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In the five seconds that followed Jack's realization, he went through three stages of emotion.

The first was of complete and utter shock. Sally was not supposed to be off work for another four hours; she was supposed to be at Oasis, cleaning tables and serving food. There was no reason why she would be at Jack's house at the current time, therefore it was a surprise to see her look up from her phone on his couch.

The second was of irrational concern. Was something wrong? Sally had been quite mad at him for some time. Had he done something? Had she done something? Was her family okay? Was her job alright? There had to be something wrong if she was here without invitation, and Sally certainly didn't look happy.

The third was of panic. Mindless, thoughtless panic.

Sally didn't look happy. In fact she looked downright furious.

It was Genji that broke the tense silence. "Who are you?" Sally's eyes narrowed.

"Why don't you all grab a bite in the kitchen," Jack interjected quickly. He met Aleksandra's eyes, praying that she would put aside her vendetta. Thankfully she immediately took both Genji and Lena's hands, leading them into the next room without a word. Jesse hesitated, a look of confusion on his face. Damn. The movie.

"We'll watch it in a moment, kid," Jack quickly assured him. Jesse didn't look convinced, but he followed the others into the kitchen.

Jack and Sally took a moment to study each other.

It still stunned Jack to see how beautiful Sally was. She had long, dark red curls that she usually kept in a low ponytail when working and wild when with him. Her eyes were green, a gorgeous green that made him weak in the knees. He loved her freckles most of all, the ones she got from years in the sun. When she was happy, her beauty was wonderful, but when she was upset, it was terrifying.

And, oh God, was Sally upset.

"You actually went through with it," she muttered. Jack grimaced at the disgust in her voice. "How many did you adopt? The entire orphanage?"

"You're out of work early," Jack murmured. Sally scowled.

"Don't change the subject, Jack; just answer the question."

"Five. Technically they aren't mine for another two weeks, but-" Sally stood, cutting him off with a groan. She pocketed her phone, throwing a glare towards the kitchen. Every muscle in her body was tense; she was tapping her foot too. Usually when Sally was like this Jack stayed clear of her, and the urge to escape was present. Unfortunately Jack doubted Sally would just let him go.

"Why Jack?" Sally cried. "Why is this necessary?" The hurt in her voice was clear; Jack felt as though he was trying to swallow a frog. She folded her arms, staring at the floor. "I just don't understand." Jack opened his mouth, and then closed it. He couldn't find the words to explain, to make her understand why.

At first it had been Angela's dare, but then he had met the kids. He'd seen how wary they were at first, only to be replaced by their enthusiasm. Jack had promised he wouldn't leave them. Maybe that promise had been premature, but Jack didn't regret it. Not even Sally could change that. If she just met them, if she just talked to them, maybe she would realize why Jack had chosen this. Maybe she'd want a part in it.

But seeing Sally's open disgust, Jack couldn't help but feel a twinge of irritation. Why wouldn't she just give them a chance? She hadn't even met them! Sally had been against this from the very beginning going so far as to avoid Jack for weeks. It wasn't that she couldn't understand; she wouldn't understand.

Jack took a deep breath to calm himself. "I don't know why, Sally. It's just something I need right now." The look she gave him was enough to make him sick.

"Most couples discuss having children," she muttered. "Together. But apparently you only care about what you want. You only care about what you need." Jack opened his mouth to argue, but Sally cut him off. "Don't bother, Jack. I'm not talking about this until you're ready to." She glared in the direction of the kitchen. "And until we talk in private, without eavesdroppers."

Jack blinked. Where once before the hall had been empty, Hanzo was watching them silently, his brown eyes narrowed. Hanzo usually kept an air of nonchalance, but there was obvious dislike in his gaze towards Sally. Jack sighed; he'd been hoping to keep Sally's feelings between them. Now that Hanzo had heard, it wasn't long before Aleksandra and maybe even the younger two knew as well.

"Good night, Jack," Sally said, folding her jacket over her arm and starting towards the door.

"Wait." She paused at the word. "Why were you here?" She was silent for a moment, and then she turned to face him.

"I'd come to apologize." And with that, Sally turned and waltzed out the door, leaving Jack stunned with a mess of emotions.

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