Vengeance is My Sin

Chapter 1

The Underworld, home to Devils was enormous, easily the size of earth but just in a different dimension much too contrary beliefs that thought it was underground like its name would suggest. It lands varies with cities, grasslands, fields and farmlands, forests etc.

Throughout the Underworld large portion of this land was owned by various families, most noticeably the pure blood families of the 72 pillars.

Now if there are devils there must be angels and such is true. Angels were and still are the devil's greatest enemies and a close second were the Fallen Angels, these were angels who had given into their sinful urges and nature, which caused them to lose their purity as Angels and fall from heaven.

These supernatural beings were the Three Factions that was made up of Angels, Devils, and Fallen Angels, who warred against each other in the Great War being led by the Biblical God, the Four Satans, and the Grigori, an organization for Fallen Angels.

After the war ended all sides had lost much in their fight no more so than the devils, who lost their Four Satans. Seeing has all sides had lost much the Three Factions called upon a seize fire.

Throughout the Underworld the lost became too much the devil population they went into civil war against the Satan families, so that they may continue their fight against the Angels and the Fallen Angels, where the other side was made up from many of the remaining families from the 72 pillars, who had survived the Great War, which had been reduced to 35 that wanted the seize fire to continue so they may live in peace.

Decades later the side that pushed for war was defeated through the teamwork of five different families, which were the house of Gremory, Sitri, Astaroth, Labolas, and Nephalem.

Each of these houses boasted great strength, but none more so than the Nephalem House. What made them different from other devils was the fact that they had the ability to use holy magic and had no weakness to it even though they were devils. Though it was a blessing it was also a curse for this house was never fully trusted by devil society since their blood derived from angles.

Though the death of Rizervim Livan Lucifer that was caused by the hands of one from a member from the Nephalem House, the credit was given to Sirzechs Gremory.

With the war over four new Satans were appointed and they were Serafall Leviathan, Ajuka Astaroth, Falibum Glaysya-Labolas, and Sirzechs Gremory.

Centuries after the new Satans were appointed the Nephalem House became more hated and feared with their power over holy magic. The only houses that the Nephalem trusted were the Sitris who didn't let hate or fear cloud their judgement and the House of Phenex whose house was close friends with the House of Nephalem.

The Present

Right now the Satan Sirzechs with all the remaining pillars were present except for the House of Sitri Phenex and Nephalem, were planning to exterminate the house of Nephalem. The situation with the house was that almost all the remaining pillars feared the house for their ability to be able to use holy magic and thought of it as impure for a devil to be able to wield such power. They feared that one day the House of Nephalem would rebel against them, so they thought to exterminate the house before they ever had a thought of rebelling.

Sirzechs believed the words of those who hate the Nephalem of how they would rebel and kill his whole family and his unborn sister unless they were dealt with now.

So they planned that during midnight they would attack and kill all those born of the Nephalem House.


Sirzechs stood in front of the castle that housed the family of Nephalem with an army of devils, who believed that today would be the day that the House of Nephalem would be no more.

Sirzechs Lucifer then launched a ball of red energy at the castle. When the ball of energy made contact with the castle half of it had disintegrated. This was a Bael house power the Power of Destruction.

Upon there Nephalem attacked the army with holy magic at the palms of their hands.

Though the House of Nephalem had the advantage of using holy magic, the army they were facing had a Satan on their side. What turned into a battle then became a one-sided massacre.

This day would become to be known as The Cleansing and the birth of Ryu Nephalem.

The Night after the Massacre

It could be seen in the great hall, which was the building where meetings between houses is held, that there were hundreds of devils who were celebrating the death of the Nephalem house.

The party was rudely interrupted when Serafall showed up and decked Sirzechs in the face. Serafall was a beautiful girl with long, black hair tied into twin tails and blue eyes. Though she had been alive for hundreds of years she had a child-like body with the thing not fitting was her large breast. Serafall was dressed in a black dress that hugged her figure nicely as it accentuated her chest. The only problem with the look was the glare she was shooting at Sirzechs.

