The obnoxious sounds of students passing by, lockers slamming, car engines starting fill Poppy's ears. There was something about the way this place smell that made her skin crawl. She was an old pro that could ignore the delicious smell of humans blood, but what was left was the fumes from cars mixing with the strong scent of cleaning supplies. If it wasn't the smell that annoyed her it was the usual stares from the student body that irritated her. She had to admit that she did look extremely different than anybody from the dread town of Forks had seen. Her dark midnight hair, sometimes giving off the look of an oil slick, fell past her thighs almost to her knees. She had a body that could stop a truck with curves in all the right places, olive skin that looked as though it was covered in gold shimmers, grey almond eyes that drew everyone in. If it wasn't her looks that made people stare it was her chosen attire that drew the attention. A pair of black creepers replaced her feet, tight black pants hugged her legs and hips. She wore a loose fitting galaxy sweater with a leather jacket over. Her skin was clear of foundation, but her lips were perfectly covered in her favorite black lipstick. People in Forks weren't used to someone with her type of style as well as someone as beautiful as the Cullens.

Suddenly she hears a certain locker close and a familiar scent inch its way closer. She climbs on her motor cycle and starts the engine before Bella even comes down the stairs of the school. Poppy was on Bella duty today since the rest had to take the day of to feed. Due to Poppy's 'difference' she was the only one fit to be in the crowd of humans without springing into a killing spree. Once Bella climbs down the steps Poppy goes immediately in front of Bella. Surprised Bella jumps, "You scared me. What are you doing here?" Poppy was the only one in the family that didn't go to school for reason that included her already having a PhD in medicine. 'There is no reason for me to go when I already went through this crap for centuries! ' was what she would always say to Carlisle.

"I'm here to pick you up. Edward said your truck was acting up so I'm fixing it at the house." Bella squints her eyes which makes Poppy sigh, "I'm not doing anything extra ok. I'm not Edward or Emmett. All I want to do is fix the engine ok." She hands Bella her helmet and soon enough they're on the road. Though out the ride Bella can't help, but remember the day she met the family, or more specifically Poppy. After the food fiasco downstairs Edwards had brought Bella to Poppy's room which was the attic. Carlisle had it especially remodeled with soundproof walls since Poppy wasn't shy about playing her music.

"Are you sure this is alright?" Bella asked as Edward was about to knock.

"It's fine I promise. Poppy'll be pissed if I didn't introduce you to her." He knocks softly once and in an instant the door swings open. Bella glances in to see blue walls that were made of the sound proof material. There was nothing but a day bed, bookshelf, and desk. The one thing that stood out was the ballet bar on the right side of the room, attached to several floor length mirrors. Poppy was dressed in a black leotard with loose fitting grey shorts on. With her hair pulled back and her face completely exposed, Poppy took Bella's breath away. "Bella this is my sister Poppy. She's the doctor that I always tell you about." Poppy smiles and takes a deep breath.

"Hmm you aren't really my type unfortunately." Poppy says," You smell good, but eh." Edward shoots her a 'really?' look and Bella grins awkwardly.

"Its nice to meet you since you don't go to school."

"Yea well it would've been a pleasure seeing Edward fall all over you, but I guess it wasn't meant to be." Poppy's smile turns into a smirk then fades into an irritated pout. "Looks like Emmett needs the help of a real women." She moves past the new couple and gracefully makes her way to the stairs. "You love birds have fun." She shouts as she prances downstairs. Her and Bella became extremely close since Poppy was always around when the family wasn't. Especially during those dark times the first few months of Bella's senior year; Poppy was always there watching to make sure she was safe. Bella was also intrigued by Poppy. She knew that Poppy was different, but she didn't know how or why. All anyone told her about the difference was that she was the only one of her knew that one day she would find out so Bella kept quiet and wait for Poppy to finally open up.

Once they were at the house they went straight to the garage. Bella knew little to nothing about car, so she oversaw what Poppy was doing. Poppy was extremely intelligent in almost every subject and knew almost everything about everything. As Poppy was teaching her about spark plugs Bella couldn't contain her curiosity, "How are you so smart?" Poppy smirked and unscrewed something.

"I haven't been around as long as the rest of my family, but I've been around long enough to learn plenty of things." She emerged from under the hood and straightened her back. Examining the spark plug in her hand she continued, "When there was an opportunity to learn something I took it." She looked at Bella and smiled.

"So do you think you know everything?" Poppy shook her head.

"There is plenty I don't know. Especially when your stuck in a certain age gap." Poppy was turned when she was 16 years old, but has been around since the late 50s. Which is another reason why she didn't like to go to school. "Ok that should do it." She closes the hood and wipes her hands on a blue rag. The girls spend about 30 minutes talking until the clan return and Edward takes Bella home.

After the love birds leave, Poppy goes straight to her room. Switching on her stereo and changing she begins to practice on her bar. She's been dancing since she could remember; in fact the last thing she can remember from her human life is dancing. With two types of species coursing through her veins Poppy had a hard time remembering the early years of her actual life. The furthest she could go is about a year before she was killed. It never bothered her however it did make her a little sad sometimes, but then she'd get Emmett or Jasper to play around with. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, "Come in." Poppy whispers. Carlisle pops his head through the door and shines his amazing smile.

"Am I disturbing you?" Poppy returns his smile and shakes her head.

"Not at all. Come in." Entering fully Carlisle closes the door behind him. "Did you need something?" She asks.

"No I just wanted to know if you were feeling ok. The sun was a little stronger than normal today." The only one who knew the extent of Poppy's condition was Carlisle; he was after all the one that saved her.

"I'm fine. A little sore is all, but the full moon is close by so that'll help me loosen up."

"That's good. Are all the preparations being made? If you need anything don't hesitate to ask." She sits on her day bed causing Carlisle to follow.

"Yes everything is fine. You don't have to worry, alright.?"

"I always worry about what might happen to you out there. Even if you are the one doing the hunting you may never know what else is out there." He places his arm around her shoulder, "I just want you to be safe. You look like a normal wolf in your form so people will think you are just a mere wolf. Who knows maybe a hunter might be out there." She nudges him lightly.

"Don't put that into the universe, crazy." They laugh together as father and daughter. It's true that her wolf form was almost identical to a regular wolf, but she had never ran into anything like the scenario Carlisle was imagining. He was always worried when it was time for her to go on her change. Things were different for her since of her vampire and wolf blood coexisting in her body. She was the same as vampire in every aspect only her feeding methods were different and on full moons she had no choice, but to change into her wolf form. Nobody had ever seen her form except Carlisle the day she was attacked. Her life had turned upside down the day she decided to leave the grasp of the Volturi. Then again her life has always been a upside down.