By Crystal

Author's Notes: Girl falls into Middle-Earth, blah, blah, blah.  This has happened before, except hopefully, it'll be different from most.  Legolas romance later...  I'm almost sure this won't turn into a Mary-Sue.

*We all know who this belongs to ^^;;*

I cussed quietly as I brushed my hair again.  The sun was just waking and my dog just had to wake me up once again at six thirty.  I was used to it anyways.  I sighed as I looked at the picture in the picture frame.  The picture was one taken with my boyfriend and a few of my friends.  Carrie, Iris and Irene...  Then my boyfriend Alan.

I felt a smile come to my face at the thought of Alan.  Ah, he was so sweet sometimes...  I am absolutely in love.  I think.  I tied my shoulder length brown hair into a messy bun and slipped on a pair of jeans and a turtleneck.

I stuffed all my schoolbooks and notebooks in my bag and carried it down the main entrance, then went in the kitchen to get some breakfast.  My breakfast consisted a piece of toast and a cup of milk.  Finally, I jotted down on a piece of paper for my parents that I was going to school.  Swinging my backpack on, I walked out the door and locked it.

The sky was clear and the sun was brightening every second.  The fog was disappearing and the air was cold, burning my lungs every time I took a breath of air.  I arrived at the school park, just to be greeted by the sight of my best friend Iris.  "Morning, Iris."  She looked like she was still into her Lord of the Rings book.  I rolled my eyes.

"Morning, Jess."

"Still reading?"

"Yep."  I rolled my eyes yet again and stood in front of her, waiting for her to look up.  Finally, she did.  "What do you want?"

I sat down beside her, "Why you like the book so much."

"Well...  See, I just think that the whole Middle-Earth's fascinating!  I mean, the elves...  They're so perfect and...  Oh god, Orlando Bloom is so hot in the movie."

I grinned at her, "Well, we all know you're obsessed with him...  I still don't see why the book's so interesting...  I still haven't seen the movie...  Not interested...  And I still haven't finished reading the second book yet."

"Where are you on the second book?"

I shrugged, "Something like...  Helm..."

"Helm's Deep."  I nodded, "Well, it's the best part of the movie!  I mean, Orlando Bloom is so perfect in that scene.  Oh man, how he slides on the shield down the stairs and shoot people with his perfect aim."  She looked dreamily.

"You are absolutely a nutcase, Iris."

"Jess, why do you always have a thing against elves?  I mean, they're perfect.  What could you not like about them?"

I sighed, "Iris, they're too perfect.  I mean, no one can be that perfect.  Perfect hair every second of the day, perfect aim, perfect clear blue eyes, perfect everything!  I mean, get real.  No one's that perfect."

"They're elves, Jess.  Not humans."
"There are no such things as elves..."  I said quietly and sighed.  My best friend, the Orlando Bloom/Elves nutters.  I looked at my watch, "Anyways, we have ten minutes till the first bell rings.  Better get going."

"Yeah, yeah...  I still think there's such things as elves."

"Well, you're absolutely nutters."

I saw her roll her eyes, "Well, jeez...  Thank Jess."

"No problem.  I personally like Aragorn better."

"Well, Orlando Bloom's way hotter than Viggo Mortensen."

"I haven't seen the movie."  I replied.  Slowly, we walked towards the school with me once again listening to her talk about Orlando Bloom.  Sometimes, I had no idea why I hanged out with her...  But then again, she'd be there when I needed her, which was a lot of time.

When we reached our locker, which was on the second floor, I opened it up and stuffed my jacket and all my books in, but took out my math book.  At the last second, Alan came and gave me a big embrace before he went to his class.  I smiled at his back as I saw Carrie grin at me.  Pfft.  Climbing another flight of stairs to reach my math class.

Throughout the whole class, Mr Engelking kept blabbing about math formulas while I sat there, looking around the room, enjoying the scenery out the window and once in a while taking notes when I had nothing better to do.  Time flies by fast when you're having fun, unfortunately, I was not having any fun...  Which made the whole class seem double the time.  When the bell finally rang, I ran out of my class and back to my locker where all my friends were already there.

"Damn people, how do you get here so fast?!"

Irene shrugged, "You're just slow."

I rolled my eyes, "Anyways, are we doing anything tonight?  I don't want to stay home tonight."

"Sure."  I turned around at the familiar sound of his voice.  I smiled as my eyes met with Alan's.  "It's Friday night, might as well enjoy it.  How about a movie?  I'll get Josh and Zach to come if we're going...  I don't want to be the only guy."

I nodded, "Sure...  I'll ask Mum at lunch...  Anyways, better get cracking to English class or Ms Bondar will get pissed off again."  I threw my math book in my locker and took out my Short Stories book.  Ugh, Ms Bondar despises me for some unknown reason...  As I reached the stairs, I turned around and waved at the whole lot of them.

I walked back up to the third floor to Ms Bondar's class.  As soon as I entered the class, the teacher looked disapprovingly up at me.  She hated me for some reason...  Or maybe it was because I never did my homework.  It was my favourite subject although the teacher hates me.

Class was boring today, we got to discuss about the short story I was suppose to read, which I did not...  Then we discussed about human nature and the insights of human beings...  Slowly while looking at my watch, I counted the minutes down until the bell would ring.  Ten minutes...  Nine minutes...  Seven...

Just then, I felt the ground shake and the floor sway sideways...  "GET UNDER YOUR DESK!"  I heard Ms Bondar shout.  I did as I was told, fear taking over.  An earthquake...  I would never make it out.  I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping to shut out all the sounds and movement, although that didn't help much at all.  All I could do now was pray that none of my friends or me would be hurt.

As the shaking stopped, the whole class counted to 60 seconds slowly, then came out hesitantly.  Plaster, cement lay on the floor, glass and lights lay shattered, everything lost their cheerfulness.  We were all silent, scared out of our wits.

Slowly, we followed Ms Bondar out the class, that was, until the earth shook again.  We all fought to be under a desk, unfortunately, I got pushed away.  Finding a desk, I was about to duck underneath it, until...  All I could see was darkness taking over my vision...

* * * * *

I squinted my eyes, the sun shining in my eyes.  I remembered the darkness...  The earthquake...  I felt that my head way laying down on someone's shoulder...  I was about to sit up abruptly when someone held his hand on my shoulder, "Do not.  You are hurt."

"Who are you?"  I asked dizzily.  "Where am I?"

"My name is Boromir, son of Denethor...  We are currently travelling to Rivendell."

"Oh..."  Then I really sat up, "Rivendell?!  You're shitting me, right?"

He frowned at me, "Language, my lady."

I laughed, "Okay, whoever you are, this is NOT funny at all.  Now can you please tell me your real name?"

"My name is Boromir, my lady."

This time, I looked at him, trying to catch a hint of...  something.  Finding none, I blinked, then blinked again, and again.  Until I felt darkness engulf me again and until I felt my head hit the shoulder of that man.

* * * * *

Author's Notes: A slight writer's block for 'A Love Forgotten', but it'll be updated soon, I promise.  Tell me what you think of this...  Suggestions and ideas are welcomed.  The idea has been used before, but I just had to write one too ^^  Just for the fun of it.  Anyways, thanks!