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We meet again

Chapter one: The Sad Move

It was a sad, windy day and in the woods. Two little chibis were saying their good byes...

"This is no fair. I don't wanna go," said a little girl of age 11. She had pure blue eyes and black silky hair. "Yeah Mrs. Satan why do you have to move?" asked a boy with jet-black hair and Cole black eyes. "Well, Gohan," she kneeled down to him, "Videl and I have to move because we got a new house in the city," said Mrs. Satan. Then Chichi and Rini (Mrs. Satan) started talking.  "Oh Chi, this is so depressing," Rini said in tears. Chichi nodded. "Yes, I know Rini, those two kids are just the best of friends," said Chichi.


Videl stared at Gohan with unshed tears. "Oh Gohan, this is so not fair," Videl whispered. Gohan sighed, "Yeah, I know." Videl started to blush as she looked at her shoes, "Gohan ... well, um ... will you, Uh, you know, remember me after I leave?"

Gohan stared at Videl in shock. "Of course I'll remember you! We are best friends," Gohan said. Then he looked embarrassed as he asked, "Will you remember me Videl?"

Videl smiled, "For sure!" Gohan took off the 25k golden necklace that was hidden under his shirt. There was a dragon with a miniature dragon ball in its mouth. All the Z fighters had one.

Videl's eyes widened, "Wow! Your dragon necklace! I love it," Videl stated. She smiled, "Hmmmmmm, here..." Videl said as she handed Gohan a heart shaped locket made of pure silver. Gohan opened the locket to find a picture of him and Videl.

"Thanks Videl," said Gohan. Rini walked over to them. "Videl, we have to go now," She said. They walked up to Mrs. Satan.

Chichi walked up to Videl and gave her a hug, "Bye Videl." Videl hugged Chichi back, "Bye Mrs. Son. I'll miss you," Videl sobbed.

Gohan bowed, "Bye-bye Mrs. Satan." Gohan hugged her as she hugged him back. "Bye sweetie," She said.

Gohan and Videl stared at one another. Gohan was the first to speak.

"Well, I guess this is good bye Videl," He said. Videl nodded sadly, "Bye Gohan." They both hugged, but before they parted, Videl gave Gohan a quick kiss on the cheek. Gohan chuckled, "Hehehe, bye."

The Satans left, waving a final good bye to their friends ... the Sons. Though tears stray down both the chibis faces. They could only hope to meet again.

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