I'm drifting in and out of consciousness as the sun peeks through the windows and shines on my face, trying to wake me from my slumber. I feel unusually warm and groan when I realize I have a major headache. It's now that I remember Kate dragged me out to go clubbing with her last night. The only problem, I don't remember how I got home.

Someone exhales and moves their arm to hold me close. This causing me to freeze when I realize whoever it is, laying underneath me, is not Kate.

Before I open my eyes, I try to remember anything that happened last night and who it could possibly be. But I'm drawing a blank.

It's only a matter of seconds before I realize that I am naked as I cuddle with the obvious male underneath me. His top half is naked and I'm pretty sure his bottom half is as well. My head is on his chest with my hand resting over his heart. He has one of his arms wrapped around me and since my eyes are still closed tight, I'm not sure where his other hand is. I'm not so sure I want to know either.

Oh my god! What have I done?!

We didn't... Did we?!

Obviously we did!

Please, please tell me we didn't do what it very obviously looks like we did. I mean, I was a virgin for goodness sake! I wasn't saving myself for anyone or anything, I just haven't found anyone I was attracted to enough to do anything like that with, but I would have at least liked to remember my first time. Or know his name before we actually did the deed.

I slowly blink my eyes open, squinting them due to the bright early morning sunlight, until my eyes can adjust to the light. Once they have, I'm staring at the man's bare chest. He's very tone, fit and muscular, with a little chest hair, and there are a few small circular scars marring his chest. As my eyes travel down, I see he has incredible abs, a very happy trail of hair and a sexy V pointing in the direction of his- oh dear god! He moved.

I quietly groan when it's made obvious he's not wearing bottoms.

How the hell am I going to get rid of him?! Who the hell is he?!

As I become aware of my surroundings, I realize we're not in my room. As a matter of fact, I've never seen this room before so we must be at his place.

I have so many questions. Where am I? Am I still in Seattle? How did I get here? How did I end up with him? Who is this and where is Kate?!

Should I take a photo and plaster it on my social media, asking if anyone knows him? Where is my phone?!

Cautiously I tilt my head up to look at the man. I'm not sure if I should be, but I'm thankful that he's still sleeping.

Holy fuck!

"Wow." I breathe when I get a good look at him. He's gorgeous.

Way to go, Ana!

I may not remember my first time, but at least I lost it to Adonis himself. This man is seriously sex on legs, a pure sex god, extremely attractive. Ridiculously hot doesn't even begin to describe this man. I wonder what he would think if he knew what I looked like. Does he remember anything from last night?

When he breathes deep, I realize I need to leave before he wakes. I definitely do not want a confrontation when my head is already pounding.

Should I leave my number? Nah, he's probably a playboy who patrols bars frequently only looking for one night stands.

As carefully and cautiously as I can, without waking him, I peel myself off of him and move away.

I instinctively want to cover my naked body, but if I take the sheet, he may wake, and since he's still sleeping there's no need.

I quickly spot my dress Kate squeezed me into last night, so I rush to it, but upon picking it up, I discover that it's completely torn.

Great! Now what am I going to do?!

Looking around the bedroom, I see clothes laying everywhere. My torn dress is still in my hands, but my heels and what I'm presuming to be his clothes are thrown about without a care. It must've been one helluva night.

As I'm looking around, I spot three sets of doors. One being double doors so I know that must be the way out of this massive bedroom.

Hoping one is a bathroom, because I have the sudden urge to pee, I quickly make my way towards the first one.

As soon as I open the door, it reveals a huge walk-in closet that could fit my whole damn bedroom inside. It is lined with what looks like designer suits, along with both dress shoes and name brand sneakers, as well as other various items and drawers hiding whatever he keeps in those. I wonder what this guy does for a living.

I close the closet door, peeking at the man to be sure he is still sleeping before I open the next door.

Much like his bedroom and closet, the bathroom is just as big and just as pristine. It has a huge walk-in shower with a half wall blocking the view, a deep luxurious tub, double vanity sinks, and the windows show the city view, though the bottom half is frosted. Thankfully there are no his and hers, no feminine items, so I know he's single. I hope. But it still leaves the question; Who the hell is this guy?!

