

"Ugh...so this is where you were? If I wasn't tasked with bringing you back woman, I might just leave you here," a male voice said from above her position. For some reason, he had heard a voice telling him where Cinder was, who she was and that she'd be hurt. He was also told that he shouldn't bother attacking anyone else in the vicinity since apparently the voice had plans for her as well. Not really understanding it, but having nothing better to do…he decided to follow the voice.

"W-wait!" Raven shouted out, trying to get up off the ground, using Munin as a crutch in order to stand. The male turned towards and 'tsked' lightly, so wishing he could go against the orders of 'that voice' but had a feeling it would be better if he just did as he was told.

"Your life has been spared today my dear, but don't push your luck," he said before closing the hatch wondering where to go next. All he knew was that it wasn't here.

With Raven

"Damnit!" she growled out before realizing that her Aura had recovered enough so that she could make her way back towards the house. Holding her arm lightly, Raven winced in pain as blood dripped slowly from the wound on her shoulder. Granted there were many other cuts and bruises that littered her body and clothes, but that was one of the worse ones. Limping back to the house, she was mad at herself for letting that bitch find them after so long.

"You were so careful too..." that inner voice said mockingly, but Raven paid it no heed at the moment. Making her way back to the house, she headed inside as Sun's father and the two children quickly flock to her.

"Mom!" Weiss comments, worry lacing her voice.

"After I'm healed, we need to go Weiss," was all that Raven replied with, getting a look of shock from Weiss.

"But...who was that lady?" Weiss asked, Sun looking on curious as well which caused Raven to sigh lightly before telling the both of them that she would explain as she was being bandaged up. Another month passed as Raven healed up; the wounds that she gave to Cinder being even worse than the ones that were given to her. In the meantime, both Weiss and Sun had come up with ideas on how to train themselves...just in case that woman came back. (They didn't know; however, that wasn't going to be the case)

"Are you sure we can't change your mind Raven?" Sun's father asked as the cat faunus stood by her side with a bag hanging off her shoulder. Getting a shake of the head, the older monkey Faunus sighed lightly before nodding in understanding.

"It was fun while it lasted and I thank you for housing us for so long, but we really do need to get going," she said before handing him a few pieces of paper that were rolled up. Seeing the questioning look in Sun's eyes, she let out a light smirk. "I've seen what you and my daughter," she ignored Weiss's grin at that as she continued, "have been doing while I've been recovering. I've come up with a few ideas of my own that you're welcome to try out as long as your father supervises."

End Chapter

Dragon and Sword Master: Hopefully everyone enjoyed this chapter and my rendition of Vacuo and how Sun is like before we meet him in the show. I also hoped that you like what I did with Raven, both her fighting style and her 'teaching style' among the youths.

Raven: Speaking of which, what is with this inner voice I have?

Dragon and Sword Master: It's your conscience…maybe. It's trying to make you wonder why you picked Weiss over Yang and Tai. Granted we have our lovely Ruby Rose because of it, but still.

Raven: Ah, I see.

Dragon and Sword Master: There's also the theory going on the internet that your brother is Ruby's father and not Tai…

Raven: Wait, what?!