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Mike, Raph and Casey stood on a rooftop, waiting for the Foot to come out of the building they'd stalked them to. When they were finally about to leave and look for some other trouble, Hun and a dozen ninja came out, bags of money in their hands.

Raph took out his sais and Casey put his mask on, hiding the bandages on his face. Mike took out his nunchucks as Casey also took out a hockey stick.

"Time for sweet revenge!" Raph exclaimed as they leapt down and ambushed the Foot.

April threw the ball again, and Leo retrieved the ball again. The next time she threw it, though, it rolled into Don's lab, where he was working. "Oh no!" the redhead exclaimed as she ran over.

Don was jumping out of his seat and trying to restrain Leo from his very dangerous chemicals, and not succeeding very well. "Leo...! NO!" he exclaimed, not noticing as something else dumped into the cure.

Leo grabbed the ball in his mouth and set it down in front of Don's feet. The purple-clad ninja looked at him confusedly, so Leo gestured to the ball, and then to Don's hand. Don's face lit up in realization. "Oh!" He picked up the ball and threw it to the living room, and Leo went after it. April flashed the genius an apologetic smile and went after him.

She threw it again and it somehow made its way into the pool. Leo went after it dove in before April could react. "Leo, come back up!"

A few minutes passed, and no sign of Leo. April was considering diving in herself, but at that moment, a furry figure started making its way up to the surface. She breathed a sigh of relief as Leo's furry and wet head popped up. "Leo..." she breathed happily as Leo climbed out. She ran and got a towel and started drying him off, and he shakily barked happily, shivering wildly. He was still cold-blooded, after all.

Mike knocked out 4 Foot ninja with his nunchucks and threw a ninja star at one more. "That's for turning Leo into a werewolf!"

Raph stabbed 3 more. "Tha's fer experimantin' on 'im!"

He kicked 4 in the stomachs with his good right leg. "Tha's fer my leg!"

Casey hit Hun repeatedly until he passed out. "Those're fer mah face!" he yelled.

They all put their weapons away. "Casey, I think you look better than ever!" Mike teased, earning 2 different slaps in the head by 2 different males. "Ow! Can we, like, go home? I wanna see Leo before he turns back!"

Raph spun a sai in his hand before sheathing it. "Whateva."

When the trio got back to the Lair, they found April and a wet Leo fast asleep, Leo near the couch and April n it. Mike glanced at the clock, which said 1 in the morning. He watched as Raph and Casey went to the kitchen, then chuckled and turned the TV to the news. "A dozen of the robbers and the man with the tattoo have been found unconscious or dead on a rooftop-"

Leo woke up with a start, accidentally pressing the record button.

"-which leaves us to wonder; is this the vigilante Casey Jones, or Angel, r someone new? Personally, I am inclined to say the third one, as we also found this on the rooftop."

The ninja star that Mike had thrown showed up on the screen with a shing, causing Leo to look at his younger brother and growl lowly.

Mike groaned. "How does he know I did something wrong even though he's a puppy?!" he demanded and started running away, and Leo raced after him, barking angrily.

Don rolled his eyes when he heard screaming and barking. "What did they do now?" he asked himself, getting up and making his way to the TV. He picked up the remote to turn it off, only to see the record button blinking. He waited for the news to go on commercial, as it was showing the rooftop once more, then turned off the TV and took out the tape. "Leo'll like to see this..."

He carried the tape back to his lab and started back on the cure. He just needed to put it in the centrifuge for a few minutes... Aaannnd he could only give it ti Leo if he was himself. The centrifuge beeped, and he took out an empty syringe and filled it up. He then put it on his desk and went back to the living room, ignoring the 2 chasing turtles still.

He chuckled at April and draped a blanket over her, and put her head in a more comfortable position. He watched as Raph and Casey came in, sodas in their hands, laughing about how they'd "completely slaughtered that scum".

Don crossed his arms. "You guys made the news," he said simply, startling the duo. Mike came running in, Leo still barking and chasing him. Raph caught Leo by the shell and Don grabbed Mike by the wrist.

"You do know why he's mad at you, right?" the genius asked his younger brother.

Le growled at Mike again, but didn't try to break away from Raph, so the hothead let him go; Leo sat in a traditional dog's sitting position.

Mike, on the other hand, chuckled sheepishly at Don's question. "Um, I might've left a shuriken on the roof?"

Leo snarled, but then yawned.

"Well," Don said as he got Leo to walk to the couch. "look who's all sleepy! *yawns* We all are!"

Raph and Mike went to bed, and Casey sat down next to April and fell asleep next to her.

Don got Leo to fall asleep, then waited for sunrise to come. When Leo's features retracted, Don went to his lab and grabbed the syringe, then went back to the lab. He knew how light a sleeper Leo was, and proceeded with caution. Leo shifted in his sleep, and Don dove behind the couch. Leo didn't wake up, though. Breathing a quiet sigh of relief, Don started back to his blue-clad brother.

He emptied the needle in Leo's arm, and Leo seemed to relax a little more in his sleep. Don smiled as he draped a blanket over his brother, then went to get a little shut-eye.

Don woke up to his cover being ripped off. He groggily got his head out from under the pillow and saw Raph and Mike standing there, Raph with his blanket in his hand. "Wha time is i'?" the genius groggily asked, sitting up. Raph grabbed his immediate younger brother's head and pointed it towards the clock. "# PM! An' Leo ain' up yet!"

Don jumped out of bed immediately and ran to the living room, shaking his sleeping brother. "Leo? Leo, wake up!"

The leader's eyes fluttered open, and he sat up. "Hi, um, who are you?"

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