GT Timeline

"Pan, where have you been?" Gohan and Videl both asked. "We were really worried."

"The past," Pan replied. "Back when you were both still in high school, just before you got together. I'm still not sure how, I wasn't alone. I met a girl called Chiko who was dad's daughter."

"I don't have another daughter," Gohan replied.

"She's from another dimension," Pan rolled her eyes. "Future Trunk's dimension. You ended up with your friend Erasa because mum was dead in that timeline."

She filled her parents in on her twenty-four hours in the past. "I told them all about Majin Buu and the Black Star Dragon Balls and everything else that happened that I could remember. I also taught dad and Chiko instant transmission."

"I never learnt instant transmission," Gohan admitted. "Think you can teach your dear old dad."

"Sure dad," Pan smiled. "I'll teach you as well mum. I love you both." She hugged both her parents, really meaning it.

They went outside and watched as Trunks, Goten and Marron all laughed together. She was still sad that she wasn't going to end up with him. But maybe, somewhere out there a dimension existed where she ended up with Trunks instead. After all Chiko managed to end up with Trunks.

She turned back to her parents and started her lesson.


Future Trunks Timeline

Trunks pulled Chiko into a hug the instant she turned up in the timeline. "I was worried I lost you forever."

"I ended up in the past, the timeline you helped create." Chiko told him. "I got to spend the day with both my parents, their friends and my sister from another timeline." She then turned serious. "We have a lot of work ahead of us. An enemy called Majin Buu destroyed the whole planet in the timeline Pan comes from. He's been lying dormant for thousands of years, I believe that the person who awoke them didn't come because of the androids."

"But now they are defeated," Trunk said with fear. "They'll come."

"We do have hope, Majin Buu isn't all evil. If we get to him first, maybe, just maybe we'll be able to get him over to our side. He's very childlike but also very powerful." Chiko explained. "Oh and I learnt Instant Transmission."

Trunks grinned. "I wanted Goku to teach me that when I was in the past. I never got the chance, and when he died."

"Before we do anything about Buu, I want to spend time with my son," Chiko kissed Trunk's cheek. Walking through the house to find her mother in law and both grandmothers fighting around her baby. She laughed, they were fighting the same way in the past when she left.



Gohan and Videl both smiled when they saw Erasa and her husband walk into the room.

"Erasa, Blizard, how are you both?" Videl asked. Blizard was the son of another friend of Gohan's father.

"We're doing well," Erasa grinned. "Sharpener said hi and sorry he couldn't make it. How's Pan?"

"Doing well, she's with dad and Vegeta at the moment. Watching them train with Beerus." Gohan replied.

"Any kids yet," Videl asked. Erasa and Blizard had been trying for a baby for a couple of years now.

"We found out recently that I can't have children." Blizard replied sadly. "I asked Sharpener if he'd be a sperm donor for us and he said that he would, but only for our second child." Erasa and Sharpener had remained very close, sharing a sibling type relationship and Blizard had quickly become Sharpener's best friend.

Videl and Erasa shared a glance before looking at Gohan.

"What are you looking at me for?" Gohan asked.

"Chiko, that's why Sharpener said no to the first," Videl replied with a smile.

Gohan glanced at both the girls and grinned. "I never even considered that possibility. So both can exist after all. Erasa, Blizard Videl and I would be honoured to donate my sperm for you to have a child."

"I knew you would," Erasa grinned. "Sweetie," Erasa turned to her husband. "Have I ever told you the story about the time I met mine and Gohan's time travelling daughter from another dimension."

The look on Blizards face said it all, that no Erasa had not told him about her time travelling daughter to her best friend's husband.