It was not my intention to have deleted the first ten chapters of Let Me Screw Around in the Clone Wars but what's done is done. So this is my rewrite because I don't have any files of the first one left. This one will be more slow and I'm starting it off witha a few changes. Other thanthan that I was pretty miffed, had a great trench warfare scene in the chapter I was doing, but like all things, it was scrapped.

The viewing room inside the vastness that was the void was beginning to grow tiresome. Especially for a nigh omnipotent being like Dolan, a veritable god inside this vast open world that he lived in. For a being like him, he very much enjoyed entering worlds and having fun in them at his own leisure. Today was no different, and Dolan watched the viewing room change shape and perspective until finally it landed on the Clone Wars universe, just at the very start of it.

Dolan whistled, already knowing what it was he wanted to do. With a crack of his neck, Dolan entered the Star Wars universe, and let the fun times come to him.

The Galaxy is my Game

Chapter 1: The Setting

The Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems were at war with each other, but for all the talk of war, the Clone Wars was a relatively small affair. Dolan had no interest in keeping it a small war, and had every intention to escalate. But first, he must create a setting, he must make the Star Wars universe he wanted to fight in, or better explained, the ideal Clone Wars for himself.

So Dolan did the one thing he knew, he ripped off other TV shows because he was an unimaginative little fuck. He teleported himself above Mustafar, the main factory for CIS droids, and expanded the number of factories and raw materials available to them by spawning them in. He also created factories designed to building NS5s from the movie I,Robot, and implanted information of Terminator models into high ranking Separatists leaders that would develop them and implement them in the war when the ideas would fully realise themselves inside their mind. This was all planning to make sure the war lasted longer, and to give the CIS a far greater advantage rather than just numbers. The NS5s and Terminator droids would certainly boost the CIS fighting capability, and make them a more formidable foe, while the extra factories meant that the CIS could contain more ground than the Republic.

Flexing his fingers Dolan then transported himself to Kamino. Same as he did on Mustafar, Dolan added more cloning facilities, ARC trooper and Commando training centres, and equipment development areas. Like previously stated, Dolan had no intention to keep the war small, and was planning on making it as large as possible. The clones had better advantages for now as organic soldiers, but the only way to make them more capable was to give them better equipment, and there was only one way to do that.

He appeared over Coruscant and placed large quantities of Gold inside the Republic treasury, and set it so that many of the Senators would dedicate these funds to the development of the Clone Army. Then, because he was right next door, he began placing in Jedi Masters and Padawans into the Jedi Temple. The war was so ineffective plainly because of the incompetence of some of the Jedi, and Dolan made sure that every Jedi he added was more than a competent soldier, and that they were warriors of the highest tier.

With that done, he went to the last place he needed to be. Right above the Death Watch camp. Pacifistic Mandalore was nothing to bother with as it was, but Death Watch? With all the war going around, Death Watch would definitely be needing some upgraded equipment to fight off the Republic and CIS, forcing Mandalore to either rearm themselves or making the Republic lose more men in dealing with Death Watch. Dolan bolstered Death Watch numbers with ten thousand more Mandalorians, more weapons, tanks, and armor, as well as plans and several suits of Fallout Power Armor for them to use. A little artillery would definitely be useful for them, and if anyone was going to make use of the armor, it was definitely them.

Finally, Dolan would create the last piece for himself. Dolan may be in it for some excitement in his life, but he was also in it to fuck up Palpatine's plans, and what better way to do that then to add his very own faction into the mix of things, and just for shits and giggles he'd call it the Empire of Peace and Chaos, Empire for short. He contemplated the possibilities of making a stormtrooper corp but decided against it.

He found a random planet in the outer rim and populated it with about 2.2 million people, filled it with architecture fit for a aristocratic world, and then put up a palace for himself where he would rule as an Emperor. Then he started to populate several dozen other worlds, these ones with various other creatures. He wanted to make the Empire as diverse as possible, to make the army just as diverse, something that the Republic and CIS clearly lacked.

Now the military. First he stole ship designs from Halo, preferring the utilitarian design over anything else, and populated the ships with crews and other whatnots needed to pilot them. He created fighters and bombers wholly unique to himself, and then started to build up an armed forces. He took the Atlesian soldiers he'd seen from the show called RWBY, and then added large worlds completely dedicated to recruiting and training these soldiers; now known as Imperial Knights.

