Rewritten on 7/21/17

I rewrote some of this chapter (Mostly the council meeting) because I did a shitty job last time. I couldn't even read the chapter when I tried... So, I rewrote the chapter. Enjoy.

Percy and Artemis tumbled down the hill, holding onto each other for dear life as they fell. When they finally reached the bottom of the hill they landed with Artemis on top of Percy and their faces only inches apart. As they stared into each other's eyes they felt the warm feeling in their stomach bubble up more than ever. They could see the love shining in each other's eyes before they closed their eyes and leaned in until their lips met.

As soon as their lips met they both pulled back with a look of disgust on their faces. Artemis rolled off of Percy and began to vigorously rub her lips with the sleeve of her shirt as if rubbing off something disgusting. Percy was no better as he was using the hem of his shirt to rub his lips in a similar way to Artemis.

"Ugg, I feel like I just kissed Apollo," Artemis whined between rubs.

"Yeah! I feel like I just kissed Thalia." Percy agreed.

Artemis temporarily stopped her rubbing to glare at Percy, "How do you know what it feels like to kiss Thalia?" She questioned sharply.

Percy rolled his eyes, "And how do you know what it feels like to kiss Apollo?" He shot back.

Artemis flushed in embarrassment, "Oh."

Percy rolled his eyes again before resuming rubbing his lips. After a few minutes, they both stopped rubbing, mainly because their lips were starting to hurt. They placed a finger on their lips as if to check if they got it all off. They both gave themselves a nod of approval before standing up. "Never speak of this again," Artemis ordered.

Percy nodded, "Agreed."

With that, they both walked back up the hill. As they walked up the hill Percy thought about what just happened. It was just his luck to end up kissing the person who he has a sisterly love for, not romantic love. He couldn't help but feel kind of stupid for not recognizing it, considering how much time he spent with Thalia, another person who he loves like a sister. He could only imagine what Artemis was thinking because she actually has a sibling and she didn't recognize it.

When they finally got back to the top of the hill the hunters were packing up the training equipment and getting ready to leave. Percy and Artemis frowned before they realized they had been gone for an hour. No wonder their lips hurt so much. (It took time to climb back up the hill, so they weren't at the bottom for the entire hour.)

The two began helping the hunters pack up before heading back to camp with the rest. Thalia noticed their bruised lips and frowned in confusion. 'What happened to them?' She wondered. Thalia smirked, 'They were probably making out.' She thought to herself jokingly. She and the rest of the hunt knew that the two loved each other like siblings, it was kind of obvious.

When they got back to camp Percy immediately went to the Kitchen Tent because he and the girls were getting hungry. When Percy entered the tent, he was greeted by the usual sight of Hera leaning against a table wearing an apron.

"Hey Percy," Hera said casually as she walked up to him and gave him a hug.

"Hey Hera," Percy said with a small smile as he hugged her back.

Once they separated they began to cook. As they cooked they worked in comfortable silence. "So..." Percy began, deciding to break the silence, "I kissed Artemis today."

Hera stopped what she was doing instantly and accidentally dropped the bowl she was holding, scattering its contents on the floor. "You did what!" Hera shrieked, jealousy laced in her voice.

Percy, not noticing Hera's jealous tone, sighed, "Yeah, it was probably the most awkward moment of my life." He said.

Hera frowned in confusion, "What do you mean it was awkward?" She asked, temporarily forgetting her jealousy.

"Well, we thought we loved each other romantically, so we kissed... It turns out we love each other like siblings, so I pretty much kissed my sister... like I said, awkward." Percy explained.

Hera looked at Percy with a deadpan look for a few seconds before she burst out laughing. Percy just stood there with an unamused expression on his face as Hera doubled over laughing at Percy's expense. Once Hera was able to regain herself she said, "You have the worst luck on the planet. First, you're turned into a girl, then you kiss your sisterly figure, all in a week. It must suck to be you."

Percy chuckled dryly, "You have no idea."

After that the two continued cooking, talking about anything and everything the whole time. Once the two of them were finished cooking they brought the food out to the hunters and began eating with them, laughing and talking the night away. All the while Hera was wondering why she was so jealous, she didn't like Percy, right?

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ (I had to get rid of the revenge on Aphrodite scene, sorry, it just didn't fit with the rest of it. Don't worry though, Percy will get revenge in time.)

The next day the hunters could be seen walking with Percy though Olympus. As they walked they joked and laughed with each other. Many of the residents of Olympus looked at the group oddly, wondering why they were being so friendly with a male, but quickly looked away when they received a glare from one of the girls. The girls and Percy walked up to the throne room doors and walked through. They all bowed before the gods before Percy and Artemis walked up. Artemis grew to her godly height and sat down on her thrown while Percy walked to the middle of the room and bowed before the gods.

"Rise." Zeus boomed, dramatically.

Percy rose and faced the council ready to get the meeting over with.

"Perseus do you believe you are capable of going back to camp and take your leadership role back?" Zeus asked, looking like he wanted to be anywhere but there.

"Yeah," Percy said simply as he pulled his pen out and began twirling it between his fingers.

