"FEEL THE FLAME" by Alessandra Azzaroni

© 2003 by Alessandra Azzaroni vcaoriginals@yahoo.com.au http://au.geocities.com/vcastairwaytoheaven/index.htm



Written in Australia. Please send me an email if you would like to know when this story is updated.


I have to write this all down. Someone must know. I can't just keep on with my life without telling anyone my secret. Yet again, what would it matter if I told? I believe there'd be very few - if any - people who would actually believe me if I told them.
But I keep my silence as much as I can. Some think I do this to control my "Latin temperament", but you must trust in me when I tell you that what I have to control is much more dangerous. Also, I keep my silence because that is what my mother has done, and my mother was an idol to me in my younger years. But like any other rose, she has her thorns. It's almost a coincidence that her surname - which she kept even after she married - is de la Rosa.
She may have done wrong by me, but in the end she was my salvation. And I owe her for that. Perhaps if I have children, I, too, might do for them that my mother did for me.
But I am not writing just to tell you of my mother. I must tell you about myself. You may begin to despise me as you read… or you may just sympathise. You may never experience what I kept as my secret, but you might be able to understand why I am so fiery - in more ways than one.