A young man with blonde hair was sprawled out on the ground with his kneecaps shot out and two bullet holes in his head. The man who stood before this corpse, the killer, Erron Black, was looking down at him until he heard footsteps.

The Outworld bounty hunter turned to see a redhead woman taking her knives out of her holsters, "Hey lady."

"Fancy something you like?" she raised her knife.

"I do. Girls with guns are always hot. Gals with knifes are just as hot." Erron raised his gun.

As they got closer, the redhead put her knife to his neck and the mercenary placed his gun under her chin.

"Seems we have a predicament, Erron Black."

"Did I kill your boyfriend, red?"

"No. Kobra is nothing to me or the Black Dragon at all. Barely worth a name scratched into a bullet." she grinned, "The name is Kira by the way."

"Well then, Kira. How about we put these away and I take you away from all of this for a bit?"

"Let's be on our way then." Kira said in a sultry tone.

The two mercenaries put their weapons away long enough for Erron Black to turn around and once again fall back into their 'standoff'.

"Two of a kind." they said in unison and holstered their weapons.

Kira smiled, "Can I wear the hat now?"

"Sure thing hon'."