I can't help but wonder as I use the toilet.

When I'm finished I stand to wash my hands, and yes, I am still completely butt ass naked. The large mirror reflects that I look more like a raccoon, with my makeup smeared, than a girl.

I grab his facial wash and clean my face, drying it with a small towel that is sitting near the sink.

Wow, that stuff smells amazing! Irresistible!

I spot a single toothbrush and run my tongue along my teeth... I look around the empty bathroom, like I'm going to get caught, then I quickly grab the toothbrush that obviously doesn't belong to me and brush my teeth with it in double time. If it's one thing I hate, it's a dirty mouth.

After I brush my teeth, I search for some Advil since my head is pounding.

When I'm finished in the bathroom, taking much longer than I should, I tip toe out.

I need something to wear and it's obvious I cannot wear my dress.

Glancing at the closet door, I hurry inside.

As I get a better look around this time, I'm relieved to see only men's clothing in here. Okay, so he's obviously not married, especially since his bathroom only holds one toothbrush as well as other manly products, nothing feminine at all. Thank goodness, because I would hate to sleep with someone in a relationship, but just because there are no signs of a girl, doesn't mean he's single. Does it?

I quickly grab a T-shirt, sweat pants with a draw string, and a pair of his boxer briefs. Everything is too big on me and smells very masculine, but it will have to do. I'm taking to much time as it is and I have to get out of here before he wakes.

In stealth-mode, well as stealthy as a clumsy girl can be, I cross his room to find my heels. I'll just leave my torn dress and I doubt I will be able to find my bra and panties. I'm sure they are bound to be destroyed much like Kate's dress. If not, he can have them as a reminder, if he even remembers last night because I sure as hell don't.

I find one sparkly stiletto on his dresser and the other near the foot of his bed. I hold them in my hand and cross the floor to the double doors.

With one last glance back at the sleeping Adonis, I leave his room.

If I thought this guy's bedroom was amazing, his main room is breathtaking. Perfect city views with floor to ceiling windows, art work everywhere, designer furnishings. It's beautiful, but it doesn't feel very warm or like a home, it gives off a museum vibe. Cold and lonely with a do not touch sign on proud display.

A noise coming from the other side of the room disturbs me so I look in that direction.

I gasp when I see a brunette in his kitchen. HOLY FUCK! He does have a girlfriend!

"Your breakfast is ready, sir." She says, thinking I'm him because she keeps her head down.

If she's here, she must not have been in his room yet. Thank goodness because she would've found us naked in bed together, but as soon as she lifts her head up to see me, she'll know something happened between me and her man.

Oh gosh, what do I do? What do I say to her? Do I even say anything? Can't a black hole open up and swallow me whole?

"Uh-" I squeak which finally gets her attention and she pops her head up.

She surprisingly stays quiet, although she doesn't look happy to see me.

"I'm sorry," I quickly apologize, not knowing what else to say.

Thankfully she doesn't snap my head off. I don't know why, though. If I was her, and I just discovered my boyfriend cheated, I wouldn't be this silent.

Wait. Maybe she's not his girlfriend. She called him sir. If she was his girlfriend wouldn't she use his given name? What is his given name? What is his surname? Can I ask her? Um, no. Sir will have to do for now. She must be his employee, the huge apartment looks like it could have staff, especially with how clean it is.

I look around the room for a door, an exit of any kind, but I only see an elevator. Do I use the elevator or does it lead upstairs only?

"How do I get out of here?" I wonder out loud to myself, almost demanding to know.

"The elevator." She speaks, and it's not in a vicious tone, more of an informative tone, further confirming she's staff.

"Um, thanks." I reply uncomfortably. "And, um,... Sorry. Again."

This time I'm apologizing for the mess in the bedroom she'll end up cleaning.

I call the elevator, and while I wait for it to arrive I notice my clutch from last night on the floor near a table.

The elevator arrives so I grab my clutch and walk inside the cart. Pushing the button marked L, assuming it means lobby, I wait for the door to close.

While the elevator descends, I open my clutch, and thankfully my phone is in the bag. 37 missed calls from Kate, with just as many messages and voicemails.

"Anastasia Rose Steele," She full-names me like she's my mother when she answers my call on the first ring. "Where the hell are you, young lady?!"