"All in favor of Perseus going back to camp." Zeus boomed as eight hands went up.

"Very well, council dismissed." Zeus thundered.

"Wait that's it?" Percy asked in surprise.

"Yeah, you're not a kid, we if you say your fine, you fine." Hermes before going back to looking at his phone/Caduceus.

"Hmm, that was much easier than I thought, not that I'm complaining," Percy said with a shrug.

"Yeah, so do you want me to flash you to camp?" Artemis asked as she shrunk down to human size.

"Actually, I wanted to stop by and say hi to Calypso. Can you flash me to her place, I can get back to camp from there." Percy said.

Many of the Olympians began to shift uncomfortably and awkwardly in their thrones at Percy's question. Percy noticed this and narrowed his eyes. "You did free her and the other peaceful Titans, right?" He asked with an edge to his voice.

"I haven't gotten to it yet," Zeus said with a careless shrug.

Percy's glare intensified, "You made an oath on the river Styx, and like I said I will hold you to that oath." He said as he crossed his arms.

Zeus glared back at the stubborn demigod, "I swore to free them, I never swore to do it right away." Zeus growled.

Hera, sensing the tension between her husband and her best friend, intervened. "I believe it would be best to free them, we did swear an oath. We would get a bad image if we do not fulfill the savior of Olympus' request." She said surprising many of the council members.

Zeus scratched his chin as he thought about what Hera said. While he didn't like the idea of complying with a mortal's demands, he also didn't like the thought of demigods resenting him and the other Olympians, and the resulting drop in offerings and praise.

Zeus nodded, "Very well, I will free them." Zeus said and snapped his fingers causing multiple flashes of light to appear in the Throne room.

When Percy uncovered his eyes, he looked around the room, seeing many unfamiliar, but powerful people. All of them wore tunics or chitons and looked around the room in confusion. Some of the gods got down from their thrones to greet loved ones or really old Friends. Percy joined the gods, searching for Calypso.

Percy stopped his search when he heard a familiar voice call his name. He turned around and was met by Calypso, who quickly crushed him in a hug. Percy didn't hesitate to hug her back, happy that she was finally free.

Once they pulled back Calypso asked, "Percy, how am I here? I was tending to my garden when I was flashed here."

Percy grinned, "As part of my reward for defeating Kronos I asked that you and the other peaceful Titans were freed."

Calypso's eye watered slightly before she hugged Percy again, "Thank you." She whispered during the hug.

"So, you going to come to camp or go out and explore the world?" Percy asked once they pulled back from the hug.

"Actually, I'm thinking of joining the hunters," Calypso said.

Percy raised an eyebrow, "Really, why?"

She sighed, "I've had my heart broken hundreds of times in the past few millennia because of my curse. I think I will fit in well with them."

Percy gave her a sad smile, "I think you will love it there."

"Thanks," she said.

"If you want we can go find Artemis right now," Percy said.

Before Calypso could scold Percy for his informal use of Artemis' name, said goddess walked into view.

"Whatcha looking for me for?" She asked as she used Percy's shoulder as an armrest.

Calypso immediately bowed, only for Artemis to wave it off. Calypso hesitantly rose, confused by Artemis' behavior.

"Calypso wants to join the hunters," Percy said with a shrug.

Artemis raised an eyebrow before realization dawned on her. She gave Calypso a look of sympathy, "Of course she will be allowed to join."

A smile appeared on Calypso's face at the goddess' words. Before she could say anything, a voice interrupted her, again.

"So, this is the young man, who freed me?" All three turned around and were greeted by Apollo standing next to a woman.

She had long auburn hair, blue eyes, and a well-proportioned body that looked to be that of a 30-year old's. Her face looked very similar to Artemis' and Apollo's, and that when it clicked inside of Percy's head.

"Lady Leto," Percy said while bowing.

Leto waved off Percy's bow, "You do not need to bow to me, you freed me from my prison, so you have my eternal gratitude." Leto said before pulling Percy into a short hug.

As they pulled back Hera walked up to them. "Lady Hera," Leto said, bowing.

"Leto," Hera said with a curt nod.

Percy gently bumped into Hera, causing her to look at him. He gave a subtle nod towards Leto. Hera nodded slowly before turning to Leto and saying, "Leto, what I did to you all those years ago, was unacceptable. I-I," Percy slipped his hand into Hera's and gave her a gentle squeeze, something that went unnoticed by the rest of the room, "I Apologize." Hera finished, swallowing her pride.

Leto stared at Hera in stunned shock for a few seconds before she flashed her a warm smile, "Apology accepted. I also apologize for hurting you, but I can't say I regret the outcome," she said while looking at Artemis and Apollo, who was mingling with some of the other Titans.

Hera nodded, "Yes, I can say I've also become rather fond of Artemis."

Artemis blushed and smiled at the indirect praise she was getting, causing Percy to roll his eyes. Artemis stuck her tongue out at Percy, who in return stuck his tongue out. Hera and Leto chuckled at the childishness of the two.

Hera walked over to Percy, "Would you like me to flash you to camp?"

Percy nodded and the two bid farewell to the others before disappearing in a flash.