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Previously on Accidental Switch

Fred whirled around the corner.

Fred certainly looked terrified. His face was white as a ghost, and he was shaking from head to toe, breathing heavy and fast.

"Percy's been taken."

The world dropped out from under Bill Weasley.

"What so you mean he's been taken?" Bill demanded, his voice a mixture of panic and rage and confusion.

Fred didn't say a word; he seemed unable to, so he simply grabbed Bill's hand and led them through Hogwarts.

They turned a corner, and Bill saw how Fred knew Percy had been taken.

It was the beginning of school all over again, with blood dripping down the wall from a horrifying message.

His Skeleton Shall Lie In The Chamber Forever.

Lying on the floor below the message was a necklace, a necklace Bill recognized.


"Now, boys, I want you to promise me that you will never take these off," his dad told him as he gave him and his two younger brothers (the twins hadn't come along yet) an amulet.

It didn't look like much- just a simple charm suspended from a silver chain. Bill's was a sapphire blue; Charlie's was a forest green; and Percy's was a bloody scarlet.

"What do they do?" Charlie asked, curiously.

"They'll protect you," Arthur told them. "Whenever you're in danger, this necklace will activate and protect you from harm. There's so many charms on it, Merlin himself couldn't bring them all down."

Percy smiled, a tad bit sadly. "Thank you, Daddy."

"Thanks, Dad," the elder brothers chorused.

"I love you, boys, and I will not rest until you are completely safe and sound."


"This is the necklace Dad gave us during the war," Bill said, his voice shaking. "But... Percy took it off in 1982, just like Charlie and I did, when the war officially came to an end."

"He put it back on after Tom Riddle attacked him when he was thirteen," Fred said, dazed, before shaking his head. "Sorry, side effect of switching bodies: I can see Percy's memories."

"Then, can you see who took him?" Audrey asked.

Fred shrugged. "I can try."

He closed his eyes.

They shot open not even a second later as he stumbled back before falling on his bum.

"Fred!" Bill cried as he and George got down to help their brother up.

"Ow," Fred muttered. "I can't. That memory's been blocked by something. What, I don't know. But it sure hurt like hell trying to unblock it. "

Bill sighed in relief when he saw that one of his brothers wasn't injured.

"What on earth?" A voice gasped from behind them. McGonagall.

"Professor," Oliver said, "someone took Percy."

"And I think I know who," Fred said as he struggled to his feet. "Only one person would want revenge on Percy this badly."

"Tom Riddle," Bill and George chorused. "But didn't we defeat him months ago?"

Fred shook his head. "No, we weakened him, and he's had almost seven months to regain his strength."

"And Mr. Weasley, may I ask how you know who Tom Riddle is?" Dumbledore asked from where he'd appeared beside McGonagall.

"We'll tell you everything," Fred promised. "After you call our parents and siblings and allow us to tell them the bad news."

"Alright. We'll do that immediately after we alert the students to return to their dorms and to stay there," McGonagall said, rushing off to do that.

"Come with me to my office," Dumbledore told them. "McGonagall will fetch your siblings."

Half an hour later, the entire Weasley family (their parents and Charlie included) sat in Dumbledore's office, awaiting the explanation.

"Alright, Mr. Weasley, start from the beginning," Dumbledore instructed.

Fred sighed. "Alright, I guess it started when George and I decided to use DNA CHROMOSOME. Do all of you know what that is?"

Molly and Charlie shook their heads.

"Well, DNA CHROMOSOME is an ingredient used to switch bodies, or in some cases, disguising yourself as another person. Very, very, very small doses are found in Polyjuice, but in larger doses, it can be incredibly dangerous.

"Now, George and I were being idiots when we decided to use it in a joke product. Also, please save all comments until the end, please," he added when Molly opened her mouth before snapping it shut. "Thank you, Mum. Anyway, Percy came in complaining about the noise when the potion exploded. George ducked in time, but the potion splattered all over Percy and I, resulting in us switching bodies.

"The switch caused us to find out about each other's secrets. The most important one was Tom Riddle.

"Tom Riddle is a mystery, even to Percy and I. He appeared in Percy's third year, wanting to be his friend, but weird things started happening. Percy was having nightmares; he couldn't eat or sleep; he was isolating himself.

"I guess somewhere along the way Tom grew obsessed with Percy. Percy fell for someone, and Tom didn't like that. He captured Percy and... and he raped him. Percy never told me how he escaped, but I do know that Tom's stunt made him very weak. He jumped ahead with his plan, which no one really knows what that plan was, and it nearly destroyed him.

"This year, he showed up again. He tried to kill Percy, but Bill threw a rock at him and saved him. On top of that, he tried to lure Ginny in like he lured Percy, but Percy and I told her who Tom was, and his plan failed.

"Trying to kill Percy took away a lot of his energy, but he's had seven months to regain that energy. Now, he's back for revenge, and he's taken Percy into the chamber."

The family was in shock. Even Ron and George didn't know that much about the switch or the memories that came with it.

"How do we save him?" Arthur demanded, turning to Dumbledore.

"Well," the old man began, "I have a plan, but it's risky."

"He's my older brother. Sign me up," Fred told him.

Meanwhile, Percy couldn't move.

He didn't have the energy to do anything, even small things like opening his eyes or twitching his fingers.

"This scene it's a little too familiar, don't you think?" Tom drawled, twirling Percy's wand in his hands.

Percy wanted to tell him to shut his trap, but he couldn't open his mouth.

Tom knelt beside him; Percy could feel the cold radiating off of Tom and seeping into his bones, just like it'd been doing for so many months.

"You should've gotten help when you could," Tom sneered.

Percy felt Tom's almost nonexistent hands run a finger over the cuts on his wrists.

"Relapsed? Weak."

Tom's foot connected with Percy's ribs.

He felt Tom leaning over him, and Percy was too weak to fight back.

It was just like three years ago, only this time, Percy was too weak to scream.

Please, he thought, help me.

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