Aragorn sat on a rock facing a small river. He was back from the Adventure, and was going to be married to Arwen in a few short weeks. He heard footsteps, someone running through the forest. As he stood up he saw a slight figure running at him. It was Arwen, calling, "Estel! Come quickly! It is my father." She grabbed his arm and pulled at him to hurry. Aragorn obliged and ran after her. They went directly up to Lord Elrond's room, where he lay. His eyes were closed and his body twitched in pain. Many good Healers surrounded him, but they let Aragorn pass, Arwen clinging to his hand. "You do not know of what he suffers from?" Aragorn reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle of clear liquid. He poured it gently down the sick man's throat. He inspected Elrond carefully, looking for any signs of anything. He finally made a discovery and pulled the best Healer, Tokaj, out of the room. "What have you found?" The elf was nervous. He didn't want anything to happen to his Lord. "Do not tell anyone, Tokaj. I think Lord Elrond has been poisoned." Aragorn sighed dejectedly. "What?" Tokaj's voice was incredulous, his green eyes frightened. "What I gave Elrond, it was Phoenix Tears. They heal you quickly. But the one thing they do not cure is Selleros Poison. Selleros is the single most frightening poison you can get." Aragorn continued painfully, "It will kill you in 24 hours. There is no known cure. The only thing we can do is make him comfortable." "What will you tell Lady Arwen?" "I do not know. How am I supposed to tell her her father is dying?" Aragorn leaned on the wall and looked into Tokaj's eyes. "When we re-enter the room, get all the other Healers to come out here and tell them. I will tell the Lady. And tell them I am positive of my diagnosis." He opened the heavy wood door and went in. Tokaj did what was requested of him and went quietly, leaving just Aragorn and Arwen alone with the fitfully sleeping King. "Estel?" She questioned him gently, turning from her father to her love. "What is wrong with my father?" When he answered with silence, she begged, "Tell me." He caught her hands and her eyes, and slowly a tear glided down his worn but still handsome face. "He's dying?" Arwen's questioning eyes were pleading. "I'm.. I'm afraid so." Aragorn watched as her eyes dimmed and filled with tears. "How? Why?" Her tears spilled over and flowed freely down her cheeks.

"Selleros." He let the word hang in the air. She flung herself into his strong arms. "Why would anyone want to poison him?" He stroked her hair, his own tears falling on her face. "I don't know." Arwen sobbed into his shoulder and started to shake from grief. "Estel. Please, can we do anything? Anything at all?" Aragorn gently pulled away, still keeping an arm around her. "We should make him comfortable. That is all." He pulled up the blankets, and she dabbed at her father's face with a cold, wet cloth.

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