Title: Giving it up
Author: Lore
Rating: Gen

We're not just talking here."

"I know."

"It's a seven days a week, 24 on 24 kind of thing Spike. And not just for now, or for the rest of our lives. It's forever, as long as you may live..."

"I know! But I have to. For the sake of puppies and girlie scouts and all..."

"Do you? Can you? Stop, that is."

"I have to, for the kids sake."

"So you'll just stop, after over a century of it. How many have you done Spike, at least once a day?"


"And it won't be easy. You'll start feeling the craving for it, the hunger. It'll be there, every second, every breath you take. Singing in the back of your head for just one more, one that can't harm but will anyway. It'll tell you it won't matter if you take just one sweet taste, it'll tell you, you don't have to go all the way, that you can stop before it goes to far, that if you don't finish it..."

"Just shut up already!"

"And you still have to stop, cause even one is too much."

"I KNOW!!"

"It'll be all around you Spike. Enticing you with fake promises, begging you to just give in and let go. People..."

"Will you just bloody well shut up already and give me that patch!" He ripped the patch from Xander's hand. Now how was a bloke supposed to stop smoking with that kind of talk around.