Chapter 18


"I don't care if I die as long as it ends with your death." Sirzechs said as he shot towards Ryu at high speeds.

"Then let's see what you got Lucifer." Ryu said shooting towards Lucifer.


As he shot towards Sirzechs, he noticed that he had his right arm again created from his power of destruction.

Ryu ducked as a spear made from Sirzechs flew over his head before crossing his arms in front of him as Sirzechs punched him causing him to fly back 10 ft.

Moving his head to the side Ryu watched as spear of POD flew past him before taking a right hook to face causing him to fly back 100 ft.

Ryu spit out some blood with a grin before throwing out a fist countering Sirzechs as he looked at him seeing the madness in his eyes. Madness, he had caused him.

Holding his hand out Ryu caught Sirzechs fist before kicking off him getting some distance.

"I knew I should have killed you when you were our slave." Sirzechs said as he created a spear but was imbued with more POD.

"Well it is too late anyway, you brought this onto yourself when you listened to the words of the elder generation." Ryu said as he readied himself.

"The words of the elders stopped your house from a coup!" Sirzechs shouted.

"The words of those who feared our power, the same power that fought beside you in the great war, the same power that saved your life in the fight against the descendant of lucifer. If you hadn't listened to their words, then none of this would have happened." Ryu responded.

"Maybe, but it is too late for what ifs, you must die for what you've done to my family! Now die!" Sirzechs shouted throwing the spear that had enough power to wipe out at least half the underworld.

Ryu watched as the spear soared towards him at high speeds as he spoke, "I know I deserve to die for the things I have done, but so do you and almost all other devils."

Ryu's hand flashed in front of his face as he caught the spear less than inch from his hitting where his heart is. "The only difference is I plan on getting my vengeance and that comes with you dying." Ryu said as the spear exploded in his hand.

Sirzechs looked at the explosion in glee as he turned into his regular form, "I knew that monster couldn't defeat me at my full power and all that is left is to kill his peerage and army." Sirzechs said walking away.

"You are truly arrogant to believe that would kill me." A voice said from the smoke causing Sirzechs to freeze as he turned around.

"It stung a bit, but this is where I must stop playing with you." Ryu said emerging from the smoke causing fear to appear on Sirzechs face as instead of seeing Ryu, he found himself looking at a dragon, but what scared him was that the dragon was made out of pure power of destruction.

In a blink of an eye both of Sirzechs arms were gone and had an a deep cut across his chest before Ryu swung his tail knocking Sirzechs into one of his house's mountains.

Sirzechs struggled to get up as he created two new arms made from POD, "IT doesn't matter if you kill me." He said staring into one of Ryu's eyes.

"I made sure you wouldn't get Rias and sent her off making sure you never find her and Grayfia probably has already died in the fight, so you won't get your hands on her!" Sirzechs said sure of himself.

"I know your wife is still alive cause the seal tells me if they die and I was already expecting that you sent Rias and her peerage off excluding Issei, and that is why I have a peerage member tracking them at this very moment." Ryu said.

Sirzechs put the rest of his power into his fist and punched Ryu chest only for Ryu to look at him as if nothing had happened.

"You are not to die yet, but I don't need you annoying me anymore." Ryu said in his dragon form as he reared his head backed breathed POD into Sirzechs, not enough to kill him, but enough to leave him unable to fight.

Ryu looked at the downed lucifer and sucked his breath in as red energy left Sirzechs body and entered Ryu's maw. "Now you lose the coveted Power of Destruction."

Swinging his tail Ryu smirked in his dragon form as he knocked away Issei who tried to attack from behind.

"Don't think I've forgotten about you." Ryu said punching Issei through the mountain.

"I'll make sure you never get to touch Buchou!" Issei shouted. "Dragon Shot!" Shooting a beam of energy.

Issei was disheartened as the attack dispersed against Ryu's chest before flying to dodge Ryu's tail.

"Even at this size, I am still fast." Ryu said from behind Issei as he plunged a claw into him and punched him down to earth.

Issei's armor disintegrated as he fell and hit the ground creating a crater breaking most of bones in his body.

"Pitiful." Ryu stated as he saw Issei try to crawl as he started bleeding out.

"I have to protect Rias." Issei muttered.

