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It was the closing of the door (as Harry, Ron, and Blaise left) that finally interrupted their eye lock.

Carefully, Hermione unlocked her thumbs from the waistband of Draco's boxers; with that came two realisations: as expected, his underwear was made of a very soft material, probably silk - and the bulge in them proved how much he had enjoyed their encounter. He removed his hand from her breast hastily, only to run his fingers through his hair. That gave him an even sexier freshly-shagged look.

"I guess we come to the part where you hex my bits now?" He was so cute when he said it, she couldn't resist to tease him a bit.

"If you insist. You can choose: do you want them coloured emerald green and silver, or do you want them ringing like bells with every step?" Draco's eyes widened before he noticed that she was kidding him, and his infectious laughter rang through the narrow space. The tension broke and, smiling and resting his forehead against hers, he asked, "What now?"

She pondered some things for a while before she answered him, "I was told to have fun and let loose. I had fun, very much so with you. I'm certain you could help me with totally letting loose, too."

Boldly, she traced one finger over his deflating erection. He hissed and growled, "Hermione, you tempt me-"

"-Then man up and take me home. I heard you have a town house to show off?" Only Merlin knew where her sudden eagerness came from. She saw hesitation creeping over his face. Where was the playboy when you needed him? "I'm a grown up woman, Draco. And, despite your expectations, I'm not after becoming the next Mrs. Malfoy."

He smirked, "Though that would be such a fun thing to tell my father, wouldn't it? And I sure as Hell can imagine you adorned with the expensive heirlooms my family owns." The seductive drawl was back, and he played with the dark blue earrings she had put on. "Only clad in jewels, of course, and spread on my bed." She leaned against him, and felt that his hard-on was also back, pressing against her stomach. "Would you like that, Hermione?"

His presence seeped into the most primitive part of her brain that screamed for him to take her right now. With effort, she cleared her head and declared, "I expect your sheets to be nothing less than silk or Egyptian cotton." As nonchalant as she could muster, she emerged from the stall and rearranged her clothes, waiting for him to do the same. He grinned and wanted to right his hair when she stopped him by gripping his wrist. "Leave it like that. I think our friends deserve another act of 'The Snake and the Lioness'."

Draco nodded and debated, half-seriously, "Why can't it be something a bit more dramatic, like 'The Heir and the Heroine - The Force Awakens'?"

"Because that sounds like something from Star Wars!"

"Whatever that may be."

"Oh, Draco, if we don't leave here soon, we're going to end up in the cinema, not in bed…"

A passionate kiss eradicated her doubts. Afterwards, they laced their fingers together and walked out of the ladies' room. With a swish of her wand, Hermione erased all charms and wards she had built to keep other visitors away.


Hermione's and Draco's doings didn't go unobserved (much to their pleasure).

Ginny, using her newly acquired Mum-skills, scanned them with a blink of an eye, only to speak to her brother, "Ron, didn't you say he ripped the dress? That one seems very much intact. But, well, his wand work is simply excellent." Harry glared, flabbergasted, and for the first time since the legendary space cake incident, Ginny blushed. "What? Girls talk. Say something, Padma!" She elbowed her future sister-in-law into the ribs.

"Well, rumour has it that Draco Malfoy knows his ways with his powerful wand…"

"Merlin, what is he doing?" Harry gasped, pointing at Hermione and Malfoy. The plotters had a prime view on what would Ron later call 'the drama that cost them a year of their lives'. Draco Malfoy, his eyes solely on the Pride of Gryffindor, gracefully sank down on one knee.

"He wouldn't dare to-"

But he did. With visible effort, the Malfoy heir pulled his signet ring from his finger, where it had rested since he came of age.

"Harry, they're talking! Translate!" Ginny demanded. It wasn't exactly a secret that Auror duty required lip reading.

"Uh, okay, let's see: He says, 'Hermione Granger, this blessed night made me realise what I have suppressed all along. The moment I saw you in the…. Hogwarts Express all those years ago, I fell hopelessly in... love with you.'" Theo wordlessly handed Blaise twenty Galleons. "'Your wits, your beauty, your bravery," Ron emitted a very mature vomiting sound, "'I knew from the beginning that you will be my ever shining light in the dorkness', uh, darkness, I guess."

