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We meet again

Chapter thirteen: Epilogue  

~*~*~2 years later~*~*~

In two years of time, Videl lived with the Son's and had nothing to fear. She graduated high school with Gohan and went to the same college. Both were friends till the end, until after graduation Gohan proposed to Videl. He had a long speech and finally told her he loved her. Videl smiled and did the same, and the relationship they had got stronger.

Now we are here, on the fine wedding day of the two lovers. They had waited long enough, and finally Videl had her wish fulfilled, she would strip the name Satan off of her. No longer would she be tainted with the blood and 'fame' of her father.

Mr. Satan didn't take it too well. When he found out, he called her. She yelled at him for a good while, and said she wouldn't want to see him for good. He didn't take it that well and actually let out his emotions and apologized to Videl dearly.

Videl still didn't forgive him, but since he was the father, invited him. She had gotten ready, and finally broke free of all the fuss Chichi, Bulma, Yuumei and her best friend Erasa made. They poked at her, nagged, applied makeup, and all the other essentials.

The wedding was held outside the city, and in the village Videl once grew up in. Many people had made it, and now they were waiting for the bride to walk down the isle. Marron was first, pouring flowers to the sides. Goten walked down the isle with the Kat, and Trunks with Melanie. The chibi's looked so cute, and there were many 'awwws.' All four smiled, but once they got to the end, pouted.

Then came Erasa, Yuumei, and then finally the wedding march began. Everyone rose and smiled. Videl stepped out in a long florescent wedding gown that had golden stitching embroidered at the top of it. The veil masked her dark long hair and cerulean eyes. She smiled looking at everyone kindly and made her way.

Gohan had gasped as he saw his soon to be wife walking towards him. She was so elegant and charming in Gohan's eyes, and by all the comments made as she walked, others thought so too.

She finally made it to her destination and smiled. Videl handed the bouquet to Erasa and turned back to Gohan and the high priest. "Dearly beloved, we gather here to join these two people in holy matrimony. This day is a special one indeed for these two, and we shall give them our full respect. Now I will wed these two individuals forever, and together they shall remain."

Everyone didn't say a word and kept their attention on the couple. "Now let the ceremony begin. Do you Son Gohan, swear to love, cherish, and protect, Videl with your life till death do you part?"

Gohan cleared his throat, "I Son, Gohan, wed thee Videl, and swear to protect her from all harm, danger, and anything that may come, and I vow to love beyond the day I die."

"Please slip on the ring." Gohan turned to Goten and smiled. Goten sort of smiled and handed the ring to Gohan. He slipped the ring on and smiled.

"Now, do you Satan, Videl, swear to love, care, and be there for Gohan with all your will till death do you part?"

Videl smiled, "I Satan, Videl, swear to love, care and be there for Gohan when he feels pain, and be there for him when he feels sorrow, and vow to love him beyond the day I die."

"Ring." Videl smiled and turned to Kat and Melanie. Melanie handed to ring to Kat, and she handed it to Videl. She slipped the ring on and smiled.

"By the power invested and me and Japan, and the witnesses today, I now announce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride. Gohan lifted the veil up and smiled, along with Videl.

Both lips touched each other, and passion filled both of them. Both wanted to cherish their precious moment in life and drowned out all the clapping and cheering. They broke apart, and walked down the isle, side by side.

Soon followed everyone else followed behind and congratulated the couple on their wedding day. Goten, Trunks, Melanie, and Kat walked up to the now married couple. Kat and Melanie pulled Gohan aside, and Goten and Trunks with Videl.

With Gohan, Melanie and Kat lectured him. "Gohan, I am so glad you are my cousin now. Kat and I want to just make sure you protect Videl and live up to both your expectations." Melanie said.

"Do you promise that you and Videl will always love each other, and visit us?" Kat asked.

Gohan smiled at the twins, "I promise of my life that I will make Videl feel no pain."

Kat and Melanie smiled and hugged Gohan. Then both smirked and said, "That means we get to plot with Trunks and Goten, even though were smarter." Kat said.

"Yeah," Melanie said doing the evil hand thingy.

Gohan sighed, but kept hugging the adorable twins.

Now Videl got the same lecture. "Videl, I am glad you my sister and all, but I am afraid Gohan will be too busy for us." Goten said.

"Yeah, we like you too Videl, its just Gohan is like my brother to and I don't want that taken away," Trunks said.

Videl smiled, "You know what you two, I would never imagine in hurting you both. You guys are now apart of my family, and I am glad that you guys still like me. Well visit you guys all the time, and plus, now that you can fly, you can visit us."

Goten and Trunks's eyes lightened, "Really?!"

Videl laughed, "As much as you want. Plus we'll see you both at your mother's barbeques Trunks. She throws them every week."

Both chibi's laughed and hugged Videl, "Ok, thanks sis" Both Goten and Trunks said and walked off with Melanie and Kat.

Gohan and Videl were reunited and were  talking about their interesting conversations. It was now Chichi and Goku who had come up to them. Chichi was crying, and talking to both of them.

"Oh Gohan, if only your father were here, he would be so proud," Chichi cried.

Gohan smiled a bit, but it failed and turned into a frown. Videl noticed this and nudged Gohan. "Gohan, don't be sad my love, I wish my mother were here, and we both have a loss. They can see my mother and us both from up above is probably laughing at me for being in a dress. Just remember, you're not alone."

Gohan smiled and hugged Videl, "Already fulfilling your duties I see."

Videl smiled also, "Yeah, I will try and keep all sorrow and pain away from you."

"Thank you."

"Welcome, now lets dance," Videl said and dragged Gohan out to the dance floor.

For the rest of the night, Gohan and Videl dance the night away. They had many speeches, laughs, cries, and embarrassing stories were told. Everyone had a great time, especially the married couple.

The tale of two best friends who were separated and reunited and the dangerous risks both took is now to decease…

Present time

"And that's how your father and I met sweetie," Videl said to a young girl.

The girl smiled and hugged her mom, "I love that story mommy!"

"Glad you do Pan, now why don't you go to sleep," she said.

"Ok, love you," Pan said and closed her eyes.

Videl left the night light on for her four-year-old daughter and walked out of the room. It has been around six long years for Gohan and Videl's marriage.  Both lived up to their duties, and accomplished all their tasks. Videl walked out to the balcony and kept thinking.

'My bond and love for Gohan got stronger each time we were together, now love is the thing that separates me from my life.' She thought. Finally she felt someone embrace her and kiss her cheek.

"Hello my love, what are you doing up?" Gohan asked.

"Just thinking."

"About what?"

"Our lives. The tale of two best friends being separated for seven years, both with a loss, and a feeling for one another. Finally we were reunited and filled in the seven-year gap. The times we have are precious, and finally that vile kidnapping happened. That didn't stop you from finding me. You found me, and I found the truth about my mother's death. Finally my mate decided to propose, and I gradually accepted."

Gohan smiled, "And I am glad you did."

"Its funny you know. Our story is like a fairy tale. Destiny chose us to be together, and brought us back together. Fate made its wish, and it was fulfilled."

"Destiny or fate had nothing to do with it Videl. It was our strong bond and love. We made such and strong Saiyan bond at a young age, and that is what brought us together," Gohan said.

"Maybe, maybe that's why I am here with you right now. After seven long years of waiting Gohan we found each other…We met again…"

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*THE END~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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