The Imperials Knights would be the bulwark of the Imperial Army. Then Dolan went about organizing the rest of his army. There would be the Sangheili Legions, Locust Armies, Muton Shocktrooper Corp, Asari Commandos, Conduit Special Forces, Inquisitorial Order, and the Balverine Combat Order. These were his troops, his units, his soldiers. The soldiers of the Empire. Dolan nodded to himself, satisfied with what he had, and then began populating other worlds.

The lore and history of the worlds were up to the universe to decide, they were usually better at it than him anyway. What worried Dolan though was what would happen when the bleeding effect took place. Essentially, Dolan's meandering through the various multiverses led to many problems, and usually things he didn't intend to bring along with him would be dragged into this universe. Oh well, what was the worst that could happen? Nothing too bad he hoped.

With everything done, his setting, his world, his home, Dolan brought himself down onto the Palace and did his final preparation, he spawned in Gilgamesh from F/SN and made him an empty shell. Dolan would have no problem being an Emperor in his current body if, well, he didn't not look like an Emperor. Also, being inside Gilgamesh's body would limit his God abilities while at the same time making him pretty OP. Screw what others said, cheating was fun as hell, but everyone needed a challenge once and awhile.

Everything was set in place, the Star Wars universe was now officially created to his whims, and he stared at the face of Gilgamesh with a wry smile on his face. Once he stepped into Gilgamesh's body, he would become Gilgamesh, and whatever backstory that the universe concocted for him, it would strike at him all at once, and he would have to deal with it by himself. Fun. So without further ado, Dolan closed his eyes and became one with Gilgamesh, and then everything came along with him.


The Empire of Peace and Chaos did not start as it did. The Empire of Peace and Chaos was originally the Kamalesh Empire of Terra. In the Solar System of Terra's home, Sol, there were two other planets that teemed with life. The Water People of Gavilan and the Reds of Bathos. These three people eventually met each other when they achieved space flight at around the same time. As you would imagine, war came about quite soon.

In the midst of the decade spanning war, their solar system was nearly destroyed. Gavilan was no more, turned into dust and ash - lost to the Galactic records as nothing more than a footnote in history. The Reds of Bathos, however, had been defeated by the Kamalesh and absorbed into the Empire without fuss. For the next ten years, the remnants of the war would rebuild their homes, mending the damage caused on their solar system. For a while, all was peaceful, and the Kamalesh Empire was living in a golden age.

Then disaster struck, and the Flood, parasitic lifeforms that came from a neighbouring galaxy, arrived and destroyed city after city. Whole fleets and armies of soldiers were turned against them, and the remaining survivors of Kamalesh, Reds, and some Gavilans, retreated to neighbouring solar systems to recuperate their strength. There the Empire would wait for another century before they gained the strength to take back their home.

After another decade of war, the Kamalesh Empire discovered that extensive interbreeding between their people, the Reds, and the Water People, had essentially made them one species, and the Kamalesh Empire was disbanded in favor for the Empire of Peace and Chaos. Now having their home all to themselves again, preparations were made to prepare for another Great Flood attack and the Empire began bolstering their troop numbers and advancing their technology.

Centuries later, during the reign of Samhain the Third, the Empire would be embroiled in another war this time with the Goa'uld and their Unas host. Samhain the Third, young at time, was caught incapable of defeating the Goa'uld and their Unas hosts. Eventually, Samhain was killed by the Goa'uld and his younger sister, Semiramis, took over and defeated the Goa'uld following a decade long war. Hardened by war and very young at the time, Semiramis ordered the full eradication of the Goa'uld, killing them by the thousands and taking their worlds for their own. The Empire of Peace and Chaos then set themselves to rebuild.

