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When all Other Lights go Out



Chapter One: Lost


Why was it so dark? It'd never been this dark before. What had happened?

"Sora! Sora, look!"

"The…The Keyhole!"

But it had been intentional, the coming of the dark. Purposeful, even, but what had been the purpose? Who?

"It won't work! The Keyhole's not finished yet!"

"What can we do?"

It was cold too, and vast; the dark swallowed everything. It swallowed feelings, thoughts, memories.

It swallowed him.

"Maybe we gotta go wake Kairi up."

"I think you're right. If we can free her heart…"

It hurt so much.

"But…but how?"

Too much.

"A Keyblade that unlocks people's hearts…I wonder…"

And it wouldn't stop. It was tiring, fighting the dark. There was no way to win and no way out.


He was so tired.

"Sora, hold on!"

"No, wait!"

So he gave up.

"Sora… Sora!"

He stopped fighting.


No matter who called, he wouldn't come back…he couldn't.

"Sora! Come back, Sora!"

He would stay in the dark.

"Sora, are you really—"


"No. He can't be! I won't let him go!"

I'm sorry…whoever you are…


"Kairi, hurry!"

Kairi stopped at the top of the stairs, determination plain on her face. Masking the pain.

"I can't leave them behind!"

Donald shook his head, beckoning her to come down. He kept tossing glances over his shoulder, trying to catch some sign of the enemies he just knew were coming.

"We can't stay here!"

Goofy nodded in agreement, worry in his voice and on his face. Shield was held at the ready as Kairi hastened to them, reluctance still in her eyes.

"A Heartless is after us!"

Donald peered up over the rise of the stairs, spotting a Shadow Heartless. He jumped forward, wand at the ready. There was no way anything was going to get past him!

"I'll take care of him!"

The thing ran down the stairs toward them, jerky in its movements, as if it didn't know what it was doing. Donald couldn't have cared less, though, and began hitting it with his wand as soon as it got near them. Surprisingly, the Heartless didn't fight back, simply taking the blows as the wizard got more and more frustrated.

Naturally, Donald got quickly fed up.

"Confounded Heartless! Get lost, will ya?!"

Kairi peered closely at it, a strange feeling in her heart. There was no way; it couldn't be…


It looked at her, its yellow eyes blank and featureless. Yet for some reason she was absolutely certain someone she knew dwelled behind those eyes. Though there was no explanation for it, it was true.

"Is that you?"


A circle of other Shadows emerged out of the ground, surrounding them. They shook eagerly, more than ready to move in. Sent by Ansem, no doubt. Donald and Goofy dashed forward, shield and wand ready, but left Kairi defenseless. She, however, was not afraid. She placed herself in front of the Shadow she knew to be Sora, determination on her face. Arms spread, Kairi gathered her courage.

"This time, I'll protect you."

The circle closed in and, all at once, leapt at them, black claws coming down. Kairi dropped to her knees, arms around the lone Heartless, protecting him with her body and…her heart. It did not move in her arms, but she felt the inner tremor just the same.



Who was calling? Didn't they know he wasn't going to come back? It was just too hard, fighting the darkness. It was so much easier to simply let it take him, to accept the dark. It didn't hurt; not anymore, with only an abyss around him and the countless other shadows to keep him company. They were known, they were family, and this was home. This was peace and calm and quiet; what did life have that was better than that?

And besides, it was not like he remembered a reason to live.



…there was something…


…he remembered…

"Sora! Let's take the raft and go, just the two of us!"

…someone he knew…

…someone close…

"Sora, don't ever change."


He thrashed in the dark, awakened now with distant light to call him back. Kairi, he had to get back to Kairi! But it was so hard. He'd already let the darkness inside. He didn't know if he could escape it, or if…or if he really wanted to.

Maybe he shouldn't try.

…But he had to, for her.

So he took the darkness with him, to a place he only half-remembered.


Kairi felt the change, felt the form in her arms alter almost instantly, but not in the way she expected. A wave of dark blue energy, mixed with bright, crystalline red, shot out from the Shadow, knocking the others away. There was a pause and the Shadow fell forward, passed out. Kairi looked down at it, then held it closer, safe against her chest.

Goofy and Donald walked over, shock on their faces. Where an ordinary Heartless had been was a kind of creature they had never seen; the same basic build, but taller, thinner, with more developed hands and swept-back antenna. The Heartless was breathing slowly, now in possession of a mouth and, on its rising and falling chest, there was the merest outline of a Heartless crest, the red barely discernable. Its newly formed eyelids were closed, but they could see a tiny little slit of dark blue beneath them.

There was another dim flash, white and blue and smoky black, and the Kingdom Key appeared, the other key chains falling beside it. Goofy and Donald looked on, aghast, but Kairi just closed her eyes, accepting it. If this was how it was to be, than so be it.

As long as she had him back, that was all that mattered.

"We have to get Sora out of here." Kairi said quietly, lifting the two and a half foot Shadow as well as the now-dormant Keyblade. She handed the Key Chains to Goofy, which he quickly slipped into his pockets. "He's not safe here."

Glancing at the other Shadows, which had recovered by then, Goofy gulped and Donald scowled. Both raised their respective weapons, tensing for battle. Kairi held Sora closer, her courage returned ten-fold.

"I don't think that's gonna be easy," Donald said.

Suddenly, a roar echoed through the room and Beast jumped over the stairs, his much larger claws forcing the Heartless back. With a flutter of his dark cloak, he advanced towards them, the Heartless scurrying away from this superior force. He looked at Sora and Kairi thought she saw empathy in those fierce eyes of his, however unlikely that might have been. After a moment, his gaze met Kairi's.

"You'll have to take care of him. He'll need your help."

There was a pause before Beast continued.

"Believe me, I know."

Kairi nodded, remembering the chestnut-haired woman in the beautiful yellow gown.

"I will."

Beast nodded and turned back towards the inner recesses of Hollow Bastion

"Now go! The Heartless are coming."

"Be careful," Kairi said and ran out the door, Sora cradled safely in her arms. Goofy and Donald hesitated a moment, then followed. They weren't quite sure what had just happened, but they were willing to trust Kairi. There was just something about her, a fragile strength that could survive anything. They hoped so anyway, since without Sora they were sunk deeper than Atlantica.

And somewhere far, far away, someone sensed the recently vacated darkness and wondered.


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