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Summary: Familiarity breeds contempt, and after all that had happened the last time with Jason, after learning Jake Doe's identity, Elizabeth has more realistic reaction.

Pairing: Mentions of Liason and mentions of Jasam

Warning: There is no bashing. Not of Sam. Not of Liz.

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Jerri: I'm glad that you like it. It's not going to be a long fic, I always intended to do two chapters, and then wrap it up with a short synopsis-like third chapter.

Guest: Exactly so. I felt that if the lie had never been a thing that it would have been a better story. One where Jason would have to deal with being torn between the two women who are arguably the most important in his life, and BM, KeMo, and Becky could have made emmy gold with it. Instead, the writers chose the easy way out.

Guest: Thank you. I always thought so too. I hate it when they destroy a character for nothing more than a plot point. There would have been so much better of a story and drama without the lie.

Guest: Thank you!

Guest: Thanks!

Pamela: Thank you. Liason will always be my favorite soap couple, too, but I can't even want them on the show anymore. There would have to be so much addressed between them before I would be happy to see them together again. I know, I wish more writers would write for Liason. There just isn't enough out there. Sam is a character I will never be able to root for, but I don't always see her as a villain. It depends on my mood. Sometimes, I still am angry with her character and other times I can appreciate that she isn't that way anymore. Thanks again for the review.

Sciencegirl: Thank you so much! I wish I wrote for GH. Things would be so different for some many people. :D


"How We Come Together"

Time felt agonizing slow for Elizabeth Webber in the next coming months. Her life was a twisty, topsy turvy rollercoaster of emotions that she was forced to go on, and there was no getting off. She had gotten into the seat, buckled herself in, and there was not stopping it now. It had been hard with the distance that she put between her and Jason, but she had to give him that space. She would not give anyone a leg to stand on and try to say she intentionally trapped Jason. Carly had found her, and started spitting the usual venom—apparently now that she knew Jake Doe was Jason whatever civility they had managed to create was null and void. Elizabeth shut Carly down, and told her as much as she would like it, the blond couldn't rewrite history to fit her views. Elizabeth left the fuming blond behind, and went about her day like it was any other day.

But Carly was hardly the only person to get all bent out of shape over the news. Monica, in her passive aggressive way, needled at Elizabeth's self-control by telling her that she needed to back off and let Jason and Sam work things out. Elizabeth could have scratched the woman's eyes out, but instead, pointed out frostily that she was doing exactly that, and that it wasn't really Monica's place to monitor her relationship with Jason. Jason had to figure things out for himself, and both Sam and Elizabeth were standing back and letting him because they knew to force things would damage their relationship with him.

Monica hadn't appreciated the snub, and Elizabeth found herself suddenly picking up extra hours. The joke was on Monica because that overtime helped keep Elizabeth grounded. It helped keep her steady and her thoughts away from the chaos in her life. Cameron and Aiden were a little upset that Jake was suddenly not there anymore, but she sat down and a long discussion with them. She didn't want them to feel that it was anything they did that drove Jake away, because she knew how painfully that was to believe that all problems that your family was your fault. That had been story of her teenage years, and she would be damned before she allowed her boys ever feel like that.


Elizabeth's head jerked up from where she working on updating a patient's file, and she saw Jason standing there. Her heart clenched at the sight of him, and her jaw trembled. "Hey," Elizabeth said, fighting to keep her tone light. "How is everything? I heard you left town, but Sonny said not to worry. That you were coming back."

Jason came to stand adjacent from her at the nurse's hub, and tapped his fingers nervously against the counter top. "Yeah, I needed to clear my head, and with everyone hoping for me to remember how important they were to Jason Morgan, it wasn't happening here. So I took off for a few days. I'm sorry that I just left out of the blue. Normally, I wouldn't do that especially with Jake and Danny—"

"Hey, no explanations needed," Elizabeth reassured him, with an understanding smile. "I know it's been hard for you. Everyone has all these expectations for who you are, and you don't remember that person. It had to be suffocating."

"Yeah, about that. I remember almost everything about…who I was," Jason informed her, awkwardly.

"Oh," Elizabeth's heart sank. Helena had taken so away from, and while he couldn't get back time, it was a good thing he could at least get back his memories. A part of her was happy for him, but there was always a resigned sadness that washed over her from head to toe. She was certain that if he had his memories back then that must mean he wanted to get back together with Sam. "That's good. Sam must be ecstatic."

Jason's brows furrowed in confusion before he realized what she meant. "Oh. Oh, yeah, I mean, I'm sure she'll be happy for me, but Elizabeth…I still want to be with you," he told her, his head cocked to the side. "I may have my memories back, Elizabeth, but my heart—all those feelings—they are for you. I still love you."