All was silent throughout the hall for it was rare for Serafall to be mad since her personality was more that of a child.

"Do you know what you have just done, you have just wiped out a whole house, we are already few as it is from the Great War, but you had to go and wipe out the Nephalem House on a notion that they would rebel against us! Because of your fear we just lost more than 50% of are military so what are we to do if the Angels or Fallen ones decide to attack the Underworld?

All the devils in the room except for Sirzechs started to pale realizing that if any of the Fractions attacked now they would be vulnerable, and though they had their Four Satans their numbers would too small and the Satans would then be overwhelmed. This meant that if any of the Fractions hear about the extermination of the Nephalem House then next would be the extermination of the whole devil race.

Sirzechs just smirked as a teleportation circle showed up with the Gremory House symbol. From the circle came Grayfia Gremory, wife to Sirzechs, and with her was a woman with a chain around her neck. The woman had white hair with eyes black as the night sky. She had a body that looked to be built for speed seeing by her thin waist and built calves that could be seen past the ragged clothes she wore, though by the roundness of her stomach she is pregnant. This woman was Alicia Nephalem the last living Nephalem member.

Sirzechs swiped his hand over to Alicia like he was introducing someone. "Serafall I give you the last living Nephalem member and the answer to our problem."

Serafall looked shock, while the devils present just looked at Alicia in disgust, "How is this possible you said you had wiped the house out and how can one woman be the key to our military problem?"

"Well its simple poor Alicia here used to be a friend of Grayfia. So when I attacked her estate Alicia went to Grayfia for help thinking their friendship would be more important than the rings that behind us together as husband and wife. So when she got there Grayfia knocked her out and brought her to me after the cleansing.

Serafall started glaring at Grayfia, disgusted at the fact she would betray her friend just like that. She then turns back to Sirzechs doing her very best not to let her control slip.

"Though you answered my fist question, how are you going to replace the soldiers we lost, because we lost the advantage against the Angels and Fallen ones where we have devils that aren't hurt by holy magic?"

The devils in the room start panicking realizing they had just eradicated their only defense against holy magic.

"You are right Serafall, but with my plan it will only take a century or two to rebuild our Nephalem army, with the help of Alicia."

Serafall started to look at Alicia and then her eyes widened when she saw that Alicia was pregnant, and with that Serafall's controlled slipped which made a crater around her 2 inches deep and 5 feet in diameter. Serafall started to glare at Sirzechs like she was hoping to burn a hole through his head.

"Sirzechs I hope to maou that you aren't suggesting what I think you are."

"Well Serafall I plan to raise the child myself and turn him into the perfect servant and then become a breeding factory for when he comes of age, so that we can then raise an army of Nephalem soldiers who would follow our every command."

The devils who heard Sirzechs plan and started to applaud him before Serafall released more of her power causing some devils to pass out and others to fall to their knees sweating.

"You Sirzechs Lucifer would turn an innocent child into a breeding factory for your gain?" Sirzechs laughs at the question causing more power to seep out of her, "Well of course I would I am a devil what do you expect and this is for the good of the devil race. We need this Serafall so just let it happen."

The moment those let Sirzechs' mouth Serafall decked him in the face launching him ten feet back. Serafall then stormed off with pure unadulterated fury in her eyes.

"You are setting yourself and the devil race up for death." What no one knew was that Serafall's words would ring true.

9 Years Later

In the Gremory estate there stood a boy with black and white hair, which was split down the middle, he had eyes that could be described as being odd because in his left eye was white with his pupil being a black moon and his right eye was black with a white sun. The boy wore rags that had rips and what seem to be bloodstains on it. The child had a skinny figure that seemed to look like he hadn't been fed in weeks, which was actually true. This boy was Ryu Nephalem, but to most of those that live in the Underworld he was known as the scum of the Underworld and the servant to the House of Gremory.