"Your persistent, but this is where your life ends boy." Ryu said as he breathed POD at Issei, watching as the boy turned into nothingness.

Looking at the battle Ryu thought of how Zack was doing in catching the cherry head.

Gremory Estate

Zack walked through the Gremory mansion killing any devil that crossed his path as he searched for Rias and Akeno.

"It is really stupid to think to hide here of all places." Zack said as he blasted a hole through a butler.

Ducking Zack saw a sword swing past his head. Looking behind him was Kiba with sword in hand.

Zack pulled his Bo staff with a sigh, "Why I did I get stuck dealing with weaklings? I could have been out there fighting a real challenge." Zack said out loud blocking the decapitating swing from Kiba.

"Shut up! I won't let you get your hands on Buchou! I going to make sure you die!" Shouted Kiba as he started swing at Zack, who kept dodging strikes.

"Unlike Ryu I don't play with my opponents, it is a waste of time and I want to go out there and right a real challenge. So good-bye." Zack said as he swung his Bo staff breaking through Kiba's sword and knocking Kiba into a wall.

"You are not worth my time." Zack said as he held out his hand creating a sphere filed with holy magic. "So just die."

Launching the sphere Kiba didn't have enough time to move as it hit his stomach causing him to scream in agony as the holy energy contradicted with the devil energy in his body before the sphere exploded.

Zack looked at what was left of Kiba which was a bloodstain on the floor before he walked away back to his search of Rias and Akeno.

Stopping for a second Zack put his hand on the ground as he started to feel Rias's energy and Akeno's right beside her with what Zack could guess were a couple of soldiers sent to protect her underneath him.

"Hiding is pointless." Zack said as he tapped his staff on the ground causing the floor to cave in as he fell in front of Rias and her group.

"Come now Rias accept your fate and I will spare your guards from dying by my hand." Zack said before raising his staff blocking a bolt of lightning.

"Come now Zack, leave that abomination that calls himself your king and join me. You would finally get to spend more time with me and Akeno." Rias said seductively, hoping that he would agree so she could stab him in the back.

"You are really delusional as to think I would want to be with you after you and Akeno abandoned me." Zack said shoving his staff through a guards stomach and punching his head clear off.

Zack moved his head to the side dodging a firebolt before disappearing and grabbing the devils face and slamming into the ground and firing holy magic into his face.

"Face it Gremory you have no chance at getting away from my king." Zack said grabbing a bolt of lightning inches from my face before crushing it as he look at Akeno.

"Just Die Trash!" Rias shouted as she sent a ball of Power of Destruction as big as her at Zack.

"You are lucky he wants you alive…but he didn't say I couldn't rough you two up." Zack said as he knocked Rias's attack away before disappearing.

The next moment he was in front of Rias with a fist embedded in her stomach, inwardly grinning as she spit up a little blood. "That was for using me." Zack said before back handing her into a pillar.

"That was for making me believe I had a chance." Zack said disappearing and reappearing holding Akeno in the air by her throat before headbutting her and throwing her at Rias.

"That's for abandoning me." He said walking towards them with his hands in his pockets and kicking Rias in the side of her head, knocking her unconscious. "That was for pretending to be my friend." He said before putting her over his shoulder.

"Get your filthy hands off her!" Akeno shouted only to find Zack's hands around her throat.

"You people seem to always think that you have leverage or some kind of control when you have none. Don't worry, my king just wants to show your king his grand finale, while you will be in a cell awaiting punishment from my king." Zack said as a magic circle formed under Akeno before she disappeared.

"I wonder if they left anybody for me to fight." Zack said before disappearing in a magic circle.

With Ryu

Transforming back to his usual form Ryu cracked his neck he as looked at Sirzechs and sighed before watching as a magic circle formed and out came Zack holding an unconscious Rias bringing a smirk to his face.

"Great job Zack, leave her here and go get yourself a few kills, but know to not kill them all." Ryu said as Zack nodded and left.

Holding his hand out chains came from his sleeves and entangled the siblings. "It's a pity, I thought you would be better and your trump card Ophis, she left and took her troops after losing half in this one-sided massacre, but she won't get far." Ryu said before Great Red appeared with Ophis right beside him tied up in crimson chains.

