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The Shattering
Chapter 1 - Being Out

The steady, sickening tap tap tap of the professor's shoes only worsened Draco's headache. They were in Potions, Gryffindor and Slytherin, and it was deadly quiet.

It had been only two days since what was now dubbed the 'infamous hallway kiss', and Draco was still feeling the icy winds from his Head of House.

Snape was not a happy man.

The population of the class all scrunched down in their seats, heads lowered, nervous tics and furious scribbling as they completed yet another viscious pop quiz. Neville had turned from a dull red to blue to purple and was now taking on a sickly shade of green.




In the darkest robes he owned, hair much greasier than normal, and so nastily mean as to take points from his own house, Snape was telling the world, quietly and maliciously, just exactly how he felt about it.

In the past two days Harry had racked up a record amount of point loss, so much so that students talked about keeping score and seeing if they could add it to the copy of 'History of Hogwarts' Hermione Granger always gushed about. And that was only the beginning of the Hogwarts reaction.

The Hufflepuffs, in general, felt that a relationship between the two bitter rivals could only be a good thing. It brought about a kind of peace, they felt. The Ravenclaws seemed to agree, though most only gave cautious praise of the match. If Voldemort's most faithful lackey's son could support the side of good, the side of Harry Potter... there might be a political chance in winning this war.

The Gryffindors seemed mixed. There were those who tended to support Harry in whatever made him happy, and there were others who felt he was betraying his family by 'sleeping with the enemy'.

The Slytherins... well, Draco didn't get the reaction he'd expected.

He expected insults and mockery. He expected evil tricks and death threats.

He simply did not expect the ice.

There were some who still glanced at him with a confused expression on their faces, as if waiting for him to jump up and announce it was all a big joke. A trick on Potter. An evil plan for the Dark Lord.

There were some who glared at him, as if the looks they gave could make him fall dead in an instant.

But mostly, his old friends looked right through him, as if he wasn't even there.

Draco Malfoy was out.

Draco still hadn't received word from his parents, and he dreaded the Owl Post with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Loving Harry Potter could be dangerous business.

* * *

Harry Potter was enjoying every second. Now, he was used to the spotlight. He was used to the insults, the jabs, the hero worship, and, while he didn't usually like it, this would have to be an exception.

He was getting a kick out of shocking the school. It was to be expected, Hermione had pointed out the night before. After spending so many years doing exactly what he was supposed to do, this was his way of rebelling. Doing exactly what he wasn't supposed to do. Having nearly everyone disappointed in him, and the rest just surprised at his audacity.

It wasn't that he was seeing Draco, it was that he was taking every opportunity to flaunt it in the face of Hogwarts. That kiss in the hall two days prior, was not their last public display. Draco always seemed to blush profusely when Harry pulled him close in the middle of a busy stairway. Draco tried to avoid him as class ended and Harry pushed him up against a nearby door jam. Draco slapped him silly when Harry patted him on the ass after lunch the day before.

Harry was being a bad, bad boy.

But Harry had a different theory. It had been a shock to his system, falling for Draco. A surprise. He still couldn't put his finger on what it was that made him look past years of torment, thousands of bitter, angry words. It was so many things. It was the way he'd begun to see Draco as pretty. It was the way the past few months had brought to him a quieter, more withdrawn Draco Malfoy. It was that day by the tree on the Hogwarts grounds, that had made Harry want to hear his name from those lips more than just the one slip of the tongue. The day that got him thinking about what Draco would look like with a blush. With a flush.

Maybe Harry was just growing up, but after one too many crashes on the quidditch pitch, Harry knew the feel of Draco in his arms or sprawled on top of him, and he liked it.

Harry knew just how intelligent Draco was, and respected it. Even if the brains had been, till lately, used for evil.

When he'd seen how Draco protected Blaise and his burgeoning relationship with Ginny Weasley, Harry was proud.

When he'd had that first, drugging, hungry kiss on the dewy grass of the Quidditch Pitch, the Golden Snitch twitching between them, Harry wanted another.

And another.

Loving Draco Malfoy could be such wonderful business.

End Chapter