DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pokémon. This story is based with the gijinka AU created by BatmanRules256 with his permission. Pokemon: Darkness and Dreams is a good story, and I recommend it.

Pokémon: Darkness and Dreams: Umbre Part 1

She had always been a weird and strange child. Even her parents would admit it. But unlike everyone else in the mostly Psychic type village, Umbre Dharc's parents saw it as something else to love about their daughter. Her shyness made it hard for her to befriend others, and unfortunately made her an easy target for bullies. While nothing overt was actually done, kids are surprisingly clever in finding ways to put down those who are different. This led to Umbre finding solace in book and scrolls (rare as the latter were), which actually gave her tormentors more to use against her. Try as they might, her parents weren't too successful in convincing the parents of the children to cease their bullying; the kids just got more clever. All except for a Kossumoggu girl. Though younger than the Eevee girl, she felt drawn to the socially anxious child. At first, the raven-haired girl would flee at every attempted interaction. Then Kossumoggu took to teleporting next to the oddly-colored Eevee, making her freak out so extremely that she would literally jump straight into the air. And even though this made her a target for bullying, too, she persisted. And a month later, Umbre got her first (and only) friend.

Glacen Whiteout, Umbre's father, was a Glaceon with great skill as a battler. He retired when he learned his wife was expecting, and took to safeguarding the village they chose to settle. Not so coincidentally, it was located near a forest shrouded in rumors and myths about ancient dangers and beasts. It was also the location of a hidden and ancient library that was established generations ago. While many others could have been chosen to be its caretaker, the leader of the first legendary council chose a bloodline from the Eevee named Dharc. Umbre's mother, an Espeon named Espa, was it's current caretaker. Her daughter's thirst for knowledge, while arising from a negative cause, thrilled her and she began subtly preparing her for assuming the role when it was time. Naturally, Umbre dragged her best and only friend along with her, something Kossumoggu didn't mind at all.

Then came the day Umbre evolved. It was her eighth birthday, and it had been her happiest one ever, since Kossumoggu was there with her. While she didn't have a lot of gifts, what she did get was gotten from the heart. She felt so happy and loved, that while it was dusk her Eeveelution triggered and she became an Umbreon. But she wasn't a typical Umbreon; she was a Shiny Umbreon. Fairly rare, and now a Dark type, Umbre found herself ostracized even more.

That's when she made her second friend.


"Umbi!" came a happy voice from beside her. As was normal for her, Umbre let out a short shriek as she, exactly like an anime character, shot up into the air a few feet before landing back on her bottom and tumbling off the rock she'd been reading on.

"Ow," she deadpanned, blinking her eyes as she looked up at her best friend. Kossumoggu looked down at her with a happy grin on her face; it was obvious she was excited about something

"Kossu, why do you always teleport right next to me?" the young Umbreon asked. "Just because you learned it early doesn't mean you have to use it all the time." Umbre was unusually concise and knowledgeable for a nine year old, more than likely due to the books she was always reading.

"But it's fun!" the younger girl replied, giggling a bit. Then she added, "Why do you talk like a big book all the time?" The Umbreon sighed and closed her book before standing up and brushing off her black tunic-like hoodie. It was actually more like a long sleeved dress that ended at mid-thigh, with blue circles on the sleeves up near the shoulders; however, it was also like a hoodie since it did have a hood and drawstrings (there were also holes cut into the top of the hood to provide a space for her Poké ears to stick out of (the back of the dress/tunic/hoodie also had a space for her Poké tail, and both her ears and tail had blue rings around them a few inches from the ends). She wore a pair of boots that ended above her knees, with blue ovals right over her knees (for fun, she had added a small belt near the top of her right boot).

"I like to read," Umbre replied.

"I do, too!" Kossu pouted.

"'See Growlithe Run' doesn't count," her friend teased.

"You're mean!" she whined, an adorable pout on her face. This caused Umbre to actually giggle, which was a fairly uncommon occurrence with the bookish Umbreon. "Oh!" Kossumoggu exclaimed as she remembered why she'd gone to her best friend. "My mom wants to meet you!"

"Your mom?" Umbre asked, confused.

"Yeah!" Kossu said, smiling hugely. "She wants to see who my best friend is!"

"I'm your best friend?" the raven-haired girl blurted out, caught by surprise. She had seen her friend hanging out with the other kids in the Alolan village, seen her playing with them, and of course knew she also hung around with her. A lot. But the Umbreon had no idea the other girl regarded her so much.

"Well, yeah," Kossu replied. "You're way more awesomer than all everyone else! Um, except for my mom, of course."