Since Ryu was able to walk he has been ridiculed, beaten, and tortured by most of the devil population. The only ones who didn't were the Houses of Sitri and Phenex and three of the Four Satans. Most of his scars came from the place he serves, the Gremory estate. Since he was four and was told to serve the House of Gremory he was ridiculed by their maids since Zeoticus and Sirzechs encouraged them to do so. Then when Rias came into the picture Ryu's life took a turn for the worst.

When Ryu first met Rias he thought she would be just like her family, and true to his thoughts she was. The moment they met she used her Power of Destruction on him, which would have killed him if they hadn't given him Phenex tears which they stole from the house of Phenex when they denied giving them any after hearing how they were going to use it. Rias' words after hitting him in the back were, "Trash should stay on the floor and remember to bow when their superiors walk past them. Now remember that half-breed scum."

When they healed him with the Phenex tears they said, "If it were up to me you would be dead just like the rest of your family is, but you are the only way we rebuild our military strength, so when you come of age you're going to make a great breeding factory, when you come of age, but until then we will beat discipline into you."

From that day long Ryu has had been a practice dummy for Rias' magic, with her getting a prize if she could hit him somewhere fatal. Though it also started his deep seated hatred of all those in the House of Gremory.

Right now Ryu was walking away from another one of his practice sessions with Rias and wanted to visit his best friend Serafall.

Over the years during Ryu's beatings in the underworld, Serafall would be the only one of the few people who would break it up and send the devils who hurt him to prison but most of the time it was the hospital.

Though they would only would stay in the prison for a few days before being let by Sirzechs with nothing but a slap on the wrist.

But whenever Ryu wasn't being tortured he could be seen playing with Serafall who loved playing with Ryu since he wasn't a stick in the mud most times like Serafall's sister, Sona.

'Damn! That shot actually hurt like a bitch! Well doesn't matter anyway that bitch will have to try harder if she wants to kill me.' That was what Ryu thought as he walked through the alleyways of the Underworld.

Over the years Ryu has mapped out every single tunnel, hole and alley since his first beating with the devil population so if he was ever seen he would have a way out.

After 20 minutes of moving through the shadows Ryu had finally made it to the gate of Sitri House.

"Halt state your business child!" Ryu looked at the guard with a bored look. This seemed to happen every time he visited, the guard knew who he was but just wanted to make his life difficult just like most of the population and it always ended with Ryu threatening the guard with what Serafall would do to him.

"Come on man we do this almost every day just let me in or do we have to get Sera-Chan out here to resolve this?"

"It's Satan-Sama you little half-breed and you better remember that! I honestly don't see what she sees in you, you're just a half-breed who should be 6 feet under like his parents."

Ryu kept calm already hearing this almost every day, but on the inside Ryu felt like killing the smug guard in front of him.

"When I grow up you're the first person I'm going to kill," Ryu stated eerily sending a chill up the devil's spine.

"Yeah right, and I'll become a Satan. Just keep dreaming kid, now leave the Sitri estate or I'll have to use force!" Ryu just stood there seeing that there routine of meeting was over.

"So you going to let me in now?" Ryu asked in an expressionless tone of voice.

"Cocky little shit. I can't wait until your next beating I'll be burning you at the stake and I can't wait to hear you screaming in agony."

"Keep dreaming dipshit cause you got a long time before I get caught by those idiotic people again." Saying his piece Ryu walked past the guard as the gate opened up for him. 'Just another arrogant citizen after my head, well he'll have to wait in line.'

Walking into the House Ryu still couldn't believe the amount of books that were inside. The house looked mostly like a library since the Sitri family practiced more in knowledge then power like most devil families.

"Why hello Ryu you here to see our daughter again like every other day you come by?" Turning around Ryu saw a man who had black shoulder length hair and blue eyes. He had a lean athletic figure with muscles you wouldn't normally see on someone from the Sitri house. This man was Cedric Sitri Serafall's father and head two the house of Sitri.

