A/N: Hi guys! This is my first TVD fic... I hope I do the characters justice... As you can tell I obviously don't own TVD, although there are times I wish Julie Plec didn't either... Now... i'm not saying I hate Julie and what could have happened between either Bamon or Benzo... but she basically put the two together after she lost Damon. So really it's a pity relationship. Bonnie was lonely. Enzo was lonely, but he didn't do much in the way of helping her. He hid her magic and made her a damn target. Whereas Damon would have stopped at nothing to protect her. ANYWAY. The show must go on, as they say.

Summary: After yet another threat to Mystic Falls has been annihilated, Bonnie finally decides she wants out. Taking matters into her own hands, she leaves Mystic Falls and everything and everyone behind. Well... almost everyone.

"Thought you'd leave without saying goodbye? That's usually my trick."

Green eyes rolled in the direction of the blue eyed vampire where the sarcastic tone had come from. "No."

"Then what, Bon Bon? Your bags are packed and it's the middle of the night. I get we've had a tough day, that's why I came to check on you."

"Well then come with me?" Bonnie looked up at Damon. "I need to get outta here, Damon. Out and away from the dangers of Mystic Falls. And what better road trip partner than my best friend?"

"What about Enzo? The apparent love of your life."

Bonnie sighed deeply. The only reason said vampire was not talking her round was because she had spelled the door shut and silenced the entirety of upstairs. "Enzo and I...it's not working. I know, call me a coward! But I thought I could give him everything and...I can't. We fight but don't always make up."

Damon observed her words, ears pricking up at the mention of fighting. There were no marks on the witch, biting or otherwise and she didn't appear scared. He knew then that only words were exchanged and not hands. "Well, Bonnie. He's been alone for a long time, it takes some getting used to having someone be there for you. Especially when that someone is Bonnie Bennett." He smiled.

"Careful, Damon. You almost sound like you care." Bonnie teased.

"Tell anyone and I have to kill you, witchy." Damon smirked, causing Bonnie to laugh and throw her arms around him in a hug, which he happily reciprocated, lifting her off the ground. "Come on. We'll take my car." He spoke as her set her back down.

"Can I ask you to put the bags in the trunk? As soon as I leave this place the silencing spell will lift." She smiled.

Damon have a forced groan, pretending to make a big deal out of what she had asked. "Bonnie...!" He whined, drawing her name out for a long moment.

She laughed at him. "Please?"

"Fine! But you owe me, Bennett." He smirked, picking up her bags, and at vampire speed, had all of her belongings in the trunk and on the back seat of his camaro within minutes. He stood in the doorway as he saw her writing a note for Enzo in the morning, explaining that she had to get away for a while and that she would be in touch soon. "I don't think you need to explain yourself to him, Bon."

"I do." Bonnie forced a small smile in his direction, standing up from the kitchen table and made her way to him.

"The car is running so as soon as you get in, we can go." He smiled.

Bonnie nodded and looked around one last time, and then followed Damon out to the car, feeling her magic follow her out of the door as the spells were removed.

Once safely in the car with his witch, Damon stepped on the gas and sped away from the house she and Enzo shared. Minutes later, the pair put Mystic Falls in the rear view mirror, driving late in the night on the open road.