"He's really going to do it, oh my!" Padma nearly hyperventilated. Ron's face had taken the colour of leftover porridge.

"He says: 'I can't imagine my life without you. I want you to share my bed, my fortune, my everything with you.'"

"-Which he won't have because, let's face it, Azkaban or not, Lucius is going to disinherit him!" Theo was on the verge of a very un-male panic attack.

"No, no, no," Harry said before he translated, "'Hermione Jean Granger, would you give me the unspeakable honor-', I must be dreaming, and it isn't a nice dream, 'to be my wife and the mother of my heirs?'" Deadly silence befell the odd mix of wizards and witches.

They could hear Hermione's squeal from where they sat and saw how she threw her hands up to cover her mouth. Malfoy's smile emitted the light of a supernova when he slid the makeshift engagement ring on the brunette's slender finger. Then he rose elegantly to pull his intended in for a kiss that could make vulcans erupt.

After what felt one and a half eternity, Blaise was the first to regain the ability of speech, "Porca puttana! We just blew up a dynasty!"

"Fuck the dynasty!" Ron cursed, "We just sold our sweet, innocent Hermione to a blond Sex-God!"

They all missed the smug expressions on the faces of sweet, innocent Hermione and her Sex-God when the two of them left 'Bond' through a back entrance that led to a dark alley.


It was a wonder they didn't crash into a wall or fall down stairs the way they were engrossed with each other. His hands suddenly were everywhere, and his lips alternated between nipping on the sensitive skin on her shoulder and pressing wet kisses on her neck. But she wasn't idle, either, and roamed her palms over the rippling muscles of his back, only to curl her fingers behind his head and holding tight. To sum up, neither of them had a hand free to produce a wand and Apparate them.

Then it dawned on Hermione, "Draco…" her breathing was ragged.


"My wand is fastened at the inner side of my thigh-" He didn't need another order and reached under her short dress. His fingertips chased over the soft skin of her inner thigh, up, up- "Gods, it's the other leg," Hermione moaned when his index traced the outer line of her panties. Not that he wanted him to stop. But a dark alley behind a club simply wasn't the apt place to be ravished by Draco Malfoy. Or anyone, for that matter.

His chuckle turned the dampness in her knickers into a river; he was the personification of sin. And she really enjoyed being a bad girl with him -not really bad, of course, more naughty than bad. He gripped her wand, not without repeating the procedure on her underwear from the other side.

Before he could Apparate them, she told him, "By the way, this is the wand holster you didn't approve of."

His expression could only be described as smug. "You gave me the perfect incentive to rethink that decision."


It was obvious that Draco and his friends had another idea about what a town house was. To Hermione, and she had only seen the hall to the master bedroom so far, it looked like a small castle. Not that she had time to reflect about it as her legs were around Draco's waist and he snogged her senseless.

"The combined Privacy and Selective Silencing Charm was brilliant!" he praised, his voice raspy when he pulled the zipper of her dress down while supporting her weight with the other arm.

Between kisses along his neck she asked, "You saw?"

Draco nodded and set her back down on her feet, albeit reluctantly. With devotion, he peeled her out of her shiny dress. "Mh,yes. But I don't think anyone else has. That spares us the doubtful joy to explain that particular part of tonight to the Boulevard press and still send our dear friends into a maelstrom of thoughts."

"Great minds think alike, they say." She doubted the wizard had actively listened to her words, because his eyes raked over her body like she was the first woman he saw in her (admittedly very sexy) underwear. Hermione used his momentary distraction to unzip his trousers and unbuckle his belt, which fell to the dark wooden floor with a loud clatter. As if the noise released him from a spell, he pulled his shirt over his head, not even bothering to undo the buttons, and pushed his trousers from his feet.

Her heartbeat accelerated considerably at the sight of his now nearly naked body. He was toned without looking like a bodybuilder, and the fine trail of dark blond hair that started around his navel went further down to disappear under the waistband considerable tented boxers.

He made a step towards her, but she stopped him with a hand on his, surprisingly, warm chest.

"You know that sex against a wall requires quite a lot of strength? I've already crashed to the floor during it once."

