Epilogue: Together

The pain was unbearable. Hermione felt herself contracting, screaming in discomfort as she screwed her eyes shut tightly. Ginny had only just managed to get her to St. Mungo's before the pain really kicked up a notch. The baby was unexpected already, but finding out you were having twins was a whole lot worse,

"Alright, ok, Hermione you need to breath deep," Ginny stated, her face as red as her hair from nerves as a nurse handed her a blue Hospital scrub to swear over her clothes, "I've never done this before - have you read anything?"

"What?" Hermione squawked, eyes wide as another roll of pain came over her again, causing another frustrated scream to rip from her throat, "the books said pain," she managed to rasp, "a lot of pain,"

"R-right well, try and think of something else,"

Hermione couldn't keep back her snort as Ginny was more nervous then she was at the moment. Her face had gone from red to pale in a matter of seconds, and she looked as if she'd faint any minute,

"Where. Is. My. Husband?"

Hermione's words came out separated as she breathed heavily, clutching the sides of her floating cot as the nurses and doctors readied around her. If she was remembering correctly - despite the fact that she was more or less focused on having twins - Magic was never used during pregnancies. It's the one thing which the Wizarding World and the Muggle World had in common. Clenching her eyes shut, she could hear Ginny speaking to her,

"The hospital called him but he wasn't home-"

"WHAT!" Hermione felt irritated, clutching her hands out of anger as she ground her teeth to groan again, "everyone is here but my own husband?"

"Well he's not your husband yet-"


"Ok, ok, I'm sorry. Dobby said he was doing something at the Ministry today, and that he was going to fetch him-"

Hermione scoffed amidst her pains and managed to roll her eyes. Count on Harry Potter to be working on a day like today.

Just then, the door opened and Dr. Todd entered. On his hands we're latex gloves and his mouth was hidden behind a mask,

"I didn't know you...specialized in birthing methods, Dr. Todd?" Hermione heaved, lifting a brow as the man chuckled from behind his mask and took up a position on a rolling stool,

"What can I say, Ms. Granger, I'm a man of many trades. Now, I say we get started,"



Harry Potter's voice rang out through the Ministry as he physically ran towards Minister Shacklebolt's office, kicking the door open and startling the man, "Kingsley, its happening. It's happening right now!"


"Yes, yes! Please tell me you have all the paperwork ready? And...and the other thing?"

Kingsley gathered up a file into his arms and tossed a black box to Harry, while also snatching a black leather book off his nearby bookshelf,

"Lets go, before that woman kills you for not being there. When did she start?"

"I don't know, Dobby just said he had a hard time finding me since I was in the Curse Breaking department, asking for some favors. He told me the news then left to ready Grimmauld Place-"

"Well lets not waste time then,"

Harry nodded and touched Kingsley's elbow as they apparated into the lobby of St. Mungos. Harry himself hadn't been this excited since he learned about being a wizard! It was finally happening, after all the pain and death. He was going to have a family! A real family with the woman he loved. After several spit-fire questions to the receptionist, Harry and Kingsley made it to the third floor of the Hospital and were astonished at how many people had gotten the news of the pregnancy. Luna and Neville were there, as well as Fleur and Bill, George, Arthur and Ginny who was the only one standing. Upon seeing him, Harry almost had the feeling she was going to punch in his face as she pounded in his direction,

"You bloody idiot!" She seethed, "being late for something as important as this! Hermione was absolutely furious. I swear if she doesn't clobber you when she's done-"

"I didn't miss it, did I? Please tell me I didn't miss it?"

Harry's heart sunk at the mere thought,

'I'm not going to fail her again. No, I'm here now and I'm going to stay here until we all walk out of this Hospital together,'

"No Harry, you didn't miss it," Ginny sighed, placing a heavy hand on Harry's shoulder as her anger subsided, "they just kicked me out to finish up in a quieter environment-"

"'Ermione vill be very tired vhen she is done. Itz exhausting," Fleur stated with a small smile, standing to embrace Harry comfortingly, "itz vill all be fine. Oui?"

