Chapter 32

Sharon and Andy went home furious after the terrible dispute in the parking lot. Nicole was surprised too, seeing that his father went to the bedroom so angry. Sharon closed the door tightly and throw the keys and went to Nicole, saying, "Nicole, take care of your brother, please." Nicole agreed without saying anything and went into the nursery. Sharon went into the bedroom and locked the door, then stood in front of Andy, looking at him angrily. She couldn't believe that he creates a problem because of her ex-husband, who was just an idiot and nothing more.

"Do you have something to tell me?" he asked angrily. Sharon took a deep breath, answering, "Of course not! I just want to say what an idiot you are. I can't believe that you do conflicts because of Jack, who is nobody in my life. He's just my children's father." Andy rolled his eyes dissatisfied and approached her.

"Only this? Are you sure? You last night refused my marriage proposal and today I see you with this idiot! What do you think?" he almost shouted. Sharon put her hand over his mouth and said angrily, "Don't forget that Nicole and Mike are in the other room. Stop shouting!" Andy took her hand and looked into her green eyes that were blazing with anger.

"To stop shouting? Then tell me why you were in the parking lot with Jack." he said firmly, trying to be quiet because of his little son. Sharon closed her eyes for a moment, saying, "I had to get something from my car. I had no idea that Jack will appear in front of me. What do you want me to do? However, we can talk about Emily and Ricky. But I can't believe that you think that I have a relationship with him. Andy, I love you and I'm the mother of your child. Besides, I'm not ready to get married and that's why I refused your proposal! " She sat on the bed and wiped her tears. She just couldn't take it anymore. Andy sighed wearily and without a word, he left the room. Sharon wept quietly, thinking that she was accused by Andy again unfairly. As always, he liked to blame her. She wasn't sure whether she would be able to withstand it. But she had to be strong at least for her little son. Nicole, however, had heard the whole argument but she couldn't understand why. She was holding her little brother in her arms when Andy came in with a smile and took the baby in his arms. Nicole looked at him carefully.

"Dad, is everything okay?" she finally asked. Andy sighed wearily, responding, "Don't worry, everything is fine. Uh ... Nicole, tonight I'll be in the guest room." Nicole's eyes widened. She could understand that the dispute between her father and Sharon is bigger than she thinks. Andy went to the guest room together with his son as Sharon went into the kitchen for a glass of water. Nicole decided to use the moment to ask her what was happening.

"Sharon, are you okay?" she asked worriedly and squeezed her shoulder. Sharon put her cup on the table, saying, "I think so." Nicole shook her head.

"No, Sharon, please tell me what's going on between you and Dad. He told me that he would sleep in the guest room. You have a dispute?" she asked sadly. Sharon bit her lip and said, "I can't understand your father. When I went to the parking lot, suddenly Jack appeared there and I started to argue with him. Right now, Andy came and thought that I still love Jack, but this is not true." Nicole nodded slightly.

"Sharon, you know how jealous is Dad." she tried to calm her. Sharon rolled her eyes, saying, "No, Nicole. It's not just jealousy. I love him and I can't believe that he thinks such things. I don't know how long I can endure his accusations. I'll try for my son, but still, I'm not so sure. " Nicole shushed softly and hugged her tightly. A few months ago, she was anxious to separate her father and Sharon, but now she wanted to reconcile them. Andy was lying on the bed, looking at his little son. He felt a little guilty so that he'd yelled furiously at Sharon as a few months ago. But now it was different. They weren't enemies and that wasn't hatred. He didn't know what to do, but that Sharon refused to marry him made him think that she still loves Jack Raydor.

"I don't know what to think little one. I love your mother but she constantly makes me think the worst thing. Maybe it's bullshit, but believe me, I just love her." he muttered softly to the baby and kissed him gently. A few minutes later, when the baby began to cry, Sharon immediately went inside and looked at him coldly. She took her son from Andy and tried to calm him down. Andy hated the fact that his son was crying so much.

"Sharon why he is crying so much?" he asked, annoyed and patted the baby's. Sharon took a deep breath, responding sharply, "Andy, it's a baby. The little babies usually cry. So I'll go in the bedroom, excuse me." she quickly went into the bedroom, leaving Andy alone. The next morning, Andy was in the department earlier than expected. He'd told all to his most loyal friend, Provenza. However, he couldn't believe that Andy is such a fool.

"Andy, Sharon loves you and nobody else. You have a wonderful family and now you assert that she loves Jack? You're an idiot!" he said angrily. Andy rolled his eyes, dissatisfied, saying, "I don't know what to think. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I just can't stand the fact that she didn't accept to marry me." Provenza sighed and squeezed his shoulder.

"Andy, I told you that she needs time. Stop thinking nonsense and do everything possible to make things better with the captain." he encouraged him sternly. Andy nodded slightly starting to realize his mistake. On the other hand, Nicole was having breakfast with Dean in his apartment. She'd told him everything, but Dean had calmed her down, saying that between couples has similar crises.

"Dean, I always liked to split my father and Sharon, but now, for the first time I want so much they make things out. I don't want my little brother to grow in a similar situation." she admitted thoughtfully. Dean shushed softly and squeezed her hand, saying with a smile, "Nicole, calm down. Between all couples there are such crises. But I'm sure everything will be fine." Nicole nodded reliably. She was grateful that Dean is in her life. In the evening, Sharon was sitting on the couch thoughtfully while her son slept in the nursery. After a few minutes, Andy arrived home and threw the keys wearily. He went into the living room, but Sharon immediately headed for the bedroom. He immediately followed her because he needed to apologize. He stood in front of Sharon, watching her guiltily. She looked at him with indescribable coldness.

"Sharon, I ... -''

"For what you'll blame me this time?" she interrupted sharply. Andy took a deep breath and said, "Sharon, I'm sorry. I'm a big jerk and that's all. Look, I'm sorry for all my harsh words and bad thoughts. I know you love me, but understand me. It's just jealousy and especially after as you refused to marry me. " Sharon shook her head.

"No, Andy, it's not just jealousy. I can't believe that you blame me in this terrible way. But you do it every time without understanding that some mistakes can't be fixed. I feel tired of your accusations. I try to be strong for my son. Besides, I also want to marry you. But I just need time. But you, you don't even realize it. You hurt me every time, and believe me, that have no forgiveness for me... "

~~~ TBC ~~~