The relationship between Cedric and Ryu was one of a nephew and his uncle. When Ryu first met him he thought the man would threaten him since he was spending time with the man's daughter, instead the man thought it was great Ryu was spending time with Serafall since his other daughter Sona wasn't as cheerful and full of energy like her older sister.

"Cedric-san you talk as if I'm dating your daughter." Ryu smiled at the man.

"Well Eliza and I are hoping you to do with all the time you two spend together." A red hue could almost be seen on Ryu's face before it disappeared.

"Why would you say that Sera-Chan is too old for me and I don't think she would have any romantic feelings for her best friend?" Cedric shakes his head at how naïve Ryu could be sometimes.

"You know us devils care nothing for someone's age, but think how you want to. Anyway if you're looking for her go check the office or Sona's room she is either freezing paperwork since it's a nightmare or playing with Sona."

Ryu smiles remembering the time he came upon Serafall freezing a stack of papers.

"Well see you later Cedric-san I got a friend to go see." Ryu then just walked off to Serafall's office since he would've heard Sona's scream of embarrassment if Serafall was with her.

"One more thing boy happy birthday," Ryu turned around in time to catch a gift that was wrapped up.

"Thanks, but got to go don't want Sera-Chan to freeze any more paperwork." Ryu then walked to Serafall's office.

Making it to the door to Serafall Leviathan's office Ryu kicks the door open and looks around to find it empty. 'I guess she's with Sona but I didn't hear anything as I passed by her room. Ryu then made his way towards Sona's room which he had been in quite a few times.

Ryu had met Sona then same day he had met Rias. It had been after getting healed and Ryu had decided to go talk to Serafall since she was the only one to be able to cheer him up. Though he couldn't find her since she was at a meeting that day. He waited for her, when Sona had come in holding a chess set which she had gotten for her birthday a few days ago.

Ever since she got it she hasn't been beaten anybody yet except by her sister and she wanted for someone to play with her. There she found Ryu who she had heard about from her sister. Since none of the servants wanted to play she asked Ryu to and since Ryu had time to waste he played a game of chess with Sona.

20 matches later Sona was crying because she had lost each game against Ryu and his style of playing, where he would sacrifice his strongest piece to take her pawns and would then get his pawns across the board to become the strongest piece he lost and win the match.

From then on every time Ryu came to visit she would ask him to play a match where it ended with her losing and for Ryu to try and cheer her up.

Ryu walked into Sona's room unannounced since he didn't really care to announce himself, and since Sona knew it had to be him or her sister to just come into the room unannounced.

Ryu came upon the sight of Sona tied up to a chair and gagged as tears fell from her eyes as she watched Serafall's TV show about the magical Levi-tan, while beside her was Serafall turning up the volume to the TV.

"Serafall what the maou are you doing to Sona!?" Serafall turns and smiles seeing it was Ryu, while Sona was sighing in relief that the torture would be over soon.

"Well Ryu-kun I was just trying to show So-tan the greatness of Levi-tan and this was the only way she would listen and watch the show." Ryu sweat drops at the explanation before he walked up and undid the gag on Sona's face and started undoing the ropes.

"How do you explain the gag then?" "I needed it so she wouldn't scream and tell servants to help her and explain to then what happened up here until the episode was over."

Ryu sighed already use to the siblings' craziness as he finished undoing the ropes and helped Sona up since her legs had fallen asleep.

Sona had a black eyes and black hair that was done in a bob cut. She wore glasses giving her a very serious look. Sona was always serious even though she was only 9 years old, the only time she wasn't was around Ryu who usually made her frustrated or happy since he would always beat her in a chess match but happy when he would give her advice on how she could do better.

Right now Sona was hugging Ryu tightly for getting her out of that nightmare. "Thank you Ryu-san she wouldn't let me go I had to watch the complete first season of the magical Levi-tan before you got here!" Sona was looking at her sister fearfully while Serafall just smiled at her sister.

"And you got to see a full season of how great Levi-tan is!" Serafall said cheerfully as Ryu started to take Sona to the bathroom to try and cool down.