Elizabeth stood there; the file held between her fingers quaked. "You…what?" Her voice cracked, and her heart thumped painfully in her chest. She had fought against hope. She fought against building up dreams, and had been living one day to the next without expectations on her future with Jason, and what capacity she would be in his life. She didn't want to build up that hope, and feed the love in her heart, only to have it come crashing down around her again.

Jason smiled slightly. He grabbed the file in her hand, and set it down upon the counter then took her small hand in his. He led her around the counter until there was no barrier between them, and told her softly, "Sam and I sat down and talked. It was probably something we should have done ages ago, but we did it a few weeks ago, and we both realized that we just didn't work together. We had problems in our relationship—problems that had nothing to do with anyone beyond us—and realized that going back to that wouldn't be healthy. She has moved on to the next chapter in her life, grown beyond what she was when she was with me, and is happy with Patrick. She has built a future with him, wants to spend a lifetime with him and she can't regret it. I told her I wished her nothing, but the best, and she gave me a bit of advice."

"She did?" Elizabeth whispered. "What advice did she give you?"

"To stop being afraid. Life is too short to be lived in fear, and afraid to go after what I wanted. That I always let fear stop me from being with you, and that if I really wanted a life with you to fight tooth and nail for it because we both deserve happiness," Jason stated, with a big goofy grin on his face as he stared down into the face of the woman he loved. "So here I am. I am willing to fight for you, Nurse Webber. Are you willing to do the same?"

"Yes," the breathless reply was pulled from the depths of her soul. "Yes, I will fight for you. I should have done it before, but I am willing to do it now."

"That's all I needed to hear," Jason said.

Then he swooped down planting a kiss onto her lips. She gave a low moan, placing her hand upon the side of her face, and her other arm wrapping around his neck. His arm ran across the small of her back, pulling her flush towards him. Felix let out wolf-whistle, and Epiphany said, "About time."

Monica looked like she was swallowed a lemon.

Jason and Elizabeth couldn't have cared less.

The next months passed in a blur, and so much around them was changing. With Diane's efficiently quick work, Sam and Jason divorce was finalized in time for Sam and Patrick to have a summer wedding. It was a beautiful outdoor affair, and the first successful wedding that Maxie had planned. Danny and Jake had been ring bearers, while Cameron had been Patrick's best man and Emma had been Sam's Maid of Honor. Quite a number of people had been invited, including Jason and Elizabeth who were now engaged, and there was a little bit of tension with Monica and Carly. Yet it didn't put a damper in the day.

Vows were exchanged, and during them, Jason discreetly handed Elizabeth a tissue which she gratefully accepted to wipe her tearful eyes. The wedding went off without a hitch though when the priest said, "If anyone has a reason these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold you peace" Jason noticed Sonny clamp his hand over Carly's mouth and sent him a grateful look. His self-proclaimed best friend had been testing the bounds of his control with the way she had been treating Elizabeth, and how every other word out of her mouth was how she knew that he couldn't be happy marrying the "twit." He had tried to steer clear of the blond, but that only served to make it worse.

The reception was, however, not nearly as drama free. Elizabeth was cornered by Monica, who made horrible accusations, saying that she was trapping Jason. That she was intentionally making him choose her over his family, and even went as far as to say that she must have known who he was when he first got wheeled into the hospital. Saying that she used that to her advantage to build a relationship with him, and Elizabeth smacked her across the face. She informed Monica where she could shove her crazy theories, and it was where the sun didn't shine. Meanwhile, Jason got held up by Carly who ripped into him for allowing the wedding to happen. That he just the one woman who understood him go, and for what? For a flat-chested bitch that would never put him first or truly understand him.

Jason had enough. He told Carly that she had gone too far. That Elizabeth had been accepting of him way before she even knew that he was Jason, and that she had given him the space to figure out his life where Carly couldn't. He told Carly that Elizabeth had always been his dream—a dream he hadn't felt worthy of—and that he regretted allowing fear to distance him from her all those years ago because he wasted so many years not being with her. He also told her that if she couldn't accept that then she wasn't welcomed in his life anymore.

Sam and Patrick watched the drama from afar, and were glad that for once the drama was not square on them. They hadn't had an easy time, either. Robin had come back, and explained why she had been gone, and wanted to start things over with Patrick. However, Patrick—as much as he would always love Robin—couldn't give her another chance. He knew that the love their shared was enough for Robin, and she would always put something else first beyond her family. Robin, hurt, had left Port Charles with promises to figure out custody for Emma at a later date.

It hadn't been the end of the battle for Jason and Elizabeth by any means, but that night they showed each other that they truly meant they wanted to fight for their relationship and their family. It hadn't just been promises that held no meaning, and would later be broken. It was a promise kept, and while things would likely never be perfect, Elizabeth couldn't regret it. She would rather have a full life with all its imperfections, instead of a perfect life that felt hollow, and all those fears that she had?

They didn't matter anymore.

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