"I-" Umbre started to say, but found she couldn't get any more words out; for some reason, it felt like her throat was constricted. Instead, she pulled her best friend into a tight hug, a really big expression for the socially anxious child.

At Kossumoggu's House

"Here she is, mom!" Kossu shouted as she quite literally dragged Umbre into her house.

"Nebula Borealis Kossumoggu," came a warm yet stern voice, "what have I told you about shouting while the twins are napping?"

"Sorry, mom," Kossu said apologetically. Umbre looked over to wear the voice came from, and saw an elegant and beautiful woman standing there. Even at this young an age, she could tell that this woman exuded power and authority. If it weren't for the warmth and friendliness she was sincerely displaying, Umbre would've fled the house right then and there.

"And you must be the young girl that my daughter is always going on about," she went on, in the same gentle voice Umbre's own mom often had. The young Umbreon nodded shyly, her gaze going to her booted feet. She felt a hand on her chin, and shortly found herself looking into a pair of ruby eyes. Kossu's mom wore a long, sleeveless, twilight colored dress that flowed around her and stopped at her ankles. She wore gold colored heels that were about two inches. A twilight colored cape went down from her shoulders, the edges lined in silver. A white collar went around her neck, part of her dress. Her eyeteeth poked slightly out of her lower mouth, giving her a slightly more exotic look. Her hair was put up like a sideways crescent moon. The outside was gold, twilight color inside of that, which bled into white as it got closer to her head. Her bangs, however, were the color of twilight, covering her eyes partially. "Don't be afraid, little Umbre," she added with smile. "I may be a lot of things, but I do not harm family."

"F-Family?" Umbre's stuttered out.

"Of course! You're my daughter's best friend, which practically makes you family." That was said with a wink the little Umbreon didn't understand.

"Everyone makes fun of her and is mean to her, mom," Kossumoggu put in, upset on her best friend's behalf, "so she has no other friends."

"Well, now she has one more," her mom replied, smiling at the older child. "I'm Lunala Nebula D." Umbre couldn't believe it. All her life, everyone but her parents and Kossu had treated her like she was weird or unnatural; and that was before her very early evolution. Again, in a move that was atypical of her, she went and hugged Kossu's mom, who returned it. Lunala also sensed the lack of harmony with the little Umbreon, how the child's soul and body weren't in unity.

"Kossumoggu, could you check on your sisters for a minute?" Lunala asked.

"Okay, mom!" she replied happily, then skipped off to do it. Once she was out of earshot, Lunala looked at Umbre.

"You aren't in harmony with yourself," she stated. Umbre looked down, feeling tears prickle at the corners of her eyes.

"I know," she whispered. "I don't know what to do. No one does."

"Such power is beyond even the most powerful of Legendaries," Lunala said, hugging the girl comfortingly. "But that doesn't mean it is impossible."

"What do you mean?" Umbre asked, pulling back a bit to look up at her.

"I have actually helped your mother gather books and scrolls for that library of she maintains for those worthy of its secrets," the woman explained. "It's knowledge is vast and unparalleled. Perhaps, in its chambers, lies the secret to your own personal harmony."


Three Years Later

Umbre was now twelve years old, and had become quite the intelligent child. She was still shy, and still dealt with social anxiety, but hadn't let that stop her from her goals. Just as she stopped letting the people in the village bother her with their words and actions. Shortly after she had become friends with Lunala, her father had started teaching her how to battle. She actually wasn't bad at it, and could be considered a decent fighter, but it was obvious her true calling was to follow in her mother's footsteps. Espa had introduced her daughter to the legacy she was set to inherit, a legacy she had inherited from her own mother by order of Arcen, the leader of the Legendary Council. Around that same time, though, Arden's daughter Arceus was 'asking' to be allowed access to the library. Espa, though not anywhere near being a legendary in power or skill, nevertheless actually had – due to the powers used in its creation – the power to refuse or allow access to the library of anyone. Being an Espeon, her psychic abilities did not give her a positive impression of the other woman, and so she refused her entrance. Arceus gracefully accepted the refusal, but never stopped asking.

Today had started off as each day had been for the last several months, with Arceus showing up during breakfast (and however unintentionally frightening Umbre off) to 'ask' to get into the library, only to be once again refused. But something felt off about this day, even after the legendary had left. Both Espa and Glacen felt it, and so suggested to their daughter that she hang out with Kossu today. Umbre was hoping for a trip to the library, but didn't argue with her mom. She was hoping to be able to research something, learn about an ability she was suspecting she had: Synchronize. She wasn't entirely sure about it, but knew she would always be able to look another time. She did like being around Kossumoggu, though she couldn't really say why. Her parents could see it, of course, but didn't say anything.