"Sera-Chan you know your Sona isn't like you so you shouldn't have tried that now it's going to take some time to cheer her up, while I do that your punishment is you will be doing paperwork."

When those words came out Ryu's mouth Serafall had anime tears coming out of her eyes as she grabbed Ryu's leg and begged him not to make her do paperwork, since Ryu was the only one that could make her do it or he would punish her with not playing with her but Sona until she did finish her work.

Ryu picked up a Sona's chess set and started to set them up, "Nope you're not getting off this punishment Sera-Chan so suck it up and go to your job as a Satan.

Serafall pouted cutely as stood up and crossed her arms under her chest, which made them seem bigger than they already were on her child-like body. "No I don't want to I want to play with my Ryu-kun!" Ryu raised his eyebrows which was a comical sight for a 10 years old.

"What do you mean by your Ryu-kun Sera-Chan?" Ryu had always been observant for his age since he had to be since he always had to when he was outside or inside the Gremory estate.

Serafall started to blush a bit at being caught calling Ryu hers. Waving her hands defensively, "Well you are like a little toy and you play with me the most so you're my Ryu-kun!" Ryu just shrugs his shoulders thinking this is just one of Serafall's weird moments, but Sona had a gleam in her eyes having an idea of how she could get back at her sister.

"After I beat Sona I'll visit you at your office and then we'll have some fun before I have to leave and head back to the Gremory estate." Serafall heard the in Ryu's voice as he talked about the Gremorys, but Sona didn't since she was drawing circles into the floor with a rain cloud over her head as she kept muttering something about stupid white haired geniuses.

"Hey Ryu what's that in your hand," Sona asked curiously after she had gotten out of her depression.

"Oh, it's a present from your dad. It's my birthday today and I just turned ten, I'll probably open later."

"Ryu I'll have your present when you come to my office, until then keep beating So-tan at chess and then we can have our fun." Sona was making circles in the floor again as lightning came out of the cloud above her head

Serafall then kissed Ryu on the cheek and left the room, while Ryu had a small blush on his cheeks as he watched Serafall leave. "If you're done staring at my sister then let's play some chess," Sona said with a cute pout, which wouldn't normally be seen on her face.

Ryu chuckles, "You ready to lose So-tan." "That's not my name so don't call me that!" Sona screamed out.

"I didn't think the most serious person in the Sitri house would lose her temper that easy." Sona blushed in embarrassment since she let him get the better of her. "I won't lose to you this time and if I win you will never call me So-tan ever again. Deal?"

Ryu nods his head with a sly grin on his face, "Deal, but if I win you will always address me as Ryu-kun like your sister and you will watch the complete second season of The Magical Girl Levi-tan." Sona's face took a look of horror since she might end up having to watch that terrible show in her opinion and one season was enough to last a lifetime for her.

Before Sona could open her mouth to protest Ryu held up his hand in front of her. "I know that seems unfair so if you win I will get your sister to stop calling you So-tan and get her to stop showing you so much affection."

Sona looked at Ryu with wide eyes, hearing that he could stop her sister from smothering her with so much affection would be a dream come true. Don't get her wrong Sona loved Serafall but Serafall could be too overbearing at times, such as the time she visited the human world with her once and some boys were bullying her. Well 2 days later the boys were on the news, said to be missing.

"Deal!" Sona couldn't have accepted the deal faster, since this was a deal of a lifetime. Ryu just smiled at the girl already knowing how this chess game was going to end as he put the present he got from Cedric in his pocket.

One Game Later

Sona could be seen on the ground on her knees crying into her hands, while Ryu stood behind her petting her.

"You should've known how that was going to end I mean come you haven't beaten me once before." Sona just kept crying all while muttering about evil white haired geniuses.

"You won again didn't you Ryu-kun?" Ryu saw Serafall standing at the doorway holding two gifts that looked to be the same size.