His grin was positively devilish. "Let me guess, Theo again?"

"Does it matter? That's an experience I'd rather not repeat." Especially not with two thirds of the Weasley clan listening to her cursing because of the splinters in her behind the last time.

"I suppose I'll show my silken sheets now." With a wink, he took her hand and led her into his bedroom, which looked exactly as Hermione expected: lots of dark wood, a behemothic bed with expensive looking sheets and bedding and a giant window.

She approached the bed and felt the, indeed, lavishingly soft fabric when Draco stepped behind her. His chin rested on her shoulder when he removed her bra. Once her tits were devoid of lace, his hands cupped them with the perfect amount of pressure. With a hiss, she sucked air in as both of his thumbs rubbed over her nipples. They pebbled instantly. "Your breasts have the perfect size and weight, see?" He massaged them once, twice, before let go of them. She mewled her protest, but that was silenced quickly when he pulled her panties over her bum. Not all the way down, but enough to feel his length pressed between her arse cheeks as he held tight to her hips. Merlin, when did he shuffle off his boxers? The skin to skin contact, especially the feel of his cock against her, sent her libido into emergency mode. The FUCK NOW! kind of emergency.

It would have been a fair game to bend over the bed and let him take her from behind, but she desperately wanted to see his haunting, grey eyes when he reached his peak.

Blazingly fast, she turned and pushed him to sit on the edge of his bed. Hermione didn't explain her plan but wordlessly lowered down on her knees between his spread legs. Curiosity gripped her, and she started to explore his private parts with vigour. And her tongue.

WIth a swift move, her tongue stroke over the underside of his cock, from the base to the rounded tip. To his credit, he really tried to hold any sound in, though when she closed her lips around the top and sunk down, her teeth scraping over the skin just so, he lost the battle against his own lust, and he moaned, deep and throaty.

Her mouth still filled with his hardness, she threw him a triumphant glance.

"Salazar, you're so hot when you're right!" he rumbled, "But I really want to come in your sweet pussy, and not in your mouth." With visible effort, he coaxed her to lay on her back in the middle if the mattress. The silk felt glorious on her skin, but even more so the blond man that spread her legs.

"Before I test if you're already wet for me, and I still have a minimum of control over my body: are we protected? I have a potion here, if you need it."

He just had to be the responsible kind of sin, hadn't he? She smiled, "Ginny gave me a double dose before we left for the club. I guess I have to thank her now."

"I'll send her flowers." He concentrated on caressing her venus mount, the juncture of her legs, her thighs and softly blew over her dark pubic hair. Hermione's brain melted, and she could only focus on the sensation between her legs. Finally, Draco's long, elegant index finger traced the small slit between her nether lips. She could feel how wet she already was, and he hadn't even touched her clit-

"Ooh!" she moaned when his lips latched on the sensitive nub.

"Oh? That isn't very articulate, Miss Granger." As he spoke, he slipped one finger into her cunt, smoothly, because of the overflowing arousal. Though, he didn't move the finger but kept it motionless instead.

On edge, Hermione bucked her hips to feel the desperately needed friction, but Draco pinned her down with his forearm over her lower abdomen.

"Someone's eager to have the eagle landed, eh?" he pronounced slowly, as if he had all time in the world and not a persistent erection she could see from her position.

"I told you, I'd never say that."

"Doesn't mean you don't want it."

With a laugh and a strength that took him by surprise, she removed his finger swiftly, only to turn their bodies; now she had him reclining on his back where she wanted him.

She hovered over him, her arms braced on both sides of his head. Instead of moping that she had taken the lead, he kissed her feverishly. She spread her wetness on his cock by sliding over him until he halted her movements and groaned, "In. Now."

She rose and guided his steel-hard member into her.

Heavens. She had forgotten how good it felt. And Draco's cock touched all the right places inside her, filling her to the brim. A perfect fit.

Slowly, she began to rock her hips against him. The effect was formidable, because he made a sound that showed his rapture, something between a sigh and a groan. After a short time, his patience shattered, and his moves matched hers, increasing the delicious friction between his skin and her clit.

Hermione sensed his pleasure mounting, and, just because she could, alternated her back and forth rocking with a circular motion of her pelvis.

