I used no spoilers when I wrote this. I hate the idea of spoilers. Can you not wait until Christmas to see what Santa brought you? With that said, I could not help but speculate what was in store for December.

I started this project in early January of 2016, shortly after I saw TFA. My goal was to finish it before Rogue One was released. This wasn't something I could release in increments because I often went back to tweak the story for upcoming scenes.I tried to divide it up into acts, with the second act divided in half. I realize it is still cumbersome.

What intrigued me most about TFA was that Kylo, haveing killed his father, took on an Oedipus theme, so I extended that into my story where he "rapes" Leia and is blinded for his sins as part of his redemption. I elude to vision throughout the script.

I also found Finn's character fascinating. Here is a stormtrooper who has committed treason. I questioned how the Resistance would treat him and the added baggage of being black in a white universe added to him being treated as an outsider.

I found the idea of Rey being Luke's daughter, and her destiny to become the next standard-bearer for the Jedi boring. That's what prompted me to have her parents radicalized by the Rebellion. It's also a nod to current events.

To me, Poe is a man caught between two eras, the Rebellion and the Resistance and that was fun to explore.

Those are the four main throughlines in the story with several subplots, like Lando secretly in love with Leia, making for an Arthurian theme, except Leia never stopped loving Han, despite his suggested infidelities. The guy is a scoundrel. Another is that of Kylo becoming the Last Jedi, as Luke has pursued since Kylo's indoctrination, and will now finish his training through Luke's ghost, despite the fact he is blind.

This is the movie I want to see in December. I stress "see" because a script is not the form of a film that's meant to be consumed by the general public. A film is supposed to be experienced in a theater on a really big screen, not read.