Chapter 1

Captain Sharon Raydor walked to the elevators quickly, wanting to escape Lieutenant Flynn, with whom her relations have been rocky awful, but somehow, a few weeks ago they'd slept together. Now both were afraid of the truth - namely, that they fall in love with each other. She quickly arrived at the elevator, but at this moment Andy Flynn quickly grabbed her hand and made her look into his eyes. She wanted to pull away, but Andy was holding her tightly to his body.

"Let me go!" she said sternly, looking around. Her voice sounded almost like an order, but she was afraid that someone might reveal the truth about them. Andy looked into her bright green eyes and said softly, "Captain, I need to talk to you. From weeks you shun me, but what happened between us ...-"

"Lieutenant, forget it! What happened between us was just a mistake, nothing more. I don't want to talk more about it. Please. Besides, I am a married woman and I don't want to talk about such things with my colleague. You're just a colleague, nothing more. " she said firmly. Andy shook his head, saying with anger, "No! I can't forget that night! What do you want? To deny that ...-" Both suddenly stopped talking and he released her hand, seeing chief Johnson. She approached them, watching them carefully.

"Captain Raydor, Lieutenant Flynn, you argue again? When do you stop acting like children? We have an important case and you argue instead to work?" she asked sternly. Sharon and Andy looked at each other coldly. Sharon approached Brenda, saying, "Chief, I'm sorry, we actually discussed the details of the case. I'll go to get some documents, excuse me." She looked back at Andy, then got into the elevator. Chief Johnson looked at Andy.

"You and Captain Raydor behave quite strangely for several weeks. What's wrong? What's going on with you?" she asked curiously. Andy took a deep breath and smiled slightly, answering, "Nothing, chief, just talked about the case. While she brought the documents, let's keep working." He quickly walked to his desk, leaving his boss in surprise. But Brenda wasn't at all stupid. She understood very well that something strange is happening between Raydor and Flynn. A few hours later, chief Johnson was gone until the whole team continued to work hard. Lieutenant Provenza angrily threw several folders on his desk and sat down angrily, leaning back. Flynn looked at him carefully.

"Are you sure there is no problem?" he asked his friend. Provenza rolled his eyes, dissatisfied, "No, I just asked a few folders from Captain Raydor, but as always she likes to do what she wants. She can't even understand that we may not be able to catch the suspects because of her!" Andy sighed and shook his head.

"You exaggerate Provenza! Captain Raydor fulfill her obligations as she should, but you just don't want to understand that." he defended Sharon immediately. Provenza's eyes widened and he looked at Flynn doubtful, asking, "You started to defend the captain? What's wrong with you? You hated each other! You hated Captain Raydor and now, suddenly, you defend her! Oh my God!" Andy rolled his eyes, angry and decided to remain silent because of his talk, he made people, especially Provenza doubt even more. A few minutes later, Raydor bring the folders and give them to Provenza, then walked toward the elevators again as she felt exhausted enough and wanted to go home. Flynn immediately followed her, seeing the that she wasn't feeling particularly well.

"Captain!" he shouted after her. Sharon turned to him and took a deep breath. He stood before her, looking at her innocently and said, "Captain, I want to take you home, I see that you don't feel well. I want to help." Sharon shook her head, saying firmly, "No, no need Lieutenant, I can handle it. I've always been an independent woman and I can handle it. I don't need your help." But Andy didn't want she to be alone, seeing the she every moment may faint. Sharon suddenly leaned against the wall, feeling a new wave of dizziness. Andy quickly caught her and they looked at each other in silence for a few minutes. When Sharon felt better, she immediately got into the elevator, leaving Lieutenant Flynn to look into the void.

A few minutes later, she slowly arrived in the parking lot and was surprised seeing Flynn here. She didn't know when he came here and why he constantly follows her. She approached him and gave him a slap, saying angrily, "Stop following me Lieutenant! I'm tired to deal with you!" Andy touched his cheek, which hurt terribly by her slap. After this slap he should hate her even more, but somehow, something made him love that woman more. His enemy.

"Captain, this slap means nothing to me because I see the love in your eyes. That night, everything that happened between us ... It is unforgettable and I'll never forget the time spent with you. And as I want to deny I love you. Yes, I love you and now I see that you need help. But why don't you let me? I just want to help you, nothing more. " he admitted quietly. Sharon looked into his chocolate brown eyes as if she was sorry to slap him.

"Lieutenant, I can't forget what happened between us that night ... But everything was there. We can't fall in love with each other simply because we slept together. Lieutenant, we're just colleagues and perhaps friends but that's all. We are enemies of those who can not even stand each other. Between us there is emptiness and coldness. Nothing more. Thank you for your sincerity. Good night. " she said with a slight smile and got into her car, then leave Andy alone to think over her words.

During the whole time, Sharon was stopped several times to throw up. She just couldn't understand what was happening to her. Finally, she was able to come home and throw the keys wearily. She quickly went into the bathroom to wash her face. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, remembering Andy Flynn's words. Of course she also couldn't forget what had happened between them, but it was just a mistake and besides, she was a married woman, although she was estranged from her husband Jack Raydor, who was in Las Vegas to gamble. She thought that her life is a failure with a husband like him. Her children Emily and Ricky Raydor lived in New York and she was completely alone. She really was alone and she needed a little care and love, but she didn't want to succumb to her feelings, especially to Lieutenant Flynn. Sharon was vomiting all night and it was damn hard to work the next day. All were worried about her health, but especially Flynn cared a lot about her health, although she wouldn't let him. That afternoon, Sharon came out of the bathroom and saw the chief Johnson before her, which looked at her questioningly.

"Captain, are you sure you're okay? Maybe it will be good to see a doctor." she said anxiously. Sharon shook her head with a slight smile, saying, "No, chief, I'm fine. Just maybe it's because of the food. But I promise that if I feel worse I'll go to a doctor." Chief Johnson nodded slightly. In the evening, Sharon took her coat and her purse in hand and wearily walked to the elevators, but she almost had no the strength to walk. Andy quickly reach her and immediately took her coat and her purse to help her. This time he was determined to take her home and Sharon had the strength to resist. Andy drove carefully watching anxiously to Sharon, who was hugging her coat and her face was pale. She quickly squeezed his shoulder, saying, "Stop, I need air." Andy quickly stopped the car, then Sharon vomited several times. Andy was shocked of her condition and he pulled her hair back gently to help her. She put a cloth over her mouth and looked at Flynn, who looked at her questioningly.

"Captain, let's go to a doctor, what happens to you is weird and too much." he said firmly. Sharon sighed and nodded slightly and leaned against him as she had no the strength to walk because of dizziness, she feels. He quickly helped her to the car, then they went to the hospital and did some tests. Now Sharon and Andy sat in the waiting room, awaiting the results eagerly. He squeezed her hand gently. She looked into his brown eyes with fear, saying, "I am afraid." Andy looked at her confused, but before he could ask why, Dr. Nelson has brought the results. Sharon and Andy looked at Nelson questioningly. Sharon took a deep breath, asking, "What are the results?"

Dr. Nelson smiled and said, "Congratulations Sharon, you're pregnant."

~~~ TBC ~~~