GT Timeline

Pan pouted as she watched Trunks and Marron from a distance. Her old friends looked so happy together, and she hated herself for not being happy that they were happy. The pair had recently got engaged. All their friends and family had been happy for them. Friends and family said they could see it coming - and yet the news had shocked her. Somehow Pan had always imagined that she would be the one that would end up with Trunks, but then again the age difference was probably a bit big between them. She found out from her best friend that Trunks only thought of her as another sister or a cousin, and that wasn't likely ever going to change.

"With Goten now married and Trunks and Marron engaged their's only you and me now." Bra sighed. She had trouble finding boyfriends. Vegeta scared off anyone that showed an interested in her.

With her Uncle, crush and older friend all married or engaged, it made her realize how big the age difference actually was between them. After all, she and Bra were still in school, and their three older friends had been out of school for several years. "What about Uppa?" Pan pointed to the mow hawked haired boy who was currently sparing with her Uncle. Goten looked like he was struggling to keep up.

Bra scrunched up her nose in disgust. "Uppa doesn't count. Besides all he thinks about is fighting"

"Like your dad does!" Pan teased.

"Not funny Pan. Uppa's your grandpa Goku's pride and joy. Your grandpa probably wants the two of you to end up together."

Pan looked disgusted at the suggestion. She powered up a ki blast, sending it towards Bra. Her friend easily dodged the blast.

Pan ran when she saw the blast was heading for her Uncle instead. Goten turned, looking towards her. With the distraction, Uppa managed to get the upper hand and knock Goten to the ground. Bra was laughing at the misfire.

"Not funny Pan, its moments like these I wish you had never been born." The youngest son of Goku shouted at his niece, not really meaning what he said.

"That's not very nice Uncle Goten." Pan rolled her eyes, they fought like this a fair bit. She knew there were times Goten hated the age difference between them.

Everyone turned and stared as Pan disappeared from sight. They looked around in amusement, wondering where she would pop up from.

"That's not funny, Pan," Bra shouted. "Stop Concealing your Ki."

They all assumed she was playing a joke on them when she still hadn't appeared hours later. The concern increased as they failed to locate Pan's ki. She had vanished before their eyes. Not even Dende, the Guardian of Earth, could find her.

Moved chapters around 21 August 2020