"Umbi!" Kossu shouted as she teleported right next to her best friend. Umbre's parents, and probably the village an hour's walk away, easily heard the twelve year old's shriek of surprise. Espa chuckled as she looked over at her husband and said, "I can never tell who's more eager to be around whom with those two."

"Do you think they'll realize what's going on there?" Glacen asked, sharing in his wife's mirth.

"Before or after Umbre looks it up in the library?" was her laughed response. Just then, Lunala walked in, her twin daughters with her.

"I see Kossu beat me here," she said, a small smile on her face. The smile faded, though, as she sensed the tension and uneasiness in the air. "Kuri, Tina, why don't you two go see what Umbre and your sister are doing? Just remember not to be too excited around Umbre, okay?"

"Okay, mommy!" the two girls said in unison before dashing off to the older girl's room. Lunala then looked at Espa and Glacen. The Glaceon, though, left the room but not before saying, "This is outside my experience."

"Lunala," the Espeon began, "I'm worried." The older woman didn't need to ask why. She had become very good friends with not only Umbre but her parents, too. Which meant that Espa knew what she was up to, and had done before.

"I know," she said softly.

"It's going to come back on you, legendary or not," Espa told her.

"Will you stop me?" she was asked.

"As long as your my daughter's friend, you'll always be allowed in the library. You know even at your weakest I can't defeat you."

"It won't ever come to that, Espa."

"Just . . . . just promise me that if anything happens to Glacen and I, you'll take care of Umbre," Espa asked.

"You have my word," Lunala promised. "Would you and Glacen mind taking the twins for a few hours? I want to take Umbre and Kossu shopping for presents."

"Their birthday is tomorrow, isn't it?" The Espeon smiled. "And you'd like me to make the cake?"

"You do have a unique recipe for Oran Berry Cake," Lunala admitted.


No one really knew what happened that day. A massive upsurge of Dark type energy was sensed, although it didn't last long. Lunala had felt how familiar it was, and felt her blood run cold. Trusting Umbre and Kossu to look at for each other, and teleported to the source of the disturbance – and found blackened ruins where Umbre's house had stood. Before she could panic or despair, she sensed both of her daughters' presence. Kuri was in the epicenter of the destruction, while Tina was curled up in a ball nearby. But she couldn't find Espa and Glacen, and an empty feeling settled within the pit of her stomach. She could also sense a Psychic residue in the area, one that felt like Espa's.

"Oh, Espa," she breathed quietly, gathering her unconscious daughters up before teleporting away.

A funeral was held the next day, but only Lunala, her daughters, and Umbre attended. She refused to allow anyone from the village to come, even though her parents had been well liked by everyone else; they hadn't liked her much at all so she didn't want them there. No one objected, though, since Lunala supported her decision and had the power to back up the orphaned girl's desire. Of course, that didn't stop Arceus from showing up. Nobody had a chance to say anything before Umbre shrieked at the sight of her, and vanished; her Synchronize ability had kicked in and she had utilized Kossu's Teleport move.

"You aren't welcome here, Arceus," Lunala said coldly.

"I would be careful, Lunala," the daughter of Arden said. "You aren't as circumspect as you think you are, and . . . . well, things can happen. Just like with Espa and Glacen."

"What do you know, Arceus?"

"Nothing that visiting that library wouldn't help."

"Espa has kept you out of there for a reason," Lunala replied, "and since Umbre is blatantly terrified of you for reasons I don't know, I sincerely doubt you'll ever get in there."

"Don't be so certain of that," Arceus said with a smirk. "I always get what I want. One way or another." With that, the woman teleported away.

"Hey, mom?" Kossumoggu asked.

"Go to Umbre, sweetie," Lunala said. "She'll need you right now. The twins and I will be fine. The two of you come back when she's ready, okay?"

"Okay, mom," Kossu said, hugging her mom before teleporting to the library.


What no one knew is that a lot of things would change now. It was a few hours before Kusso barely managed to convince Umbre to leave for a bit. They teleported to the younger girl's home, only to find no one there. Not even the twins. Afraid now, and having no idea about what was going on, they returned to the library. As it was located in a temporally different dimensional pocket, time in there passed differently than it did outside. Umbre would rarely leave it, relying on her best friend for anything they needed from the outside.

E/N: And that's part one. I really recommend reading Pokémon: Darkness and Dreams before this. Lots of kudos and credit to BatmanRules256 for creating such an awesome story, and for letting me add to it. This story was only possible with his input, too.