"Yeah, thanks Fleur," Harry sighed, running a hand through his dark hair, "I'm just nervous,"

"It's takes a while to get used to being a new dad, Harry," Neville stated, bouncing the blonde haired Junior on his knee as Luna read her Quibbler quietly beside him, "especially with twins,"

"Oi, hopefully they take after Fred and I, eh? Future entrepreneurs mate," George laughed lightly, scooting over for Ginny to plop back down beside him as Harry chose to pace the floor. Kingsley had taken up a position against the far wall and was reading his little black book intensely, while the rest of the group fell into soft chatter. Harry's lower lip was practically chewed off when the door to the room finally opened and Dr. Todd stepped out,

"Ah Harry, glad you made it,"

"Only good news, I hope, Todd?" Arthur spoke up from behind, stopping Harry from stumbling over his words as the doctor lowered the mask from his face with a beaming smile,

"I'm glad to say that both twins were delivered with little trouble. Ms. Granger came very prepared, despite her circumstances,"

'That's my girl,' Harry thought with a smile, exhaling deeply as Todd nodded towards the door,

"You first Mr. Potter,"

"Right. Kingsley, I'll be back in a few minutes,"

Nodding his head, the Minister waved a hand as Harry walked into the room behind Todd. Nurses were just finishing cleaning up, and as Harry entered, a soft cry reached his ears. Hermione was in the hospital bed looking exhausted, but she was sitting up and holding a small pink bundle in her arms. Nearby, a nurse was holding a small blue one,

"It's all real," Harry breathed, causing Hermione to look up at him with the brightest smile he'd ever seen on her since the war. She looked beautiful,

"Harry James, you're late," she stated, "I thought you'd forgotten?"

"Never love," Harry mumbled, looking at the nurse bewilderedly as she silently approached him with the infant. Carefully and wordlessly she passed...him, it was a boy, over. Relishing in the peaceful moment, Harry smiled broadly. His son, "this one'll be superior at Quidditch," Harry said surely, causing Hermione to chuckle, "he'll be a Seeker,"

"Ah, this one will get her high marks. Maybe even show up her brother on the Pitch?"

Harry laughed as well, sinking down onto the bed to look at the little girl in her mothers arms. To his surprise, she had a small mark at the corner of one eye. Glancing at his son, Harry saw the same mark. Both of them looked like small hearts,

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but it's time to get the names down on record," Todd stated quietly, floating a pen and parchment as the new parents glanced at one another. Hermione went first,

"This one is Emma Rose,"

Todd took note while Harry pondered,

"And this little man is Daniel James,"

Harry smiled again as Hermione looked at him in bewilderment and love,

"That's my fathers name Harry," she croaked, with tears in her eyes,

"I know how much your parents meant to you. I want this boy to be named after two of the proudest fathers on the planet,"

"You're so sappy, Harry,"

Smiling broadly, Harry glanced up as Kingsley slowly entered the room. Soon, everyone from outside was sitting around quietly. Looking up, Hermione lifted a brow, "you've planned something, haven't you?"

"I know it's not the most romantic setting, but I just couldn't wait. Not after everything we've been through. Ginny?"

The redhead nodded happily and stood, appearing a white veil in her hands as she lowered it carefully onto Hermione's head. Standing back, Kingsley opened his little black book,

"Here today, we are to witness the eternal bonding of Harry James Potter and Hermione Jean Granger. If anyone objects to the matrimony of these two people, please say 'I Object',"

Harry almost thought Ron would burst in objecting the ceremony, but nothing happened as he sighed deeply with relief and turned back to his girlfriend-now fiancé-soon to be wife,

"Do you have the rings?"

Harry nodded his head and carefully handed Daniel James to Fluer as he removed the rings from inside his pocket and got down on one knee beside the bed. Careful not to jostle Emma Rose, Harry slipped a silver and red diamond engagement ring, as well as an unending gold band onto his fiancés correct finger,

"Harry they're lovely,"

"From the Potter family vault. My...mother, wore that. And now I'm proud that you're wearing it,"

"Brilliant," Hermione whispered, listening intently to Kingsley as he spoke the correct lines. Finally, it came down to the final step,

"Hermione Jean Granger, do you take Harry Potter as your husband?"

Hermione nodded her head,

"I do,"

"And do you, Harry James Potter, take Hermione Granger as your wife,"

Harry nodded as well, carefully taking his son from Fleur as Kingsley shut is small book,

"Then with the power invested in me, and with appropriate paperwork from the Ministry, I now pronounce you man, and wife. You may kiss the bride,"

Smiling at one another, Harry slowly stood and leaned down, pressing his lips against Hermione's as everyone in the room clapped softly. Sitting back down, Hermione's eyes were fluttering with exhaustion as she tapped the end of Emma's nose with a finger,

"I love you, Harry..." she whispered, allowing Ginny to take the little girl in her arms as she smiled and Harry leaned in to his her again as she drifted off,

"I love you too, Hermione Jean Potter,"

[The • End]

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