Cynical and haunted by the war she fought against the Goa'uld, Semiramis grew a very detached view of the world, and would develop an expansionist mindset. Every xeno race they encountered had met them with large hostility, and war would usually break out between the Empire and the new Xeno race. Semiramis, however, would choose to adopt the new race as members of the Empire, with the sole adage that their culture and identity would be purged in favor of Empire doctrine. Their very first conquest, the Sangheili, agreed to the terms, asking only that their heritage be preserved and acknowledged in history. Semiramis accepted, and the Order of Records was developed, who took long great oaths to ensure that they would always write history in as unbiased a method and record every species, their cultures, their history, and store it in the Great Library of the Empire.

Eventually this mindset evolved into a single practise within the Empire. Uniformity leads to unity, and through unity there is peace. In the use of Chaos we ensure Peace, in use of Purge we bring Life. The sole cruz of this mentality was that all xeno cultures would always clash defiantly against Imperial ideals, and that the best course for peace would be too accept the Imperial culture of absolutely none. They celebrated no holidays, they participated in no activities beyond recreational, and they all worked towards the purpose of Imperial advancement. As more and more xeno races continued to fight against the Empire for sometimes no reason at all, the Imperial citizens were affirmed of this, and subjugation of Xeno races became standard procedure.

The only race they could not subjugate was the Locust Horde. The Locust Horde strip mine their worlds, and were capable of living in very dangerous environments. As such Imperial soldiers were incapable of competently battling Locust soldiers and had been murdered in the droves. Their war continued to drag on to near infinite levels, with Locust worlds growing more and more desolate, while Imperial resources were expanded more and more on a front that seemed endless while they fended off attacks from the Protoss.

Realising the conundrum they faced, a deal was struck. The Emperor would marry the Locust Queen, who differed from the other Locusts as she was human-base standard, and together they would rule over the Empire of Peace and Chaos as the Locust Horde was now a part of the Empire. The Queen accepted this and they wed. A rule was put into place, Each subsequent Locust Queen would have to marry a member of the royal peerage, the Emperor himself if situation permitted it. Usually though, Locust Queens would marry the Emperor and that would be the end of it. The point also stood that the Empire also had a system of meritocratic gavelkind, so blood sometimes wasn't an issue, though it would rarely get in the way.

The Empire now dealt with small threats. The Protoss had been pushed back to the reaches of wild space, Xenomorph infestations were plentiful but the Imperial Army was more than capable of handling them. Right now the Empire was on peacetime, and the effects of the war against the Xenomorphs mattered very little in the long run.

In this year, circa 2000 years after the formation of the Empire of Peace and Chaos, and it was currently under the reign of Emperor Gilgamesh and his wife Locust Queen Myrrah. They have several children under them, the two oldest being Astronema and Cyclonis, while the two youngest were Finn and Pacifica.

Gilgamesh grunted as all the information hit him, and then sighed imperceptibly as he smoothed himself out into his throne. At least now that the worst of it was over, Gigamesh could prepare for what was to come next. He rose from his throne and stepped down the stairs. He knew without a shred of doubt that beyond the doors to his throne room his wife would be waiting for him.

Gilgamesh cracked his neck and reviewed what he knew of his character. From what he knew Gilgamesh was a very detached and despondent person, but he was also very kind to his children. In fact, outside of the sphere of his children Gilgamesh could be stated to be cold or aloof. Even his wife was second to their children. Understanding his character, Dolan stepped forward and pushed the throne room doors open.

It opened with a loud rumble and Gilgamesh stood imperiously in the doors as lines upon lines of red armored Royal Guards stood at attention by the walls. They all straightened at the presence of him and snapped crisp salutes full of loyalty and respect. Gilgamesh turned away from them and looked to his wife, Queen Myrrah, standing idly next to the door, her hands folded next to her and an exasperated look on her face. That was something Gilgamesh expected, but he had to blink in surprise when he noticed his son, Finn was standing idly next to her, swaying slightly.

Dolan may be playing a character right now but he wasn't one to smile often when he was larping, so Gilgamesh merely untensed his shoulders and softened his serious look as he stepped towards his family.

"I expect you didn't wait long?" Gilgamesh said, stopping at arm's length away from Myrrah. There was a tenderness in his voice, and in the air around him and Myrrah. Is it the kind expected of married couples, Gilgamesh wasn't one to know, but it was there. Despite the fact that the memories of Gilgamesh showcased that the two were always aloof with each other, there certainly was something in Myrrah's eyes. Respect maybe.