"I- I don't really know." I tell her. "What happened last night?"

"What happened? What happened?!" Oh gosh, Kate is pissed. "Well I'll tell you what happened! You disappeared, that's what happened, so I would like to know what happened, too. I've been worried sick all night, trying to find you. I've called all the local hospitals and I almost called the police! Seriously, Ana, this is so unlike you, what happened?!"

"I don't remember what happened, Kate," I tell her honestly. "I woke up this morning with no recollection of what happened last night, or how I got here, wherever here is."

"Well, where are you?" I just told her I don't know! "I'll come pick you up."

The elevator arrives and as the doors open it reveals a beautiful lobby, almost as fancy as the apartment I just left.

"Hold on," I tell Kate when I see a receptionist behind a desk.

"Excuse me," I say once I've arrived at the desk, "Could you please tell me where I am?"

She raises her brow and looks at me suspiciously, no doubt questioning my fashion statement and mental stability, before she answers.

"Escala, miss." She tells me professionally. "1920 4th Ave, Seattle, Washington."

"Thank you." I tell her then get back on the call with Kate. "I'm at-"

"I heard." She interrupts me. "It's just around the corner from our apartment, I'm already on my way."

I hang up with Kate and wait for her outside.

It doesn't take her long to arrive. As soon as she pulls up and stops the car I get in.

"Well?" She questions while I put my seatbelt on.

"I don't know, I just woke up in a bed here." I repeat what I told her on the phone. "The last thing I remember is going clubbing with you and getting drunk, then I woke up, but um... can you take me to the pharmacy?"

"Why?" She questions, but it sounds like she knows why.

I'm not sure if we had sex or not because I don't remember anything, but we were both naked and I didn't see any evidence of condoms or their wrappers in that room. I'm not on birth control so I'll need to take the morning after pill.

"Are you sore?" She asks concerned.

"My head is pounding." I admit, but I already took some pain killers.

"Not that kind of sore, Ana."


I rub my hand over my face as I wake. When I blink open my eyes I realize it's morning, much later than my nightmares allow. I'm usually awoken before the sun comes up.

Did I have a nightmare? I'm sure I did, I just can't remember. The only thing I remember is Elliot dragging me out to a club to be his wingman.

It's been months since I've had a submissive... I finally get one who started last night, only to leave before we could do anything because my brother felt we don't seen each other enough and threatened to come over so we could hang out all night playing pool, Xbox or whatever while we drank a few beers.

The last thing I needed was him to be in my apartment with a new submissive stuck in her bedroom while he was here. I couldn't risk it. Instead I suggested Elliot and I go out. It was his idea to hit the club. I wouldn't normally, it's not my scene, but last night I agreed. I ended up getting wasted, I haven't been since I was a teenager and I wanted to let loose and have fun for once. I drank so much last night that I can't even remember coming home.

Now that I think about it, how did I get home?

I stand, and realize I'm nude. I usually sleep in my boxer briefs or pajama bottoms, but today I am fully naked.

As I look around the room I see my clothing from last night thrown about.

Okay, I must've took my clothes off but I know I'm not usually this damn messy.

Brushing it off, I head to my bathroom to take a leak, wash my face, grab some ibuprofen for my headache, and brush my teeth.

Did someone use my toothbrush?

I walk back out and get dressed for the day.

Having a submissive and explaining how my morning routines usually go, she should have my breakfast ready.

Before I leave my room, a piece of black fabric captures my attention. I pick it up and instantly see red when I realize it's a ruined dress.

What the fuck is this doing in here?!

I toss it in the trash and storm out of my room.

My submissive is sitting at the breakfast bar instead of standing behind it.

"Susannah!" I snap, coming up behind her.

She quickly jumps down and gets into her submissive stance with her head bowed.

"Yes, Sir?"

"After I have my breakfast, I want you in the Playroom!"

"Yes, Sir."

I sit and she serves me without further instructions.

Once I'm finished, I tell her to clear my mess and eat before she goes upstairs.

I return to my room to shower and put on my Playroom jeans.

When I walk out, Susannah is no longer in the kitchen so I'm assuming she's in the Playroom.

