The six guests all waited eagerly for Wadsworth to reveal who the murderer was. Ofcourse, one of them, didn't really want Wadsworth to get it right. Ms Scarlett, mr Green, professor Plum, colonel Mustard, ms Peackock, ms White. One of these six was the murderer, and was doing their best to keep up their poker face.


Wadsworth: Every one of these people informed on one, or in some cases, more than one, of you. Every one of you had reason to murder mr Body, and at least one of his informers. But none of you wanted all of them dead. Until tonight that is, when you realized exactly what they were up to. Treason.

Mustard: You're saying that mr Body and the others were what, selling information to the oviet Union?

Wadsworth: Exactly. All of us here, myself included, are very flawed human beings, but we are not traitors. One of us considered it their patriotic duty to end this espionage ring.

Green: Like a colonel in the United States army, or the wife of a senator?

Wadsworth: Hardly. Colonel Mutard made his fortune selling radio part on the black market, ms Peacock sold her husband's vote in the Senate for money.

Mustard: I resent that.

Wadsworth: Neither of them would risk going to prison to do the right thing.

Peacock: I kind of like that.

Wadsworth: The killer was none other than mr Green.

Green: That's ridiculous.

Wadsworth: The gun is missing. Getlemen, turn out your pockets. Ladies, empty your purses. Whoever has the gun shot the girl.


Mr Green knew there was no denying it anymore. He revealed the gun and exposed himself as the murderer.


Green: Fine, I admit, I killed them all.

Scarlett: Why?

Green: Wadsworth was right, I am a patriot. The cop, the one you were bribing. A few years ago he raided a place, similar to the one you operate. Except it caters to men with, certain leanings, like myself. I offerred him all the money I had to let me go and keep his mouth shut. A month later, I started recieving anonymous notes, threatening to expose me unless I sent him money. It wasn't hard to figure out it was likely the same cop. But tonight, I realized he was working for mr Body. When I killed Body, I found evidence. All five of these people were his informants. They were blackmailing others. From us they just wanted money. From others, secrets. Did you know Wadsworth, that your ex-employer was an agent of the U.S.S.R?

Wadsworth: I suspected as much. I knew that with help from all of you, we could expose them all. I knew you would all be given immunity for your help against a network of traitors.

Green: Maybe, but I'd lose my job, ms Peacock's husband would lose his seat when the voters realized what he was doing. I had hoped that killing them here, there would be reasonable doubt for any of us. Now, there's still one bullet left in this gun. I would suggest we stack the bodies in the cellar, leave quietly one at a time, and pretend none of this ever happenned. Unless any of you want your secrets revealed.

Wadsworth: And what about me?

Green: Good point. You're not a traitor, I don't want to hurt you. But it's not exactly a coincidence that all of mr Body's informers came here tonight. You invited all of these people here, you hoped one of us would kill them. You wanted revenge for your wife's suicide, from a legal standpoint that's reckless endangerment. The evidence could point to you as the murderer. If you and I start pointing the finger at each other, who will these five people back up? The one who endnagered their lives and their freedom? Or the one who killed their enemies? If you do go to the police, I may go to prison, I'll definitely lose my job. And I might just decide to send you to the electric chair out of spite. Oh, and in case any of you have bright ideas, I could just as easily point to any of you as a murderer. Do keep that in mind as you make your decisions.