"Yeah I did, and guess what since I won Sona has to watch the second season of Levi-tan!" Sona started crying harder, while Serafall giggled at the scene.

"Your evil you know that Ryu-san" "I'm a devil what do you expect and its Ryu-kun now So-tan. So what's in the boxes Sera-Chan?" Serafall giggled before pulling Ryu out of Sona's room.

"Why don't we let Sona cool down a bit okay Ryu-kun?" Ryu looked at Sona and saw that she was ready to pull her hair out, which was a comical sight for a 9 year old. "Alright Sera-Chan, and you still haven't told me what's in the boxes yet!"

Even though Ryu was intelligent for his age he was still a 10 year old boy.

Serafall handed the gift that had devil wing design on it to Ryu and before she could say a word Ryu had ripped it open and was looking at what he had gotten. It was a black book that had a red spine with the design of a devil on the front, the book looked to be at least 2 inches thick.

"Uh, Sera-Chan why did you get me a book, I can't read since the Gremory house talked about how a half-breed doesn't deserve to learn how to read or write."

Serafall was inwardly cursing herself out for forgetting that and had to remember that she had to go and have herself a talk with the Gremorys. She then came up with an idea to help Ryu.

"Ryu-kun how about I teach you how to read and write?" "But you're a Satan and don't think you can get away from your paperwork just to teach me."

Serafall pouted cutely, "Fine, when I'm busy So-tan can teach you while I'm facing the worst enemy in existence!"

Ryu smiled at his best friend, "So what kind of book is it anyway, it better not be about history, you know how much I hate history." Serafall giggled at her friend "It's not a history book Ryu it's actually a book about magic and I plan on teaching it to you."

When Ryu heard the word magic he started bouncing off the walls. Serafall wasn't surprised since Ryu had fallen in love with magic since he first saw Serafall freeze people with her ice magic when the people had caught him and were just about to hurt him. The only problem was that he wasn't allowed to learn magic since it would make him stronger, which was what most of the devil population was scared of.

"Ryu-kun I can't teach you until you calm down," Serafall giggled since she was the same when she had first learned magic.

Serafall spoke in a serious tone as Ryu calmed down, "Now I know how you are forbidden to learn any magic, but this will be our little secret between you, me, and your teachers." Ryu nodded his head since he knew if anyone found out he was leaning magic he would be punished before a confused expression crossed his face when he heard the word teachers, meaning more than one, when he thought only Serafall will be training him.

"Yeah, Ryu you'll have other teachers, even though most times it will be me I can't be there all the time even though I want to," Serafall whispering the last bit to herself.

"Your teachers will be your uncles Falibum, Ajuka, me, and a person from the House of Phenex." Ryu sighed in relief since it wasn't any person that hurt him because he was from the Nephilem House.

Falibum was a lazy and laidback uncle to Ryu since every time Ryu came by Falibum would most likely be taking a nap. Though the time he was awake Falibum would tell him stories about the Great War and teach Ryu battle strategies since Falibum didn't know what kids like and really didn't care. That though was the reason why Ryu would always beat Sona.

Now Ajuka was the crazy uncle in the family since every time he came over he would talk about his experiments and their results. Since Ryu and Serafall didn't really like science that much they would just smile at Ajuka and nod their heads like they understand what he is saying.

The house of Phenex was family to Ryu though the only thing he didn't like was Riser Phenex. The kid was too spoiled for his own good and arrogant as well, even though they only met once Ryu from then on he would never like Riser. Though the house of Phenex had helped him by getting him out of the open when the other devils were hunting for him and would heal him, they just couldn't get him out of his beatings since they could go to jail for hurting citizens and only Serafall is allowed to hurt them since she is a Satan.

"Give me the other box in your hand! I want to open it and find out what's inside!" Serafall sweat dropped a little seeing how fast his attention turned to something new.

After handing him the gift just like the first one it was out of its wrapping paper as quick as a flash and in Ryu's hand was a book as big as the first one he got, the difference was that this one was white with a gold spine with a design of an angel on the front.

