In an elevator, the top military commander of the Atlas Military and his white-haired specialist bodyguard stood there before the elevator doors slid open. Soon after they both stepped out as they were met with four rows of computers and scientists awaiting the general.

However, he stopped when one of the scientists at the fourth end had come to meet him. "General Ironwood, it's the first time we have seen an anomaly like this." He said. "I am not sure if the creature is even a creature of Grimm."

General Ironwood, placed his hands behind his back as he gave a confused eyebrow. "Doctor, you didn't tell me there was a creature involved with this."

"No I did not." He said. "However, the creature appeared just after I told you about the anomaly."

"I see. Get security out just in case if this is a new form of Grimm." He ordered.

The scientist began to make his way to his station. "Security, get me platoon one through five, immediately."

Ironwood watched as he noted the past the fourth row of computers and scientists, a door on his left opened up as Atlas soldiers began marching out with their assault rifles. "Doctor, open the blast doors." He ordered.

"But sir-"

"I said, open the blast doors. We'll be ready in case it attacks." Ironwood explained.

"Of course, sir." The scientist looked at his console as he pressed the button that activated the doors once more.

Like the elevator, the doors began to split in two as they slowly moved to the side and reveal a circular project that Atlas was working on. There was a ramp which lead up into the circular opening that revealed nothing, but blackness. However, it was not what General Ironwood had expected.

There was a creature standing between the Atlesian personnel and the portal machine. The humanoid was skinny, but it was tall while its arms were long for reaching. Despite of its dark look, the creature gave no indication that it was a creature of Grimm. In fact, it screamed the opposite. The creature did not speak nor did it make any movements. It just stood there before it raised its left hand towards the general.

Because of its slight movements, the Atlas soldiers readied their weapons.

To Ironwood's surprise, it spoke. However, it's voiced echoed in his mind. He comes to destroy us…

The general was quick to ask. "Who comes to destroy?"

There was no response as the creature's hand formed into a fist. Although it looked harmless, General Ironwood did not see what was coming.

From behind his back, he heard someone cry out to him. "General!" After he looked over his shoulder, he saw the specialist bodyguard flying towards the creature.

"Winter!" He cried out as he pulled out his sidearm. "Let her go!"

However, the creature did not listen as it spoke once more. She will make him see reason… The creature looked back to the black hole on the other side, only to watch Winter make contact with the blackness and disappear from reality. Then it walked back to the black hole in reality.

The creature was quickly struck by a gunshot as it dropped to its knees. Then it looked back, only to see General Ironwood standing with his pistol smoking.

Anger, that was the word the general would use to describe what had happened. "Open fire." He ordered as his Atlas soldiers pulled their triggers.

. . .

Where Winter Schnee found herself, she did not know. She looked around, only to find herself in a wasteland. She thought about what had happened to her and why that creature decided to throw her into the portal. "Where am I?" She whispered to herself, but just as she opened her mouth she couldn't breathe.

Toxic air began to fill into her mouth as she chocked on the air. Despite her best efforts in trying to stay alive, she could not find a way to breathe. She dropped on her knees as her eyes looked up, only to see a muscled figure carrying a bag.

The man began to sprint towards her as she fell to the side as her vision slowly faded away from the world she was thrown to. However, the person reached her and began to unzip his bag. "Don't die on me, girl!" He shouted from beneath his gas mask.

The last thing, that Winter saw was the eyes of the last person to see her.