Star trek Heritage

Hello this is DSrider here coming with a new story and with it a confession I am a massive star trek fan to tell you how much of a fan I am my main gripe was that in Star Trek Beyond, Scotty said that the Franklin only pulsed phase cannons and spatial torpedoes despite the fact that star fleet were using photonic torpedoes in 2153 and the USS Franklin went missing at least nine years after that. Any way this story is set after Star Trek Beyond, the story is based off of the rumours regarding the next Trek Movie.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star trek it was created by Gene Roddenberry, and is owned by cbs and Paramount. I hope you enjoy.

"Captain's Log: stardate 2264.3. After the Shakedown of our new Starship the USS Enterprise A, Starfleet Command has ordered us to report to Starbase 13 to pick up former Enterprise science and tactical officer Carol Marcus who has requested transference to test the weapons and defensive systems of the new ship.

(General point of view)

The Bridge of the new Enterprise looked almost exactly the same as the old one but the white was more subdued and instead of a transparent viewscreen it was more of a traditional screen.

"Captain we are approaching Starbase 13." Helmsman lieutenant commander Hikaru Sulu announced. Unlike the spiralling city that was Yorktown base, Starbase 13 was a more older and traditional design of a mushroom shape with the dock in the main upper section.

"Thank you Mr Sulu, lieutenant Uhura open a channel to Starbase 13." Captain Kirk ordered before he wriggled slightly in his new chair. "Channel open sir." Lieutenant Uhura confirmed from her station. "Thank you lieutenant. Starbase 13 this is USS Enterprise requesting permission to dock."

"This is Starbase 13 to USS Enterprise,request granted we are opening docking bay doors." The starbase comms officer announced. "This is Enterprise, we are handing control over to you now." Kirk said as both Sulu and Chekov inputted the final commands into their consoles

"Acknowledged Enterprise, we hope you have a smooth ride."

"Enterprise confirms." kirk said as he sat back down in his command chair. Then Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy exited a turbo lift onto the bridge "Happy to be back at port Bones?" Kirk asked his long time friend. "I think I prefer the snow globe." The good doctor retorted.

As soon as docking was complete Jim practically threw himself from the chair "Mr spock, Dr McCoy you two are with me, lieutenant Uhura tell Mr Scot to meet us at the upper Port docking part, Mister Sulu you have the conn! Let's go greet our old friend." Kirk ordered as the senior officers carried out their orders. When Kirk, McCoy and spock had entered the turbolift kirk ordered "docking port 2."

As soon as the turbolift doors closed "You seem excited?" Bones said as he looked at Jim who stood in the centre of the lift. "Why wouldn't I be Bones?" Jim asked McCoy.

It may be due to the fact that you have not mentioned Dr Marcus since the two of you parted ways since she departed the Enterprise." Spock inputted, his right eyebrow raised. "We have kept in touch just not face to face." Kirk said as he weakly defended himself. Before Spock or Bones could question their captain any further the turbolift doors opened. Kirk immediately walked between his CMO and XO and out of the turbolift heading towards the docking port The other two men following.

"It's been two years Jim a lot could have happened, she could have had more than one reason for transferring off the ship other than the position she was offered." Bones said before Kirk stopped and turned to face him. "Bones, what are you trying to tell me?" Kirk asked staring intently into the Doctor's eyes as if he was trying to glean information from them. "All I'm saying is just be prepared." Bones said honestly. Kirk stared at his friend for another moment before continuing to the airlock. Mr Scott, keenser and a yeoman were already standing there.

"Captain, Doctor Marcus is waiting." Scotty told Kirk as he approached the airlock. "Thank you Mr Scott." Kirk acknowledged as he, Spock and McCoy came to a stop in front of the airlock. "Yeoman, open the airlock!" Kirk ordered as he straightened his uniform shirt and stood with a smile on his face.

The airlock doors opened and on the other side was Doctor Carol Marcus holding what looked like a three year old child which it was. "Carol, no Doctor Marcus, you have a son?" After hearing Kirk's question Dr Marcus looked over towards Bones "You didn't tell him?" Carol asked Bones her eyes wide with disbelief but before Bones could defend himself spock inputted "It is my understanding that it is usually The mother that informs the father of his impending Parenthood not the attending physician." Spock finished with Dr Marcus looking slightly abashed and Kirk looking around confused and angry at the same time.

"Are you telling me that I'm a, that I'm a dad?" Kirk's question slurred towards the end as his eyes rolled backwards and he collapsed in a dead faint Spock barely catching him.

Author's Note: and the first chapter of this is done next one is well you'll see won't you.