I know I've been with Diana, but ever since dad hired Jake at the boathouse I can't stop thinking about him. What it would be like to kiss him? To feel him pressing himself against me, like I press myself against Diana.

I know he is with Faye. I don't like how she clingy she is with him. Her hands all over him. It should be my hands doing that. It should be my lips that kiss him. It should be me that's making love to him.

Diana doesn't suspect anything. I redirect my feelings for him towards her. I can't help myself.

When I'm alone in my bed, I dream about Jake, dreaming that he undresses himself for me and me alone. All the while I'm pleasuring myself, have the image of his naked body in my mind.

I wake up from wet dreams, and tell everyone it's because of Diana, when it's someone completely different that makes that happen to me.

I hear he broke up with Faye. Is this the time? Is it really going to happen? Has he chosen me over her?

How could I've been so foolish? Jake doesn't care about me, he doesn't care about Faye. He only cares about himself. He left us. He left me. And to make matters worse he robbed us. All dad's savings are gone. I won't forgive him for that. Ever!


He finally came back. He even had the nerve to tell me: "Jeez, did I hurt your feelings?"