Chewbacca dashed off the Falcon ahead of her, intent on finding medical assistance for Finn as soon as possible. His limbs flopped gracelessly onto the floor where the Wookie had stashed him in the med bay to pilot them safely off Starkiller as the planet had imploded in their wake.

A stern-looking, older woman with greying hair woven into a thick, neat braid around her head cut through the crowd and opened her own arms to Chewie, who bent over her tiny figure with a long, sad yodel.

"I know, I know," the woman said softly into Chewie's chest fur. "It's alright, I'd have shot him myself, too."

Rey slowly descended the gangway, and stood alone amidst the commotion on the landing pad. A half-dozen X-Wing pilots, still dressed in their orange jumpsuits and helmets, clapped one another on the back and she heard shouts of celebration. She had to thank them, knew she was in their debt for coming for her, but the one person she needed and wanted to thank most was gone. She'd barely had time to process what she'd seen before Finn had yanked her out into the freezing snow on Starkiller, shouting at her to run; she didn't even know where he thought they'd go, and then Kylo Ren had been right there behind them.

Her upper back ached from where he'd flung her rudely into a tree trunk, but not as much as her heart ached to think that Finn might not recover. Suddenly and without warning, her adrenaline-soaked muscles went wobbly and she sank onto the sun-warmed tarmac. She was exhausted, felt like she could barely hold her eyes open, even.

The woman who had been hugging Chewie caught Rey's movement out of the corner of her eye, and broke her embrace.

"Someone get the medics," she shouted over the din, "This girl looks like she's going into shock and we have another wounded man on board - bring the brace!"

The woman crossed the short distance to her and sank down on one knee in front of Rey. "Hey, there," the woman said gently, taking Rey's shaking hand in her calloused, warm ones. "You're going to be alright, you're safe now. What's your name, sweetheart?"

Rey lifted her eyes and stared at the woman thickly, at her wide brown eyes, firm with authority and experience, but shining with tears at the moment. It was his mother, she recognized her instantly. "I'm Rey," she croaked, and then she blacked out.