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"How are you holding up?" Stewart asked.

Percy smiled. "Good. I'm graduating this week, and I have a scholarship to... guess where?"

Stewart shrugged. "I don't know."


Stewart's eyes widened and his smile grew even wider. "That's fantastic! What are you majoring in?"

"I want to major in being a psychiatrist that specializes in those that have gone through traumatic events. I'm also going to minor in Journalism. I'm graduating Hogwarts with Honors."

Stewart couldn't stop grinning. Honestly, Percy had been a very interesting patient. Psychiatrists aren't supposed to get too connected with their patients, but it was hard not to with Percy. Having PTSD, depression, OCD, and a history of eating disorders (bulimia, in particular), he didn't have much light in the world.

With as many problems as that, Stewart expected him to be violent, aggressive, resentful, a problem child; either that, or be the perfect child, but very timid and sensitive and jumpy.

But Percy wasn't like that at all. He wasn't okay, but... he was much better off than many of Stewart's other patients.

He was smart and ambitious, but he wasn't a greedy know it all either. He was... different than most.

"I'm very proud of you, Percy. You've come far in the past year."

Percy was quiet for a moment.

"Stewart, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but... I think I'm ready to stop seeing you. Or receiving therapy in general. You've helped me so much, but my medication is working; I haven't cut since before the incident. My flashbacks have significantly cut back within the past three months. My brothers and parents and even my little sister are helping me. I think I'm ready."

Stewart smiled, sadly. "I think so, too. Percy, you've come far, and this will never go away entirely, but... I know that you can manage it. And if you ever need help doing so, I'm here. Good luck, Percy."

The redhead embraced Steward, much to the doctor's surprise, before opening the door.

"Thank you, Stewart, for everything."

After waving goodbye to the receptionist, Dolly (short for Dolores), Percy Weasley stepped outside and finally, his life began.


"Molly! Lucy!" Percy called, chasing his three year old twins around the house while they giggled and ran faster.

His wife, Audrey, laughed from the doorway.

Percy glared at her. "You could help me, you know."

"Hmm," Audrey said, tilting her head in a mocking thoughtful pose. "I could... but I don't want to."

Percy sighed. "I am getting too old for this."

Audrey chuckled. "You're only thirty. Imagine what you're gonna feel like when they have kids."

"Oh, don't remind me," Percy groaned before sweeping his wife into his arms.

"Hey!" She said in false exasperation.

"It's not my fault you only weigh a hundred pounds at five three."

"Well, Mr. Six Foot," she began, but Percy cut her off with a kiss.

"Eww!" Two high pitched voice squealed from the doorway.

"Come here, you two!" Percy ordered before diving forward and grabbing the two of them.

"I just wanna say," Audrey interrupted, "you may think kissing is gross now, but wait until you're fifteen."

"No!" Percy demanded, sternly. "I want you to think kissing is gross until the day you die. No boys, right? Except for Daddy, your grandpa, and your uncles."

"What about Jamie?" Molly asked.

"And Teddy?"

"And Freddie?"

"And Albie?"


"Them, too," Percy interrupted. "But if you beat them up every now and then, I wouldn't mind."


"Hey, most of them are right brats. I love them to death, but someone needs to put them in their place, and I'd love to see the looks on my brothers' faces when my girls are the ones to do it."

Audrey rolled her eyes. "You are a bad influence."

"Hey, who brings in the money?"

"Oh, would you like to switch for the day? You take the girls, I work."

"NO! Sorry, honey."

"You big baby," Audrey snickered.

"Daddy's a baby!" Lucy giggled.

"No, Daddy is not a baby. Daddy is very macho."

"Sure, Dada. Suuure," Molly said.

"You've been hanging out with your mother too much."


"Anyway, come on," Percy said, picking up his daughters. "Let's go to bed."


"Five more minutes?"

"Nope, time for bed. But I will read you a story if you're good. "

"Yay! Can you read us the one about the Princes and the Bad Guy?"

"Sure," Percy laughed.

Audrey smiled, sadly. His daughters couldn't see the pain in Percy's eyes, but she could. It'd be a long time before they knew that the children's book was based off of a real story.

The only male in their little family laid his daughters on their beds and sat on the chair between them.

"Alright, girls. The Brothers and The Snake."

Once upon a time, seven children lived in the same house and attended a school of magic and wonder.

