(This follow PMD logic, so Pokemon can talk and stuff, humans don't exist, etc... This is just a proof of concept so it's not really canon if anything comes from it)

The Kalos region had been peaceful for countless years, but as everything changed and advanced, crime was becoming more of a problem. It was by unamimous decision that a court system and a strong police force should be put in place, to keep crime at a low rate. It stumbled at first, but as more lawyers and officers entered, the systems became stable.
One defense attorney in particular was a Delphox by the name of Red Fire, running a small law office, with his soon-to-be lawyer Leaf Storm, a Leafeon who Red had met investigating a murder, and Scarlet Fire, a lawyer who was Red's twin Delphox sister and had started her career 2 years after Red. Red was considered a legend despite being in the profession for 3 years, but it was because of his incredible ability to find the truth at all costs. Of course this job doesn't come without any obstacles. Blue Water, a prosecutor, was a Greninja Red had known since their births. He was a friend, but in the courtroom their battles were fierce, even though Blue was as laid back as he could be, contrasting Red's more blunt and persistent attitude. But Red wasn't without problems, and I'd explain, but oops you'll have to wait.