As soon as I open the Playroom door, I see that I'm correct. Susannah is in the submissive position near the door.

"Why are you being punished, Ms. Baker?" I ask her as I admire my arrangement of whips and floggers, trying to find the perfect one to use on her.

"I'm not sure, Sir."

"Excuse me?" I turn around to face her before I can choose a whip.

"I've done nothing wrong, that I know of, Sir."

"My room, Ms. Baker." I tell her. "It's off limits to you, is it not?"

"It is, Sir." She agrees.

"So then explain to me how you did nothing wrong."

"Sir, I'm confused as to what you are trying to say."

"For fuck's sake, Susannah," I snap, "You were in my bedroom!"

"No, Sir." She insists, continuing to deny it.

I sigh annoyed with her lying.

"Permission to speak, Sir." She asks me. "I may have the information you seek."


"Sir, a girl came out of your room this morning while I was making your breakfast. Perhaps you are mistaking her for me."

That's impossible, and easy enough to check out, she should know better.

"Are you making this up to get out of your punishment, Ms. Baker?"

"No, Sir."

"What was she wearing?" I bait her, knowing there's a torn dress in my room.

"I believe she was wearing your clothing, Sir. She also had a pair of stilettos in her hand."

Okay, I wasn't expecting that, though she could've known about the dress, it's probably hers. I have to check this out.

"You're dismissed for now." I tell her as I make my way out of the Playroom and to the security room so I can check the CCTV footage.

My staff usually has the weekends off because I never do anything or I stay in with my submissives. Gail leaves for the entire weekend, visiting her sister in Portland, but I know Taylor still lurks around. I wonder if he saw anything.

As soon as I enter the security room, I sit behind the desk and find the footage from this morning. Sure enough, there is a young woman coming out of my bedroom, looking well and truly fucked, wearing my clothing.

What the fuck happened last night?! Well, obviously... FUCK! I don't keep condoms in my bedroom!

There are no cameras in private areas, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, so I back the feed up until I see us enter the elevator. We're practically pawing at each other, all hands and mouth and tongue. I have her pinned against the elevator wall and I don't even know her name for fucks sake. I'm all over this girl, kissing, touching, my hand clearly inside her panties.

When the elevator doors open, I pull away from the girl, sucking on my fingers.

"You tash deli-cious."

I roll my eyes at my clearly drunk self. I would never make a show of this if I was sober, and I can't even pronounce taste correctly.

As I focus on the girl, I have to admit, she is beautiful. A bit young, but she's obviously at least 21 if she was at a club. She fits my tastes perfectly, no wonder I brought her back to my apartment, but I can't believe I did this. I'll need to end Susannah's contract because of it. I broke the monogamy rule.

We stumble out of the elevator, clearing showing off our inebriated state as we crash into a wall, still kissing and touching. I'm pleased that she seems just as trashed as I am, so I know she didn't plan this or was taking advantage of me because of who I am.

I watch as I attempt to pick her up, but her dress splits. I chuckle when I watch myself take the fabric between my hands and destroy her dress completely.

"I can't wait to be inside you."

I have to swallow hard when she moans in response. She's panting, leaning against the wall with her dress hanging from her body, revealing her tiny lace panties and bra.

I watch myself suck, lick and kiss this girl's body in the foyer. It's like I'm watching a porno, starring myself with the perfect girl, and I am definitely getting turned on by it. I almost want to masturbate to this video, but I don't, I have more control than that. Apparently I can't say the same for my drunk self.

My eyes nearly bug out of my skull when I see her hands all over my chest and back, and what's more, I'm not freaking out.

We somehow make it to my bedroom, and since there are no cameras in the bedrooms or bathrooms, there is no further video for me to watch. Damn. I would turn the volume up to see if I can hear any suggestive sounds, but that would be pointless since my bedroom is soundproof. I'm kind of wishing there were cameras in my bedroom now, in more way than one. It makes me want to film scenes instead of just taking photos.

There is no movement on the CCTV until Susannah comes downstairs to make my breakfast. The girl leaves my bedroom the next morning, interacting and apologizing to Susannah, and then I immerge minutes later looking well sated.

Hopefully Barney can work his magic and find this girl I know nothing about and have no recollection of.