But one day, one of the brothers- named Fynn- noticed that his brother, Peter, was missing!

The brothers and their sister searched everywhere, but nobody could find him.

Until... Fynn found a secret chamber underneath the school, and he and the eldest brother, Will, journeyed beneath the earth to find Peter.

But little did they know, a monster lived there. A monster that had taken Peter and wasn't going to let him go.

The two brothers fought, tooth and nail, to save Peter, but in the end, it was only Fynn's great plan that saved them.

"Give us our brother back!" Fynn begged. He's not ashamed to say that he pleaded with the Snake instead of doing something heroic, for not every hero wins a medal by slaying a dragon.

Will tip toed around the great serpent, using his magic wand to cast spells that would surely kill the Snake.

And things began to go BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The chamber was going up in flames as Will's spells took affect. Will and Fynn grabbed Peter and ran, never looking back.

Peter was safe. Fynn and Will were safe. Everything was okay again.

The seven children grew up and had kids of their own. One of them wrote this very book that you hold in your hands.

And the Snake never bothered them again.

They all lived Happily Ever After.

"Daddy?" Molly piped up. "Did one of the brothers really write the book?"

Percy smiled. "Yep. Read the name."

Molly and Lucy, having just started to read small words and write their names, squinted at the cover.

"P-Perky?" Lucy said.

"Percy," Percy corrected. "The c sounds like an s."

Lucy frowned. "That's messed up."

"It's the English language. Of course, it's messed up, but it's beautiful, too."


"Weasley," Percy said. "Remember, the a makes the e a long vowel instead of a short one."

"Percy Weasley," Molly repeated. "But that's you!"

"Exactly, Molly."

Molly put the pieces together. "You were Peter!"

"And Uncle Fred was Fynn," Lucy said.

"And Uncle Bill was Will!" They exclaimed in unison.

Percy smiled. "You two are so smart."

Molly reached for Percy's hand and started to turn over his wrist.

"What is it, Molly?"

"Did the Snake give you these ouchies?" She asked, pointing to the scars on the inside of Percy's wrists.

"Some of them," Percy confessed.

"What about the others?" Lucy asked.

Percy shrugged. "I got them fighting another monster called Depression."

"That's a scary name," Lucy said.

Percy smiled, sadly. "It's a scary monster, too, Lucy, and I hope that neither of you ever have to meet him."

Molly kissed one of Percy's scars. "Did I make the ouchie better?"

Percy grinned. "You sure did, Molly. Both of you did."

For a moment, Percy just gazed at his family.

Finally, he spoke. "Time for bed, girls. I love you."

"We love you, too, Daddy!"

Percy cracked the door, and while Audrey walked towards their bedroom, Percy headed the opposite direction into his study.

A lap top sat on the desk beside a notebook that held the prewriting for a book Percy had been meaning to write since he was sixteen.

He seated himself at the desk and began to type.

Accidental Switch

"Fred, you boil the newt eyes. I will cut the ginger root. Then, we can add our... special ingredient," George Weasley told his brother with a mischievous smile...

The war did happen, but things were very different. With his link to Riddle, Percy had been a huge help in hunting down the Horcruxes, so all of them were found and destroyed by the time Harry entered his fifth year.

There were no deaths.

Percy had taken extra government classes while at Hogwarts before he'd decided to become a doctor instead of a Ministry worker. After Harry's name was pulled from the Goblet, he'd gone to the Ministry with a packet full of laws and reasons to cancel the tournament afterwards. Therefore, Cedric Diggory survived.

The horcruxes were destroyed before Sirius Black or Dumbledore or anyone else was killed.

Speaking of Sirius...

No one was willing to defend Sirius Black in his trial, but the Ministry made a once in a century decision.

They allowed Percy Weasley- an eighteen year old kid majoring in psychology- to defend Sirius.

There were two reasons. One, Percy was willing to do it. He believed Sirius inside and out, and he also believed that he could get Sirius out of Azkaban. And the second was... well, Percy knew the laws better than the Minister and the Wizengamot did.

And Percy, despite his lack of experience, succeeded. Sirius was free by 1995.

But Percy didn't care about any of that. He'd done great things, but he'd always be the most proud of his family. His little girls, his beautiful wife.

And no one- not even God himself- could take them away from him. And they were in for a real surprise if they tried.

BAMF PERCY WEASLEY! Somewhat... bet you've never seen that before.

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