A drabble! Lusam at their playful best!

"You're not getting me naked, Lucky, not tonight," Sam said as she and her fiancé walked into her apartment. "You might as well go home."

Lucky feigned pouting. "You don't seriously mean that. You can't still be mad about -"

"I can and I am!" Sam said. "You introduced me to Amanda Freakin' Barrington as your 'friend'. Not your girlfriend. Not your fiancée! Your FRIEND!"

Lucky chuckled and grabbed her hand, twirling her around to face him. She tried pulling away but he held her too tightly. "There's a simple explanation for that, you know."

"Oh yeah ..." She said sarcastically.

"Yes, there is. We still haven't told my mom about the engagement yet and Amanda Barrington has the biggest yap in town. She'll tell everyone and it will somehow get to Mom in Paris and she'll never forgive me for not telling her first."

Sam stared up at him for a moment. "This seriously has nothing to do with you being ashamed of the way we got together?"

Lucky reached out and tucked a stray curl behind her ear. "Tell me how I could ever be ashamed of a woman as beautiful and amazing and love as you. It's impossible. In fact, I'll call my mom right away and tell her the news. Then I promise to shout it from every rooftop in New York."

Sam smiled. "Thanks but you're still not getting any tonight."

"Not even if I do this?" He asked in a husky voice, pulling her to him and lightly suckling on her collarbone, in just the spot that always turned her on the most.

"Luc - Lucky, you're not fighting fair!" She hissed, trying to suppress a moan.

"So am I forgiven?"

She quickly pushed him back onto the sofa and straddled him. "For now," she said, conceding temporary defeat.