Setup - The Doctor reads Fifty Shades of Grey.

I've always wondered what would happen if Ten read it.

'Oh for Rassion's sake' the Doctor muttered under his breath, on high alert in case Donna entered the library.

He read the words printed on the pages of the novel, unable to believe that someone could even write that kind of stuff.

As he read, he thought of what Donna was probably envisioning as she read the same book.

He couldn't ask her, because if he did, he would have to admit that he was reading it as well. Humans and the way they wrote about this kind of thing.

He couldn't understand it , but his hearts were tingling.

And so was other certain parts of his body.

He shouldn't feel like this. It wasn't possible. Time Lords weren't supposed to get flustered by a book, for Gallifrey's sake!

The youthful, beautiful face of Rose swam into view. He shook his head.

He had to think of her now, while he was reading this of all things!

He knew this novel was was going to become a global , if not universal phenomenon in the next five years or so. Donna had purchased the book just last week. She was even planning to see the movie.

He heard footsteps approach from behind the door. Quickly, he stuffed the book underneath a cushion as the library door opened, and grabbed another book, on the pretense of reading it. Donna walked in, and noticed straight away the flustered look he must've had on his face.

'You look guilty. What have you been doing?' she quipped, raising an eyebrow, sitting down on the sofa next to him.

'Nothing' he replied a bit too quickly. Donna stared at him.

'Right' she breathed, in a tone that she didn't believe him at all.

'Your book is upside down' she observed, and he groaned again.

'WHAT are you doing? YOUR FACE IS RED!' she told him ,wriggling her fingers as she pointed at him, smirking, as she felt something poke her in the back, and the Doctor groaned for the third time as she retrieved the book from under the cushion. His Time Lord senses was telling him that he was flushed with embarrassment, and he had been caught out reading sneakily.