"Fuck. You're killing me here, kitten."

A strange noise, a mixture of a moan and a laugh, tumbled from her lips. Only a bit later, she realised that the hot white pleasure insight her threatened to implode. The witch sped up her riding, and she felt him tensing erratically, knowing he was as close to coming as she was.


"Don't hold back, Hermione. Come for me."

His voice was her final straw; one, two, strong shifts later, bliss overtook her and she happily submitted herself to it. Her muscles hadn't even finished to clamp around him when she looked him straight in his eyes. Just in time, because with a mighty thrust of his own, he stiffened and came. The ecstasy that clouded his vision, the exhilaration dancing through his darkened grey orbs, prolonged her orgasm into the immeasurable.

Very slowly, they both came down from their high, their heartbeats returned to the normal rhythm, and their breathing normalised. Though, they couldn't take the eyes off each other.

"That was-" Hermione started, digging for the right words.

"-Hopefully not the last time we did this." Draco finished with a meaningful glance. "I mean, I enjoyed very much to be bossed around by Hermione Granger, but give me the chance for an equal payback," he added, almost hastily.

Hermione smiled when she let his flaccid member glide out of her and lay down next to him.

"Just for the sake of revenge, of course."

He returned the smile and curled her into his arms. "Of course."

Not long after, two even breaths were the only sounds in the town house.


"Pleeeeeeease, Hermione! You have to tell me everything!" Ginny whined, juggling Albus on one hip.

"Do I have to now? I don't think so."

Hermione's fingers curled around a divine mug full of liquid caffeine as she raised an eyebrow in perfect imitation of the blond wizard she had left sleeping in his bed this morning. Not that she wanted to make a hasty departure, but when she woke up, sated and warm, she realised with a start that she had agreed to meet Ginny for breakfast at the Potters. So, she had gently kissed him on his forehead and scribbled a note on a piece of parchment.


thanks for helping me to let loose.
Care to meet again without the strenuous task of a setup?


She flooed home and jumped to have a shower. When she exited her bathroom, dressed in comfortable clothes (they were her friends and had seen her battered and bruised, why should she dress up?) and just wanted to slip into her ballerinas, when a jet black owl tapped against her window. The bird carried a roll of parchment and a small box with it, tied together with an emerald green ribbon. Hermione unfolded the letter and read,


I was quite happy to assist.
I'll take you out for dinner on Tuesday at 7.

P.S.: Open the box. A kitten needs an appropriate collar.'

"Merlin, Hermione!" Ginny snapped her fingers in front of the brunette's face and rudely pulled her out of her thoughts.

"Yes, Ginny?" Hermione smiled innocently.

"Come on, tell me what happened after he proposed and you left the club with Draco Malfoy!"

"Oh, you mean after we set you lot up after discovering that you set us up?"

Ginny's reaction was comical: the croissant she had been holding slipped into her tea cup, splattering the tea over the table. Little Albus giggled loudly at that.

Hermione opened her arms towards him, "Come, cuddle with Aunt Hermione while your Mommy cleans up."

Her own arms free, Ginny threw her hands into the air. "Fine! You're right, of course. We played matchmaker together with Theo and Blaise. I told them you two geniuses would get behind it."

That mollified Hermione a bit.

"But I'm not sorry. You two clicked, and you left together, even if the proposal was a complete farce. And you christened the ladies' room at the club."

"All part of the show, Gin."

The redheaded witch tilted her head and scrutinised her friend's complexion. "Don't lie to me, dear! That works with the gullible boys but not with me. You had sex last night, and fantastic sex at that."

"We didn't have sex in the club -I'd take an Unbreakable Vow on it!" Hermione didn't even try to hide her grin. Suddenly, Ginny's eyes looked at something on the other witch's neck.

"What is it that Albus is playing with?"

Automatically, Hermione's fingers found the gorgeous blue diamond necklace that had accompanied Draco's letter in the morning.

"Sweet baby dragons, are those blue diamonds? Do you have any idea how rare those are?" Ginny exclaimed.

A kitten needed an appropriate collar, after all.

Tuesday, 7 p.m.

The flutter in Hermione's insides had nothing to do with the coffee.

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