"Hey Sera-Chan is this a book on magic as well and if it is why is it different from the first one?" "Well Ryu-kun the black book was from me and it deals with learning devil magic, while the white one is from your uncles Falibum and Ajuka" "Was Falibum too lazy to get a present for me himself and piggy back off of Ajuka or was Ajuka to busy and piggy backed off of Falibum?"

Serafall laughed out how ridiculous and true it was, "No, they both thought up this gift for you and thought it would be stupid to get you the same book and anyways the white book is on learning holy magic."

Ryu already knew of how the House of Nephalem was the only house able to use holy magic and since he was part of the house he could too.

"How are you going to teach me holy magic when you're a devil Sera-Chan?" Ryu asked as he tilted his head to the left a little causing Serafall to start hugging Ryu into her breast.

Ryu struggled to get out since he couldn't breathe even he knew he couldn't get out since she had an iron grip and he was not even close to being stronger than a Satan.

Serafall finally let Ryu go as he started gulping as much air as he could.

Ryu then pointed at Serafall's breast, "Those things almost killed me!" Serafall giggled before she cupped her breast. "My girls were just trying to say hi Ryu-kun!" "Well your girls almost killed me!" Serafall laughed.

"Before your girls tried to kill me how are you supposed to teach me holy magic?"

"Well your teacher Azazel will be teaching you how to use holy magic." Ryu looked at his friend like she had grown a second head. "How in the world did you get the leader of the Grigori to agree to teach me holy magic?" Ryu was stunned and who wouldn't be when your best friend got you a teacher who was the leader of the fallen angels. His friend chuckled darkly, "Don't worry Ryu-kun your Sera-Chan has her ways of getting men to do what she wants." Ryu just looks at his friend a little worried before he got excited at learning magic.

"Now Ryu listen we'll start your training tomorrow and it will be in lightning magic so be prepared, and don't tell anyone about this except for your friends." Ryu nodded his head as he held his books closely to his chest.

Serafall then took the two books away from Ryu, "Now it getting dark and you need to get back and we wouldn't want the Gremory clan to find out about your presents."

Ryu nodded his head as he took the present he got from Cedric, which was still wrapped and gave it to Serafall as he turned away and walked off in the direction of his tormentors.

"Ryu-kun don't you want to open your present?" "I'll open it tomorrow when I visit and anyways I have to get going I already know I'll get punished for not getting back in time. For some reason they've been favoring the whip for the last few days."

If Ryu had turned around he would've seen the furious look on his friend's face, but since he didn't he kept walking.

Tears started to silently fall from Serafall's eyes as she looked at her best friend who was walking back into the lion's den. 'I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you Ryu.' Serafall turned around and walked back to her estate.

The Gremory Estate

Ryu walked into the Gremory Estate to find Rias and Sirzechs both looking at him with hate and anger in their eyes.

"Isn't it past your bedtime Rias and what do I owe the pleasure of you being here Sirzechs?" The two just glared at Ryu as he walked past the both of them before he was stopped by Sirzechs who was squeezing his shoulder, which felt like it was about to shatter.

"This is where I live half-breed and what I want to know is where you were?"

"Well if you must know I was with Serafall and if that's all I'm going to bed I ask that you let go of me please." Ryu pushed Sirzechs off of him and walked off before Ryu hit the floor.

"You will show us respect half-breed!" Ryu looked up to see Rias showing of her power of Destruction and it wasn't hard to guess that she was the one that shot him in the back.

Ryu pushed himself off the ground and walked off, which seemed to piss Rias off even further as she got ready to hit Ryu again, before Sirzechs stopped her, "We'll deal with this in the morning, but for now you need to be going to bed."

Rias stomped off to her room, while Sirzechs just watched Ryu's retreating figure. 'Only a few more years and that nuisance will be gone.'

'I will have my vengeance one day. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday it will come." Those were Ryu's thoughts as he slept on the cold hard floor in the boiler room.