It always began and ended the same way. What happened in between was fluid, a negotiated dance in their mutual desire to dominate the other.

The feelings overcame their basest needs of sleep, of hunger, and forced them into hiding in their own heads, alone together with each other. These encounters had a quality that lingered somewhere between dream and nightmare, the kind they could still feel corporeally after they ended. Rey had been shaken awake more than once by Jessika, only to angrily turn away from her roommate with resentment for her unfulfilled longing.

Each time he felt more guilty, the weight of his master's exhortation seeming to grow heavier with the passage of time. Kylo caught himself peering at her carefully, looking for some physical characteristic, a familiarity that should draw him up, disgust him from her, but he never found it.

Even if he had, he was not sure it would've stopped him. The forbidden allure of thinking of her that way aroused him in unspeakable ways he preferred not to think about.

This particular time it had overwhelmed him as he'd glanced down at her where she sucked greedily at his cock, and he clenched his eyes closed so he wouldn't have to see how she might be his flesh and blood before he pinned her down on her stomach with a hand between her shoulderblades. She whimpered with anticipation as he tugged her underwear aside to stroke her slick heat with his long, possessive fingers. He let her wriggle up to her knees before plunging himself into her.

Rey could sense his confusion at his desire for her tonight and guided his hand to her to hasten her climax. It has been like this more frequently lately.

As she broke, shuddering at his touch, she managed to grit out her challenge once more: "I'll never join you!"

He clutched at her as they writhed uncontrollably together.

"We'll see, scavenger."

"I hate you," she hissed, clenching her jaw furiously at him.

He set his teeth and his lips pulled back in a feral sort of grin as his own pleasure twisted his features.

"I know."

-The Bottom Line-

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