"It looks like the chains imbued with your power can keep her contained." Ryu said looking into the eyes of the second strongest being in the universe.

"I annihilated the rest of her army and she is all that is left." Great Red said.

"So what do you plan to do with me?" Ophis questioned with a blank look on her face.

"I promised Great Red the Dimensional Gap and that means getting rid of you. Neither of us wants to kill you so we have decided to take away your power and give you a place in the human world to reside." Ryu stated.

"This is the best way to ensure you don't bother me ever again besides destroying you in your weak state." Great Red stated.

"Why have you decided to let me live?" Ophis questioned.

"You haven't done anything to truly gain my ire. Even though you supplied the devils with more men the outcome was set in stone." Ryu answered before stabbing Ophis.

"Absorb" Ryu said as pitch black energy left Ophis's body causing her to slump forward.

"I left you with enough energy to defend yourself with and that is the limit. You are unable to get any stronger." Ryu told her before a magic circle appeared under her and she disappeared.

"So where did you send her?" Great Red asked.

"Somewhere she will be able to enjoy her silence." Ryu said.

"Well it is time for me to go and good luck kid." Great Red said.

"Thanks for the help." Ryu replied as Great Red disappeared.

At that moment Nemu arrived through a magic circle with a large device causing a grin to form on Ryu's face.

"Great job Nemu. Though our guests of honor aren't awake to witness what is to happen." Ryu said as he slapped the two siblings causing them to jolt up.

"Good. I don't want you to miss the grand finale." Ryu cheered while the two glared at him.

"You won't get away with this, Ophis with destroy you!" Sirzechs shouted.

"Sorry to say, but Ophis was defeated and so was her army. I took most of her power and sent her somewhere to live in silence." Ryu said causing Rias and Sirzechs to look at him in horror.

"Now this device you see before you will bring a new age to the devil race." Ryu said.

"What do you plan to do to us with it?" Rias asked.

"It took some time, but I knew I couldn't destroy over 90% of the devil race even though I want to. So I decided that I would wipe the memory of me and my house from your minds." Ryu said shocking Sirzechs and Rias.

"I also had all those corrupted elders and power-hungry fools killed, so that the other Maous would rule the underworld and make and enforce the new rules. A place where everyone is treated fairly no matter what class you are." Ryu said.

"I would think you would want to be king of the underworld and kill everyone that had a hand in your torment." Sirzechs said shocked.

"The Maous are going to punish them for me but they will not be killed and the stress that comes with ruling doesn't sound fun." Ryu said.

"What about us?" Rias asked hopeful.

"Your fates are sealed, the women of Gremory will be my slaves and the men shall die. Since you brought about the start of my torment, I going to be the one who punishes you." Ryu said taking pleasure at the look of horror and fear in Rias's eyes.

"Why would you erase your house from their memories?" Sirzechs asked.

"Because I know that there would come a time where a devil will fear what my future children are capable of and attack them. I want to live the rest of my life in peace and not be looking over my shoulder." Ryu answered as he flipped a switch on the device.

The next moment a pillar of blue energy lit the skies as tendrils of blue energy started moving through the minds of the devil army.

"You should thank Michael and Azazel; they were the ones that stopped me from just killing most of the devil population." Ryu said as Sirzechs gasped as a spear of holy light came out of his back.

"Though you won't be given such a luxury." Ryu said looking to see it was Feel that did it as she pulled the spear out.

"This is for my family." Feel said as she plunged the spear through his head causing her to sigh in relief as Sirzechs dropped to the ground dead.

"Thank you for letting me get my revenge." Feel said bowing to Ryu before leaving.

"Brother!" Rias shouted as tears ran down her face before she disappeared in a magic circle that led to a cell right beside her mother's.

"Nemu destroy the machine and head back. "Ryu said.

"Aren't you coming Ryu-sama?" Nemu asked.

"I just need to do one last thing." Ryu said. Nemu nodded as she left through a magic circle.

Ryu pulled his scythe out and pointed it at the last standing remnant of Gremory and the same building where his mother died. "Obliteration."

At that moment the building imploded on itself leaving no trace that it had ever been there.

A magic circle appeared under Ryu's feet, "My sin has been sated." Right as he disappeared.

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