"I expect your time alone thinking while we stood here was helpful?" Myrrah shot back. Despite himself, Gilgamesh felt the edges of his lips twitch at the jibe; and he watched idly as Myrrah quietly gestured Finn forward with her hand. Despite her cold look and imperious form, she also exuded a tenderness with their youngest son Finn as she did with Gilgamesh.

The Emperor looked down on his son, the inner Dolan inside him quietly miffed at it, but Gilgamesh outwardly remaining calm and aloof. In contrast, the atmosphere around Finn, in between Myrrah and Gilgamesh, was one of fond familial love, and it was enough to calm Finn down. It should be noted that the Finn in front of Gilgamesh was not the same Finn as in the TV show, key components were the same but not all of them.

Finn hesitated for a moment before quickly firming up his back to look at Gilgamesh in the eye. Good, the Emperor thought as he waited for his son to speak his mind. "Da-I mean," Fin glanced at his mother for this. "Father, I want to join the Imperial Knight Corp!"

The Emperor blinked his eyes at the request, and then turned them towards his wife. For a moment he contemplated what that could mean. Due to the meritocratic system of gavelkind they used it was a matter of time before Finn would have asked for something like this. In essence, he would basically have to prove himself to the Empire, earn his keep, and become renowned as Prince Finn if he were to receive even a fraction of Gilgamesh's titles, even the seat of Emperor itself. Of course, knowing his son, Gilgamesh expected his intentions to be more pure.

"If that is your wish, however, I must caution you obliquely. What is your exact plan in joining the Imperial Knights? Will you be a regular soldier? An officer? What is it that you aim to achieve?" Gilgamesh asked. He'd been a father enough times to know that questions like these are par for the course, and despite himself, GIlgamesh did not want somebody who looked up to him as a father to do anything he would regret. It just didn't sit well with the transdimensional being.

Finn deflated a bit, looking around hesitantly as he focused his thoughts on the reason. "I don't know, I just thought I'd do some good, you know? I mean, what better way to do some good than to serve the Knights?"

"As an Officer or as a regular Knight?" Gilgamesh pressed.

Finn rubbed the back of his neck, his face pensive. He looked at Myrrah for a moment and gulped. "Mom said I should be an Officer, but I kinda want to be a regular Knight." Gilgamesh raised one of his eyebrows, and turned to his wife. That wasn't just larping, that was an actual question on his face.

Myrrah breathed in deeply, and there was a brief spark of annoyance on her face as she waved her hand in front of her. "I thought being an Officer would best suit Finn's talents, but also keep him in check from the more...dangerous aspects of a Knight."

"I can take it," Finn defended himself. "Mom, I'm the best fighter Ser Kallick has trained, and my swordplay is just as good, if not better, than Astronema!" Finn crossed his arms over his chest, glaring indignantly at his mother. At the way Myrrah sighed, Gilgamesh had the thought that this was a regular occurrence. No, what was he saying, he had memories of going through this himself at times.

"Imperial Knights don't use swords as often as you think, Finn. Why not join the Inquisitors if you want to showcase your skills so much," Gilgamesh asked.

Finn pouted. "Astronema is an Inquisitor." Gilgamesh sighed, grasping at faint air trying to comprehend what it was that was fueling his youngest son's thoughts. "Besides, I can do good in the Knights. You know, like fighting for the weak and beating off bad guys!"

"The Imperial Knights aren't like the stories of Knights you hear in books," Myrrah cautioned. She placed her hands on Finn's shoulders, trying to ease him back to sense but Gilgamesh shook his head. His son was too stubborn for his good, and Gilgamesh had no right to take it away from him.

"If that is your wish," GIlgamesh stated imperiously. Myrrah backed away, surprised by his words, but resigned in acceptance. However, Gilgamesh wasn't one to let things slide without his own intervention, and who knows, maybe the Knights would be good for Finn; at least now that Jake wasn't with him anymore. "You will join the Imperial Knights, and I expect you to serve admirably, without pause, from the very beginning of the ranks. You will not be given special treatment and I fully expect you to achieve glory to match or outshine your sisters, is that understood?"

