Quidditch at Kyle Field

Author's Note: I do not own Harry Potter, anything related to HP, Kyle Field. I only own myself: Eialyne. Also, all names have been changed because my friends threatened to kill me. *heehee* Finally, this is in script form. Oh yeah, and one more: My friend Ila wrote this, not me, I just dreamed it.

Chapter 1:Arrivel at the Field

Dad: Eialyne, I've got something for you!

Eialyne: What'd you bring me?

Dad: A surprise. I think you'll like it. I got it from work. (He hands 10 tickets to Eialyne) It's at Kyle field at 4:00 Saturday. Take along 9 of your friends.

Eialyne: Why would I want to go to anything at Kyle Field? ((AN: Kyle Field is a Football stadium))

(At school the next day)

Eialyne: (handing tickets to friends) My dad got them at work. He said there was something at Kyle Field.

Friends: Uh, yeah, whatever. Cool. (Ditto, ditto)

(At Kyle Field)

Katie: Remind me again, what are we doing here?

Eialyne: I have no clue what so ever.

Susie: Eialyne kiwwed Hedwig! ((AN: Long story))

(They walk into the stands)

Ila: Radicus, comes!

(Everyone stares at her.)

Ila: It's Latin for, "Rad, dude!"

Bobbi and Amelie: QUIDDITCH!!!!!

(There is a Quidditch game going on; all the players have bloody noses)

Eialyne: Why didn't my dad tell me this?!?

Naomi: Should we sit in Muggle or Non-Muggle?

Grace: I don't think they can tell the difference.

(They walk up the Wizard side)

Person 1: Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans! Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans! Take a risk with every bite!

Naomi: I want some! (She runs and buys a truckload of Beans)

Person 2: How about Droobles Best Blowing Gum?

Ila: Any sugar free?

Person 2: No.

Shannon: Do you think Elijah's here?

Eialyne: Shannon? This is HP, not LOTR. Besides Hobbits and actors aren't magic.

Shannon: (pouts) They aren't?

Susie: Hedwig is dead! You kiwwed Hedwig Eia!

Eialyne: (glares at Susie) I DID NOT!!!

Amelie: You're in denial.

Eialyne: No I'm no.oh.wait..

Jess: I wonder if anyone we know is here...

Ila: I hope Harry is here. I wonder if he'll like me.(she turns to Amelie) Do I look all right?

(Amelie stifles a snicker. Bobbi bends down on one knee)

Bobbi: (in a dreamy voice) Harry, will you go to the dance with me?

(Ila shakes her fist in Bobbi's direction)

Jess: Boo! Hiss! He fouled Angelina!

Grace: How do you know that's Angelina?

Amelie: Wait a minute..Ron plays Quidditch?

Bobbi: You wish.

Next Chapter: Susie Flies, Grace is turned into a frog, and Shannon is sprayed in chewed Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.