Finn blinked, then made his face into something solemn as he nodded his head. Gilgamesh couldn't say anything anymore to the child, and what he got out of the Imperial Knights will be a discussion for himself and only himself. The Emperor sighed and then nodded to the hallway. "Then you best go and tell Ser Kallick of your decision, he will get the papers handled. I do expect you to be shipped out to Exor-IV by the end of the week. Say goodbye to your sisters until then, and don't be rude to them."

Finn nodded his head and excitedly took off running down the hallways, his laugh loud enough that Gilgamesh could spy a few of the Royal Guards giving small grins at his joy. The Emperor ignored them and turned to his wife. She was standing there, dressed in the garbs most commonly associated with the Locust Queens, head crest and all, and tilted her head at his look.

"What is it?" She asked. There was a smile on her face, not the smile of a wife, but more like the smile of one monarch humoring another, and that was essentially what they were. Monarchs ruling together, not necessarily as husband and wife.

Gilgamesh allowed a quirk of his lips to be shown, and he nodded to the pathway. "Walk with me, my wife, I wish to speak of our daughters. I hear your training for Cyclonis to be the new Locust Queen goes well."

Gilgamesh began striding down the hallway, at a far more sedated pace than the one Finn had been using, and was pleased to see his wife following after him, striding with the same regal grace as he was, and appearing as imperious as the Royal Guards standing at attention on either side. "She has shown to be quite receptive to the ways of the Horde, far more than Astronema at the least. I do believe that the Horde would flourish underneath her."

"Only if the Empire allows it," Gilgamesh stated. A look of consternation passed the Locust Queen's face and she broke her stride for a moment before she corrected herself. "I understand I have been a most receptive Emperor to the Locust Horde, and I believe I have given you free reign to do as you please, and indeed even gifted you two planets for your people, but the next Emperor to be may not be as understanding as I."

"You speak so little of Finn, it's hard to wonder why he idolizes you," Myrrah stated obliquely. Gilgamesh breathed in deeply, keeping his irritation in check as he paused by the window.

"You and I both know Finn has no interest of the throne, even if you put your machinations in place. Anybody in the Royal Peerage can become Emperor, my children, my sister's children, or even the ruling heads of each of our government branches. They are all considered of Royal Blood as they have gained such prestigious titles."

"As a mother I aim to make all my children a contributing member in all facets of life," she said, then shook her head. "But you cannot blame me for thinking of my people. Yet, I find your points validated. Which is why I believe you must be harder on Cyclonis, not as your daughter, but as the next Locust Queen, so that she would be better prepared to handle any next Emperor."

Gilgamesh snorted. "What is your worst case scenario?"

"Grand Master Xehanort would be the one I would mostly worry about," Myrrah stated. Gilgamesh bit his lip, a new onslaught of memories coming to him in order to supply this new information, and he nodded his head slightly when he was given the full picture of Grand Master Xehanort of the Inquisitors.

"Still, even if that were to happen, Astronema would be next in line to take over, and his power would be limited in dealing with the two sisters," Gilgamesh stated. A brief spark of confusion hit Gilgamesh when he noticed a bitter smile spread through Myrrah's face. She folded her hands in front of herself and sighed.

"You seem to love your children very much, Your Majesty. However, you would be wise to understand that your children, while they may love each other, may not work for each other. I love my sister and my brother dearly, and I speak with them often, but if you ask whether I trust them, I would say no, I do not."

"That seems a slight on your family, but I do not believe your younger brother to be anything terrible. He forsook his title claimant to the throne to instead earn his own way in life," Gilgamesh said.

Myrrah smiled. "That was why I did not mention him, rather I mean my older brother, the one who abdicated to you when you rose as a nominee for the throne. He is the one I worry about. He may not have any aspirations for the throne, but I do not believe he has no aspirations of power."

"Then I am lucky to have you," Gilgamesh stated. Myrrah smiled crookedly, it wasn't something that he could understand the intentions too so quickly, but it most definitely was something non-threatening.

"Most certainly," she replied. Gilgamesh frowned but did not comment on what she said, instead he turned his eyes onto the window and watched the skyline of Terra as ships and floating cars zipped by. In a few light years away there was a war just beginning. Here? There was a war preparing.